D        CONNECTING TO YOU, COMMUNITY (Good Works), WORLD (missions), GOD (history of worship), EACH OTHER (congregational), YOUTH (puzzles, etc.)
H        BIBLE (Many Courses, How we got the Bible, World Religions Compared including large section on Islam/Quran/ShariaLaw.  FREE Bibles in Arabic)




D.        CONNECTING TO....

1.        YOU  (Welcome)

       OUR COMMUNITY (Outreaches)

a.     Book "Applied Christianity"
b.     Expression of Sympathy to Loved Ones in the Community

3.        THE WORLD (Outreaches)

a.        Jack Farber ~ "Panama Jack"  (link)
b.        World Bible School
c.        World English Institute
d.        Albuquerque Children's Home (link)
e.        Copper Basin Bible Camp (link)
f.        Lakeview Christian Home (link)
g.         New Mexico Christian Children's Home (link)   

4.        GOD (Explanation of Worship Services)  Also the following:

a.        First & Second Century Church Fathers (Quotes)

(1)        The Bible
(2)        Prayer
(3)        Works
(4)        Giving
(5)        Communion/Lord's Supper
(6)        Tongues
(7)        Music
(8)        Baptism

b.        Famous Denominational Theologians (Quotes)

(1)        The Bible
(2)        Prayer
(3)        Works
(4)        Giving
(5)        Communion/Lord's Supper
(6)        Tongues
(7)        Music
(8)        Baptism

5.        EACH OTHER (Special gatherings)

a.        Minister, Les Bagley

6.         YOUTH

a.        Puzzles

(1)        Crosswords:
General Bible                       Garden of Eden                        Salvation           What Jesus Saw         Law of Moses      People In Jesus' Life        
Old Testament Worship     New Testament Worship       Beatitudes        Revelation                    Prayer                    Salvation-2
Jesus' 12 Apostles              Israel's 12 Tribes                    Forgiveness     Sinful Nature                Fruit of Spirit         Good Works
New Testament                   Old Testament                         Proverbs            Acts of the Apostles    Major Prophets    Minor Prophets
Psalms of David                  Queen Esther                           Ruth                   Babylonian Captivity

(2)        Fill In the Blank:  

(3)        Secret Codes:

(4)        Word Search:
Birth of Jesus                    Bible Times Food                    The Earth                                        Character                Joseph
The Sky                              Exodus                                       Pretty Stones                                  Romans                  Jonah
Water                                  Birds                                           Twelve Apostles                            Miracles                   Paul
Bible Times Travel          Animals                                      Bible Times Clothing                    Parables                 Luke
Genesis                            12 Tribes of Israel                    Bible Times Buildings                  Revelation

b.        Bible Arithmetic  ("Fun With Bible Numbers")

Problems in Bible Order
(2)        Problems from Certain Books of the Bible
(3)        Bible Times Measurements Charts

c.        Bible Songs ("The Old Old Story Set to Old Old Tunes")

Bible Order Table of Contents (40 from O.T.,  40 from N.T.)
Alphabetic Table of Contents (Events & People)

Sunday Morning Pew Packers

e.        Church Playground

f.        Vacation Bible School



1.        The Church of Christ (Christ's Church) Has Always Existed
2.        How Major Denominations Were Formed
3.        Some Popular Denominational Creeds
a.        Apostles' Creed
b.        Southern Baptist Convention Creed
c.        Lutheran Creed
d.        Seventh Day Adventist Creed
e.        United Methodist Articles of Religion
f.         United Presbyterian Articles of Faith
g.        Vineyard Church Creed
h.        Assemblies of God Fundamental Truths
i.         Episcopal/Anglican Articles of Faith

G.        PRAYER REQUESTS (with live request form)


1.        How the Bible is Organized

2.        Bible Bookcase

3.        Bible Correspondence/Self-Teaching Courses

a.   Basic Introductory Survey of the Entire Bible

Introduction ~ Organization of the Bible
Lesson 1        Mankind's Sinfulness
Lesson 2        A Temporary Earthly Kingdom
Lesson 3        Transition from Earthly to Heavenly
Lesson 4        A Permanent Heavenly Kingdom
Lesson 5        Come!  Let Us Adore Him!        

b.   Survey of the Old Testament (First Half of the Bible)

