By Guy B. Turpin ©2005

Father, all thanks to Thee, all glory, praise, and might.
May Thy will be done in me, in every part of life.
And thank You for Your blessings and everything You’ve done.
Make me ever thankful, Lord, for the giving of Your Son.

Father, bless my mom and dad with much long life and health.
And bless the workings of our hands with every needed wealth.
Father, bless my children to grow up in Your precious love;
Help them love Thy solid truth, of Jesus Christ Your Son.

Father, bless my faithful wife with everything you can.
Help me do the things she needs, and be a loving man.
Father, bless the leaders of this land and every other land
That we may live our lives in peace, no violence in our hands.

Father, bless these with sickness.  Give them strength and stay.
Give them back the joy they had.  Make them well today.
Father, bless those who’re lost, and bless them most of all.
Let them see Your love for them, and hear the Savior’s call.

Father, bless those without.  Let me hear their pleas.
Help me give them in Your name anything they need.
Father, bless all people You made with Your own hands.
Let every hungry mouth be full with bounty from Your land.

Father, teach me how to love ~ to love my fellow man.
Help me be more like Your Son in every way I can.
Father, help me to forgive, and please forgive my sins.
Grant me faith and love for Thee.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

In Jesus’ name I ask it.  In Jesus’ name I pray.
In Jesus’ name let it be so, Lord, everything I say.