AD 33              Ch. 1    Jesus taken up to heaven

                                                Matthias chosen to replace Judas


                        Ch. 2    The Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost to Apostles

                                                Peter and apostles address crowd

                                                The fellowship of believers/Christians


                        Ch. 3    Peter heals crippled beggar

                                                Peter speaks to the onlookers


                        Ch. 4    Peter and John before the Sanhedrin

                                                The believers' prayer

                                                The believers share their possessions


                        Ch. 5    Ananias and Sapphira lie and are punished

                                                The apostles heal many

                                                The apostles persecuted


                        Ch. 6    Choosing the seven (deacon means "server")

                                                Stephen seized


                        Ch. 7    Stephen's speech to the Sanhedrin

                                                Stephen stoned


                        Ch. 8    The church persecuted and scattered

                                                Philip in Samaria

                                                Simon the sorcerer

                                                Philip converts the Ethiopian


                        Ch. 9    Saul converted

                                                Saul in Damascas and Jerusalem

                                                Aeneas healed; Dorcas raised from dead


                        Ch. 10  Good Cornelius calls for Peter

                                                Peter's vision representing Gentiles

                                                Peter converts Cornelius & household


                        Ch. 11  Peter explains to apostles and elders

                                                The church in Antioch


                        Ch. 12  Peter's miraculous escape from prison

                                                Herod's death


AC 46              Ch. 13  Barnabas and Saul sent on missionary journey

1st                                            On Cyprus

Journey                                    In Pisidian Antioch


                        Ch. 14  In Iconium

                                                In Lystra and Derbe

                                                The return to Antioch in Syria


                        Ch. 15  The Council of elders and apostles at Jerusalem

                                                The Council's letter to Gentile believers

                                                Disagreement between Paul and Barnabas


AD 49              Ch. 16  Timothy joins Paul and Silas

2nd                                          Paul's vision of the man of Macedonia

Journey                                    Lydia's conversion in Philippi

                                                Paul & Silas in prison.  Conversion of guard.


                        Ch. 17  In Thessalonica

                                                In Berea

                                                In Athens


                        Ch. 18  In Corinth

                                                Priscilla, Aquilla and Apollos


                        Ch. 19  Paul in Ephesus

                                                The riot in Ephesus


AD 53              Ch. 20  Through Macedonia and Greece

3rd                                           Eutychus raised from dead at Troas

Journey                                    Paul's farewell to the Ephesian Elders


AD 57              Ch. 21  Paul heads for Jerusalem

                                                Paul arrested

                                                Paul speaks to the crowd


                        Ch. 22  Paul's speech continued

                                                Paul, the Roman citizen

                                                Paul before the Sanhedrin


                        Ch. 23  The plot to kill Paul

                                                Paul transferred to prison in Caesarea


                        Ch. 24  Paul's trial before Felix


                        Ch. 25  Paul's trial before Festus

                                                Paul's trial before King Agrippa


                        Ch. 26  Paul defends self before Agrippa


AD 59              Ch. 27  Paul sails for Rome



                        Ch. 28  Ashore on Malta

                                                Arrival at Rome

                                                Paul preaches at Rome under guard


                                                (Eventually appears before Nero.  This is known only because he appealed to Caesar, and Caesar was Nero by then)