You have seen him in the movies, been spellbound with music inspired by him,
viewed archaeological evidences of him, and read of him in the Bible.  
Now put them all together in this inspirational historical novel


In Both Adults' and Children's Versions
Come meet the people who met Jesus.  You are one of them  Probably you are several of
them.  Go ahead and struggle with him as they did.  Laugh.  Cry.  Do mental battle with him.  
Emotional battle too.  Fight for your faith as they fought.  Pause to listed for what you've never
heard before.  Then touch Jesus.

This is the story of faith in the impossible.  Hope in the inconceivable.  Love for the invincible.  
It is the dreams of youth, the desperations of infirmity, the hopes of age, and the song that
angels sang.

Follow the suspense as each person in Jesus' life comes to terms with who they are, and who
Jesus is.  Jesus accepts them as they are.  But can they accept themselves as they are?  More
than that, can they accept Jesus as he is?  Both God and man?  Both Creator and created?  
Both King and servant?

It is the story of doubts explained away, animosities melted away, misunderstandings cleared
away.  It is your story and mine.  For deep within each of us is everyone who ever met and
struggled with Jesus.       
VOLUME I:  BIRTH OF A MIRACLE. Mary was too young, Elizabeth too old, Joseph too gullible, the shepherds too smelly, Anna
too senile, Simeon too idealistic, Salome too flippant.  The wise men should have minded their own business, Zachariah should
have accepted he'd never have children.  King Herod dared control God, the Bible scholars dared interpret God.

VOLUME II:  DREAM MAKER. Pilate only tolerated his subjects, John the Baptist tried to change them, Satan threw up
roadblocks that never seemed to work.  Future apostles Andrew was always bringing in outsiders, Philip insisted on proof, and
Nathaniel was naive.  The Temple merchants lived off religion, Nichodemus tried to reform religion, and Peter's mother-in-law dwelt
in her religion.  The pagan Samaritan searched with hope, the nobleman probed with fortitude, the centurion encountered with

VOLUME III:  HEARTS AFIRE.  Future apostles Simon fought Rome and Matthew joined Rome, while Judas seemed the only
level headed one.  Zebedee sacrificed his sons, while a widow saw her son return to life.  People with demons fell desperately at
his feet and lepers sought him in hopelessness.  Hypocrites condemned him; the morally paralyzed fought hi forgiveness.

VOLUME IV:  FOLK HERO.  Religious leaders cornered him, theologians stalked him, the wealthy helped him.  For the
commoner he conquered demons, controlled nature, created food, destroyed death.  Hometown friends tried to kill him, while
cousin John gained a glory home.

VOLUME V:  FLOOD GATES. Jesus survived death threats, calmed misdirected power, talked with the spirit world.  He released
people of handicaps, gave an adulteress hope, rested with friends, then raised the dead.  And the hypocrite religious leaders
finalized plans to kill him.

VOLUME VI:  PROMISE KEEPER. A traitor praised him, a woman crowned him, foreigners sought him.  The world ran after him,
Judas ran from him, his apostles deserted him.  He held his own funeral service, then begged God to free him of his promise.  The
religious leaders were unmasked, and King Herod wrestled with just who he was.

VOLUME VII:  STAR SONG. Pilate was cornered by the people, Simon was cornered by the executioners.  Jesus writhed in pain
on the cross that should have been ours, and invaded hell to provide escape for us.  The thieves struggled with their mortality,
Joseph struggled with religiosity, the guards struggled with impossibility.  Jesus saw the women, pursued Peter, and enlightened
the depressed.

VOLUME VIII:  COME FLY WITH ME. His apostles refused to believe, while Thomas declared him God.  Jesus dared and
prepared his apostles to conquer the world.  He interrupted his own memorial service and renewed five hundred of his closest
friendships.  He helped his brother, James, over the last faith hurdle, turned the movement over to his apostles, then returned at last
to the outstretched arms of his heaven father.

Special Occasions
Life Problems
Illnesses & Handicaps

Any chapter in Vol. I
Vol. VIII, Ch. 75 (500 Witnesses)

Any chapter in Vol. VI
Any chapter in Vol. VII
Any chapter in Vol. VIII

Vol. I, Ch. 2 or 3 (Joseph)
Vol. II, Ch. 19 (Nobleman & Centurion)
Vol. VII, Ch. 70 (James the Less & Family)

Vol. II, Ch. 19 (Nobleman & Centurion)
Vol. III, Ch. 30 (Widow of Nain's Son)
Vol. IV, Ch. 36 (The Girl and Lady)
Vol. V, Ch. 49 (Lazarus)
Vol. VIII, Ch. 71 (Ten Apostles)

