Since Paul wrote most of them, an outline of his earlier years is given.  Paul was close to the age of Jesus, perhaps five or ten years younger.


* indicates Paul wrote the church in this city a letter either before or after his visit.


Dates assume Jesus was born BC 6.  All dates are approximate.






AD 5?  Acts 22:3                     Born in Tarsus, Celicia, on border of Turkey

            Acts 22:28                   Roman Citizenship given to everyone who lived in Tarsus

            Phil. 3:5                        Full-blooded Jew of Tribe of Benjamin







AD 10  Acts 22:3                     Moved to Jerusalem to study under theologian Gamaliel

            Galatians 1:14               Was intellectually superior to other students

            Acts 26:4-5                  Was a Pharisee, a Jew who believed in the resurrection


AD 27                                      Jesus crucified, raised, and ascended back to heaven


AD 28  Acts 22:4-5                  At age 30, Jewish men became eligible to be priests, elders, etc. and be

            Acts 26:9-11                part of the Sanhedrin;  Paul apparently was a member as he voted to have Christians put to death.


            Acts 7:58-9:2               Held coats while Stephen was stoned to death


            1 Timothy 1:13             He was a "violent man"






AD 29  Acts 9:1-19                  On his way to arrest more Christians, Jesus appeared from heaven to Paul and sent him into town to find out from Ananias what he must do to be saved.


            Acts 9:20-22                Immediately preached Christianity in synagogues of Damascus





AD 30  Galatians 1:16-17         In seclusion, was taught 3 years personally by Jesus







AD 33  Acts 9:23-25                Resumed preaching, but Jews conspired with King Aretas to have him

            2 Cor. 11:32-33           arrested and executed, so he escaped by night over the wall.







AD 34  Acts 9:26-28                Went to join the disciples there, but they refused because they were afraid of him.  So Barnabas took him and introduced him to the apostles.


            Galatians 1:18-19         In Jerusalem stayed two weeks with Peter.  Also saw James, Jesus brother, now identified as an apostle.  Did not see any other apostles.


            Acts 9:28-30a              During that time, Paul debated the Grecian Jews and they tried to kill him.  The Christian learned of the conspiracy.


            Acts 22:17-21              Meanwhile, while in the temple, Jesus appeared to Paul in a trance and told him to escape Jerusalem and begin preaching to the

                                                            Gentiles "far away."




            Acts 9:30b                   The Christians helped him escape to Caesarea, a seaport town on the Mediterranean, to go to Paul's hometown of Tarsus.





AD 35  Galatians 1:21-24         Preached throughout Syria, his home province, and Cilicia on the north border probably about five years.






AD 37  Acts 11:19-24              The churches that began in Phoenicia/Lebanon, and in Cyrene on the other side of Egypt, and on the island of Cyprus sent men to Antioch to begin the church there. 


AD 39                                      The church in Jerusalem sent Barnabas to Antioch to encourage them.


AD 40  Acts 11:25-26              Barnabus went to Tarsus to find Saul.  He took him back to Antioch to further mentor him.







AD 41  Acts 11:27-30              A year later, a severe famine occurred and the church in Antioch sent funds by Paul and Barnabus to help the poor Christians in Judea.


AD 42  Acts 12:1-19                Apostle James beheaded.




Paul Age 47





Antioch            Acts 13:1                     Elders sent out Paul and Barnabus to preach in Turkey.



CYPRUS         Acts 13:4-12                With John Mark as their helper





Perga               Acts 13:13                   John Mark returned to Jerusalem







                        Galatians 4:13-14         Went here because Paul was sick


Antioch            Acts 13:14-52              Preached in synagogue

                                                            Typical sermon

                                                            Turned away from Jews to Gentiles




Iconium            Acts 14:1-5                  Preached in synagogue

                                                            Nearly stoned



Lystra               Acts 14:6-19                Healed lame man

                                                            Barnabus called Zeus, Paul called Hermes

                                                            Jews from Antioch and Iconium stirred up crowd

                                                            Stoned, left for dead


Derbe               Acts 14:20                   To recover from stoning

                                                            Out-of-Body experience while near death (2 Cor. 12:1ff)?


