CHAPTER 3 - Pages 1057 - 1058




VERSE 1         Although Peter and John were Christians, they continued to go to the Jewish ________________________________ to see who they could teach.


VERSE 2         At the same time, someone was carrying a severely crippled man to beg from the worshippers.  He had been crippled how long?  ______________________________


VERSE 3-6      Peter said he didn't have any ______________________ or ____________________, but he'd give the crippled man what he had.


VERSE 7-8      How long did it take this man to gain strength in his ankles?  ___________________________________________


            b.         This miracle was performed by Peter, one of the original ______ ___________________ (Acts 1:13).


VERSE 9-12    People from all over the Temple came to ___________________ at the man and those who healed him.


            b.         Now that Peter had their attention, he explained that the miracle was not by their own _________________________________________ or _______________________________.





VS. 13-15        Note the things Peter accused these Temple worshippers of doing to Jesus.  List below all the phrases which Peter begins with "You...."







            b.         Peter also reminded them that Governor Pilate had decided to ____________________ Jesus _________________ and not crucify him.


            c.         Peter called Jesus the author of _____________________.


VS. 16             The crippled man had had faith in who?  ___________________  Therefore, he received ____________________ healing.


VS. 17-20        Even though Peter told the crowd they had acted in __________________, he still told them to _______________ and turn to God so their sins will be ______________________ ________________.


            b.         Peter said two things (two "times") would occur when people repented.  What are they?  __________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________


VS. 21             What is Peter talking about Jesus restoring?  (Look back at Acts 1:6)  __________________________________________________ ______________________________________  What else is the kingdom called in the Bible?  (Look at Colossians 1:13 & 18, pg. 1142.) _____________________________________






VS. 22-23        About 1440 BC, Moses predicted a prophet like him that "you must __________________________ to."


VS. 24-25        All the _______________________________ who lived hundreds of years before Jesus predicted that through one of Abraham's descendants, _______________________ the __________________________ on ________________ would be _____________________________.


VS. 26             Since Jesus is called God's servant, what should we followers of Jesus be willing to be?  ____________________


            b.         The gospel was preached first to the Jews.  Although many believed, many more did not.  So who was the gospel preached to second?  (See Acts 13:46, pg. 1069)  ___________________________________. 



                                                               CHAPTER 4 - Pages 1058 - 1059


VERSE 1-2      Who angrily approached Peter and John while they were talking to the people?  _______________ of the ________________ ______________________ and the ____________________________.


            b.         The Sadducees did not believe in what (see Matthew 22:23, pg. 957)?  ___________________________________


VERSE 3-4      Even though Peter and John were put in jail for preaching the resurrection, how many defied the Jewish leaders and believed anyway?  ________________________________





VERSE 5-6      These same elders, chief priests, and teachers had tried __________________________ about two months earlier (see Mark 14:53, pg. 986).  Their governing body was called the S________________________ (Mark 14:55).


            b.         Who was Annas (see John 18:12-13, pg. 1049)?  _____________________________________________________


VERSE 7-9      Peter and John had apparently not been told on what charges they were arrested and jailed, because Peter said, _________________________ we are being called to account...."


VERSE 10       Who did Peter accuse of killing Jesus?  _____________________________________________________________


            b.         Who apparently showed up in court the next morning to boldly help defend Peter and John?  _________________


VERSE 11       Peter quoted David, who predicted about 1500 BC that builders would reject a stone that would be Jesus.  Who did he call the builders?  ___________________________________________


VERSE 12       There is no other ______________________ under heaven by which we must be saved.  That includes every other religious founder in the world.





VS. 13-15        (See John 11:48, pg. 1042)  The Sanhedrin did not want this new Christianity to grow because they were afraid ______________________ would believe in Jesus, and then the ________________________ would _____ __________________________________ their jobs and perhaps even destroy their nation.


VS. 16-17        The same thing that kept them from harming Peter and John at this time is what kept them from harming Jesus for so long.  Look up Matthew 21:46, pg. 957.  What was that reason? 


            b.         Jesus had warned just before his crucifixion that his disciples would be hated because the world _______________________ ____________________________ Jesus __________________.  (See John 15:15, pg. 1046.)


VS. 18-20        When warned not to talk about Jesus any more, Peter and John replied that we should ____________________ and not man. 


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  These were religious leaders Peter and John were talking to.  If religious leaders tell us something different than what Jesus said (adding to his commands or taking from his commands), should we blindly follow the religious leader?


VS. 21-22        For how long had the healed man been lame?  ___________________________________


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  Surely there were many in the Temple that day who needed healing.  Why do you think Peter and John singled out this man?


VS. 23-24        Even church leaders need encouragement.  Where did Peter and John go to when they were released?  ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


VS. 25-26        These followers of Jesus quoted one of the Psalms declaring that any nation that rages and plots against God do so in __________________.


            b.         By arresting, jailing, and harassing Peter and John, the rulers were arresting, jailing, and harassing God and his __________________________.


            NOTE:  In those days, the Jews inaugurated each new high priest and crowned each new king by anointing them.





VERSE 27       Herod was the governor of Galilee in the north part of Palestine where Jesus lived.  Pilate was the Roman governor of Judea in the southern part of Palestine where the Temple was.  They _______________________ against ______________________, God's anointed one.


VERSE 28       The Jews executed by stoning (John 10:31, pg. 1040).  Yet, it had been prophesied centuries earlier that Jesus would be pierced (Zechariah 12:10, pg. 925).  Only the Romans had the power to pierce or crucify as a means of death.  It was by God ______________________ and _______________________ that this government would be in power when Jesus came.


VERSE 29       These early Christians knew that what people consider as threats, God can turn in to his good use.  Therefore they asked God to help them keep spreading the word about Jesus with great ____________________________________________.


VERSE 30       Was the purpose of healing just to heal or to accomplish something else?  (Look up John 20:30 & 31, pg. 1053.) ________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 31       Because the New Testament had not been written yet, the early Christians had to rely on external things to know they were in God's will.  God answered their prayer by making their meeting place __________________________.


VERSE 32       The believers (they were not called Christians yet) loved each other so much that no one claimed his ____________ were his ____________________, but _____________________________ everything they had.


VERSE 33       Who was it who displayed power as they testified that Jesus came back to life?  ____________________________


VS. 34-37        Among those who sold possessions to help out poor believers was a Jew from the island of Cyprus named _____________________________.  His name means _____________________________.


                        Who in your life is being a personal Barnabus to you?  ____________________________________