I ~  Relation With God's People Before New Testament Written









(1) Over Nature

(2) Physical

(3) Prophecy

(4) Mental

(5) Healing & Demon Control

(6) Resurrection

(7) Hope

(8) Signs & Miracles

(9) Spiritual Gifts


Deuteronomy 34:9-12  (pg. 206)  What kind of power did Moses get from God's Spirit?  (See headings for Exodus 7-10, pg. 60)  _______________________________


Judges 14:6,19; 15:14f (pg. 247)  What kind of power did Samson get from God's Spirit?  ______________________________


1 Samuel 10:1, 5-7       (pg. 269)  What kind of power did Saul get from God's Spirit?  _________________________________


1 Samuel 11:2, 6, 11    (pg. 270)  What kind of power did Saul get from God's Spirit?  _________________________________


Isaiah 11:1-2                (pg. 673)  What kind of power was the Branch (Jesus) to get from God's Spirit?  __________________


Isaiah 63:11-14            (pg. 726)  What kind of power did Moses get from God's Spirit?  _______________________________


Micah 1:1, 3:8              (pg. 899)  What kind of power did Micah get from God's Spirit?  _______________________________


Zechariah 4:6, 9            (pg. 920)  There had been no miracles since the days of Elisha (2 Kings 6, about 850 BC, pg. 361).  It was now four centuries later.  God now tells this discouraged little group of men they'll be able to rebuild the Temple, not by their own power, or even a miraculous power, but what?  ______________________


Luke 1:35                     (pg. 991)  What kind of power did Mary get from God's Spirit?  ________________________________


Luke 4:14, 40-41         (pg. 995)  What kind of power did Jesus get from God's Spirit?  ________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "power" is from the Greek word "dunamis" which is also translated "mighty works" and "miracles." 


Acts 1:8                       (pg. 1055)  SO, what kind of power did the Apostles get from God's Spirit?  _______________________





Acts 10:38                   (pg. 1067)  What kind of power did Jesus get from God's Spirit?  _______________________________


Romans 1:4                  (pg. 1090)  What kind of power did Jesus get from God's Spirit?  _______________________________


Romans 1:7, 11            (pg. 1090)  What kind of power did these Christians in Rome get from God's Spirit?  _______________


                                    Had the Apostle Paul been to Rome yet (1:11)?  _______________  What did he want to do for them when he did come?  ___________________________________________________________________________


Romans 15:18-19         (pg. 1103)  What kind of power did Paul get from God's Spirit?  ________________________________


1 Corinthians 1:1; 2:4    (pg. 1105)  What kind of power did Paul get from God's Spirit?  ________________________________


1 Cor. 1:6-7; 12:10-11 What kind of power did the Christians in Corinth get?  _________________________________________  Who did God's Spirit work through to give them these gifts?  ______________________________  What was his title in the church?  _______________________________________


1 Corinthians 15:42-46 What kind of power will all Christians get from God's Spirit some day after we die?  ________________


Galatians 4:28-29         (pg. 1131)  What kind of power did Isaac's parents, Abraham and Sarah, get from God's Spirit (Hebrews 11:11-12, pg. 1169)?  _________________________________________________________________





Exodus 28:3                 (Pg. 81)  How did God use the gift/skill of tailoring that His Spirit had given certain men?



                                    NOTE:  The KJV reads "...filled with the spirit of wisdom, that they may make...garments..."


Exodus 31:3-7              How did God use the gift/skill of crafting metals, stone, and wood that His Spirit had given certain men? _______________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________


Exodus 35:30-33          How did God use the gift/skill of artistically designing that His Spirit had given Bezalel?  (See also 36:1) ____________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  Notice what tribe he was from?  Jesus was from the same tribe - Judah.  I wonder if Jesus inherited some of that skill.


Exodus 35:34-35          How did God use the gift/skill of teaching that His Spirit had given Bezalel and Oholiab? 






Matthew 10:1a, 19-20  (pg. 942)  To whom did Jesus directly give gifts of healing and prophesy?  ________________________


Luke 4:16-18               (pg. 996)  What gifts did Jesus announce God's Spirit had given Him directly?  _____________________ good news to poor, _____________________________________ freedom for the prisoners and ________ __________________________ of sight for the blind, to ___________________________ the oppressed, to _________________________________ the year of the Lord's favor.


                                    NOTE:  One of the first things Jesus did was to announce to the people that he now had miraculous power.  He had worked only two miracles before this:  Turning water to wine, which some could say was a setup; and healing a Roman official's son by long distance which some could say was a coincidence.


