….THOSE UNLIKELY MIRACLES IN THE BIBLE?  To make sense of what is unlikely, return to the page on HOW DO I KNOW THE BIBLE IS FROM GOD?  Prophets of God prophesied events sometimes centuries before they occurred, including the rise and fall of empires, and even named one emperor by name a century before he was born.  The Encyclopedia Britannica is tells what happened to the nations and empires condemned by God through his prophets often centuries earlier (because they were such evil people and treated other people so bad).  This being so, then we have to accept the Bible came from God.  And if the Bible came from God, then the miracles referred to in it came from God too.  It is all or nothing.  Or do we want a God that we can see and outwit?  If that be the case, he wouldn’t be God. 


….ALL THAT VIOLENCE IN THE BIBLE?  In the beginning it was not that way.  God gave man a utopia ~ the Garden of Eden.  But mankind became self-willed and selfish, and began over-running other people’s rights.  By reading ancient history, we can see that civilization became barbaric.  God never runs very far ahead of mankind.  We would get too discouraged, and probably not even understand him.  After the Jews returned from being captives in Babylon near the latter part of the Old Testament, the slaughters pretty much ceased.  Mankind was doing better by this time ~ the time of the Greeks.  And by the time of the New Testament, Jesus taught peace.  He even went so far as to tell people that, if someone hits you on one cheek, turn the other cheek to him.  This topic is also covered in the Bible courses under “Hard Questions You Have Asked” on this website.


….ALL THOSE TIMES I FELT BETRAYED BY GOD?  Look in the section on this website called “Short Articles” for the answer to that.