Lystra               Acts 14:21-23              Strengthened congregations he'd established

Iconium                                                Also appointed elders


Pisidia             Acts 14:24a                  Passed through


                                                            (He will write the congregations in Galatia the following year from Jerusalem regarding these Gentiles keeping the Law of Moses which the Jews kept insisting on.)





Perga               Acts 14:24b-25            Preached


Attalia             Acts 14:26a                  Sailed home to Antioch



AD 44




Antioch            Acts 14:26b-28            Reported in to elders and stayed "a long time"


AD 46




Jerusalem         Galatians 1:18; 2:14      Went to Jerusalem to consult with apostles regarding Jewish Christians making Gentile Christians keep the Law of Moses (17 years after conversion)


                        Acts 15:1-21                Council of apostles and elders regarding Gentiles keeping Law of Moses

                        Acts 15:22                   Selected Judas/Barsabbas and Silas to represent them to Gentiles         

                        Acts 15:23-29              Apostles wrote letter to "believers in Antioch, Syria and Cilicia" for them to deliver


                                                            Another famine which they observed while here.  Will spread the word around Turkey and Greece.


                                                            JAMES WROTE BOOK OF JAMES

                                                            THEME:  JUDGING

                                                            Discusses quarrelling within congregations


                                                            He may have written his own letter besides the one the apostles and elders sent referred to above

                        Matthew 13:55           He was brother of Jesus; apostle James had been executed in Acts 12:1-2.

                                                            Sent to Jewish Christians everywhere

                                                            James last mentioned Acts 21:18, a dozen years later.                                          


AD 47:




Antioch            Acts 15:30-34              Judas/Barsabbas and Silas went on to the province of Cilicia with letter regarding Gentiles.


                        Acts 15:35                   Paul and Barnabas remained here to preach while Judas and Silas were gone.


                        Galatians 2:1-10           Paul, Barnabus and Titus went back to Jerusalem.  There he saw James, Peter, and John.  There they decided Peter would travel and concentrate on the Jews while Paul would travel and concentrate on the Gentiles.


                                                            WROTE GALATIANS (IN TURKEY)

                                                            (Province included cities of Derbe, Lystra, Iconium, Antioch)

                                                            In preparation for his visit within the year

                                                            THEME:  GOSPEL VS LAW


                        Acts 15:36-39              Paul and Barnabas decided to revisit churches

                                                            The two old friends had a dispute

                                                            Barnabas took John Mark and sailed for Cyprus, his home province (Acts 4:36).


                        Acts 15:40a                  Paul took Silas and revisited churches in Syria



AD 48                                                                                      SECOND MISSIONARY JOURNEY

                                                                                                                   Paul Age 53




Tarsus             Acts 15:40b                 Paul and Silas revisited churches in Cilicia, Paul's home province.


*GALATIA, TURKEY:                     Paul and Silas hand carried letter from Jerusalem apostles and elders to Gentile churches here regarding not keeping the Law of Moses.  It confirmed what he himself had said in his earlier letter to them.





Lystra               Acts 16:1                     First met *Timothy who had a good reputation in church there


Iconium            Acts 16:2-5                  Church spoke well of Timothy here too

                                                            Decided to take Timothy with him




Phrygia:          Acts 16:6                     Preached as they travelled on this edge of Asia, but apparently with no results, as the Holy Spirit forbade them to stay.


*Colossae        Colossians 1:7; 4:12     Later, church established here by Apaphras.  Other Christians in Colossia were Philemon a slave holder, Archippus and Apphia (Philemon 1 & 2).



                        Acts 16:6                     Preached as they traveled the province







Troas/Troy       Acts 16:7-10                Kept from entering Province of Bithynia along the Black Sea just south of Russia.