Luke 11:13                   Does this passage say that God's Spirit will give everyone special spiritual gifts?  _________


John 3:6                       (pg. 1029)  What does God's Spirit give?  _____________________________


John 6:63                     What is Spirit?  _________________________________________________________________________  What does the Spirit/Word give?  ___________________________


John 7:38-39                Did anyone received God's Spirit while Jesus was on earth?  _____________



John 14:15-17              If we love Jesus, he will send us the Spirit.  How do we prove we love Jesus?  _____________________ The Spirit is what?  __________________________  What is truth (John 17:17)?  ___________________


                                    When we worship, do we sometimes do what pleases our friends?  _______________________________

                                    Who will judge us, our friends or God?  ______________________ 

                                    Who died for us, our friends or God?  _________________________________ 

                                    If we had to make a choice, who would we spend eternity with, our friends or God?  ________________


John 14:26                   "What did Jesus promise God's Spirit will do for the Apostles?  __________________________________


                                    NOTE:  This is the gift of prophecy.


John 20:20-23              After Jesus came back to life and just before he returned to heaven, what did he give his Apostles? _____________________ ______________________________________________  As a result, they could do what about people's sins?  ______________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  This was a special gift only the Apostles received.  Jesus was repeating what he had said earlier in Matthew 16:19 and 18:18 (pg. 951).  Since they now had God's Spirit, that meant they had God's Word.  They would thereby judge whether people sinned and whether they repented based on God's Word.  They would later put it in writing.


                                    NOTE:  The word "spirit" is also translated "breath."


Acts 1:4b-5                  (pg. 1055)  Who did Jesus say would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit (1:2b-3)?  _______________


Acts 2:38                     Peter said everyone would receive the gift of God's Spirit when they did what?  ____________________


                                    What does baptism do for us (1 Peter 3:21)?  ______________________________________________  Therefore, what would the gift be?  ____________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "gift" is from a Greek word which emphasizes its gratuitous character - it is FREE.


                                    NOTE:  Some people interpret this verse to mean "the gift from the Holy Spirit" (forgiveness of sins/salvation).  Others interpret it to mean "the gift which is the Holy Spirit."  If it is the latter, God's Spirit in us does make us adopted children of God (Romans 8:15, pg. 1096).  Either interpretation is good and coincides with the other.





Acts 5:32                     In the first century, the Holy Spirit witnessed orally through the Apostles.  Today the Holy Spirit witnesses how?  (Hint:  John 14:17 and 7:17, pg. 1046)?  _______________________________________________


                                    When God gives us His Spirit and we accept it, what does that make us (Romans 8:15, pg. 1096)?



Acts 8:14-19                Who was required to give God's Spirit in cases where people did not know there was such a person as a Holy Spirit?  _______________________________________________  Therefore, can people give it today?  __________________


                                    Once again, in the early years of the church, people were still sometimes confused and they still did not have the written word, not even the life of Christ.  These people obeyed God to the degree they thought was necessary.  But they had not obeyed what (Matthew 28:19, pg. 967)?  _________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 10:44ff                 God gave His Spirit to what nationality for the first time ever?  __________________________________


Acts 11:15                   This was the same gift that he gave the apostles when (see Acts 2:1, 14)?  _________________________  If God had given the gift of speaking in languages to everyone, why would this or the other two times God's Spirit was given separately have been any big deal and even mentioned in Scripture?



Romans 1:1, 11            (pg. 1090)  What title did Paul hold in the church?  ___________________________  Why did he want to visit the church in Rome?  ________________________________________________________  If they could just pray for those gifts, why would his long trip be necessary?  ______________________


                                    These gifts were signs of what (2 Corinthians 12:12, pg. 1126)?  _________________________________


1 Corinthians 1:6-7       (pg. 1105)  How did Paul confirm their testimony about Christ when they started the church in Corinth? ________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    What was Paul's title (1:1)?  ________________________________


                                    Did having these spiritual gifts necessarily make them better or superior Christians (see 11:17)?  _______


1 Corinthians 7:39-40   Three times in Scripture, Paul acknowledged that he was not sure God's Spirit had told him something.  In these cases he acknowledged that it was "in my ______________________________." 


                                    In 7:25 he said, "I have no command from the Lord, but I give a ________________________."

                                    In 11:1-16 he said so outright, which is clearer in the KJV:  "...we have no such custom, neither the churches of God."


