Relation With New Testament Apostles








Matthew 10:1-4           (pg. 942)  Who were the only men Jesus ever gave miraculous powers to?  ________________________


Matthew 10:1a, 19-20  Jesus told his Twelve that the Spirit of the Father would tell them what to _________________________, for it will not be them speaking, but the Spirit ______________________________ through ___________.


John 7:38-39                (pg. 1036)  Despite the special gifts of the Holy Spirit Jesus had given his Apostles, did they yet have God's Spirit?______________________  Why do you think that was (John 16:7)?  ________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________


John 20:19-22              After Jesus died and was brought back to life, and just prior to his returning to heaven, Jesus breathed on his Twelve Apostles and said, "____________________________________________________________."


                                    Remember, the word translated "Spirit" is literally "breath."


John 20:23                   At this point, Jesus gave them the authority to do what with sins?  ______________________________


                                    NOTE:  This was a special gift only the Apostles received.  Jesus was repeating what he had said earlier in Matthew 16:19 and 18:18 (pg. 951).


Acts 1:2-5                    (pg. 1055)  What did Jesus promise the Apostles would receive in Jerusalem?  ______________________


Acts 2:1-4                    Was this the same day that the 120 were assembled to select a replacement for Judas (1:15)?  _________ 

                                    The tongues of fire came to ___________________________ on them.  When God's Spirit came down to Jesus, he _____________________________ on him (John 1:33, pg. 1028).


Acts 2:4, 7-8, 14          Were they speaking gibberish?  ___________________


                                    All the ___________________________ speaking were from Galilee.  Therefore, were the women with them then?  _________________  Specifically, which men from Galilee received God's Spirit?  ________


Acts 2:43                     What did the apostles perform to prove their words were from God?  ________________________  Did anyone else performed these signs?  _____________________________________


Acts 4:5-8                    When hauled before the rulers, God's Spirit helped Peter speak boldly to __________________________________ and ___________________________________ of the people.


                                    Can you imagine how courageous this was?  They had just crucified Jesus.  They could have crucified his Twelve Apostles next.


                                    What had Jesus promised his apostles they'd be able to do in such circumstances (Luke 12:11f, pg. 1009)? __________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 5:3-9                    God's Spirit gave a fearful power to the Apostles, a power which they never passed on.  What was it? _________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    This passage does not say Ananias and Sapphira went to hell.  It just says they died.  Is this an example of being slain in the spirit?  ______________________________




Acts 5:12, 16               What percent of the people who came to the apostles to be healed were actually healed?  _____________


Acts 8:13-18                Was Philip able to perform miracles?  ______________________  Apparently he was only baptizing in the name of Jesus Christ.  (In the early days of the church, even good people were getting mixed up on what they were supposed to do.  They did not have the written Word yet.)  Who had to come and correct the situation and give the people the Holy Spirit? ______________________________  ________________________________________________


                                    Acts 9:10, 17-19 Since Ananias was not an apostle (Matthew 28:19), what did Saul have to do to receive the Holy Spirit? ___________________________________________


Acts 11:16-18              There were only two times that God directly baptized people into the Holy Spirit.  In this instance, who's household was baptized directly by God (10:1)?  ______________________________________________  What nationality were they (10:45)?  __________________________________________ 


                                    Acts 1:2, 5       Jesus told who that they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit?  __________________

                                    What nationality were they (2:14)?  _______________________________________


                                    Just as the Twelve Apostles were baptized with the Holy Spirit to prove Jews could be saved, now Cornelius' household was baptized with the Holy Spirit to prove Gentiles could be saved.


Acts 14:3                     How did Paul and Barnabas confirm that their message was actually from God?  ____________________ _____________________________________________________________

                                    Were Paul and Barnabas apostles (14:14)?  __________________


Acts 16:6-7                  The Holy Spirit influenced Paul where to preach.  Was he a common Christian or an Apostle (Romans 1:1, pg. 1090)?  _____________________________


Acts 19:2-7                  What had the people in Ephesus never heard of?  ______________________________________________ So Paul baptized them into the name of the Lord Jesus only, then gave them the Holy Spirit separately, proving with evidences that they had.


