Jesus had been telling his apostles to return
to the northern part of their country where
they all lived and where they were farther
away from their enemies.

Finally, after two weeks, they left
Jerusalem.  Three of them went somewhere
else first ~ brothers Matthew and James
Junior, also Thaddeus.

But seven of them went straight to the Lake
of Galilee to fish while waiting for Jesus'
next surprise visit.  Philip and Nathaniel
weren't fishermen, but lived by the lake.

Thomas wasn't a fisherman either, but he'd
been in the Roman navy and looked forward
to being back on the water.  So they joined
Peter, Andrew, James and John too.

The sun was down and the fishing was
supposed to be good.  So, as Philip,
Nathaniel and Thomas sat quietly and
imagined what plans Jesus had next, the
others fished.

They fished and fished.  All night they
fished.  But guess what?  They didn't catch
a thing.  It was just like the time three
years earlier when they fished all night and
didn't catch anything.

At that time, Jesus, standing on shore, had
shouted to them to cast their nets out one
last time.  They did, and their nets were so
full they had trouble pulling them into the

A lot had happened since then, including
Jesus being crucified and coming back to

Finally, it was getting daylight and the
fishermen decided to give up.  At least it
helped pass the time while they waited for
Jesus.  They wondered why he was waiting
so long to return.

Nearing shore, they heard a man call out,
"Cast your net out one more time!"  They
did, and guess what?  Their net was so full
of fish they had trouble pulling it into the
boat.  Just like three years before.

John was the first to remember.  "It's
Jesus!"  Immediately Peter jumped into the
water and swam ashore.  "I'm coming,
Jesus!  I'm coming!  I'll never desert you

Soon the others had their boat ashore and
rushed to Jesus too.  They bowed at his
feet.  "You came back.  We knew you
would.  We needed you so.  We could hardly
stand it with you gone."

After breakfast, Jesus asked Peter to take
a walk with him.  Peter's self- confidence
was not built up very much yet.  What if he
betrayed Jesus again?  Jesus will help him.

Jesus told Peter that, even if he just liked
him and didn't really love him, he could still
feed people with the simple milk of his
word.  Next he said Peter could take care
of his older sheep.  Finally he said Peter
could even feed the older sheep with the
harder meat of his word.

Have you ever denied knowing Jesus?  
Maybe you were just scared.  Even if you
tell people about Jesus when you are
scared, Jesus can help those people want to
believe your words.