Chapter 1 - Pages 110 - 111

Jesus' Followers Await Instructions


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All scriptures remain the same.



AD 30




VERSE 3         A letter written to the church in Corinth, Greece, much later, states Jesus appeared to over 500 people after he came back to life (1 Corinthians 15:3-8, pg. 165).  For how many days after Jesus came back to life did he show himself to people before returning to heaven?  __________


VERSE 2-5      To whom did Jesus say they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit in a few days?  ________________________________________________


VERSE 6-7      When the Apostles asked Jesus when he would restore the kingdom, he said it was not for them to know the _________________ and __________________ God has settled on.


VERSE 2,8      To whom did Jesus say they would receive power from the Holy Spirit?   _________________________________


VERSE 8         Jesus predicted that within their lifetime, they would preach to the ends of the ______________.  (We will see later how the two - power of Holy Spirit and radius of their ministry - are connected.)


VERSE 9-11    After saying this, Jesus started rising up into the sky.  Those who saw him do this were who?   ___________ of ______________.  (Galilee was one of about five provinces in Palestine at that time.  All the Apostles were from Galilee except Judas Is-cariot (Joshua 15:25 says Cerioth was in Judah to the south) and he was now dead (see Matthew 26:14, pg. 28, & 27:5, pg. 30).


            b.         How will Jesus return some day?  _________________________________  A letter written to the church in Thessalonica, Turkey, (1 Thessalonians 4:17, pg. 91) says Christians will meet Jesus where?  _________________________________


VS. 12-13        This same group of men returned to Jerusalem to a room they were apparently renting.  Compare the list of men here with the list in Matthew 10:2-4 (pg. 9), the first book of the New Testament.  As a group these men were called the _____________________.





VERSE 14       Who joined them in that room?  ___________________, __________________, and his ___________________.  What were the names of Jesus' brothers (see Matthew 13:55-56, pg. 14)?    _______________________________________________________________


            b.         Before Jesus' crucifixion, had his brothers believed he was the Son of God?  (See John 7:5, pg. 93) _________


VS. 15-20        Jesus was crucified during Passover Week (John 19:14, pg. 107), and came back to life at the end of that week.  Pentecost means the 50th day after Passover.  It was after the 40 days Jesus showed himself (verse 3) and during the next ten days that the Apostles waited for the Holy Spirit to come.  It was during those ten days before the Day of Pentecost that Peter stood among a group of ____________ (how many) and said who among the Apostles should be replaced?  _________________


VS. 21-22        The qualifications to be an Apostle were that this person must have been with "us" the ____________________ time from John [the Baptist's] __________________ until Jesus was ___________________________________________.


VS. 23-26        Who was chosen to take Judas' place as an Apostle?  ________________________



Chapter 2 - Pages 111 - 112

First Church Sermon


VERSE 1         Then, on another day, what day arrived?  ____________________


            b.         Who did "they" refer to as being all together in one place? 


                        Verse 7:           ___________________ from ____________________

                        Verse 14:         ___________________ and the Eleven

                        Verse 15:         These _____________________

                        Verse 37:         Peter and the ___________________ ___________________


VERSE 2         What sound did "they" hear?  _____________________________________________


VERSE 3         What did "they" see?  _________________________________________________





VERSE 4         When "they" were filled with the _____________________ _________________, they began to speak in _____________________ _____________________.  (These were known languages, not unknown.)


VERSE 5-8      Who was speaking so everyone could hear in their own language (verse 7)?  ___________ from _______________


VS. 9-12          How many countries were represented by the crowd who heard them speak?  _______


                        1.         Parthia (Iraq)                                        ] First Language

                        2.         Media (Iran)                                         ] Second Language

                        3.         Elam (Iran)                                           ] "

                        4.         Mesopotamia (Syria)                            ] Third Language

                        5.         Judea (Palestine)                                   ] Fourth Language

                        7.         Pontus (North Turkey)                          ] Fifth Language

                        8.         Asia (West Turkey)                              ] Sixth Language

                        6.         Cappadocia (East Turkey)                    ] Seventh Language

                        9.         Phrygia (South East Turkey)                 ] "

                        10.       Pamphylia (South Central Turkey)         ] "

                        11.       Egypt (Egypt)                                       ] Eighth Language        

                        12.       Cyrene (North Africa)                          ] Ninth Language

                        13.       Rome (Italy)                                         ] Tenth Language

                        14.       Crete (Greece)                                     ] Eleventh Language

                        15.       Arabia (Arabia)                                                ] Twelfth Language


            b.         It is believed, the native tongues of some of these countries were alike since they were so close to each other.  In that case, how many different languages would have been spoken on that day by the Twelve Apostles?  __________________


VS. 14-15        In that case, all twelve spoke to the crowd, which far exceeded the _________ who were saved that day (see verse 41).  However, whose sermon is recorded?  ___________


VS. 16-17        The last days or latter days started when?  _____________ ______________ __________________________


VERSE 22       Jesus was authenticated or proven to be telling the truth by the __________________________, ____________________, and _____________________ God did through him.


