CHAPTER 9 - Pages 1065 - 1066




VERSE 1         Saul was still trying to destroy the church by threatening to have Christians _______________________________


VERSE 2         Going house to house wasn't enough for Saul, so he went to the _______________________ ____________________ to get letters of permission to enter synagogues all the way up in Damascus which was Syria, not Palestine.


VERSE 3-4      Near Damascus, a __________________________ suddenly flashed around Paul.  Then a voice said, "Saul!  Saul!  Why do you ___________ ____________________?"


VERSE 5         Saul wanted to know who "me" was.  He called him _______________________, but couldn't figure out who he was persecuting that represented God. 


            b.         In Acts 22:3 where Saul recalled this event many years later, he said he was very ___________________________.  But he was still wrong.


            c.         Romans 10:1-2 (pg. 1098) says we can be lost if we have a zeal for God, but not based on  ___________________.


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  When the voice identified himself as Jesus, how do you think Saul felt?


VERSE 6         Jesus told Saul to go on into Damascus and it would be told him what he ________ do.  His instructions in Damascus were not something he could do if he wanted, or if his parents had done it before him, or if his friends did it.  These were things he _________________________ do.


VERSE 7-9      The light _______________________________ Saul.  He stayed that way in Damascus for ____________ days.


VERSE 10       In Damascus Jesus appeared to ___________________________.  He did not have a title.  He was just a ____________________________________.


VS. 11-14        Jesus told Ananias to go to do what for Saul?  _______________________________________________________



            c.         Ananias objected.  He'd heard many reports about Saul and all the ____________________ he had done to God's people. 


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  Why do you think Ananias objected?  Do we object to obeying God for the same reason sometimes?





VS. 15             Amazingly, Jesus said Saul, the Christian killer, was his __________________ ___________________ to carry Jesus before the ______________________ and their _____________________ as well as the Jews.


VS. 16             Now that Saul has caused Christians to suffer, Jesus is going to make Saul ____________________.  Years later, Saul would write to the Grecian Christians in Corinth (2 Corinthians 11:23-29, pg. 1126) that he had worked much harder, been in _______________ more frequently, been ______________________ more severely, and been exposed to ___________________________ again and again.  He'd also been beaten with a whip ______________________ times, beaten with rods ________________ times, been stoned _______________________ times, was shipwrecked __________________ times, floated around in the open sea a __________________________.  He'd been in danger from rivers, bandits, from hypocrites.  He'd labored without sleep, knew _____________________ and ________________________, had been cold and __________________________.


            b.         Yet, just before his death, Saul wrote his friend in 2 Timothy 4:6-9, "The time has come for my

                        ______________________.  I have ___________________________ the________________________ fight.  I have _______________ the _____________________________.  I have ________________________ the _____________________________________. Now, there is in store for me the ________________________ of _____________________________________."


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  Have you ever noticed the way we treat other is how we respond best to them?  If we are soft spoken, we respond to people who speak softly to us.  Since Saul threatened Christians with death, he responded most valiantly when threatened with death himself.  Is there someone you've been praying for a long time whose negative traits could be put to work by God as a positive trait?


VS. 17-19        What things happened to Saul after Ananias arrived?





            b.         What things did Saul then do?






VS. 20-22        The courageous Christians in Damascus agreed to meet with Saul.  Paul began to preach


                        NOTE:  In Saul's letter to the Christians in Galatia in Turkey (1:17, pg. 1128), he explained that after his conversion he first went immediately to Arabia, possibly to be alone and study the scriptures for himself.  Then he returned to Damascus.


            a.         How did the people of Damascus react?  ____________________________________________________________


            b.         Did Saul become strong and then teach, or did he teach and then become strong?  ___________


            c.         Did Saul convince people to become Christians because of an emotional experience?   _____  How did he convince them?  _________________________________________


VS. 23-25        The local Jews conspired to _____________ Saul.  Instead, one night, he was lowered in a ___________________ over the city wall.





VERSE 26       NOTE:  In Galatians 1:18-19 (pg. 1128), Saul explained that it was three years after his conversion that he went to Jerusalem.  It was apparently a secretive visit because he saw only Peter, staying with him 15 days, and also James, Jesus' brother.


                        In Acts 22:17-21 Saul later recalls that he went to the Temple to pray, and while there, Jesus told him,  "Quick!  Leave Jerusalem ______________________________, because they will not accept your testimony about me."  Instead, he reminded Saul that he was supposed to preach to the Gentiles (Non-Jews).


                        Although, after Stephen's execution, all the disciples left Jerusalem except the Twelve Apostles, some seem to have returned.  These disciples were ____________________ of Saul, so wouldn't let Saul _______________________ them.


                        Some time later, _______________________________  accompanied Paul to Jerusalem.  Remember him from Acts 4:36?  What does his name mean?  _____________________________________


VERSE 27       NOTE:  In Galatians 1:19, Saul explained that the only apostles apparently left in Jerusalem by then were Peter and James, Jesus' brother.  (We will see later in our study what happened to James, one of the original apostles.  Read Foxe's Book of Martyrs to see where the other apostles traveled to and how they eventually died.)


                        _________________________________, whom everyone trusted, convinced the apostles and disciples to believe Saul was truly converted.


VS. 28-30        So Saul began preaching in Jerusalem.  But some Jews tried to ________________ him, so the Christian brothers sent Saul back to his hometown of _____________________ (see verse 11) up near Turkey.


VERSE 31       Saul was such a dynamic personality that the conversion of just this one man caused the church to do what?  _____________________________


            b.         Did the church grow because it feared man's will or God's will?  _____________________________


            NOTE:  Apparently Paul stayed in Tarsus awhile, possibly until the first Gentile convert, which we will see shortly. 