                                                            Paul had vision of man of Macedonia begging him to come there

                                                            Joined by Luke ("us" in v. 10)

                                                            Set sail


AD 50


THRACE (Samothrace), BULGARIA        


                        Acts 16:11                   Docked one day




Neapolis           Acts 16:11                   Ship docked, continued on foot


*Philippi           16:12-40                      Converted Lydia who'd moved there from *Thyatira, Asia, Turkey; stayed in her house and began church there. 


            (Revelation 2:18-29)     (*Thyatira was one of the churches in Asia addrssed in Revelation by John 40 years later and having trouble with idolatry among Christians.)



                                                            Cast demon out of ESP slave girl; her owners reported Paul as causing trouble

                                                            Beaten and imprisoned for causing trouble

                                                            Earthquake and escape

                                                            Conversion of Jailor

                                                            Officially released by Roman authorities

                                                            Returned to Lydia's house awhile

                                                            (He will write them 12 years later from prison in Rome)


                        2 Corinthians 9:1-2       Later, the Christians here decided to send money to poor Christians in Judea because of example set by Corinthians


Amphipolis       Acts 17:1                     Passed through



*Thessalonica   Acts 17:1-4                  Preached in synagogue; Jews & Greeks converted

                        1 Thess. 2:2                  He "suffered and been insulted in Philippi" and referred to "strong opposition."

                        1 Thess. 2:7-9              Supported self

                        Acts 17:5-9                  Jews stirred up riot

                                                            Dragged Jason into court for housing Paul & Silas

                        1 Thess. 2:17                "We were torn away from you."

                        1 Thess. 3:1                  "When we could stand it no longer, we thought it best to be left by ourselves in Athens."                        

                        1 Thess. 2:2                  (He will write them from Athens to encourage them in their persecution.)


Berea               Acts 17:10-14              Preached in synagogue

                                                            Bereans checked scriptures to make sure Paul was true

                        1 Thess. 3:1                  Tried to return to Thessalonica, but couldn't

                                                            Jews from Thessalonica stirred up riot

                        1 Thess. 3:2-3              Silas and Timothy stayed behind






Athens             Acts 17:15-34              Preached in synagogue

                                                            Preached in marketplace

                                                            Preached to a council of the Areopagus


                        1 Thessalonains 3:1       WROTE 1 THESSALONIANS HERE

                                                            THEME:  TRIALS


                        1 Thess. 3:2-6              Timothy had just returned with news the Thessalonians were doing well

                                                            Must endure persecution; Jesus will return soon

                                                            Sent letter by Timothy


                        2 Thessalonians 2:1       WROTE 2 THESSALONIANS

                                                            THEME:  TENACITY

                        2 Thessalonians 2:3       Apparently they thought Jesus' return mentioned in first letter was soon

                        2 Thess. 3:6-13            Seemingly some had quit jobs


AD 51 


*Corinth           1 Corinthians 3:6,10     Planted the church here

                        1 Cor. 1:16; 16:15        Stephanas' household first converts (before Paul arrived)


                        Acts 18:1-11                Met Aquilla and Priscilla after the Jews exiled from Rome, possibly converted P & A here; lived with them, was tentmaker with them

                                                            Preached in synagogue

                                                            Joined by Silas and Timothy

                                                            Quit preaching to Jews

                                                            Ruler of synagogue converted next door

                                                            Stayed 1-1/2 years


                        Acts 18:12-17  Jews brought charges when got new procounsul to no avail

                                                            Beat the second ruler of the synagogue who Paul had just converted - Sosthenes.


                        2 Corinthians 8:10        The Christians here decided to send financial help to the poor Christians in Judea who'd lost jobs and property, and were being imprisoned (Hebrews 10:32-34).  They'd sold all they had and now needed outside help (Acts 4:32-37).  Too late to collect.  They'll send the money to Paul later.


