Proofs that the Bible was inspired by divinity center in large part around prophecies about world-wide nations which often did not even come about during the prophet’s lifetime.   Below is a list of some of them.   It is interesting that the Bible prophesied  entire nations would go into oblivion so that people in the future will never have heard of them.  It is so true.  Fulfillments of the prophecies are verified with the world-respected Encyclopedia Britannica. 


Note 1:  Newer editions of the encyclopedia may have different page numbers.

Note 2:  Years of predictions are based on known years that a particular prophet wrote his prophecies.

Note 3:  Remember BC years run backwards, telling how many years Before Christ a year was.


Prediction of Assyrian/Ninevah Empire:  In BC 630 the fall of the Assyrian/Ninevah Empire was predicted by Zephaniah (2:13-15). 

Fulfilled in 609 BC:  “Thus after the fall of Nineveh in 612 the fall of Harran in 610 and Ashururballit’s attempt at reconquering the latter in 609, Assyria ceased

to exist.”  (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. II, pg. 967.)


Prediction of Ammonite Empire:  Between 760 and 750 BC, the exile of the king of Amon was predicted (Amos 1:13-15).  And between 626-586, the fall of the Ammonite Nation was predicted (Jeremiah 49:2,6).  

Fulfilled.   “…the fall of the Assyrian empire in 612 BC (Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. I, pg. 799).


 Prediction of the Babylonian Empire:  Between 700 and 681 BC, it was predicted that Babylon would never be inhabited or lived in through all generations, and that her fall would take place in a single day (Isaiah 1:1, 13:20-22; 47:1,9).  Jeremiah predicted the same thing in 51:41-44, 59. 

Fulfilled.  In 539 “after a short war Babylon was taken without fighting in 539…This is the end of the history of Babylonia” (Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. II, pg.



Prediction of the Edomite Nation:  Between 626 and 586 it was predicted the Edomites would live in caves, and eventually no one would live in Edom (Jeremiahj 49:16,17).  In 593-571 it was predicted that Edom would be desolate forever (Ezekiel 35:9, 11). 

Fulfilled.  In 525 the Edomite kingdom thrived until the 8th centry, and though it continued to exist several centuries longer, beginning 734 it began a decline which

“resulted in the weakening and destruction of the Edomite state” (Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 7, pg. 981).


Prediction of the Egyptian Kingdom:  Between 593 and 571 it was predicted that Egypt would become a ruin and desolate waste for forty years; then the Egyptians were to return, though after that Egypt would always be a “lowly kingdom” compared to his glory days (Ezekiel 29:10-11). 

Fulfilled.  In 562 Nebuchadressar III defeated the Egyptians; he died 43 years later (Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 16, pg. 156).


Prediction of the Grecian Empire:  Around 550 BC, the subjection of the Medes and Persians and the rise and fall of Greece was predicted (Daniel 8:1, 5-7, 20-21).

Fulfilled.  In 320 BC, “By the rebellion of Cyrus II, king of Persia…the Medes were made subject to the Persians.”   In 354 BC Alexander the Great began leading

the Greeks,…”set his mind on the Persian expedition.  And after his death in 323 BC, “the empire could hardly survive….the provinces became independent

kingdoms” (Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. I, pg. 571-575; Vol. 15, pg. 68).


Prediction of the Judah Kingdom:  Between 626-586 it was predicted that Babylon’s Nebuchadnezzar would completely destroy Judah and it would remain desolate for 70 years (Jeremiah 25:9, 11).   Then the exact name of the yet unborn king that would help the Jews return home was given ~ Cyrus (Isaiah 44:48).  

Fulfilled.  Babylon’s Nebuchadnezzar conquered all Jews in 605 BC and took them to Babylon.  Cyrus, king of Persia who conquered Babylon, authorized in 538 the return to Palestine of the Jews.  (Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 16, pg. 156, Vol. VI, pg. 960)


Prediction of the Persian Empire:  Around 535 BC, it was predicted that there would be three more kings in Persia, then a fourth would be far richer than the others and stir up the kingdom of Greece.  (Daniel 10:1; 11:2-12) 

Fulfilled.  Xerxes, the fourth Persian emperor after Cyrus invaded Greece.  (Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 10, pg. 796-799, Vol. 17, pg. 656).




If these predictions are true, then everything else in the same Bible is true, even that which may be hard for us to believe.