ACTS of the Apostles
1        "Repent and be _____, every one of you...for forgiveness of
your sins" (Acts 2:38).
4        When the people in Lystra saw Paul's miracle, many said that
gods had ________ down ___  ____ (Acts 14:8-11) ~ 3 words.
5        On the Day of Pentecost three _____________ people were
baptized (Acts 2:41).
7        There were people troubling the church in Antioch.  To trouble
means to annoy, and annoy means to _____ (Acts 15:24).
8        Once when Paul preached to midnight, a young man sitting in an
upstairs window fell and died, but Paul made him __IVE again (Acts
9        Paul traveled many foreign places telling people about Jesus.  
He is often called a ______________________.
10       Because it took awhile for the New Testament to be written, the
Holy Spirit gave some Christians divine ___________GE of the will of
God (I Corinthians 12:8).
11        The first-century Christians ___V____D themselves ___ the
_POSTLES' teachings (Acts 2:42).
12        When the apostles were given the gift of tongues, they could
speak in the languages of every nation under ____ , EV__ though
they had always known those languages (Acts 2:5-6).
13        There were 120 men and women in an upper room after Jesus
returned to heaven where they selected a substitute for Judas (Acts
1:12-15, 25-26).  "When the Day of ____________________ came,
the 12 apostles were together in a room (Acts 2:1, 7, 14).
1        Acts of the Apostles is one of the ____________ of the New Testament.
2        The Apostle Paul went everywhere preaching, despite being told not to and being beaten three times, thus making a _______ of himself
among non-believers, because he was ___ ________ with Jesus (II Corinthians 11:25).
3        In Acts 24:13, after being arrested by jealous Jewish leaders, Paul told Governor Felix he was __ N__CE_ T of the charges against him..
4        In the city of Thessalonica in Greece, Paul said, "This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the ______________" (Acts 17:3).
5        One of Paul's fellow travelers on the missionary journeys was _______Y (Acts 16:1).
6        In Philippi, Paul converted __ woman named _____________ (Acts 16:12-14).
8        When Paul was imprisoned in Philippi for preaching, he later protested saying, "We ____ Roman citizens" (Acts 16:38).
11      The religious leaders who were jealous of the apostles taking their followers, were mad because they could not ____Y that the apostles
were performing miracles from God (Acts 4:16).