AD 61


CHAPTER 21 - Pages 1080 - 1081




VS. 17-18        In Jerusalem, Paul went to see ________________________________ and all the



                        NOTE:  Apparently between Acts 15:22 and now, all the original apostles had left Jerusalem.  What happened to them?  According to history, over the next probably 10 years, all were martyred except John:


                        Matthew was burned at the stake in Egypt

                        Simon was crucified in Great Britain

                        Peter was crucified upside down in Rome

                        Thaddeus was killed in Russia

                        Andrew was crucified in Greece

                        Thomas was stoned in India

                        Philip was speared in Turkey

                        Nathaniel was thrown into the Black Sea in Russia


                        When Andrew died, it is reported that he said this:


Accept me, oh Christ Jesus!

Whom I saw,

Whom I love,

And in whom I am.

Accept my spirit in peace

In your eternal home.


VS. 23-24        Because the headquarters of the Jewish religion was in Jerusalem, James and the elders advised Paul to go through a Jewish ceremony to prove he didn't hate Jews.  He was to do this with ___________________ other Jewish men?


VS. 28-29        But some Jews who'd followed Paul from Turkey ("Asia"), accused Paul of defiling the Temple by bringing who into it?  ___________________ _____________________________________________  Was it true?  ______________


Verse 30          So a mob dragged Paul into the __________________________, closed the gates, and tried to do what to him?  _____________________


VS. 31-35        Who rescued Paul from death?  _______________________________________________________





VERSE 38       The captain had thought Paul was the ___________________________ who led _________________________ terrorists.


                        NOTE:  Josephus speaks of this terrorist:  There came out of Egypt about this time to Jerusalem, one that said he was a prophet...and at his command the walls of Jerusalem would fall down.  He promised them that he would procure them an entrance into the city through those walls when they fell down.  Now when Felix was informed of these things, he....slew four hundred of them, and took two hundred alive.  But the Egyptian himself escaped....And again the robbers stirred up the people to make war with the Romans, and said they ought not to obey them at all; and when any persons would not comply with them, they set fire to their villages, and plundered them.  Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 8:6


VS. 37-40        Paul spoke to the Roman commander in what language?  ___________________________________  He then got permission to address the mob, and did so in what language?  ______________________________



CHAPTER 22 - Pages 1081 - 1082


VERSE 16       In recalling his conversion, Paul said he was baptized for what reason?  __________________________________



VERSE 29       When the crowd got into an uproar again, the commander ordered Paul flogged.  But he was _________________ to find out Paul was a __________________________________________.


VERSE 30       So the commander ordered the Jewish __________________________________ to assemble to get to the bottom of the riots.




CHAPTER 23 - Pages 1082 - 1083


VS. 1-2            Who was the high priest before whom Paul was tried?  _________________________________  Who was the high priest before whom Jesus was tried?  (See John 18:12-14, pg. 1049)  ____________________________________


                        NOTE:  Acts 4:6 lists Annas'(also spelled Ananias, Ananus) sons as Caiaphas, John(athan), Alexander.  This elder Ananus proved a most fortunate man; for he had five sons, who had all performed the office of a high priest...and he had himself enjoyed that dignity a long time formerly.  Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 9:1


VS. 6-8            Paul decided to "divide and conquer" when he realized part of the Sanhedrin were Sadducees and part were Pharisees.  Did it work?  ________________________


VERSE 10       So the Sanhedrin created a riot among themselves.  It got so violent, the commander was afraid what would happen to Paul?  __________________________________________________________________


VERSE 11       That night, Jesus ________________________ near Paul and told him he'd live to go to _____________________





VS. 12-13        The next day ______________ Jews decided not to ___________________________ or _______________________ until they had ____________________________ Paul. 


