James Junior's brother was Matthew, the
rich tax collector.  Their mother was Mary
who often helped Jesus.  Their father was

James Junior was just the opposite of his
brother, Matthew.  James didn't care for
money, liked wearing ragged clothes, and
didn't wash much which made him smelly.

Remember how Matthew decided to follow
Jesus and Jesus made him one of his twelve
apostles?  Matthew told his family ~
including little brother James ~ all about

James liked Jesus right away because Jesus
didn't wear fancy clothes either.  Finally he
believed in Jesus too, and Jesus asked him
to be one of his twelve apostles.

That was three years earlier.  Now Jesus
was dead and buried and James was as sad
as everyone else.  He, too, sat and paced
and cried.

Finally James' and Matthew's father,
Alpheus, decided to leave the house and go
to a nearby town called Emmaus.  They were
not apostles, so it wasn't as dangerous for
them outside the locked house.

On the road, a stranger met Alpheus and his
friend and asked if he could walk with
them.  They said he could, but kept acting
very sad and talking about Jesus.

The stranger was Jesus, but they didn't
recognize him.  He began explaining all the
things prophets ~ people who can tell the
future ~ said would happen at Jesus' birth,
life, and death.

When they finally arrived at Emmaus, the
stranger took some bread and broke it in
pieces, then prayed over the bread.  
Suddenly James' father, Alpheus, realized
the stranger was Jesus!

Once they recognized him, Jesus
disappeared.  So Alpheus and his friend
rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the

"He is alive!  Jesus is alive!" they told
everyone.  Mary, James' mother, smiled
because she had already seen him with the
other women in the garden.  

"James," Alphaeus told his son.  "You must
believe it!  Jesus came back to life!"  Even
though James' own parents had both seen
Jesus alive, he still didn't believe.  He
would not until he saw Jesus for himself.

Do you try to tell people that Jesus came
back to life and they look at you in
disbelief?  There are ways to prove it is

Most of the Bible was written many
hundreds of years before Jesus was born.  
That old part of the Bible tells many things
about Jesus' life that much later came

If those things about Jesus' life came true,
then what he said about himself is also
true.   Jesus really did come back to life.  
You can know for sure.