Relation With Old Testament Prophets



Page numbers below are for those who study out of the NIV Pew Bible.  If you do not have one, ignore the page numbers. 

All the scriptures remain the same.


NOTE:  As you read the Old Testament, keep in mind God never runs ahead of mankind.  He deals with us where we are, even when we're barbaric.



Came Upon/Into



Numbers 24:1-2; 31:8  (pg. 155)  Normally Balaam resorted to what practice to prophecy for the king of Moab?  ______________________ _____________________________  Apparently he believed in several gods, and was willing to add the Lord of the wandering Israelites to his list.  When he saw the Israelites, Who CAME UPON this PAGAN so he could speak a true prophecy?   _____________________________  He never prophesied again after this time.  What happened to him a little later?  ____________________________


Judges 3:10f                 (pg. 234)  When God's Spirit CAME UPON Othniel and he became the supreme judge of Israel, the Spirit helped him keep _______________________________________ in the land forty years.


Judges 6:34; 7:12,21    God's Spirit CAME UPON Gideon, helping him defeat with his army of 300 how many Midianites?




Judges 11:1, 29, 33      God's Spirit CAME UPON Jephthah, enabling him to destroy how many towns of the enemy?  ________


Judges 14:6                  God's Spirit CAME UPON Samson, giving him power to tear what apart with his bare hands?  ________


Judges 14:19                Another time God's Spirit CAME UPON Samson so that he was strong enough to kill how many of the enemy single handedly?  __________________________


Judges 15:14-15           Once more God's Spirit CAME UPON Samson and he was able to break what?  ____________________ Then he took the jawbone of a donkey and killed how many of the enemy?  ________________________


1 Samuel 11:2,6,11      (pg. 270)  God's Spirit CAME UPON King Saul, enabling him to lead his army to destroy the army of what people?  ________________________________


1 Samuel 16:13                        When Samuel anointed David as the next king, God's Spirit CAME UPON David as it had all the others previously, except it stayed from ____________________________ ______________________. 


                                    Why the exception?  Perhaps because David wrote most of the Psalms over a period of forty years until his death.


1 Samuel 19:18-20       When King Saul sent someone to capture David so he could kill him, David was hiding with Samuel and his prophets.  Who did God's Spirit COME UPON so that they began prophesying?  _________________





1 Samuel 19:21-23       Although God had earlier rejected Saul as king (15:26), when Saul went to personally capture David so he could kill him, what happened to him?____________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


1 Chronicles 12:14-18  (Pg. 403)  When God's Spirit CAME UPON the thirty warriors from Gad, He helped them decide to come to ____________________ in his ___________________________________.


2 Chronicles 15:1, 8     (pg. 434)  When God's Spirit CAME UPON Azariah, he encouraged King Asa to listen to a prophet's words and take ______________ _______________________________________.


2 Chronicles 20:14-15  When God's Spirit CAME UPON Jaha-ziel, he was able to tell King Jehoso-phat that he should ____________________ be ____________________________ or _________________________________ because of the ____________________ army, for the battle was not theirs but ______________________.


2 Chronicles 24:20-21  When God's Spirit CAME UPON Zechariah, He helped Zechariah declare in front of everyone that, since they'd forsaken God, he'd ___________________________________ _______________.  He must have also given him courage when he refused to recant, for what did the people do as a result of his message?  ____________________________________________________________


Ezekiel 2:2-3                (Pg. 804)  When God's Spirit CAME UPON (translated NIV "came into") Ezekiel, He literally ________ Ezekiel to his ____________________.  Then He told him, "I am ______________________________ you."


                                    Did the Holy Spirit make Ezekiel fall backward to the floor?  ______________


Ezekiel 3:24-27            When God's Spirit CAME UPON (translated NIV "came into) Ezekiel the next time, he did what a second time? ___________________________________________________________________________________  Then He told him to go into his house where his enemies will bind him and perhaps question him.  But God's Spirit made him ______________________________ and unable to rebuke them.  After they grew impatient, God's Spirit opened his mouth and told him what to ________________________________.