VERSE 23       Peter, who denied even knowing Jesus during his trial, now put his own life on the line by accusing the crowd of what? _____________________ __________________________________





VERSE 36       Since the Christ is a title, who did Peter say the Christ was (see also 32)?  ____________________ and __________________


VERSE 37       Realizing they had murdered the Son of God, many in the crowd were ________ to the heart and begged Peter and the other Apostles, "What ____________ we do?"


VERSE 38       Peter replied, "______________________ and be ______________________, ________________________ ___________________ of you for the _____________ of your ___________________.  Then you will ____________________ the ____________ of the ______________________ ____________________."


VERSE 39       Peter said this command and gift apply to everyone who heard him that day "and for your ______________, and all who are __________________ __________________."  Since he was referring to generations, who do you think are the people who are far off?  ______________________________________


VS. 40-41        What did those who accepted the message do that same day?  _________________


            b.         How many were there who did so?  ______________________


            c.         Since the sermon began at 9:00 AM (verse 15), and assuming the sermon ended at 10:00 AM and dark arrived about 6:00 PM, that would give _______ hours to baptize everyone.  With 12 Apostles and 3000 people, each Apostle would have to baptize _________ each hour, or one every two minutes.  (This doesn't count meal breaks.)


                        THOUGHT QUESTION:  Do you believe those baptized earlier in the day might have helped baptize people after them?  In that case, would they have required someone who was "ordained" in order to make their baptism valid? 


VERSE 42       Since the New Testament was not written yet, what did the first Christians rely on to know if they were in the will of God (see verse 42)?  ____________________________


                        NOTE:  The word "devoted" in verse 42 is from a Greek word meaning "addicted."


VERSE 43       Did everyone who became saved perform miracles?  _______  Who performed the miracles?  ________________________________





VS. 44-45        So much love developed among the believers, the first Christians, that many sold their ________________ so they could give to those in __________________.


VERSE 46       Compare the breaking bread sentence in verse 42 with the breaking bread sentence in verse 46.  List below the other things they did or felt in connection with breaking bread, one column for verse 42 and a second column for verse 46.


                        *                                                          *

                        *                                                          *

                        *                                                          *


            b.         Might one "breaking bread" have been for religious purposes and the other for physical health purposes?  ________  (For help, read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, pg. 162).  


VERSE 47       The other people of the community thought how of the new Christians?  _____________ ___________________________________


            b.         Who made the decision whether someone was added to "the number" of the saved?  ____  Who should make that decision today?  _____________________


            c.         The new movement of Christians grew in number how often?  _______________



Chapter 3 - Pages 112 - 113

Peter Challenges Worshippers


VERSE 1         Although Peter and John were now Christians, they continued to go to the Jewish _____________________ to see who they could teach.


VERSE 2         At the time of their arrival, someone was carrying a severely crippled man to beg from the worshippers.  He had been crippled how long?  ________________


VERSE 7-8      How long did it take this man to gain strength in his ankles?  ______________________


            b.         This miracle was performed by Peter, one of the original ______ ___________________ (Acts 1:13).


VS. 13-15        Note the things Peter accused these Temple worshippers of doing to Jesus.  List below all the phrases which Peter begins with "You...."









VS. 17-20        Even though Peter told the crowd they had acted in __________________, he still told them to _______________ and turn to God so their sins will be ____________ _______.


            b.         Peter said two things (two "times) would occur when people repented.  What are they?

                        _________________________________________ and ____________________________


VERSE 21       What is Peter talking about Jesus restoring?  (Look back at Acts 1:6)  _____________ ______________________________________  What else is the kingdom called in the Bible?  (Look at Colossians 1:13 & 18, pg. 187.) ____________________________


VS. 22-23        About 1440 BC, Moses predicted a prophet like him that "you must _________________ to."


VS. 24-25        All the ____________________ who lived hundreds of years before Jesus predicted that through one of Abraham's descendants, ____________ the __________________ on ____________ would be _________________.



Chapter 4 - Pages 113 - 114

Peter Challenges Religious Leaders


VERSE 1-2      Who angrily approached Peter and John while they were talking to the people?  _______________ of the ________________ ______________________ and the ____________________________.


            b.         The Sadducees did not believe in what (see Matthew 22:23, pg. 23)?  ____________________


VERSE 3-4      Even though Peter and John were put in jail for preaching the resurrection, how many defied the Jewish leaders and believed anyway?  ___________________


VERSE 5-6      These same elders, chief priests, and teachers had tried ________________ about two months earlier (see Mark 14:53, pg. 49).  Their governing body was called the S_______________ (Mark 14:55, pg. 49). 


            b.         Who was Annas (see John 18:12-13, pg. 106)?  __________________________________ 


                        NOTE:   Josephus said Ananus was appointed high priest by Rome when Jesus was about 13 years old.  He held it about three years.  Then Ananus' son, Eleazar, became high priest.  Caiaphas, Ananus' son-in-law, was high priest from 18-36 AD.  Ananus always controlled.  Ananus had five sons, and all five were high priest at some time (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 18, 2:1,2, 3:1,5; Book 10, 9:1).