                                    Why do you think they received God's Spirit separately?  _______________________________________ Why do you think these new Christians in Eurasia (Turkey) needed the gifts of languages and prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:22, pg. 1115)?  _____________________________________________________________ How many men were there?  _____________________________


2 Corinthians 12:12      (pg. 1126)  What three things were the MARKS OF AN APOSTLES?  ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Were these "marks" of any other Christians?  ___________________


                                    Therefore, when the apostles died, could these gifts be passed on?  __________


Ephesians 3:3-5a          (pg. 1134)  God made known to Paul His mystery by __________________________________________ 

Ephesians 3:5b             God's Spirit revealed things (by revelation) to the apostles who were also called what?  ______________


1 John 4:14                  Although John, according to tradition, was now the last apostle left alive, he still referred to his association with the other apostles when he said "We _________________________________________________ and ______________________________________ that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.







Acts 1:21-22                (pg. 1055)  The Apostles were witnesses the whole ______________________ Jesus was on earth, and of his ____________ ___________________________________________________.


Acts 2:32                     The Apostles witnessed Jesus after God raised him to ____________________.


Acts 2:33                     The Apostles witnessed the promised Spirit being ___________________________ out that day.


Acts 5:29-32                Peter and the other Apostles were witnesses of God _________________________ Jesus from the ______


                                    Who else did they say was a witness of Jesus' resurrection from death?  ___________________________


Revelation 1:4-5           (pg. 1191)  Who was the most faithful witness with the seven spirits?  _____________________________ 





John 1:32-33                (pg. 1028)  Who saw God's Spirit come down onto Jesus and remain there?  _______________________  John had been filled with the Holy Spirit from what (Luke 1:13-15, pg. 990)?  _____________________


John 15:24-27              (pg. 1047)  Jesus said the people who heard him preach did not believe they were guilty of sin even though Jesus had proved he was from God how?  ____________________________________________________


                                    After Jesus returned to the Father, Jesus sent the Spirit of _______________________________ to testify about him.  In what way does the Spirit of Truth testify today (John 14:17, 17:17)?  __________________


Hebrews 10:15-17       (pg. 1167)  In what way did God's Spirit testify to Jesus being God's sacrifice of His Lamb?  (Hint:  Where did the quotes come from?)  _______________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  Just as Jesus was God's Word in seeable and audible form (John 1:1 & 14,) the Holy Spirit is God's word in written form.


1 John 4:13-14             Even though John was the last apostle alive, he still referred to the eleven others, and said that they all had ___________ for themselves and therefore could testify that Jesus was the Savior of the world.


1 John 5:6-10               (pg. 1186)  God's Spirit testified that Jesus became our savior by both water and blood.  John recalled something at the cross.  What was it (see John 19:33-37, pg. 1051)?  __________________________________________________________________________


                                    God's Spirit is the what?  ______________________________


                                    Believers in this have the Spirit's testimony where?  ____________________________________________


Revelation 19:10           (pg. 1205)  John's __________________________________ [in Christ] hold to the testimony of

                                    ___________________________ which John heard in heaven.


                                    Even if his old age, John sometimes got things wrong, for he fell down before an angel to worship him.  If we are not to bow down to angels, are we to bow down to any other religious figure?  ___________







Acts 14:3                     (pg. 1071)  How did Paul and Barnabas confirm their message was from God?  _____________________


                                    What were Paul's and Barnabas' titles (14:14)?  ______________________________


Romans 9:1                  (pg. 1097)  Paul knew he was speaking truth because his __________________________ was confirmed in the Holy Spirit.  How did God's Spirit educate Paul's conscience (Galatians 1:11-12, 17-18, pg. 1128)?  _______________________________________________________________________________________


1 Corinthians 1:6-7       (pg. 1105)  Paul confirmed his message was from God by passing on spiritual ______________________ to the Christians in Corinth.