Lesson 1        Pre-Jewish Era, 4000 BC or earlier
Lesson 2        Creation of Jewish Nation, c. 1500 BC
Lesson 3        Law of Moses Given
Lesson 4        The Promised Land, c. 1400 BC
Lesson 5        First Three & Greatest Kings, c. 1100 BC
Lesson 6        Civil War & Fall of Northern Kingdom of Israel, c. 975 BC
Lesson 7        Fall of Southern Kingdom of Judah, c. 740 BC
Lesson 8        Exile & Return to Homeland of Southern Kingdom of Judah, c. 590 BC

APPENDIX:  Prophecies About Entire Nations Fulfilled                Chart Form                Paragraph Form

c.    Life of Jesus Christ (Beginning of the New Testament  ~ Based on Book of Matthew)

Lesson 1        Ancestry & Birth, Early Childhood, John the Baptist Preaches, Temptation, 1st Apostles
Lesson 2        Sermon on the Mount and First Healings
Lesson 3        Recruits Matthew,  Selects & Assigns 12 Apostles
Lesson 4        John the Baptist Arrested, First Accusers, Parables
Lesson 5        John the Baptist Executed, Escapes to Foreign Countries
Lesson 6        Transfiguration, Teaches How We Should Get Along, Talks About Family
Lesson 7        Jesus' New Kingdom, Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem, Showdown with Religious Hierarchy
Lesson 8        Condemns Hypocrite Religious Leaders, Predicts Destruction of Temple & World
Lesson 9        Parables, Introduces Communion/Lord's Supper, Agonizes Over His Death by Crucifixion
Lesson 10      The Crucifixion, Resurrection, Great Commission

APPENDIX:       How the Magi (Wise Men) Knew What the Star Represented
APPENDIX:       Centuries-Old Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus' Life                Chart Form                Paragraph Form
APPENDIX:        Jesus Never Sinned
APPENDIX:        Why Jesus Had to Die
APPENDIX:        Why Jesus Had to Come Back to Life

d.    The First Generation of the Church Under the Apostles (Based on the Book of "Acts of the Apostles")

LONG SERIES (12 Lessons)

Lesson 1        Jesus Returns to Heaven, Followers Await Instructions, Apostles & Holy Spirit, First Church Sermon        
Lesson 2        Peter Challenges Worshippers and Religious Leaders      
Lesson 3        The Church's First Problem, Second Office of Church Established
Lesson 4        Stephen Reviews O.T. History Leading up to Jesus, Deacon Philip Spreads the Word, A Convert Falls
Lesson 5        Conversion of a Future Apostles and First Non-Jew (Gentile)
Lesson 6        Peter Defends Gentiles in Jewish Jerusalem, First Martyred Apostle
Lesson 7        c. AD 48        Paul's First Missionary Trip
Lesson 8        c. AD 50        Paul's Second Missionary Trip
Lesson 9        c. AD 54        Paul's Third Missionary Trip
Lesson 10      c. AD 58        Paul's Arrest, Trial Before Jewish Sanhedrin, Trial Before Roman Governor Felix
Lesson 11      c. AD 58-61  Paul's Trial before Roman Governor Festus, Jewish/Roman King Agrippa, Shipwreck on way to Rome
Lesson 12      The Church


Lesson 1        Jesus' Followers Await Instructions, First Church Sermon, Peter Challenges Worshippers       
Lesson 2        Peter Challenges Religious Leaders, The Church's First Problem
Lesson 3        Second Office of Church Established, Stephen Reviews O.T. Leading Up to Jesus, Deacon Philip Spread the Word
Lesson 4        Conversion of a Future Apostle, Conversion of First Non-Jew
Lesson 5        Peter Defends Gentiles in Jerusalem, Death of First Apostle
Lesson 6        Paul's First, Second & Third Missionary Trips
Lesson 7        Paul Defends Himself Before Mob, Trial Before Jewish Sanhedrin, Trial Before Roman Governor Felix
Lesson 8        Paul's Trial Before Roman Gov. Festus, Trial Before Jew/Roman King Agrippa, shipwreck on Way to Rome, Arrives in Rome to be Tried by Nero

APPENDICES:     Outline of Acts
           Historical Aftermath
           Church Leadership Positions Set Up By Apostles (chart)
           Church Worship As Set Up By Apostles (chart)
           Path to Salvation as Told By Apostles (chart)

e.     Letters of Apostles to First-Century Churches (Also Called the Epistles) Coordinated With the "Acts of the Apostles"
(Theme of each book begins with same letter as the book name)

