Finally, all the apostles arrived at the
northern province of Galilee where they
lived.  They waited and waited for Jesus to
make another visit.  They needed
instructions what to do now.

Every time Jesus had appeared so far it was
on a Sunday.  So on Saturday night they
tried to get ready for him.  They sat in a
circle and prayed to him.

"Jesus, quit leaving us."  "Jesus, where is
heaven?"  "Jesus, we need you.  Come
back."  "Jesus, can you ever forgive us for
deserting you?"  Of course Jesus had.

The next morning they sat quietly and
waited.  Waited for Jesus.  Then they
heard it.  "Good morning, everyone!"  Yes, it
was their Jesus.

So far they had been amazed at Jesus, but
somehow they knew it was not enough.  He
was more than the man some of them grew
up with.  He was more than a carpenter.  
He was more than just a preacher.

He was more than the man who worked
miracles.  Moses worked miracles too.  He
was more than the man who came back to
life.  The little girl, the widow's son, and
Lazarus all came back to life.

But none of them had done everything the
prophets had said he would hundreds of
years before he was born.  Prophets are
people who can tell the future.

Everything the prophets told about Jesus
came true.  He would be born in Bethlehem,
escape to Egypt when in danger, live in
Nazareth, and perform miracles.

Someone would betray him for 30 pieces of
silver money, he would die by being pierced
with sharp objects, die with thieves, be
buried in a rich man's tomb, and so on.

John, who just recently figured out that
Jesus was God, was the first to kneel.  
Thomas, the first to call him God, kneeled
next.  Peter, the first to call him Lord,
kneeled next.

Andrew and Philip, the first to realize he
would be their king, kneeled next.  Then
James who will be the first to die for Jesus
(though he doesn't know that yet) kneeled.

They waited for Jesus to tell them to rise.  
Then he explained that they were to spread
out to the whole world and tell everyone
about him.

They were to do the same thing John the
Baptizer did to Jesus ~ they were to
baptize everyone who believed in Jesus and
wanted to do the things Jesus did.

Just eleven to cover the whole world?  They
didn't think they could do it.  Jesus said
they could.  He would give them special gifts
to help them.  

Jesus helps everyone who tries to tell
others about what he went through to save
them.  He will help you too.