Signs Of


Deuteronomy 34:9        (pg. 206)  Who laid his hands on someone and gave them God's Spirit of wisdom?  _________________  Who else in the Bible was able to transfer God's Spirit from himself to others (2 Kings 2:15, pg. 356)  _____________________________________________ and (Acts 8:18, pg. 1064 and Romans 1:11, pg. 1090)?  _________________________________________________


                                    Moses, who had this power, represented the Law.  Elijah, who had this power, represented the Prophets.  Who did Jesus refer to as representing the Old Testament era (Luke 16:16, pg. 1014)?  _______________ and ______________________________________.  Who appeared to Jesus during his transfiguration (Matthew 17:2, pg. 951)?  ______________________________________________ 


Deuteronomy 34:10-12            Who, until the time of Jesus, performed the most magnificent miraculous signs in history?    _______________________


                                    Compare Exodus 14:21 (pg. 68) with Matthew 8:26 (pg. 940).  How were their miracles similar?

                                    _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Compare Exodus 16:13-16 (pg. 80) with Mark 6:41-42 (pg. 975).  How were their miracles similar?

                                    _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Compare Exodus 34:29-30 (pg. 89) with Matthew 17:1-2 (pg. 951).  How were their miracles similar?

                                    _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Compare Numbers 21:8-9 (pg. 152) with John 3:14-15 (pg. 1029).  How were their miracles similar? ____________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


1 Samuel 10:1, 5-7       (pg. 269)  When Saul was anointed the first king of Israel, he received a sign confirming that God had approved of switching from a Supreme Judge government to a Royal King government.  What was the sign?  ___________________________________________


Mark 16:15-18            (pg. 989)  What five signs were to accompany those who believed and were baptized?

                                    _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Do modern faith-healers drink poison and are not killed by it?  ____________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "accompany" in the NIV and "follow" in the KJV is from the Greek word "parakol" meaning to be alongside of, and from whence our word "parallel".


                                    Who is to perform the signs?  "____________"  Did all believers become able to do all these things (1 Corinthians 12:11)?  ______________


Acts 2:1-4                    Which day had just come?  _______________________________  Was this a different day from when the 120 men and women (1:15) from whom Judas' replacement was made?  ___________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "spirit" literally means breath or wind.


                                    Genesis 2:7       (pg. 2)  God formed man and "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life" and man became a living being.


                                    John 3:5-8        (pg. 1029)  When Jesus explained the Holy Spirit to Nicodemus, he used what phenomenon to do so?  ___________


Acts 2:6-7, 14              How many received this special power of the Holy Spirit?  ______________________________________

                                    Were they able to see the Holy Spirit in some kind of form?  _______   What?  ____________________

                                    Were the Twelve speaking in gibberish?  ______________________





Acts 2:16-17a              "This is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:  'In the LAST DAYS, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on ALL people....'"  When did the latter days begin (1 Peter 1:19-20, pg. 1176)?  _____________________


Acts 2:17b                   "....Your sons and daughters will PROPHESY...."


                                    Luke 1:5, 67 (pg. 992)  What descendant [son] of Aaron prophesied about Jesus?  _______________

                                    Luke 2:25-35 (pg. 993)  What other "son" of the Israelites prophesied about Jesus?  _________________

                                    Luke 1:5, 41-45 (pg. 991)  What descendant [daughter] of Aaron prophesied about Jesus?  ___________

                                    Luke 2:36-38 (pg. 993)  What other "daughter" of the Israelites prophesied about Jesus?  ____________


                                    When was the last time before Jesus anyone prophesied?  Malachi 1:1 (pg. 928), about 400 BC.  Who was  he?  _____________________________  The prophetic silence of centuries was broken when Jesus came.


Acts 2:17c                    "....your young men will see VISIONS, your old men will DREAM dreams.  Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy...."


                                    Matthew 1:20-23 (pg. 933)  What young man dreamed a dream?  _______________________

                                    [NOTE:  Don't be fooled into believing the old tradition that he was an old man.  He was still alive when Jesus preached that he was the Bread of Life in John 6:42, pg. 1034.]