Vol. I, Ch. 9 (The King, the Scholars and the Boy)
Vol. II, Ch. 12 (John the Baptist)
Vol. VIII, Ch. 77 (Eleven Apostles)
Vol. V, Ch. 44 (The 72)

Vol. I, Ch. 4 (Shepherds)
Vol. III, Ch. 21 (Zebadee)
Vol. III, Ch. 26 (Matthew)
Vol. IV, Ch. 32 (Five Wealthy Women)

Vol. I, Prologue (Mary)
Vol. I, Ch. 1 (Elizabeth)
Vol. IV, Ch. 40 (Phoenecian Woman)
Vol. V, Ch. 48 (Martha)

Vol. III, Ch. 22 (Simon the Zealot)
Vol. VI, Ch. 53 (Royal Subjects)

Vol. I, Ch. 6 (The Wise Men)
Vol. II, Ch. 16 (Merchants, Bankers & Widow)
Vol. IV, Ch. 35 (Nature)

Vol. I, Ch. 10 (Salome)
Vol. II, Ch. 20 (Peter's Mother-in-Law)
Vol. VIII, Ch. 76 (James, Jesus' Brother)


Vol. I, Ch. 2 & 3 (Carpenter)
Vol. I, Ch. 10 (Carpenter)
Vol. I, Ch. 4 (Shepherd)
Vol. III, Ch. 21 (Fisherman)
Vol. IV, Ch. 31 (Prostitute)

Vol. I, Ch. 6 & 7 (Wise Men)
Vol. I, Ch. 8 (Zachariah)
Vol. I, Ch. 9 (King-Scholars-Boy)
Vol. II, Ch. 12 (John the Baptist I)
Vol. II, Ch. 16 (Merchants-Bankers-Widow)
Vol. II, Ch. 17 (Nichodemus)
Vol. III, Ch. 28 (Pharisees)
Vol. III, Ch. 29 (Twelve Apostles)
Vol. V, Ch. 42 (Moses & Elijah)
Vol. V, Ch. 45 (Sanhedrin)

Vol. I, Prologue (Head of State)
Vol. I, Ch. 6 & 7 (Head of State)
Vol. II, Ch. 11 (Governor)
Vol. II, Ch. 19 (Administrator)
Vol. III, Ch. 22 (Governor)
Vol. III, Ch. 26 (Tax Collector)
Vol. VI, Ch. 60 (Head of State)
Vol. VII, Ch. 61 (Governor)

Vol. I, Ch. 6 & 7 (Scientist-Scholar)
Vol. II, Ch. 17 (Merchant-Banker)
Vol. III, Ch. 25 (Salesman)
Vol. III, Ch. 27 (Investor)
Vol. III, Ch. 30 (Funeral Director)
Vol. IV, Ch. 32 (Benefactor)
Vol. IV, Ch. 33 (Lawyer)
Vol. VI, Ch. 51 (Investor)
Vol. VII, Ch. 66 (Inherited Wealth?)

Vol. II, Ch. 19 (Centurion)
Vol. III, Ch. 33 (Terrorist)
Vol. VII, Ch. 67 (Guards)

Vol. I, Prologue (Mary)
Vol. I, Ch. 9 (King, Scholars, Boy)

Vol. I, Ch. 1 (Elizabeth)
Vol. I, Ch. 5 (Anna & Simeon)
Vol. I, Ch. 8 (Zechariah)

Vol. I, Ch. 9 (John and Jesus)
Vol. I, Ch. 10 (Salome & Mary)
Vol. II, Ch. 14 (Andrew & Philip)
Vol. II, (Nathaniel & Philip)
Vol. III, Ch. 29 (Twelve Apostles)
Vol. VI, Ch. 56 (Judas & Jesus)
Vol. VI, Ch. 58 (Jesus & Apostles)
Vol. VIII, Ch. 75 (500 Witnesses)

Vol. I,  Ch. 2 (Joseph)
Vol. II, Ch. 11 (Pilate)
Vol. II, Ch. 16 (Poor Widow)
Vol. III, Ch. 21 (Zebedee)
Vol. III, Ch. 22 (Simon Zealot)
Vol. III, Ch. 23 (Three With Demons)
Vol. IV, Ch. 39 (Jesus)
Vol. V, Ch. 48 (Martha [ADD])
Vol. VI, Ch. 57 (Jesus)
Vol. VII, Ch. 69 (Peter)
Vol. VIII, Ch. 71 (Apostles I)

Vol. I, Ch. 3 (Joseph)
Vol. II, Ch. 12 (John the Baptist)
Vol. II, Ch. 18 (Samaritan Woman)
Vol. III, Ch. 26 (Matthew)
Vol. IV, Ch. 37 (Neighbors)
Vol. V, Ch. 47 (Parents of Blind Man)
Vol. VI Ch. 51 (Zachaeus)
Vol. VI, Ch. 54 (Foreign Grecians)

