Text Box: 1:1		Don't doubt God
1:9f		Poor and rich Christians
1:13		Don't blame God for temptation
1:19		Be quick to listen, slow to speak
1:22ff		Do judge yourself
2:1		Don't show favoritism
3:2		We all stumble
3:14		Don't be envious and selfish
4:1		What causes fights is desires battling inside you
4:7		Submit to God
4:11		Don't slander each other
5:7ff		Be patient and don't grumble
5:19		Bring back those who wander from the truth


















James was undoubtedly the brother of Jesus.  Notice how many times he uses the term "brother" when writing Christians everywhere.  How encouraging!  The earthly step-brother of Jesus considered all other Christians his brothers too, no matter who they were or what they had done!  This is family!


1:9       The brother in __________________ circumstances.

1:16     Don't be deceived, my _____________ brothers.

1:19     My dear brothers...be quick to ______________________ and slow to anger.

2:1       My brothers, as _______________________ in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ.

2:14     What good is it, my brothers, if a man ______________________ to have faith....

2:15     Suppose a brother or sister is without _______________________ and daily _____________________.

3:1       Not many of you should __________________ to be teachers, my brothers.

3:12     My brothers, can a fig tree bear __________________?

4:11     Brothers, do not ______________________ one another.

5:10     Brothers, as an example of _____________________.

5:12     My brothers, do not __________________.

5:19     My brothers, if one of you should __________________ from the truth.


1:1       This was written just as Gentiles began to be brought into the church.  Although he did not mention the Gentiles specifically, he taught some lessons regarding prejudice.  Therefore, James wrote to Christians among the ________________ tribes scattered around the nations among the Gentiles.


1:2-3    If we face trials, should we blame God?  James said this __________________ our faith and develops _______________________________.


1:5       When James said we should ask God and it will be given to him.  What is the "it" which will be given?  _______________________


1:6       We should not doubt.  James knew about doubt first hand.  Until Jesus' resurrection, although James had known him all his life, did he doubt Jesus?  (See John 7:5)  _______________________


1:9       Lowly brothers are often in a _______________ position in God's eyes.  Rich brothers are often in a _______________________  position in God's eyes.   Why is that?  (See 2:5)  ___________________



1:13     Who does NOT tempt us?  ___________  Who and what does tempt us? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________


1:18     Can we be born again by relying on what other people say God wants us to do?  God gives us birth through the what?  _______________________  What and who is this?  (See John 3:5, John 14:17, and John 17:17)  ____________________________________________________and ___________________________________________.


1:22     If we go to church every Sunday and attend Bible studies in between, we only ___________________ ourselves if all we do is listen and never act.


1:26     If we don't control our tongue, our religion is ____________________________.


1:27     Living a good life is not the only thing involved in being religious.  Religion just also involve looking after ___________________________ and _______________________.


2:8       What is the royal law?  ________________________________________________________________


2:10     If we try to keep one part of the law and stumble in just one point, we are ___________ of breaking it ______________.


2:14-16  Faith that saves is proven by what?  ______________________  This kind of faith is ____________.


2:19     Considering James 2:19, does faith alone save?  _________________


3:1       Who stumbles?  _________________________________


3:2       To be perfect, we have to keep our whole ___________________ in check.


3:6       What is the most dangerous part of our body to our souls?  ________________________


3:10     Out of the same mouth people praise and ____________________________.


3:14-15  Earthly wisdom creates bitter _____________ and selfish ______________________.


3:16     What causes disorder in the church and elsewhere?  ______________________________ and ______________________________________ __________________________________________.


3:17-18  Verse 18 summarizes verse 17.  Such wisdom makes us become what?  ______________________



4:1-2    Fights and quarrels even in the church are caused by what?  ________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________


4:3       When our prayers are not answered, often it is because we ask with wrong ______________________ ______________________.  (Do we ever pray for a new car, and new house, etc. and not get them?) 


4:7       What are the two only ways to make Satan leave us alone?  ________________________________________________________ and _______ _____________________________________________________________


4:8       God can only come near to us when?  _________________________________________


4:11-12  When we slander people, we are judging them.  We're to leave that to who? ___________________  However, we are to "prove" (approve of) what we and others believe (Ephesians 5:10, 1 Thessalonians 5:21), and to "try" them (1 John 4:1).  The first is being "judgmental," the others is being "discerning."


4:17     Anyone who knows the _____________________________ he ought to do and doesn't do it, _________.


5:3-5    The problem with rich people sinning is that they ___________________________ their wealth instead of sharing it.


5:8       James said the Lord's coming is _________________________.  That was 2000 years ago.  So when people today predict the Lord's coming is near, how do you think we should react? _______________ _____________________________________________________________


5:9       Doing what against each other is sinful?  _______________________________________


4:13-15  Anointing with oil in a religious sense then meant to coronate someone as king (1 Samuel 15:1) or ordain someone into the high priesthood (Exodus 29:7).  What was anointing with oil in the earthly sense?  (See Luke 10:34)?  _____________________________________________________________


4:16     Are we to confess our sins only to priests?  _________________________  Who is "each other"?  ___________________________


4:19-20  Is "falling away" or "backsliding" in the Bible?  _____________________