                        Acts 18:18a                  Paul fled, taking Priscilla and Aquila with him. 

                        1 Corinthians 1:1          Probably also took Sosthenes with him.                                                

                                                            (Will write them about 4 years later regarding their worldly congregation)


AD 53              Acts 20:1-2                  Probably visited them briefly. 


Cenchrea          Acts 18:18b                 Had hair cut off because of vow

                                                            Set sail





                        Romans 15:19-20         It was apparently at this time that Paul went up and preached in ILLYRICUM which was a larger province that included today's Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Austria.  May not have accomplished much here as it was rather barbaric then.





*Ephesus          Acts 18:19-21              Left Priscilla and Aquilla there

                                                            Preached in synagogue

                                                            Promised to return "if God's will"

                                                            Set sail




Caesarea          Acts 18:22                   Greeted church

                                                            Saw poverty of Judean Christians for himself.





Antioch            Acts 18:22f                  Home congregation.  Reported in and stayed awhile



AD 54                                                                                THIRD MISSIONARY JOURNEY     

                                                                                                            Paul Age 59



                        Acts 18:23                   Traveled and preached

                        1 Corinthians 16:1        Told churches here about poverty of Judean Christians




                        1 Corinthians 16:1        Told churches here about poverty of Judean Christians


Phrygia           Acts 18:23                   Traveled and preached




*Ephesus          Acts 18:20                   Returned as he had promised

                        Acts 18:24-28             Apollos preached John's baptism here

                        1 Cor. 16:19                Apollos converted to Jesus here by Priscilla and Aquila

                                                            Apollos went on to Corinth to preach

                        Acts 19:1-12                Paul arrived and rebaptized Apollos' converts into name of Jesus          

                                                            Paul preached in synagogue 3 months


                        1 Corinthians 16:19      Church met in Priscilla and Aquila's house

                        1 Corinthians 16:1        Told Christians here about poverty of Christians in Judea


AD 55                                                  Set up school for two years

                                                            Did miracles


                        1 Corinthians 1:14        Peter seems to have preached there too.


AD 57              Acts 20:31                   Near end of three-year stay                 


                        Acts 19:13-20              Sorcerers converted and burned books

                        Acts 19:21-22              Sent Timothy and Erastus ahead to Macedonia near Corinth

                        Acts 19:23-41              Silversmiths of goddess Diana stirred up riot

                                                            Converts thrown into ampitheater


                        1 Corinthians 15:32      Paul possibly arrested and put in arena with "wild animals"

                        Acts 20:1                     Released and in hiding, sent for Christians, and encouraged them before slipping out of town.

                                                            (He will write them 6 years later from prison in Rome.)


                        1 Corinthians 16:8;

                        7:1; 16:15-19               WROTE 1 CORINTHIANS

                                                            THEME:  CHILDISHNESS

                                                            Had received letter and visits from Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus regarding their worldly ways in private and assemblies.


                        1 Cor. 16:1-4              Said they started the plan to send money to poor Christians in Judea but hadn't followed up.  They need to collect money every Sunday to have it ready when he arrived.  Then they should give representatives they choose the money to take directly to Jerusalem or go with him back to Jerusalem.

                        1 Cor. 16:5-11            Told of plans to revisit Macedonia and then Corinth.  Would not get there for nine years.

                        1 Corinthians 16:12    Had tried unsuccessfully to get Apollos to return and help them

                        1 Corinthians 1:1 &

                        2 Cor. 8:16; 12:18      Sent letter by Sosthenes (one of the original converts in Corinth, a former synagogue ruler who'd been beaten - Acts 18:17), and *Titus.


                        2 Corinthians 9:1-2    Titus may have stopped by Philippi on way back and told them about Corinthians plan to send money to the poor saints in



                        2 Corinthians 2:6;

                        12; 7:6f                        Titus arrived saying Corinthians were upset but still loved him and wanted to see him


                                                            Set out on foot

                        Acts 20:2                     Encouraged as he went.           


