Dr. Jack P. Lewis, a translator of the NIV Bible, was born in 1919 and obtained two doctorate degrees ~ one in the New Testament from Harvard University, and one in the Old Testament from Hebrew Union University. 

Beginning the 1950s, he taught Bible, Hebrew and Greek at Harding University in Arkansas, and later at the Harding Graduate School of Bible and Religion in Memphis, TN.  He participated in an archaeological excavation at Aran, and spent a year as a fellow at the American Schools of Oriental Research in Jerusalem.  Thereafter he led many tours into the “Holy Land.”

In 1969 he was selected to be one of the translators for the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible.  Translators worked from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek manuscripts.

He has been a prolific writer, including The History of the English Bible from the KJV to the NIV, The Interpretation of Noah and the Flood in Jewish and Christian Literature, Historical Backgrounds to Bible People, a two volume commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, and Questions You Have Asked About Bible Translations.  He also wrote books on the prophets and other areas of biblical studies.

Although age 89 in 2008, he continues as guest speaker at various Christian Universities and lectureships.