                                    Matthew 2:1,12 (pg. 934)  What old men dreamed a dream?  _____________________________________

                                    Luke 1:11f, 22 (pg. 990)  What old man saw a vision?  _________________________________________


                                    When was the last time before Jesus that there had been visions?  Daniel 10:1, about 525 BC (pg. 865)  Who had the vision?  ________________  The vision silence of the centuries was broken when Jesus came.


                                    When was the last time before Jesus that there been dreams?  Daniel 7:1, about 550 BC (pg. 863)  Who had the dream?  ____________________  The dream silence of the centuries was broken when Jesus came.


Acts 2:18                     "....Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will PROPHESY...."  (See 2:17b above.)


                                    NOTE:  Did these women ever prophecy in a public assembly?  __________________


Acts 2:19a                    "....I will show WONDERS in the HEAVEN above...."


                                    Luke 2:8-15 (pg. 934)  What wonder occurred?  ______________________________________________

                                    Matthew 2:1-2, 9f (pg. 934)  What wonder occurred?  _________________________________________

                                    Matthew 3:16 (pg. 935)  What wonder occurred?  _____________________________________________

                                    Matthew 17:1-5 (pg. 951)  What wonder occurred?  ___________________________________________

                                    John 12:28f (pg. 1043)  What wonder occurred?  ______________________________________________

                                    Acts 1:9 (pg. 1055)  What wonder occurred?  _________________________________________________

                                    Acts 2:2 (pg. 1056)  What wonder occurred?  _________________________________________________


                                    When was the last time before Jesus that there had been a wonder in heaven?  (2 Kings 2:1, pg. 356, about 900 BC).  Who did it involve?  __________________________________  The wonders-in-heaven silence was broken when Jesus came.


Acts 2:19b                   "...and SIGNS on the earth below..."


                                    Luke 2:12 (pg. 992)  What signs were the shepherds given?  ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Matthew 12:39-40 (pg. 945)  What sign did Jesus say the wicked would see?  _______________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

                                    Luke 2:34 (pg. 993)  What sign in Jesus' life and death was looked down on?  ______________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

                                    John 4:48-49, 54 (pg. 1032)  What sign did Jesus perform at this time?  _________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

                                    John 2:18-28 (pg. 1029)  What sign occurred after Jesus' death?  _________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

                                    John 20:30f (pg. 1053)  Who performed many miraculous signs?  _________________________________________  Why?  __________________________________________________________________________________

                                    Acts 2:22 (pg. 1056)  How did God give accreditation to Jesus among the people?  __________________________________  ____________________________________________________


                                    When was the last time before Jesus that there had been a sign on earth?  Daniel 5:1, 5, 12 (about 550 BC)  Who interpreted the sign?  __________________________  The sign silence was broken when Jesus came.





Acts 2:19c                    "...BLOOD and FIRE and BILLOWS of smoke...."


                                    Acts 2:23         Whose blood were the prophet and Peter referring?  _____________________________

                                    Acts 2:3           What fire were the prophet and Peter referring to?  ______________________________


                                                NOTE:  The word translated "billows" is from the Greek word breath or vapour.  In the O.T. smoke represented the presence of God at a particular location. 


                                                Exodus 19:9                 Who came in a cloud to Mt. Sinai?  ____________________________

                                                2 Chronicles 7:1-3        What of the Lord filled the temple in the cloud? __________________


                                                NOTE:  This phrase "billows of smoke" could also be translated "breath of God's glory."  Breath is also translated "wind."


                                    Acts 2:2           What billows of smoke were the prophet and Peter referring to?  __________________


                                    Hence, the TRINITY!


Acts 2:20a                    "....The sun will be turned to darkness...."


                                    On what occasion had the sun turned dark just recently (Luke 23:44f, pg. 1024)?  ____________________


Acts 2:20b                   "....and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord...."


                                    Whose blood had been spilled just recently while it was dark and the moon could be seen (Luke 23:44f)?



