CHAPTER 13 - Pages 1069 - 1071





VERSE 1-3      The Holy Spirit told the Christians in Antioch to set apart what two men for a special work?  ________________________ and _____________________________________________


VERSE 6-7      On the island of Cyprus, there was a ________________ sorcerer and ________________ prophet who was personal attendant to the proconsul. 


                        Acts 19:38 indicates proconsuls were judges, a duty the rulers of an area usually took upon themselves.


VERSE 8         Apparently this proconsul was thinking seriously of becoming a Christian, for the false prophet tried to turn him from __________________ ______________________________.


VERSE 9         Now that Saul was primarily among Gentiles, he is no longer called Saul, but rather _________________________.





VS. 10-11        Paul had the power to perform miracles because God had made him an Apostle.  See 1 Corinthians 15:8-9 (pg.1116) explaining this.


                        NOTE:  Thus far, the only ones able to perform miracles are Apostles or someone an Apostle "laid his hands on."


            b.         Paul made Elymas __________________________.  Had being made blind helped Paul turn to Jesus years before?  ____________________.  Does it look like it helped Elymas?  ______________________


VS. 12-31        Back on the mainland in Antioch (a different city from their home congregation), Paul reviewed Jewish history.   

VS. 32-41        Paul preached a sermon in a synagogue and concluded by showing how Jesus' life had ______________________ one prophecy after another.





VS. 42-45        Everyone was so excited about this that the next Sabbath, almost the whole ___________________ gathered to hear Paul.  But the Jews tried to outshout him because they were _______________________________.


VERSE 46       At this point, Paul made a dynamic decision.  He said he had spoken to the Jews __________________________.  but, since they _______________________ God's word, Paul was from now on going to turn to the _______________ people.


VERSE 50       Even more angry, the Jews stirred up the local government leaders until Paul and Barnabas were

                        ____________________________________ from their region.



CHAPTER 14 - Pages 1071 - 1072



VERSE 5         At the next city, Iconium, many believed.  But both Gentiles and Jews plotted to ________________________ Paul and Barnabas, so they left.


VS. 12-13        In Lystra, they healed a man born lame, so the people decided they were ________________________________, calling Barnabas ____________________________ and Paul ______________________________.


VS. 14-15        When Paul and Barnabas realized what was happening, they rushed through the crowd shouting, "We are only __________________________, like you."


VS. 16-18        They tried to explain that the only God was the one who brought them ______________________ and happiness.


VERSE 19       But the Jews from the previous city had followed P and B here.  They stirred the people up so that they __________________________ Paul and left him for ____________________.


VERSE 20       Instead, Paul got up and did what remarkable thing?  __________________________________________________


VERSE 23       Then Paul and Barnabus returned through the cities they had started churches in.  At that time they appointed _________________________ in each _____________________________. 


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  Notice, no elder in one church was put in charge of other churches.  Are there any church offices we are used to today that they omitted then?  Do you think it is God's will that we continue to create church offices he did not endorse?



CHAPTER 15 - Pages 1072 - 1073



VERSE 1         After returning to Antioch to report the results of their missionary trip, some Christians showed up teaching that Gentile Christians should be circumcised, this having been commanded in the Law of ______________________ to the Jews.


VERSE 2         So Paul and Barnabas went to Jerusalem to confer with the __________________________ and elders there.  (Remember, they still did not have the New Testament written yet, so had to rely on what the Apostles decided.)


VS. 10-11        At the Council in Jerusalem, Peter got up and said they shouldn't put a ____________________ on the Gentiles that the Jews couldn't even keep.  Therefore, Gentiles need not be circumcised, because they are saved through ____________________.


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  Some people today have begun incorporating Jewish worship from the Old Testament into Christian worship.  Do you think it is important enough to look up our forms of worship in the Bible to see if they are from the Old Testament or New Testament?


VS. 13, 20       James, the brother of Jesus, suggested they send a letter around with Paul warning Gentile Christians to abstain from what?







                        NOTE:  James may have written his epistle James at this time wherein he said, "Whoever keeps the whole law [of Moses] and yet stumbles at just ________________________ point is __________________________ of breaking __________________________ of it" (James 2:10).





VERSE 23       How careful were the Apostles that their instruction not be misunderstood? ________________________________


VS. 25-27        Even though the letter was sent with Paul and Barnabas from the Apostles to the church in Antioch, what further care did the Apostles take that this letter was authentic?  _______________________________________________


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  The only example in the New Testament church of any group of church leaders being in charge of another congregation is this one congregation in Jerusalem.  How were the leaders in Jerusalem unique from all the others (see Acts 2:42)?


                        NOTE:  This is the last we hear of the original Twelve Apostles being together in Jerusalem.  They seem to have scattered after this.  The next time the church leadership in Jerusalem is mentioned, this congregation is headed by James and elders (see Acts 21:18).


VERSE 40       Then Paul and Barnabas decided to make a second missionary trip, revisiting the areas where they'd preached before.  But this time, Paul chose _____________________ as his preaching partner.