1 Corinthians 12:1        Even though the church in Corinth had spiritual gifts, they were still having problems with what? _________________________  ______________________________________________


1 Corinthians 12:4-6     Paul defines gifts of the Spirit is what two categories?  S___________________ and W________________ 

                                    Do we serve others and do Christian works for others when there are no other people involved in what we're doing?  _______________  Therefore, could people with these gifts of the Spirit use them properly in private?  _______________


1 Corinthians 12:7        Does the Holy Spirit give us a gift for OUR edification and good, OR for the edification and good of OTHERS?  ___________________ _________________________________________________


                                    Does speaking in gibberish edify oneself or others?  ________________________





1 Corinthians 12:8        Chapters 1 and 2 say "wisdom" 16 times.  According to 2:13, what is spiritual wisdom? _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    According to 2:12, spiritual knowledge is knowing what?  _______________________________________


                                    Romans 10:1-2 says the Israelites were not saved even though they had a lot of religious zeal, because their zeal was not based on what?  ____________________________________


                                    Would spiritual gifts be needed at a time when the scriptures were not written yet?  _________________

                                    Today we can gain this knowledge from where (Romans 10:17)?  ________________________________


1 Corinthians 12:9        The word translated "faith" is from a Greek word "pistis" meaning faithfulness, steadfastness, commitment.  How could such faith help others?  __________________________________________________________


1 Corinthians 12:11      God's Spirit gave spiritual gifts how?  _______________________________________________________

                                    So, if someone did not heal or speak in tongues, were they inferior to those who did?  _______________


1 Corinthians 14:1        Which spiritual gift did Paul tell the mixed-up Christians in Corinth to most desire?  ________________


                                    Why would prophecy be superior to all other spiritual gifts (v. 3)?  _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Today, we have God's Spirit in written form - "God-breathed." (Remember, Spirit is from the Greek word for wind or breath).  Look at 2 Timothy 3:15-17 (pg. 1156):


                                    What do the Scriptures make us wise for?  ___________________________________________________

                                    What else are the Scriptures useful for? ___________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ The Scriptures then, thoroughly equip us for what?  ____________________________________________


2 Corinthians 12:12      What marked the apostles?  ________________________________________________________________


                                    Therefore, when the apostles died, could these gifts be passed on?  __________


Galatians 3:14               What was promised to Abraham (Hebrews 11:8, 10, pg. 1169) that we may also receive?  ____________


Galatians 4:29               NOTE:  Paul had recalled how Abraham had one son by his wife's slave while he was able to (Ishmael), and another son, Isaac, by his wife when he was 100 years old and not able to.  Abraham always considered his second son by his wife, Isaac, to be his legal heir.  Ishamael's descendants became Arabs.  Isaac's descendants became Jews.  They never have and never will get along.  Even in Paul's day the Jews (descendants of Isaac by the flesh) were persecuting the Christians (descendants of Isaac spiritually because they followed Abraham's examples of faith with the aid of the Holy Spirit).


                                    When we try to break away from church customs that are copies of the Old Testament, do people tend to persecute us or praise us?  ______________________________


Ephesians 1:17             (pg. 1133)  Notice the Trinity again:  Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father, the Spirit.  Before the New Testament was written, what two things did the first-century Christians get from the Holy Spirit to understand the Trinity better? ____________________________  ______________________________________________________________


Hebrews 2:3,4              (pg. 1161)  Our salvation was __________________________ by the Lord, then testified to by gifts of the Holy Spirit _______________________________________ according to HIS will.


                                    NOTE:  Notice this is in past tense, as though by now, they aren't needed as much because much of the Gospel has been written down now.


1 John 4:13f                 John, the apostle, had seen Jesus for himself, both before his death and after.  So he could testify first hand.  Since God's Spirit is God's Word in written form (John 14:17 and 17:17, pg. 1046), and if we believe and follow those words, we too have God's Spirit in us.







Exodus 31:3                 (pg. 85)  (Also 35:30-31)  God's Spirit filled Bezalel, giving him what?  _____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Deuteronomy 34:9        (pg. 206)  God's Spirit filled Joshua, and gave him what?  ______________________________________


Deuteronomy 34:9-14  God's Spirit filled Moses, and gave him what?  _______________________________________________


Micah 3:8                     (pg. 901)  God's Spirit filled Micah, and gave him what?  ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Luke 1:15-17               (pg. 990)  God's Spirit filled John the Baptist, and gave him what?  _________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Luke 1:41                     God's Spirit filled Elizabeth, and gave her what?  ______________________________________________


Luke 1:67                     God's Spirit filled Zechariah, John the Baptist's father, and gave him what?  _________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Luke 4:1-2, 13             God's Spirit filled Jesus and gave him what?  _________________________________________________


Luke 4:14, 18               God's Spirit filled Jesus and gave him what?  ________________________________________________


Acts 2:1-6                    (pg. 1056  God's Spirit filled the house and gave the Apostles what?  _____________________________


Acts 4:5-9                    God's Spirit filled Peter and gave him what?  _________________________________________________