Acts 2:21                     "....And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved' (Joel 2:28-32, pg. 883)."


                                    In the Old Testament era, did animal sacrifices save them (Hebrews 10:11, pg. 1167)?  ______________  Who had to be sacrificed so we could be saved if we called on his name (Hebrews 10:10)?  __________  When did this privilege begin (Acts 2:1, 38)?  ________________________________________________


Acts 2:43                     Who performed the many wonders and miraculous signs?  ______________________________________


Acts 4:30-31                These early Christians asked God to continue to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders.  Did the miraculous sign of the house shaking happen because one of them performed that miracle?  _______


Acts 5:12                     Who continued to perform the miraculous signs and wonders?  ___________________________________


Acts 14:3                     Who confirmed that their message was from God by performing miraculous signs and wonders? ____________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Were Paul and Barnabas apostles (14:14)?  __________________


Acts 19:2-7                  In order to prove there was a Holy Spirit, Paul baptized these twelve men in the name of Jesus, and then gave then gave them the Holy Spirit along with two signs.  Since the verse says the Holy Spirit "came on" them, and considering what you learned early in this lesson, was this a permanent or temporary sign?  __________________________________________________


                                    This is the first example we have of early Christians being able to do some of what the apostles could do.  Who was present when it became possible - other ordinary Christians or an apostle?  ________________


Romans 15:18-19         (pg. 1103)  Paul had led the Gentiles to _________________________ through the power of signs and miracles which he received from the Holy Spirit. 


2 Thessalonians 2:8-10 (pg. 1149)  Those representing Satan perform what kinds of miracles, signs and wonders? _____________________ ________________________________________  Will it deceive God's people?  _____________


Hebrews 2:4                 (pg. 1161)  By the time the book of Hebrews was written, much of the Gospel had been written down.  In this passage, is distribution of signs, wonders and various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the present or past tense?  _____________________


                                    NOTE:  The next lesson will explain how these gifts were distributed.






Chapter VII, pg. 186f


            These accounts are given by Irenaeus* in those five books of his, to which he gave the title of "Refutation and Overthrow of False Doctrine."  In the second book of the same work, he also shows that EVEN DOWN TO HIS TIMES, INSTANCES OF DIVINE AND MIRACULOUS POWER WERE REMAINING IN SOME CHURCHES.  "So far are they," says he, "from raising the dead, as the Lord raised, and as the apostles by means of prayer, for even among the brethren FREQUENTLY in a case of necessity when a whole church united in much fasting and prayer, the SPIRIT HAS RETURNED to the ex-animated body, and the man was granted to the prayers of the saints."


            ....Some, indeed, most certainly and truly cast out demons, so that frequently these persons themselves that were cleansed from wicked spirits believed and were received into the church.  Others have the knowledge of things to come, as also visions and prophetic communications; others heal the sick by the imposition of hands, and restore them to health.  And, moreover, as we said above, EVEN THE DEAD HAVE BEEN RAISED and continued with us many years.


            And why should we say more?  It is impossible to tell the number of the gifts which the church throughout the world received from God, and the deeds performed in the name of Jesus Christ, that was crucified under Pontius Pilate, and this too every day for the benefit of the heathen, without deceiving any, or exacting their money. 


            ....In another place the same author writes:  "As we hear many of the brethren in the church who have prophetic gifts, and who speak in all tongues through the spirit, and who also bring to light the secret things of men for their benefit, and who expound the mysteries of God."


            These gifts of different kinds also continued with those that were worthy UNTIL THE TIMES MENTIONED.


*Irenaeus lived AD 130-200.  He studied under Polycarp who had studied under the Apostle John.  (Chapter XX, p. 204:  "Irenaeus...speaks of his intimacy with Polycarp....Polycarp was accustomed to sit and discourse....and his familiar intercourse with John, as he was accustomed to tell, as also his familiarity with those that had seen the Lord.

















                           What About Each Encounter with the H.S. Stands Out To You The Most?

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