Jesus told his apostles and friends that
they were to start telling people about him
in Jerusalem.  Even though it was dangerous
there and his apostles thought they might
be crucified next, they went.  Jesus' family
and friends went too.

Once in Jerusalem, they rented several
houses.  The apostles rented an extra large
one by the Temple for themselves and their
family, and so friends could come too.

They settled in and waited for Jesus to
appear again.  It was always hard to wait.  
But while they did, they searched the old
prophecies to see if they could find more
things that Jesus' life fulfilled.

"Hello, everyone!"  It was Jesus.  They
were so happy to see him.  They ate.  Then
they settled down to business.  Jesus had a
lot to explain to them.  He was getting
ready to start his kingdom ~ the church ~
and turn it over to them.

Jesus spent all day with them explaining
more prophecies his life fulfilled and
answering questions.  He asked them which
countries of the world each one of them
planned to go to.

They had all purchased empty scrolls.  They
took notes to what Jesus was saying as fast
as they could.  Sometimes he said so much,
he took a break and waited on them.

Mostly, though, Jesus talked, they asked
questions, Jesus answered, and they wrote
and wrote and wrote.  They wanted to
remember everything Jesus said.

Finally Jesus stood up as though he was
planning to go.  "Don't go, Jesus," someone
said.  "We have more questions.  We still
need you."

"You're going with me," he replied.  So
together they walked out of Jerusalem and
up to the Mount of Olives where they had
spent their last night with him before his
crucifixion.  Only now it would be different.

On his way, Jesus told them that after he
left to go back to Jerusalem, they should
wait for a special power he would send them.

They did not know it, but in heaven the
angels were standing and getting ready for
Jesus' home coming.  "Everyone ready?"  
God the Father, too, was standing.

"My blessings I give to you," Jesus said to
his apostles.  But he was not standing.  He
was rising into the sky.  They tried to grab
hold of him but couldn't.

"My father I give to you."  His clothes
began to glow.  "My spirit I give to you."  
His voice sounded like thunder.  "Remember,
I will always love you."  His hair was
ablaze.  Then he was in the clouds.  Then
he was gone.

Jesus' apostles stood staring into the sky.  
An angel appeared to them.  "He will be
back some day," he said.  

And in heaven Jesus was running and
running.  God his father was running and
running.  Father and Son embraced.  

Jesus' work to save us from our sins so we
could live in heaven was done.  We must
never take heaven for granted.  

Oh, how he loved you and me.  Do you love