Ezekiel 11:5                  When God's Spirit CAME UPON Ezekiel next, He told Ezekiel to tell the Israelites that He could read their

                                    what?  ________________________________________________________________________


Acts 10:44-46              When God's Spirit CAME UPON Gentiles who were hearing the gospel from Peter, they did what?



                                    When was the only other time this phenomenon of people speaking in languages had occurred (Acts 2:1 & 14)?  ___________________________________________  Who was it given to at that time?  ________


                                    What nationality were the Apostles?  ______________________

                                    What nationality were these people Peter preached to?  _________________________

                                    Do you see the significance of an external showing of the H.S. on these two groups?  It fulfilled the prophecy to pour God's Spirit on ALL PEOPLE, not just Jews.


Acts 11:15                   Later when Peter explained to the Apostles and elders in Jerusalem what had happened so they would accept Gentiles into the church, he said God's Spirit came on them in the same way "He had come on us _____ _____________________ __________________________________________________.


                                    THE BEGINNING OF WHAT (Acts 2:1,47-KJV)?  ______________________________________________

                                    WHO IS "US" (Acts 2:14)?  _____________________________________________________________


Acts 19:2-7                  These people had never heard of Who?  _____________________________________________________ They had only been baptized with John's baptism.  So Paul baptized them into the name of the ___________________________________________.  Then, placing his hands on them, God's  Spirit helped them speak in ________________________________________and _______________________________.


                                    NOTE:  A similar incident had happened earlier with people who had been baptized only in the name of Jesus, in which case, the apostles gave them the Holy Spirit.  But in this case, they had not been baptized in the name of Jesus because they apparently didn't even know Jesus had come and didn't know there was a Holy Spirit.  Because of their confusion, Paul baptized them first, then gave them the Holy Spirit next so they would see for themselves there was a Holy Spirit.  Normally, they had to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19, pg. 967).



Lifted Up/Caught Up/Went Up/Brought Up




2 Kings 2:9-11             (pg. 356)  With the power of God's Spirit, Elijah WENT UP to _____________________________________ in a ____________________________________________.


                                    NOTE:  The reference to the whirlwind is similar to the tunnel some people who have "died" briefly say they started through.


2 Kings 2:16                 These prophets, students of Elijah's, decided to look for Elijah because perhaps God's Spirit had both PICKED him UP and then ______________________________ him _______________________________ somewhere else.


Ezekiel 3:12-13            (pg. 804)  God's Spirit LIFTED UP Ezekiel to somewhere where he could hear the sound of __________ of the living creatures.


Ezekiel 3:14                  God's Spirit LIFTED UP Ezekiel and took him away, even though he resisted, because God's strong what was on him?  _______________________________ 


                                    Isaiah 63:12 (pg. 726) refers to the Holy Spirit as being the ________________________ of God's power.


Ezekiel 3:15                  Ezekiel lived near the Kebar River (see 1:1 & 2).  In verse 12 Ezekiel praised the Lord where?  __________________________ ______________________________________  How could that explain why he was angry to be returned to his home?  ___________________________________________________________________________


                                    God's Spirit can not only take us to heaven, but He can return us to earth also.



Ezekiel 8:3                    God's Spirit LIFTED Ezekiel UP and took him (through a vision) to what city and building in the country of Palestine? ______________________________________________________________________________


Ezekiel 11:1-2              At another time, God's Spirit LIFTED Ezekiel UP and took him back to the Temple in Jerusalem where he saw leaders of the people ________________________________ evil.


Ezekiel 11:24                While still in the state of a vision, God's Spirit LIFTED Ezekiel back UP and returned him to the other exiles in ________________________________________________________________________


Ezekiel 37:1                  Another time, God's Spirit BROUGHT him UP and set him down in the middle of a ________________.


Ezekiel 43:1-3              Yet another time, God's Spirit BROUGHT Ezekiel back to Jerusalem to which gate? _________________ This, too, was a vision (v. 3)





Ezekiel 43:5                  Then God's Spirit LIFTED him UP and brought him into the inner court of what?  _____________________


                                    NOTE:  Remember, the Temple was destroyed at this time.  This is a vision to reassure the Jewish exiles that they will indeed return to Jerusalem some day and rebuild their Temple some day.