Vol. II, Ch. 13 (Satan)
Vol. III, Ch. 27 (Judas I)
Vol. IV, Ch. 31 (Pharisee & Prostitute)
Vol. VI, Ch. 56 (Judas II)
Vol. VI, Ch. 57 (Angel & Devil)
Vol. VII, Ch. 69 (Peter)

Vol. II, Ch. 19 (Nobleman & Centurion)
Vol. II, Ch. 20 (Peter's Ma-In-Law)
Vol. III, Ch. 30 (Widow of Nain's Son)
Vol. IV, Ch. 36 (Girl and Lady)
Vol. IV, Ch. 38 (John Baptist II)
Vol. V, Ch. 42 (Moses & Elijah)
Vol. V, Ch. 49 (Lazarus)
Vol. VII, Ch. 63 & 64 (Crucifixion)
Vol. VII, Ch. 65 (Thieves on Cross)
Vol. VII, Ch. 67 (Guards)
Vol. VII, Ch. 70 (James the Less & Family)
Vol. VIII, Ch. 77 (11 Apostles II)
(some chosen by author because of symptoms given to a
character when the specific illness was not told in the Bible)

Vol. II, Ch. 19 (Palsy, Fatality)
Vol. II, Ch. 20 (Several)
Vol. III, Ch. 22 (Digestive System)
Vol. III, Ch. 24 (Lameness, Disfigurement, Fatal)
Vol. III, Ch. 25 (Paralysis)
Vol. III, Ch. 28 (Several)
Vol. III, Ch. 30 (Cystic Fibrosis, Fatality)
Vol.IV, Ch. 32 (Amputation)
Vol. IV, Ch. 34 (Seizures)
Vol. IV, Ch. 36 (Female Problems)
Vol. IV, Ch. 40 (Infantile Paralysis)
Vol. V, Ch. 41 (Blindness, Deafness)
Vol. V, Ch. 46 (Blindness)
Vol. VII, Ch. 63 & 64 (Fatality)
PENGUIN PUTNAM PRESS of NYC:  "This is a beautiful and inspirational project, with many insights and revelations that would be
beneficial to many who wish to learn all angles of Jesus' life."


CATHERINE, ATHEIST & LIBRARIAN:  "How original!  Very interesting indeed.  I find your approach fresh to the subject in
general....talent in writing."

DR. EUGENE PETERSON, TRANSLATOR OF "THE MESSAGE" NEW TESTAMENT:  "Don't quit....Keep writing whatever!  I like
what you sent."

CAYLE ROPER, AUTHOR & PUBLISHER REP:  "I am impressed!  You write very well."

DICK ELL, NEW AGE UNIVERSALIST:  "...exciting to read.  You have captured feelings that they must have had, and done it in a
dramatic fashion.  This is very interesting reading....capturing the fears, worries, doubts, obstacles in the lives of those that knew
Jesus....This is very good.  You are a story teller and do it well."

BEVERLY DESJARLAIS, A CHRISTIAN IN CANADA:  "You are one of the most interesting writers I have ever read....the
crucifixion....I hit me so hard....More people need to let your words pierce their heart as your words pierced mine."

PAT BOONE, SINGER & MOVIE STAR:  "I get your drift and applaud it.  More than ever we need to get the 'feel' of what Jesus
was doing, the kind of people He was addressing....I REALLY like (an understatement) your further writing of the book on Jesus.  I
applaud it ~ you have a wonderful style."

LOIS EVANS, THE URBAN ALTERNATIVE:  "After reading a is quite evident that God has blessed you with the gift of
communicating His truth in an interesting fashion."

DAVID GATEWOOD, FOCUS ON THE FAMILY:  "The crucifixion...contains some very fine dramatic writing.  The modernization of
the language so people can understand what Jesus is saying is a wonderful goal and would be appreciated by many people."

CAROL KENT, AUTHOR & SPEAKER:  "You have so many creative ideas!"

LINDA ASHLEY, LADIES RETREAT DIRECTOR, CANADA:  "I read it to the could have heard a pin drop....I found myself
pulled into it waiting breathlessly for the next sentence.  It has all the earmarks of a great love story, with the beauty of the story
of Christ, and the accuracy of the biblical perspective.  What a treasure this will be to committed Christian people everywhere."

GLENN MURRAY, SCRIPT WRITING & MINISTER:  "I did enjoy your writing....This one got me excited.  I believe we must bring
Christ alive in a way to reach the lost where they are, not where we want them to be."

VIRGINIA HELMDINGER, A CHRISTIAN IN THE US:  "As I [read] your version of Jesus' birth, I was touched by the unfolding
events and awed by your tremendous talent and ability to communicate so expressively.  Thank you for sharing such a moving expose
with us."


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