Scott Hamilton is a gold medallist in ice skating, winning four consecutive U.S. championships, four consecutive World championships, and the Olympic gold medal.  He was the first male solo figure skater to win the Jacques Farvat Award.  And in 1990 he was inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame. 


Born in 1958 in Ohio, he began training for national skating competitions at age 13.  His high-energy performances added a sense of athleticism to the men’s figure skating.  He continually exuded an engaging on-ice personality and demonstrated originality with his art.


After turning professional, he created “Scott Hamilton’s American Tour” later renamed “Stars on Ice” which he co-produced and in which he performed for fifteen years before retiring in 2001.


With a brain tumor that has kept him from professional performances the past few years, he is now on the Board of Directors for Special Olympics International.  His motto is “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”


When he told his wife of his brain tumor, she simply bowed her head in prayer.  “The church family is incredible with their support,” he has said.  “They’ve been phenomenal.” 


Currently his wife and two sons live in Nashville, TN.  A former minister in Los Angeles said of him, “We’re as inspired by his devotion as a Christian husband and father, as by his Olympic heroics.  That’s the Scott we know.”