2 Corinthians 12:1-2     (pg. 1126)  Centuries later, Paul, referring to visions and revelations, inferred that it was he who was CAUGHT UP to where?  _________________________________________________________________


Ephesians 2:13, 18       (pg. 1134)  God promises all Christians that, although formerly away from God, we have been BROUGHT _________________________________________________________ through the ____________________ of Christ.  Near now, but some day actually in God's presence!


Carried By



1 Kings 18:12               (pg. 346)  Elijah told Obadiah, a devout believer in God (v. 3-4) to tell King Ahab where he was hiding.  But Obadiah objected, saying, "I don't ________________ ______________________ the Spirit may CARRY you."


Acts 8:39f                    (pg. 1064)  After Philip baptized the Ethiopian, God's Spirit TOOK Philip AWAY and he reappeared where?  _________________________________________________


2 Peter 1:20-21            (pg. 1180)  God's Spirit CARRIED ALONG who as they wrote Scripture?  ________________________


Revelation 17:3             (pg. 1202)  God's Spirit and the angel CARRIED John into a ___________________________________.


Revelation 21:10           (pg. 1206)  God's Spirit CARRIED John to a _______________________________ great and _________.  What did he see there?  ___________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  Still John was already in his holy city.  Revelation 21:2 and Ephesians 5:25, 32 (pg. 1136) says who is the holy city?  ______________________________________________



Rested On




NOTE:  Below you will see a stark difference in those above who experienced brief strength from the Spirit and what happened to a few of the specially chosen ones of God.


The word translated "rested" is from the Hebrew word "nuach" and is also translated lie down, be at rest, to stay.


Numbers 11:25            (pg. 141)  On whom did God's Spirit come and then REST.  ______________________________________  Who had had the Spirit before them?  _______________________________________________________

                                    Did the Spirit rest on these 70 elders permanently, however?  ____________________________________


                                    Who introduced the Law (Exodus 20:22; 21:1, pg. 74)?  ________________________________________

                                    Who appeared at Jesus' transfiguration (Luke 9:29-31, pg. 1004)?  ______________________________

                                    Who did he give part of God's Spirit on him to (Numbers 34:9, pg. 206)?  _________________________


2 Kings 2:15                 (pg. 356)  God's Spirit, which had RESTED ON __________________________________ just transferred Himself to rest on who?  ___________________________________________________


                                    Who introduced the Prophets (1 Kings 17:1, pg. 345)?  _________________________________________

                                    Who appeared at Jesus' transfiguration (Luke 9:29-31, pg. 1004)?  _______________________________

                                    Who did he give part of God's Spirit on him to (2 Kings 2:9-11, pg. 356)?  ________________________


Isaiah 11:1-2                (pg. 673)  God's Spirit will REST ON a what/who (be sure and capitalize this word)?  __________________


                                    NOTE:  Some translations call "stump" the "root."  King David was the son of Jesse.  Notice that Branch is capitalized, indicating divinity.  Notice duplication of gifts of the H.S. that the apostles gave in their time. 

                                    9:1       Where was the Branch of David to live?  _____________________________ 

                                                Where did Jesus live (Matthew 4:13-14, pg. 936)?  ____________________________

                                    9:2       What was he to do for believers walking through the shadow of death?  ____________________

                                                Who brought light to people in shadow of death (Matthew 4:15-16, pg. 936)?  ______________


                                                Who was the Branch (Matthew 21:7-9, pg. 955)?  ______________________________________


                                    9:6       This prophesied one will grow up to be called by what four titles?  ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________   Since Jesus called God's Spirit "another " Counselor in John 14:16-17, pg. 1046, who was the first Counselor?  ______________________


                                                Colossians 2:9 (KJV) says in Christ is the fullness of the ____________________ in body form.