VERSE 32       Peter didn't always stay in Jerusalem.  He went to visit the saints in ____________________________, a city near Damascus.


                        Were these saints live Christians or dead Christians?  _____________________________  Where else were there saints (see verse 13)?  _________________________________________


VS. 33-34        How long had the paralytic, Ae-neas, been bedridden?  _________________________  How long did it take Ae-neas to be healed after Peter pronounced him healed?  __________________________


VERSE 35       What did this single miracle cause people to do?  _______________________________________________


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  Peter didn't go everywhere and in the hospitals to heal people.  Why?  (Hint:  John 20:30-31, pg. 1053) 


VS. 36-39        In the town of ____________________ nearby was a woman named ________________________ who helped the __________________, and she died.  Was it before or after she died that the disciples sent for Peter to come?  _____________________________________


VS. 40-43        Peter raised her from the _________________________.  As a result, many people _________________________ in the _____________________________.  Then he moved into the home of ________________________ to stay awhile, possibly for follow-up.



CHAPTER 10 - Pages 1066 - 1067







VERSE 1         Cor-nel-ius was a ________________________ of the Italian Regiment.  He was a captain over 100 men. 


VERSE 2         His name was Roman, his position was Roman, yet he and his family believed in _______________, he

                        ___________________________ to those in need, and _______________________________ often. 


VERSE 3-4      One day an ______________________________ appeared to him saying his ______________________________ and ___________________________ to the _____________________________ were a ______________________ offering before ________________________.


VERSE 5-6      The angel told him to send someone to find _______________________________ and bring him to Cornelius' _______________________.


VERSE 7-8      Who did Cornelius confide in to explain an angel had actually appeared to him?  __________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________


VS. 9-10          In the mean time, the next day at ______________________________ Peter went to a rooftop to

                        __________________________.  He became __________________________, but while the meal was being prepared, what happened?  ________________________________________________________________________________


VS. 11-14        Out of _______________________________________ came a large sheet containing all kinds of

                        _____________________________, and _________________________________, and ________________________.

                        Then a voice from heaven told Peter to do what with them?________________________________________


            b.         Did Peter argue with the Lord or obey him?  _________________________________________


                        NOTE:  In the Law of Moses (Leviticus 11:1-31, pg. 106), their diet was explained.  The Jews could eat some four-footed animals, but couldn't eat camels or pigs.  Of birds, they could not eat eagles or vultures.  Of reptiles, they couldn't eat rats or lizards.  When you analyze all of the "unclean" animals, they are all scavengers and bad for your health.


VERSE 15       God replied that he had now made these animals ________________________________.


VERSE 16       How many times did Peter and God argue?  __________________________________


VERSE 17       Peter realized this vision had some kind of ______________________________________, but didn't yet know what.





VS. 18-20        In the mean time, Cornelius' messengers arrived.  God indirectly told Peter the meaning of his vision by telling him to do what? _____________________________________________________________________


VERSE 22       The messengers explained to Peter that Cornelius was God-fearing and respected by what nationality?

                        ____________________________________  (Another indication he was not a Jew.)


VERSE 23       When Peter invited these people into his house to be his ______________________, he was going against every Jewish tradition.  Since it was noon, he probably ate with them.  This is something else Jews never did.  They even spent the night there!


VERSE 24       The next day, Cornelius, expecting Peter, invited who to come to his house?  ______________________________



VERSE 25       When Peter arrived, what did Cornelius do?  _________________________________________________________


VERSE 26       What was Peter's reaction, and why? ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________



VS. 27-29        Peter reminded the people that it was against Jewish ____________ to do what with Gentiles? _______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


            b.         Peter, then, explained the meaning of his vision.  What was it?  _________________________________________



VS. 30-33        After Cornelius explained what happened in his vision, he said that everyone was now together in the presence of  ________________________ _________________________________________________________.


VS. 34-35        Which nation, today, does God show favoritism to?  _________________________________________





VS. 36-38        Peter tried to prove Jesus was really the Son of God by explaining that he had performed  _____________________.


VS. 39-40        Although Jesus was then crucified, he explained that on the third day he did what?  _________________________


VERSE 41       Jesus not only appeared alive, he also __________________________ and _____________________ with them.  Do ghosts do this?  _____________


VS. 42-43        Peter then gave another proof of Jesus' divinity by explaining he had fulfilled __________________________.  Being the Son of God, then, he could forgive ____________________.


VERSE 44       Only one other time did the Holy Spirit come spontaneously on a group of people without them having to do something first.  Look back at Acts 2:1-4.  What was the first incident this happened?    _____________________________________________________


VERSE 45       The emphasis at this time was that the Holy Spirit had been poured out on who?  __________________________

                        ___________________________________.  The first time, the Holy Spirit was poured out spontaneously on the Jews. 


                        NOTE:  Remember, this was before the New Testament was written, so people had no written guidance from God.


VERSE 46       Since this was a duplicate of what happened in Acts 2, were the tongues they spoke unknown or understood by people of other languages?  ________________________________________


                        Look up Revelation 5:9, pg. 1195.  The same Greek word for "tongue" in Acts is used in this passage.  Is it referring to "unknown" or what is used by different nationalities?  _________________________________________


VERSE 47       Although Peter had told the people on the Day of Pentecost to repent and be baptized, and then they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38), since this was the "induction" of the Gentiles into the church, Peter announced it the other way around.  Now, after receiving the Holy Spirit, they could do what?  ________________________



VERSE 48       What did Peter order them to do?  _________________________________________________________________