Lesson 1             OVERVIEW ~ AD 5 - AD 46 and Events Leading Up to Writing First Letter
Lesson 2             JAMES:  Judging ~ AD 46
Lesson 3             GALATIANS:  Gospel vs Law ~ AD 47
Lesson 4             I THESSALONIANS:  Trials.                              II THESSALONIANS:  Tenacity.      ~    AD 50
Lesson 5             I CORINTHIANS:  Childishness.                      II CORINTHIANS:  Comfort            ~    AD 57
Lesson 6             ROMANS:  Righteous Ratings ~ AD 57
Lesson 7             EPHESIANS:  Eternal Plan ~ AD 62
Lesson 8             PHILIPPIANS:  Persistence ~ AD 63
Lesson 9             COLOSSIANS:  Creeds.                                     PHILEMON:  Freedom                   ~    AD 63
Lesson 10           TITUS:  Titles ~ AD 64
Lesson 11            I TIMOTHY:  Total Church  ~  AD 65.               II TIMOTHY:  Tearing the Church  ~    AD 66
Lesson 12            JUDE:  Jeopardy ~ AD 67                                 I PETER:  Persecution                     ~   AD 67                II PETER:  Purity                ~ AD 68        
Lesson 13            HEBREWS:  Hang On ~ AD 70
Lesson 14            I, II, and III JOHN:  Just Christians ~ AD 90

f.    Revelation (Last Letter, written by Apostles John)

Lesson 1        GREETINGS:                                                                Chap. 1 From Jesus the Universal King              Chap. 2 & 3  To Seven Churches in Asia
Lesson 2        MASTER PLAN TO SAVE MANKIND:                        Chap. 4 Heaven's Side                                            Chap. 5  Earth's Side
Lesson 3        SEVEN SEALS OF SALVATION:                                Chap. 6 Jesus is Prophet, Priest, King, Man       Chap. 7  Believers of OT & NT Safe in Heaven
Lesson 4        SEVEN TRUMPETS W/IN 7TH SEAL (OT)              Chap. 8 Reminders of Those God Punished      Chap. 9  Temporary Fall & Return of Israel
Lesson 5        SEVEN THUNDERS W/IN 6th TRUMPET (NT)      Chap. 10 Rumbling of Thunder                              Chap 11Jesus Read to Come-Promised Child    
Lesson 6        SEVENTH TRUMPET OF NEW TESTAMENT         Chap. 12 Judaism Gives Birth to Christianity      Chap.13 Exactly When Predicted
Lesson 7        SEVENTH TRUMPET OF NEW TESTAMENT         Chap. 14 Good Jews of OT Assured Salvation   Chap.15 Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem   
Lesson 8        SEVEN BOWLS OF PUNISHMENT:                         Chap. 16 Jesus' Crucifixion                                     Chap. 17 False Religions Fall
                                                                                                      Chap. 18 Evil Falls                                                    Chap. 19 The Church Can Now Begin
Lesson 9        SEVENTH SEAL & TRUMPET ALL FULFILLED AS PROMISED:                                                              Chap. 20 The Church, the Bride of Christ
Lesson 10      VICTORIOUS REIGN OF THE CHURCH:               Chap. 21 Spiritual Temple & Jerusalem              Chap. 22 All Nations Flow Into It

APPENDICES:     Symbolism of Numbers Throughout the Bible
                      The Mystery Understood by Christians
                      Outline of Revelation & the Mystery Revealed
                      Events In Heaven & on Earth

g.     Holy Spirit (Includes all 325 verses in Bible mentioning God's Spirit, and categorized)

Lesson 1                Relationship With Old Testament Prophets       
Lesson 2                Relationship With New Testament Apostles
Lesson 3                Part 1 - Relationship With God's People Before New Testament Written
Lesson 4                Part 2 - Relationship With God's People Before New Testament Written
Lesson 5                Part I - Relationship With God's People After New Testament Written
Lesson 6                Part 2 - Relationship With God's People After New Testament Written
Lesson 7                Part 1 - Relationship With Whole World
Lesson 8                Part 2 - Relationship With Whole World
Lesson 9                Part 1 - Attributes of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 10              Part 2 - Attributes of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 11              Relationship With God the Father
Lesson 12              Relationship with God the Son