AD 57              2 Corinthians 2:12        Passed north through Troas, on to Macedonia.

                        2 Corinthians 2:6,12,14;

                        13:1; 17:6f                    Probably wrote 2 Corinthians here.


                                                            WROTE 2 CORINTHIANS

                                                            THEME:  COMFORT


                        2 Cor. 8:11-13            Reminded them of their decision a year ago to send money to poor Christians in Judea which they still hadn't done (see 1 Corinthians 16:1-4) - more childishness.

                        2 Cor. 8:17-20            Sent it by Titus whom he said could take their donation




                        Acts 20:3-5                  Traveled three months with

                                                            Sopater from Berea in Macedonia, Greece

                                                            Aristarchus and Secundus from Thessalonica in Macedonia, Greece

                                                            Gaius and Timothy from Derbe in Galatia, Turkey

                                                            Tychicus and Trophimus from Asia, Turkey

                                                            All probably had donations from their home congregations to take to poor Christians in Judea.


                        2 Corinthians 13:1-2     Probably revisited Corinthians then.  Stayed 3 months here and at Philippi.

                                                            Sent them ahead to wait for Paul at Troas in Mysia, Asia, Turkey


                        Acts 19:21-22              WROTE ROMANS

                        Romans 16:21-24         THEME:  RIGHTEOUSNESS RATINGS

                        Romans 16:23              He was in a city with Gaius (1 Corinthians 1:14) of Corinth; he sent greetings from Phoebe in a suburb of Corinth - Cencrea (Romans 16:1).


                        Rom. 1:11; 5:25-31    Asked them to pray for the benevolent campaign in his travels for the poor Christians in Judea.

                        Romans 1:11; 15:23ff Told them he wanted to visit them on way to Spain after visiting                                                  Jerusalem                                          

                        Romans 16:3,5           Priscilla and Aquilla had returned to Rome, their home.

                        Romans 16:7              Andronicus and Junias had been imprisoned with Paul possibly in Ephesus, but were now back at Rome too.  (Were his "relatives")

                        Romans 16:11            Another relative, Herodion, lived there.

                        Romans 16:13            Rufus who lived there was possibly Paul's brother.  Their mother lived there too.

                        Romans 16:1-2           Delivered by Phoebe of Cenchrea, Achaea, Greece          



*Philippi           Acts 20:6                     Set sail







Troas/Troy       Acts 20:6-12                Stayed seven days

                                                            Met with Christians on Sunday for Lord's Supper and preaching

                                                            Brought Eutychus back to life

                                                            Talked all night


Assos               Acts 20:13                   Paul boarded ship Timothy, Luke and other men were on


Mitylene           Acts 20:14                   Docked temporarily

Kios                 Acts 20:15                   Docked temporarily

Samos                                                  Docked temporarily


Miletus             Acts 20:16-38             Paul sent for elders of Ephesus and warned them of heresies originating with the elders themselves

                                                            Set sail


Cos                  Acts 21:1                     Docked temporarily


Rhodes                                                 Docked temporarily




Patara              Acts 21:1                     Docked and changed ships


CYPRUS         Acts 21:2                     Sailed past


SYRIA            Acts 21:3a                    Sailed past




Tyre                 Acts 21:3b-6                Encouraged church and spent night

                                                            Set sail


Ptolemais          Acts 21:7                     Encouraged church and spent night

                                                            Set sail


AD 58





Caesarea          Acts 21:8-14                Docked.  Encouraged church

                                                            Stayed with Philip several days

                                                            Accompanied by brethren here, headed for Jerusalem


Jerusalem         Acts 24:17                   Came to "bring my people gifts for the poor."


