It had been a year since the star announcing
Jesus' birth had appeared in the midnight

Everyone in Persia far away still wondered
about it.  The king of Persia was afraid of
it.  No one realized the star appeared the
night the King of Peace was born ~ Jesus.

For awhile, the wise men in Persia were sort
of blind because they were not reading the
right books to explain what the star meant.  
Even though they were sincere, their minds
were blind.

Finally the wise men began reading the part
of the Bible written by a Jew who had lived
in Babylon and Persia hundreds of years
earlier.  His name was Daniel.

God told Daniel to write down the exact year
the new king of world peace would begin to
reign.  The true God of the world knows

God also told Daniel to explain this new king
of world peace would be like a star and would
begin to rule in the land of Palestine where
Bethlehem is located.

The wise men in Persia knew no one could
have known the exact year the king of peace
would begin to rule even before his birth
except the one and only true God.

The four wise men rushed to the king of
Persia and showed him their proof that a
world king was born in Palestine.  The king
wanted to be friends with this new king of
world peace even as a baby, so he sent his
wise men to take him some gifts.

They took nearly half a year to cross a
thousand miles of desert.  When they finally
got to Palestine, they couldn't understand
why no one was excited about their new baby

The people in Palestine were blind too.  They
had read the explanation by Daniel in the
Bible.  But they did not want their king of
peace to be a baby.  They wanted him to be
full grown.  They did not want to wait for
him to grow up.

So the wise men from far-away Persia
wondered what to do because by now the star
had disappeared.  Then one night they saw
the star again.  They were so excited.

The star looked like it was right over the
town of Bethlehem.  They rushed to
Bethlehem and began searching for Jesus.

They found Mary and Joseph with their little
boy, Jesus, living in a little house.  The
Persian wise men gave Mary and Joseph the
gifts from their king.  They knew Jesus
would some day be king.


Do you know someone who says they don't
believe in God because they can't see him?  
God is too big for us to see.  But we can
hear him whenever we read the Bible, his

Tell your friend God talks to them in the
Bible and says he loves us all.  Everyone who
obeys Jesus' teachings in the Bible will be
invited to live with King Jesus some day in
heaven.  Isn't that wonderful?