CHAPTER 25 - Pages 1084 - 1085


AD 63


Second Roman Trial




VERSE 1         Who arrived in the province as the next governor?  ___________________________________________________


                        Josephus said Felix was replaced because the Jews accused him to killing them in Caesarea during their dispute with the Syrians:  Now when Festus was sent as successor to Felix by Nero, the [Jews] went up to Rome to accuse Felix; and he had certainly been brought to punishment, unless Nero had yielded to the [Felix's brother's]....solicitations.  Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 8:8


VERSE 2         Festus went immediately to the Jewish headquarters in _________________________________ to decide what to do with Paul, still in prison.


                        NOTE:  By this time, Agrippa, King of all the Syrian and Palestine territories, had given the high priesthood to Ismael, and the priesthood got even worse:  And now arose a sedition between the high priests and the principal men of the multitude of Jerusalem ....The high priests had the hardness to send their servants into the thrashing-floors to take away those tithes that were due the priests [in the Law of Moses, but to be brought to the Temple, not seized in homes]; insomuch that it so fell out that the poorer sort of the priests died for want.  To this degree did the violence of the seditious prevail over all right and justice.  Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, 8:8


VERSE 3         Why did the religious leaders want Paul transferred back to Jerusalem?  __________________________________



VERSE 9         When Festus got to Caesarea, he held a preliminary trial.  Why did he decide to send Paul back to Jerusalem? ___________________ _______________________________________________________________


VERSE 11       Paul refused to go back to Jerusalem.  Instead he used his right as a Roman citizens and said what? ___________________  _____________________________________________________________


VERSE 12       What was Governor Festus' reply?  _________________________________________________________________



VERSE 13       What king arrived a few days later to visit Festus?  _________________________________________ 


                        NOTE:  This King Herod Agrippa Jr. was the son of the Herod Agrippa Sr. whose death was described in Acts 12.  He had been brought up with Claudius Caesar who had become emperor just a few years earlier.  When his father died, he was only sixteen years old.  The year Felix became governor (about fourteen years later), he was given the kingship over Palestine and Syria, with governors under him.  (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 19, 9:1)





VERSE 18       Festus explained to King Agrippa that Paul's accusers did not accuse him of _______________________________



VS. 19-20        Festus realized the real cause of the charges against Paul involved their religion and a dead man named

                        _____________________________ who Paul claimed _________________________________________________.


VERSE 23       Who accompanied King Agrippa during this entire visit with Festus?  ____________________________________


                        NOTE:  Bernice was Agrippa's sister and a widow at this time.  But as for Bernice, she lived a widow a long while after the death of Herod [king of Chalcis] who was both her husband and her uncle....But when the report went that she [was committing incest] with her brother, she persuaded...king of Cilicia [in Turkey] to be circumcised and to marry her....Yet did not this matrimony endure long; but Bernice left Polemo...and the Jewish religion.  Antiquities of the Jews Book 20, 7:3


VERSE 25       Preliminary to Paul's defense of himself, Festus said Paul hadn't done anything deserving of ___________________.


VS. 26-27        Festus wanted King Agrippa's help in writing a ___________________________ to Nero Caesar because it was unreasonable to send him without specifying what?  ________________________________________________



CHAPTER 26 - Pages 1085 - 1086


VERSE 4-5      Paul said his accusers had known him _______________________________________________.


                        NOTE:  In Acts 22:3, Paul said that, although born in Tarsus, he was brought up in Jerusalem, and had been trained by Gamaliel.  Acts 5:34 said Gamaliel was a member of the Sanhedrin.  It was the Sanhedrin that was accusing Paul.  Most of them had probably formerly been his friends.


VS. 9-10          Paul admitted he'd formerly cast Christians (saints) into prison, and ______________________________________

                        ____________________________ to put them to _______________________________________. 


                        NOTE:  This word translated voice in some versions and vote in some versions is from a Greek word meaning to speak out.  For Paul to have been allowed a vote meant that apparently he had once been a member of the Sanhedrin himself, his former teacher (Gamaliel) being a senior member.