VS. 15-16        The plot to have Paul sent back to the Sanhedrin, and on his way they would do what?  _____________________  Who spoiled the plot?  ______________________________________________


VERSE 23       To protect this Roman citizen, the commander slipped Paul out of town that night under guard of ________________ soldiers, __________________ horsemen, and _________________ spearmen and escorted him to _____________.


                        NOTE:  Caesarea was built on the Mediterranean coast by King Herod about 15 years before Jesus was born, and named after Augustus Caesar.  It became Palestine's headquarters as it related to Rome, though rulers maintained Jerusalem as his headquarters as it related to the Jews. 


VS. 25-26        The commander sent a ________________________________ along with the soldiers to explain that the Jews were trying to kill Paul, the Roman citizen.


            b.         Who was governor of Judea at this time?  ________________________________


                        NOTE:  Josephus says Felix was appointed by Claudius Caesar to be governor of the Judea part of Palestine the last year of Claudius' life.  (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 7:1).




CHAPTER 24 - Pages 1083 - 1084


VS. 2-3            The high priest hired a slick lawyer named ___________________________________ who flattered Felix by saying the Jews had enjoyed ________________________________ under his rule. 


                        NOTE:  Josephus said regarding the time Felix was governor, Now, as for the affairs of the Jews, they grew worse and worse continually; for the country was again filled with robbers and impostors, who deluded the multitude.  Yet did Felix catch and put to death many of those impostors every day.  Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 8:5


VERSE 5         What did Paul's enemies at this time call the church?  ___________________________________________


VERSE 14       What did Paul call the church at this time? __________________________________________________

                        See also Acts 9:2)


            b.         Where did the early Christians get this name?  (See John 14:6, pg.1045)  __________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  Paul intimated that this was not a sect, a denomination of the Jewish religion.  Do you think we should have sects/denominations today?  _________________


VS. 17-19        Paul defended himself by saying


                        * He hadn't even been in Jerusalem for ________________________ years.


                        * He was ceremonially _______________________ in the Temple.


                        * There was no ___________________________ around him.


                        * The Jews from ________________________ weren't even in court and they were the ones who brought the original   charges.





VERSE 23       Felix ordered that Paul be put under house arrest, so that his _______________________________ could come see him.


VERSE 24       A few days later, Felix heard Paul again, along with his wife ______________________________________, who was a Jewess.


                        NOTE:  Josephus says Drusilla was sister of King Agrippa (see Acts 25:23).  While Felix was procurator of Judea, he saw this Drusilla, and fell in love with her; for she did indeed exceed all other women in beauty....and endeavored to persuade her to forsake her present husband, and marry him; and promised that if she would not refuse him, he would make her a happy woman.  Accordingly, she acted ill....was prevailed upon to transgress the laws of her forefathers [divorce] and to marry Felix.  Josephus goes on to say that their son was later killed when Mount Vesuvius erupted.  Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 7:1-2


VERSE 26       Felix often sent for Paul, hoping Paul would offer him a __________________________________________.


VERSE 27       This went on for ___________________ years. 


                        NOTE:  During Felix's second year as governor, Claudius Caesar died, poisoned by his wife Agrippina.  Then her son by a previous marriage became Caesar.  His name was NERO.


                        During the time Paul was under house arrest, Felix was fighting with Jonathan, the current high priest, and one of Annus' sons.  Jonathan had wanted Caesar to make him governor instead of Felix.  So Felix contrived a method whereby he might get rid of the following manner:  Certain of those robbers went up to the city, as if they were going to worship God, while they had daggers under their garments; and, by thus mingling themselves among the multitude, they slew Jonathan.  Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 8:5


                        Further, the Jews and Syrians of Caesarea got into a bloody dispute over who was more important tin Caesarea.  The Jews claimed they were because Herod, a Jew, had built the city.  The Syrians claimed they were because a city had already existed there under a different name centuries before the Jews ever came to this country. 


                        But when Felix saw that this quarrel was become a kind of war, he came upon them....and slew many of them, and took more of them alive, and permitted his soldiers to plunder....  Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 8:7