                        Acts 21:15-23:22         Met James (only apostle left) and elders

                                                            Paul made another vow with some other Christian Jews at temple

                                                            Jews from Asia stirred up riot

                                                            Paul arrested

                                                            Defended self before people, then Sanhedrin

                                                            Jews plotted to kill Paul

                                                            Paul sneaked out of Jerusalem at night by Romans


Caesarea          Acts 23:23 - 26:32       Tried before Felix

                                                            Jailed two years


AD 60                                                  Tried before Festus

                                                            Tried before King Agrippa


                        Acts 27:1-2                  Set sail for Rome, accompanied also by Aristarchus



AD 61                                                                                FOURTH MISSIONARY JOURNEY?

                                                                                                            Paul Age 66




Sidon               Acts 27:3                     Encouraged church





Myra                Acts 27:4-6                  Stormy fall journey.

                                                            Docked.  Changed ships.







Cnidus Acts 27:7                                 Stormy fall journey.

                                                            Could not dock.





Fair Havens      Acts 27:8-12                Docked.  Harbor unsuitable for winter stay.

                                                            Headed for Crete




                        Acts 27:13-28:11         Ship wrecked

                                                            Preached and performed miracles 3 months until weather cleared up


                                                            Set sail

                        *Titus 1:5                     Left Titus here to finish establishing church and appointing elders & deacons.  (Will write him later about this)




Syracuse          Acts 28:12                   Stayed three days


AD 62




Rhegium           Acts 28:13                   Stayed one day


Puteoli             Acts 28:13-15             Stayed one week


*Rome             Acts 28:16-30             Allowed to live by himself with one soldier to guard him

                                                            Preached from rented house

                                                            Stayed two years

                        Philippians 4:15-16       WROTE PHILIPPIANS

                                                            THEME:  PERSISTENCE

                        Phil. 1:7, 12-14; 4:21"...palace guard....I am in chains."

                        Phil. 1:24-25; 2:24        Anticipated release soon

                        Philippians 2:25-30       Delivered by Epaphroditus


                        Ephesians 3:1; 4:1         WROTE EPHESIANS

                                                            THEME:  ETERNAL PLAN

                        Ephesians 6:20             "For I am an ambassador in chains."

                        See Above                   Had spent 3 years here and left during riot

                        Ephesians 6:21             Delivered by Tychicus



                        See Above                   Had seen "Macedonian call" in vision (where Philippi is); converted Lydia, cast demon from fortune teller, imprisoned, converted jealor.


                        Colossians 4:10            WROTE COLOSSIANS

                                                            THEME:  CREEDS

                                                            "Remember my chains."

                        Colossians 4:7-9           Delivered by Tychicus who was returning Onesimus to his master, Philemon


                        Colossians 1:7              While living in Ephesus, he'd converted Epaphras who went back home to

                        Colossians 4:12            Colossae to set up church there.


                        Philemon 23                 Epaphras now imprisoned in Rome with Paul and concerned about his home

                        Colossians 4:12            congregation, "wrestling in prayer" for them.


                        Philemon 1:1,13,22       WROTE PHILEMON

                                                            THEME:  FREEDOM

                                                            "Paul, a prisoner...while I am in chains."

                                                            Anticipated his release:  "Prepare a guest room for me."

                                                            He'd converted Onesimus, a run-away slave, and was returning him to his master, Philemon.

                                                            About to be freed from prison.  Wants Philemon to prepare a room for him.


                        Colossians 4:7-9           Delivered by Tychicus at same time as Colossians as Philemon lived there.


AD 64                                     


                        2 Timothy 4:16-17        Escaped mouth of lions.  Released from Prison




*Colossae                                            WROTE TITUS

                                                            THEME:  TITLES


                        Titus 1:5                       Had left Titus behind in Crete while went on to Rome for trial so Titus could firmly establish the church there.                            


                        Titus 3:12                     Wants Titus to leave Crete and go to Nicopolis near Philippi in Macedonia and Bulgaria.

                        2 Timothy 4:10             Later he will send Titus to Dalmatia (Yugoslavia)


                        Titus 3:12                     Delivered by Artemas or Tychicus.