VS. 22-23        After Paul reviewed his own conversion, he said he wasn't teaching against the Jewish religion, but was just declaring that prophecies of their religion were fulfilled in who?  ________________________________________________?


            b.         He then declared that Jesus had done what?  _________________________________________________________


VERSE 24       Governor Festus interrupted at this point and told Paul he was what?  ____________________________________


VERSE 26       Paul told Festus he had no right to interrupt, because Paul had the right to ________________________________

                        _____________________________ to King Agrippa.


VERSE 28       King Agrippa replied what to Paul?  ________________________________________________________________




                        NOTE:  The word in Greek translated "almost" or "shortly" indicates that he was close to becoming a Christian himself.


VERSE 32       King Agrippa told the governor what about Paul?  ____________________________________________________






CHAPTER 27 - Pages 1086 - 1088






VERSE 2         When the writer said "we" boarded the ship, that included Paul and at least one other person.  Who would that be? ______________ ______________________________________________________________  (Remember Acts 1:1 and Luke 1:3)


VERSE 3         The ship landed at various ports, probably to pick up cargo and people.  ______________, the centurion (in charge of 100 soldiers), allowed Paul to go ashore for what reason?  ___________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 7-9      Why did the ship make such slow headway?  ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________


                        NOTE:  "The fast" referred to was the Day of Atonement.  That was held in October.  It was nearly too late in the season for ships to be at sea.


VERSE 12       The ship captain considered doing what in the harbor of Fair Havens (see also v. 8)?  _______________________  But it was ___________________________, so they decided to try to reach what other port?  _________________


VS. 13-14        What happened to threaten the ship?  _______________________________________________________________


VERSE 16       What did the sailors have trouble securing on board the ship?  ___________________________________________


VERSE 17       What did the sailors do to try to hold the ship together?  _______________________________________________


VS. 18-19        What did they throw overboard to try to save the ship?  ________________________________________________


VERSE 20       What did everyone on board finally conclude?  ________________________________________________________





VERSE 27       How long did the storm last?  _____________________________________________________________________


VERSE 30       When they finally got close to shore somewhere, what did some of the sailors do?  __________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 32       How did the soldiers respond?  ____________________________________________________________________


VS. 33-38        Why did Paul urged everyone to eat?  _______________________________________________________________


                        b.         Was he embarrassed to give thanks for the food in public?_____________________


                        c.         How many were on board?  _______________________________


VS. 42-43        What did the soldiers want to do before leaving what remained of their ship?  _____________________________



VERSE 44       How did people get to shore?  _____________________________________________________________________



CHAPTER 28 - Pages 1088 - 1089


VERSE 1         They found out this was the island called _______________________________________.


VS. 2-6            When Paul helped build a fire, a ___________________________ from the wood bit him.  When he didn't die, what did the people decide?  _________________________________________________


VERSE 9         What did Paul do for the people?  _________________________________________  Did any of the others help him do this?  ___________________________________





VERSE 11       How long did they stay on the island before setting out for Rome again?  _________________________________


VERSE 14       When they landed at Puteoli, Italy, Paul was allowed to look for who?  ___________________________________


VERSE 15       The Christians brothers heard the news and traveled to where to meet Paul?  ______________________________



            b.         At the sight of the brothers from Rome, what did Paul do?  _________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________


                        NOTE:  Remember, Paul had written them what we now call the book of Romans in the New Testament.  In it he said how much he longed to see them some day.  His wish was at last coming true, though not perhaps the way he'd planned.


VERSE 16       In Rome, Paul was again put under house arrest, with his own home, and only _______________ Romans soldier guarding him.


VS. 17-20        When did Paul send for the Jewish leaders in Rome?  _________________________________________________


VERSE 23       What did Paul use to try to convince the Jews their promised Savior had come and he was Jesus?



VERSE 24       What was the Jews' response?  ____________________________________________________________________


VERSE 30       For how long was Paul under house arrest?  _________________________________________________________