So far five women, Alpheus and his friend,
and Peter had seen Jesus alive again.  
That's eight people.  But still John was the
only one among the rest of Jesus apostles
who believed he had really come back to life.

Did anyone ever get mad at you for telling
them something that was too good to
believe, like they won a thousand dollars
when they really hadn't?  They would get
mad at you for fooling them like that,
wouldn't they?

The other apostles got mad for the same
reason.  They were convinced Jesus was
still dead.  They wanted to be left alone to
sit and pace and cry, sit and pace and cry.

And they continued to hide behind locked
doors.  By that afternoon, with so many
people going in and out, they decided they
had better move to another house to remain
safe.  They were still afraid they would be
crucified too.

One by one they slipped out the gate and
made their way in different directions.  But
they all finally ended up at the house of
still another Mary, Mark's mother.

Thomas was gone at the time.  He had
decided to buy some food for them, and
find out if anyone was looking for them to
arrest them.

So the ten apostles gathered with their
friends in Mary's house.  Now they were
back to sitting, pacing and crying, sitting,
pacing and crying.

Finally it was dinner time.  They were too
sad to eat.  But out of politeness they sat
down to their meal of fish.  Many just
stared at their food, but some tried to eat.

Suddenly someone new was standing by their
table.  "Good evening, everyone!" he said
with a big grin.

When Andrew saw him, he jumped off his
seat and knocked over his drink.  When
Philip saw him, he jumped up and pushed his
seat into the man next to him.

When Thaddeus saw him, he dropped the
bread he was holding and just stared.  
When Simon saw him, he grabbed his seat
and held it over his head ready to throw it.

When James saw him, he had just taken a
drink and spit it out in a jet spray across
the table.  When Matthew saw him, he
pushed his own seat out from under him.

When James Junior saw him, he got the
nerve to speak.  "Who are you?  You're a
ghost!  Get away!  You're not Jesus!  You're
a ghost!"  But it really was Jesus.

Jesus said, "Ghosts don't eat.  Give me
some fish.  I'm starved."  So they did, and
Jesus ate it all up.  Then they knew it was
Jesus come back to life.  Everyone was so

He had proved that people could be
brought back to life after they die.  Except
from now on, people would be brought back
to life in heaven.

Won't it be wonderful to come back to life
after you die some day (everyone dies
eventually) and be in heaven?