                        1 Timothy                     WROTE 1 TIMOTHY

                                                            THEME:  TOTAL CHURCH

                        1 Timothy 1:3               After release from prison and going to Colossae in Asia, he apparently went to Ephesus where he left Timothy behind to refute false teachers while he went on to Macedonia, Greece, where Philippi and Thessalonica are.


AD 65




Nicopolis (Neapolis)


                        Titus 3:12                     Left immediately for these northern and barbaric areas on border of Macedonia, Greece.  Planned to meet Titus there.  He'd preached in this area of southern Europe before final trip to Jerusalem (see above, Romans 15:19).






Corinth             2 Timothy 4:20a           Revisited.  Left Erastus, Timothy's old friend, there.




Miletus             2 Timothy 4:20b           Revisited.  Left Trophimus there sick in his home province.


Troas/Troy       2 Timothy 4:13             Revisited.  Left his cloak and parchments there.


AD 66                                                  Paul Age 71




*Rome 2 Timothy 1:8; 2:9                    Rearrested; "chained like a criminal."


                        2 Timothy 4:6-8            WROTE 2 TIMOTHY to say goodbye

                                                            THEME:  TEARING THE CHURCH

                                                            Also his old friends, Priscilla and Aquila, had apparently fled from here to Ephesus after Nero burned Rome

                        2 Timothy 4:9-13          Asked Timothy to get Mark and come quickly; he knows he's about to die.


AD 67                                                  NERO BURNED ROME


                                                            JUDE WROTE JUDE

                                                            THEME:  JEOPARDY


                        Matthew 13:55             Probably brother of Jesus

                        Acts 1:14


                        1 Peter 1:1                   PETER WROTE 1 PETER

                                                            THEME:  PERSECUTION


                                                            PETER wrote his first letter to Christians in the provinces of Pontus and Bithynia (both by the Black Sea), Galatia to the south of it, Capadocia to the south of that, and Asia on the Aegean coast to the west - all of Turkey except three small provinces.


                        1 Peter 5:12                 Wrote with the help of Silas and John Mark.  They will probably deliver the letter.  (Some believe he told life of Christ to John Mark who in turn wrote the gospel of Mark.)


AD 68                                                  PETER WROTE 2 PETER

                                                            THEME:  PURITY

                        2 Peter 3:15-16            Referred to Paul's letters

                        2 Peter 1:15                 Anticipated dying soon.


                                                            Peter executed (crucified upsidedown according to tradition)


AD 69                                                  Paul beheaded (according to tradition) about a year after Peter executed.

                                                            About Age 74




Jerusalem                                             Temple and city destroyed by Rome; Jewish religion impossible to properly keep now.                                                 


                                                            BOOK OF HEBREWS WRITTEN

                                                            THEME:  HANG IN THERE

                                                            Author unknown.  Possibly Apollos, Barnabus, or John

                                                            Sent to Jewish Christians; discusses old Jewish religion and how it was done away with by God anyway; it was just a pattern of Christianity now, and heaven to come.



AD 70                                                  JERSALEM AND TEMPLE DESTROYED


AD 90






Ephesus                                                JOHN WROTE 1, 2 and 3rd JOHN

                                                            THEME:  GENUINE CHRISTIANS

                                                            (Date determine by topic - Jesus came in flesh - contemporary Christians writers indicating this false philosophy becoming popular about then.  Place determined by his soon being exiled to Patmos, an island off of Ephesus.)


AD 95


Patmos                                                 JOHN WROTE REVELATION

                                                            THEME:  REASSURANCE


                                                            Sent especially to seven congregations in the Province of Asia:  Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea.


                                                            Last apostle still alive.

                                                            James, his brother was a hothead (Luke 9:54) and was the first to be martyred (Acts 12:2).  Perhaps John learned his lesson and learned how to become diplomatic.  But how lonely he must have been.  Then suddenly his old friend, Jesus, appeared to him.  He hadn't seen him in over 60 years.  What a reunion!