Answer Sheet:        Every Verse as it Appears in the Bible Mentioning God's Spirit

h.     Hard Questions You Have Asked

Question 1             "Do I have to tithe?"
Question 2             "Can a Christian fall?"
Question 3              "What is the kingdom of God?"
Question 4              "I'm uncertain about the holy communion."
Question 5              "Isn't everyone in a Christian nation automatically a Christian?"
Question 6              "How do I ask Jesus into my heart"?
                        "How do I say the sinner's prayer?"
Question 7              "What things are sin?"
Question 8              "Who is supposed to lead the church?"        
Question 9              "What About Ordaining?"
Question 10            "Wasn't God unfair to take land from the Canaanites to give the Jews?"
Question 11            "What happens when we die?"
Question 12           "What's heaven like?"
                        "Is there really a hell?"
Question 13           "What about purgatory?"
Question 14           "Why did God approve of so much violence in the Bible?"
Question 15           "What is baptism for?"
Question 16           "Should I have my baby baptized?"
Question 17           "What about my godly aunt?"
Question 18           "Why can't I speak in tongues?"
Question 19           "Why can't I get healed?"
Question 20           "What is baptism of the Holy Spirit?"
Question 21           "Why can't I get slain in the Spirit?"
Question 22           "What is the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit?"
Question 23           "Did Cain marry his sister?"
Question 24           "What kind of music does God like in worship?"
Question 25           "Does God choose me, I don't choose God?"
Question 26           '"Aren't Christians too intolerant of other religions?"

i.       World Bible School

4.        How Can I Know the Bible is From God?
               Proofs from Science                 
Proofs from Ancient Engravings-Old Testament              
Proofs from Ancient Papyri-New Testament                 
Proofs from Prophecies of Entire Nations Fulfilled                 
Proofs from Archaeology
                       Books of Law
                       History of Jews, Arabs, S. Europeans
History Part 1
                               History Part 2
                               History Part 3
                       Prophecies of Jews, Arabs, S. Europeans
                       Four Gospel Accounts of Jesus' Life
                       Acts of the Apostles
                       Writings of the Apostles

5.        What About Unlikely Miracles and Violence in the Bible?

6.        Are All Religions of the World Equal?
a.        How Can I Know Jesus Really was the Son of God?
Jesus Fulfilled All Ancient Prophecies of Birth, Life, Death                 
Logic:  Why Jesus Had to Die and Come Back to Life                 
Proofs Jesus Died                 
Proofs Jesus Came Back to Life

b.        New Age Movement
c.        World Religions Contrasted with Judeo-Christian Beliefs:
(2)        Buddhism
(3)        Mohammudism
        What the Qur'an Says About the Book (Bible)
        Love in the Qur'an and the New Testament of Bible
        The 99 Names of Allah and 153 Names of Yahweh/Jehovah
        Allah and Yahweh/Jehovah Speaking on the Same Subjects
        Christianity:  The Middle Eastern Religion
        God's Name:  Yahweh/Jehovah
        Proofs the Bible Never Changed or Was Corrupted
New Testament Papyri
                      Old Testament Inscriptions
                    1000 Mistakes In The Quran
        Proofs the Book (Bible) is Divine:   Prophecies of Nations
        Proofs the Book (Bible) is Divine:  Science
        Proofs the Book (Bible) is Divine:  Archaeology
              Proofs Jesus was God Manifested on Earth:  Prophecies of the Messiah/Christ
        There is One God
        Crime and Punishment (Quotes Sharia Law)
        How to Treat Unbelievers (Infidels & Apostates) (Quotes Sharia Law)
        Who Created Death?
        Paradise or Heaven?
        Men and Women  (Quotes Sharia Law)
        How Long Are Your Sins Forgiven?
        Why Jesus Had to Die
        Proofs Jesus Died
        Proofs Jesus Came Back to Life
        Five Pillars of Christianity
        You, too, Can Die a Martyr And Be Guaranteed Heaven
        Boulos, the Anti-Christian Terrorist
        Testimonials ~ Muslims Becoming Christians
        Gear for The Christian Soldier
        Words of Courage
        Christian Poetry1                Christian Poetry2                Christian Poetry3                Christian Poetry4                Christian Poetry5
        The Bible's 66 Books   
        Organization of the Bible
        Read/Download the Bible On the Internet in Arabic, English, etc.
        Request a FREE New Testament of the Bible  ( INJIL of the Book ) in ARABIC LANGUAGE
(4)        Baha'i of the Shihites
(d)        Reincarnation     

7.        Does God Exist?  (link)

8.        How We Got the Bible

a.        Manuscripts
b.        Translators and their Enemies
c.        Translators and their Hymns

9.        Read the Bible Through In a Year

a.        Old and New Testament Together
b.        Old and then New Testament Separately
c.        New Testament Only

10.        Concordance (Link)

11.        Listen to the Bible Right Now (Link)

12.        Join Scripture-a-Day Club

13.        Join Religious Discussion Group


1.        Jesus

a.        Why Jesus Had to Die
b.        Crucifixion (a narrative)
The Ride of Kings
d.        Macho Man
e.        Sense of Human

2.        God the Father

a.        Betrayed by God
b.        Does God Exist?  (link)        

3.        Holy Spirit

a.        Who Moves Our Hearts?
b.        What is Spirituality?
c.        Who Gets the Gifts?