                                    To whom did the Spirit come down from heaven and REMAIN ("rest") ON (John 1:29,33-34)?  _________


                                    Who introduced the Christian era (Hebrews 8:6, 13, pg. 1166)?  __________________________________

                                    Who was transfigured when Moses and Elijah appeared (Luke 9:39-21, pg. 1004)?  __________________

                                    Who did he give part of God's Spirit on him to (John 20:19-20,24, pg. 1052)?  _______________________  What did he call the previous two eras (Luke 16:16, pg. 1014)?  _________________________________


Zechariah 6:5, 8            (pg. 920)  The God of the whole world is predicted to give His Spirit REST in countries north of Palestine.  What continent is north of Palestine?  ________________________________________________________


                                    Who lives there primarily?  Jews or Gentiles?  ____________________________


                                    NOTE:  The Middle East never has really accepted Jesus.  What was the first stronghold of Christianity?  Europe, beginning in Turkey, Greece, and Italy.  (See the book of Acts.)


Acts 2:1-4                    (pg. 1056)  On the Day of Pentecost, God's Spirit came to REST ON who (see 2:14)? ________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "spirit" literally means breath or wind.


                                    Genesis 2:7       (pg. 2)  God formed man and "breathed into his nostrils the ____________________ of life" and man became a living being.


                                    John 3:5-8        (pg. 1029)  When Jesus explained the Holy Spirit to Nicodemus, he used what phenomenon to do so?  ___________________________


                                    Who had the power to impart the Spirit to others (Acts 8:18)?  ___________________________________


1 Peter 4:14                 (pg. 1179)  The Spirit of God's glory RESTED ON (1:1,2) all who have been ____________________ according to the ___________ of God the Father ______________________________________ of the Spirit for __________________________________ to Jesus Christ and his blood.


                                    List what God's glory is.  (See Exodus 33:18-19, 34:6-7) ________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________



In The


Numbers 11:25            (pg. 141)  God's Spirit came down to Moses in what?  ___________________________


Luke 4:14                     (pg. 995)  Jesus, currently in the province of Judea to be baptized, returned to the province of Galilee IN THE SPIRIT of __________________________________________________________________________ 

                                    NOTE:  The word translated "power" is from the Greek word "dunamis" which is also translated "mighty works" and "miracles."  Apparently it was at this time that Jesus obtained the ability to work miracles.  Also it could also be that Jesus was suddenly transported by the Spirit from Judea to Galilee.  That would certainly have made word spread about him.


Romans 9:1                  (pg. 1097)  Paul's ________________________________ was confirmed IN THE SPIRIT.


Romans 14:17-18         (pg. 1102)  The Kingdom of God is ______________________________________, _________________________________, and __________________________________________ IN THE SPIRIT.


                                    How do we serve Christ, and thus have the true joy of the Holy Spirit (John 14:15, pg. 1046)? _________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________





2 Corinthians 6:6          (pg. 1122)  What five traits are associated with being IN THE SPIRIT? _________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Ephesians 6:18             (pg. 1137)  We are IN THE SPIRIT every time we _____________________________________________  How often?  ____________________________________________________________________________


                                    If praying "in the Spirit" means praying in "unknown tongues" would it be sinful to pray in a language people know?  _________________________________


Colossians 1:8              (pg. 1142)  We are IN THE SPIRIT whenever we express what?  ________________________________


Hebrews 6:4-6             (pg. 1164)  Even though we have experienced being IN THE SPIRIT, can we fall?  ___________________


                                    NOTE:  Many other scriptures indicate they can repent and return if they want.  See for example Acts 8:22 (pg. 1064).


Jude 20                        (pg. 1190)  We are IN THE SPIRIT when we do what?  _________________________________________


Revelation 1:10             (pg. 1191)  Considering Ephesians 6:18 and Jude 20 above, what do you think John might have been doing when he was IN THE SPIRIT?  _______________________________________


                                    What was the one significant day of the week for Christians (see Matthew 28:1 (pg. 966)?  ___________


Revelation 4:2               While John was IN THE SPIRIT he saw what?  _________________________________________________