Thomas was another one of Jesus'
apostles.  Sometimes he understood things
before the other apostles did.

The night before Jesus died, Jesus told
them he was going away and they couldn't
join him there until later.  It was Thomas
who figured out Jesus was going to heaven.

Thomas was very loyal to Jesus.  Jesus'
friend, Lazarus, died and Jesus wanted to
go to his grave.  But that was close to
Jerusalem where people were trying to
capture and kill Jesus.

The apostles were afraid to go with Jesus.  
But Thomas said he would go with Jesus
even if it meant dying with him.  Then all
the apostles got braver and decided to go
with Jesus too.

You might have heard about "Doubting
Thomas."  But none of the apostles ~ not
just Thomas ~ believed Jesus came back to
life until they saw him for themselves.

Thomas was gone when Jesus appeared to
the other ten apostles.  Maybe he went to
buy food for his friends.  

Thomas had a second name which means
twin.  Maybe he went to see his twin to
talk about what happened to Jesus.

Even though it was dangerous for Thomas to
be out (they thought the soldiers were
looking for them to crucify too), maybe
Thomas had a disguise.  Maybe he went to
see his twin who had an old Navy uniform
for him to wear so people wouldn't
recognize him.

Some people think he was born in a
seaport.  If so, he had likely been a sailor.
The Roman navy went everywhere ~ to India
and Spain, China and Britain.  Some places
did not want the Roman navy there.  
Thomas was used to being brave.

But now Thomas was upset.  He had
abandoned ship in a way.  He had deserted
Jesus when he was going down.  Thomas
was sorry.  He wanted Jesus to forgive him.

When Thomas returned to the hideout, he
didn't believe it when the other apostles
said Jesus was alive.  "I'll only believe if I
can put my fingers in his hand and feet

Of course the other ten apostles had said
the same thing.  So they waited for Jesus
to return.  A week later he did.

This time Jesus made a point to talk to
Thomas.  After Thomas touched Jesus'
wounds, he was the first to believe
something very special.  He was the first
of all the apostles to call Jesus God.

It's okay to wait to believe in Jesus until
you are older.  You may not be old enough
yet to understand what things are sin, or to
understand enough of the Bible that you
believe its proofs about Jesus.  But you will
some day.  Jesus will wait for you.