4.        Worship

a.        Worship In a Nursing Home (a narrative)
b.        Communion/Lord's Supper
c.        Do I Have to Tithe?                
Musical Worship
e.        Famous Theologians & Music
f.         Baptism:  What in the World For?
g.        Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers?

5.        A Few Famous Christians

a.        US President James A. Garfield
b.        George Pepperdine, Founder of Western Auto & Pepperdine University
c.        A. L. Burton, Founder Life & Casualty Ins. Co., Nashville
d.        Doug Poling, Reporter New York Times, ABC and CBS
e.        Dr. Jack Lewis, Translator of NIV Bible
f.        F. Lagard Smith, Prof. of Law & Editor Chronological Bible
g.        Fred Thompson, US Presidential Candidate, Senator, Actor
h.        Scott Hamilton, Gold Medalist Skating Champion
i.        Numerous Country-Western Singers

6.        Bible

a.        Is it Really From God?
b.        Read the Bible with His Tongue

7.        Attitudes & Applications

a.        Lying:  A Prosecuting Attorney's Speech
b.        They Had Rather Die Than Lie        






Exodus 20:3-7 ~ Ten Commandments
Romans 8:37-39 - Love of God
Jeremiah 17:10 ~ Mind of Conductor
Revelation 5:11-14 ~ Singing In Heaven
Ezekiel 18:20 ~ No Fair
I Peter 3:15-17; 4:12-16 ~ Stand Up For Jesus
Proverbs 6:6-11 ~ Laziness
Jeremiah 29:11 ~ God's Plans For You
Mark 16:15-16 ~ Great News
Proverbs 30:5-6 ~ Living Bible
Isaiah 5;20-22 ~ All Mixed Up
Isaiah 29:13 ~ Self-Worship
John 14:16-17 ~ Help From The Very Top
John 16:13 ~ Help From the Very Top
John 17:17 ~ Help From the Very Top
Matthew 28:18-19 ~ Go Go Go
John 8:12 ~ Night Light
John 1:1, 14 ~ The Walking Word
I Corinthians 13:4-7 ~ Real Love
Colossians 3:23 ~ Activities
John 20:30-31 ~ Why Miracles?
II Corinthians 12:12 ~ Why Miracles
Romans 1:2, 9, 17 ~ Why Miracles
I Timothy 2:1-2 ~ The Government Too?
I Timothy 4:12 ~ Example of Youth
I Corinthians 10:12-13 ~ Temptations
II Timothy 4:7-8 ~ Rewarded At Last
John 10:11-14 ~ Good Shepherd
Proverbs 4:7, 10, 11 ~ Wiser Than An Owl
001 John 3:16 ~ Love
002 Acts 22:16 ~ Washing
003 James 2:18-19 ~ Work
004 Matthew 11:28 ~ Rest
005 Proverbs 4:7 ~ Wisdom
006 Proverbs 12:16 ~ Fools
007 Proverbs 22:2 ~ Rich or Poor
008 Ecclesiastes 5:10 ~ Money
009 Psalm 34:7 ~ Angel
010 Matthew 18:3-4 ~ Children
011 Jeremiah 32:27 ~ Impossible
012 Matthew 5:6 ~ Hunger
013 Romans 12:21 ~ Good or Bad
014 Matthew 5:14 ~ Lights
015 Romans 15:30 ~ Prayer
016 Matthew 18:11 ~ Children
017 Ephesians 3:18 ~ Dimensions
018  II Thessalonians 3:10 ~ Food
019 Philippians 4:13 ~ Courage
020 Matthew 19:19 ~ Parents
021 Luke 15:10 ~ Sorry
022 John 4:24 ~ Spirit
023 John 8:32 ~ Truth
024 John 9:5 ~ Light
025 John 14:1 ~ Trust
026 John 15:9 ~ Friends