1. Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. A certificate of completion is available for each course.

2. Does WBS offer a college degree?

No. WBS does not offer a degree program. The WBS courses are designed to increase your knowledge
and faith in God through the study of Scripture.

3. Will WBS send me a free Bible or other free items?

No. The only resources WBS provides are free Bible courses. Funds are limited to the supply of the
courses via postal mail and email at no cost to the students. All Scriptures used in the courses are
included in the lessons so access to a Bible is not necessary to complete WBS courses.

4. How long do I have to complete a WBS course?

WBS courses are written for busy people. Each lesson is brief and can be completed in about half an hour.
We suggest the following:

* Set a goal to study at a regular pace.  We recommend daily.     
*  Allow time to think and pray about the Scriptures as you study.   
*  Look for areas of your life to change your behavior and thinking to honor God.
*  Meditate on the truths presented in the lessons. Let them shape your life. Remember Christianity  
 involves worship, fellowship, obedience, service, a daily relationship with God as you learn to be
more         like Jesus.

5. Will WBS fit my busy schedule?

Yes. WBS offers you the opportunity to study when and where you want. Our desire is to accommodate
your schedule, and to encourage you to develop some healthy new habits in your spiritual walk.

6. Is WBS really free?

Yes, WBS is really free. WBS Study Helpers and others support WBS as they donate time and money to
keep WBS free for all students around the world. There are no hidden costs or fees.

7. What is the WBS mission?

The mission of WBS is to educate and equip people who seek a better understanding of God and His will
for their lives through study of the Scriptures. WBS serves you in your quest for a deeper faith. We desire
to assist you in developing a more intimate relationship with God.

8. Does WBS offer advanced courses?

Yes, WBS offers courses beyond basic Christian principles as well as links to other advanced Bible

9. What is the WBS doctrinal statement?

The Study Helpers and staff of WBS believe the Bible is from God and should be our only source of
religious instruction. We follow no creed, but Christ. We have no "doctrinal statement of faith,"except the
New Testament. The message of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, points us to faith and grace
from God through His Son, Jesus. We believe that salvation is found in no other name but Jesus. By
following His teachings found in the New Testament, you can be part of God's family and live a life of
purpose and meaning.

10. Will WBS help me come to study in the U.S.?

No, WBS or WBS Study Helpers are not able to help you come to study in the U.S. WBS is a distance
learning school using correspondence courses by Postal and Email. WBS does not have a campus for
studies. However, we are thankful for the opportunity to help you study by correspondence.
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