By Guy B. Turpin, ©2005

Have you heard of Jesus?  Do you recognize the name?
Have you heard the story?  Do you know about His fame?

Witnesses that knew Him saw Him hung in shame
Though He had no guilt, he bore all of our blame.

Gather in still closer.  Bend to me your ear.
The story grows still stranger.  But you really need to hear.

Now these and many more saw Him with their eyes,
And for their strong eyewitness, paid with their own lives.

They testified He’d risen ~ risen from the dead.
And, though it’s even hard to say, that still is what they said.

Some say they ate a meal with Him, and saw Him many days.
Some even felt His wounds, then worshiped Him in praise.

Now, I don’t know about you, or what runs through your mind,
But let me show by reasoning what went on in mine.

I’ve never known a man, and doubt someone could find
Any man with common sense who’d give his life for lies.

But that’s not all about it.  Listen ‘til I’m done.
Ancient manuscripts I’ve seen that said this Man would come.

Centuries of prophecy revealed on written page,
Everything about this Man by men long in their grave.

I don’t know what you’re thinking. It makes me quiver still.
This takes it from the hand of man, and proves that ‘twas God’s will.

I then could feel the Spirit draw me by God’s Word
Into faith in Jesus, my faith in him made sure.

I believed he was the Son of God, I heard his great command,
So I obeyed the gospel, and proclaimed it through the land.

If all you here believe it too ~ on Jesus’ holy name,
If you desire eternal life and would receive the same….

Then now obey His gospel, repent and turn to Him,
Be baptized in Jesus’ name, remove all of your sin.

You’ll receive His Spirit; eternal life he brings.
He’ll add you to His church, the body of The King.