By Guy B. Turpin, ©2005

The end of an era, the end of the age.
Grandma holdin’ on, passed away today.

Always very faithful, that I know for sure.
Now she’s with her God, and that for ever more.

She guided all of us, a beacon of strong light
Planted on a hill of love that shone for Jesus Christ.

We all became believers ~ I hope and pray steadfast ~
And she’s shown the way again ~ faithful to the last.

I could tell you how she worked for Jesus her life long,
If she ever had some weakness, she was in Jesus strong.

Grandpa obeyed the gospel before he passed away.
Because of her example, he’s now with God today.

Mom and Dad still livin’ in the house that Grandpa built.
I’m glad that I was raised there; our family love I felt.

I know she wasn’t perfect, but Jesus kept her pure.
I know that she’s there with Him in a place prepared for her.

Tomorrow my life will go on.  That would be her dear desire.
The way’s a little brighter though, ‘cause Grandma shared her fire.

I know how she burned for Him and how she hated sin,
That without God you’re a loser, with Him sure to win.

I’ve never been to see her and the Bible not be there
Opened in her hand.  I oft saw her in prayer.

I thank my God for Grandma, and will till my very end.
And thanks again for Jesus, ‘cause Jesus is her Friend.
Dedicated in love to the memory of my
grandma Mildred Josephine Maggie
Jane Masorwe DeBoard,
born December 10, 1910,
departed for heaven
April 12, 2005.