II ~ Relation With God's People Before New Testament Written





Acts 4:23-24, 31          God's Spirit filled the Christians and gave them what?  _________________________________________


Acts 6:3-5, 2                God's Spirit filled Stephen and gave him what?  _______________________________________________


Acts 6:3-5; 8:5             God's Spirit filled Philip and gave him what?  _________________________________________________


Acts 7:55                     God's Spirit filled Stephen and gave him what?  _______________________________________________


Acts 9:15-17                God's Spirit filled Saul/Paul and gave him what?  ______________________________________________


Acts 11:22-24              God's Spirit filled Barnabus and gave him what?  ______________________________________________


Acts 13:8-10                God's Spirit filled Saul/Paul and gave him what?  ______________________________________________


Ephesians 5:15-21        God's Spirit filled the Ephesians and gave them what?  ______________________________________





NOTE:  The word translated "prophesied" is from the Hebrew word "naba" and means to abundantly utter or POUR OUT.  We will see in progressive lessons how "pouring out" is associated with both God's Spirit and God's Salvation.


A marvelous example of "pouring out" is Jeremiah who was made the laughing stock of Jerusalem and lost all his friends for predicting Jerusalem's fall.  He wanted to quit prophesying, then wrote: 


"But if I say, 'I will not mention him or speak any more in his name,'

his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones.

I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot!"

Jeremiah 20:9 (pg. 754)


Numbers 11:25                        (pg. 141)  God provided proof to the 70 elders that God's Spirit was now on them by making it possible for them to do what?  ____________________________________________


Numbers 11:26-29       Was Moses jealous when the 70 began POURING OUT the knowledge of God?  _________


Deuteronomy 34:9        (Pg. 206)  The greatest prophet in the infancy of the Jewish nation was who?  ______________________





1 Samuel 10:1, 5-7       (pg. 269)  When Samuel anointed Saul the first king of Israel, God sealed it with a sign.  What was it? ___________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "changed" is from the Hebrew word "haphak" meaning to be overturned.  It is used where Moses' staff turned into a snake and Moses turned the waters of the Nile into blood (Exodus 7:7 and 17); also leprosy turning the skin white (Leviticus 13:17) and various friends becoming enemies of someone.


1 Samuel 16:13            When Samuel anointed the next king of Israel, God's Spirit came on him also.  In fact, the things he wrote down became part of our Scriptures, for God _________________________ through the ______________ of David (Acts 4:25, pg. 1059).


1 Samuel 18:9-12         Although God no longer endorsed King Saul (15:28), sometimes Saul did what?  ____________________ 

                                    NOTE:  The word translated "evil" is from the Hebrew word "ra" meaning troubling or torturing.  Samuel had already told him God no longer endorsed him as king.  His prophecy may have been that David would be the next king, since right after his prophecy he tried to kill David.  King Saul knew David would be the next king (20:31).


                                    Sometimes King Saul's head OVERFLOWED with the knowledge of God, even when he was afraid of God, and could not hold it in.


1 Samuel 19:18-20       Whenever King Saul sent soldiers to capture David, who was hiding with the great prophet Samuel, The soldiers would start prophesying - it just POURED OUT - and did not capture David.  How many times did this happen?  __________


1 Samuel 19:23-24       When King Saul went himself, he, too, began to prophesy, and he could not stop its FLOW.  Once more King Saul knew that God's Spirit was on David's side.  How long did he prophesy?  _____________________


2 Kings 2:5, 15, 17       (pg. 356)   There was a large group of prophets living in or near Jericho.  How many did they send from their group to look for Elijah after he suddenly went to heaven?  _______________


                                    NOTE:  1 Samuel 19:20 shows Samuel being the leader of a group of prophets.  He was probably their teacher.  Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha were all leaders of prophets.


Nehemiah 9:30             (pg. 478)  God's Spirit warned the people through the prophets, over and over; the prophecies just POURED OUT.  But it was to no avail.  For how long did they do so?  ____________________________________


Hosea 9:7                     (Pg. 877)  God's prophets ran into snares and ____________________________ even in the very house of God.


                                    Does that happen to us today sometimes?  ____________  In what way?  _________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Hosea 9:8                     God's prophets, even in the Temple ("church building") ran into what?  ____________________________


Joel 2:28-29                 (Pg. 883)  It was prophesied that a time would come when God would POUR OUT His Spirit on who? ________________ ______________________________________________


                                    Introducing that era will be prophets from which genders of people?  _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  For a further study of this fulfillment, see references in Acts 2 below.


Micah 3:8, 12               (pg. 901)  Most of the Old Testament prophets did not perform miracles.  Yet their words from God's Spirit were miraculous.  Did the prediction of Jerusalem becoming a heap of rubble ever come true (Lamentations 1:1, pg. 796)?  __________________________


Zechariah 7:11-12        (pg. 921)  Even though God poured out his concern for his people by sending prophets to warn them, give five ways the people responded to them.  _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________





Luke 1:63, 67               (pg. 992)  When Zechariah's wife became miraculously pregnant in her old age, Zechariah could no longer talk.  So, when his son was born and he named him (John the Baptist), God opened his mouth.  After nine months of silence, what POURED OUT of him?  ______________________________________________


Acts 2:17b                   (pg. 1056)  [Prophecy made by Joel eight centuries earlier - 2:28-32]  "Your sons and daughters will prophesy...."


                                    Luke 1:5, 67 (pg. 992)  What descendant [son] of Aaron prophesied about Jesus?  _______________

                                    Luke 2:25-35 (pg. 993)  What other "son" of the Israelites prophesied about Jesus?  _________________

                                    Luke 1:5, 41-45 (pg. 991)  What descendant [daughter] of Aaron prophesied about Jesus?  ___________

                                    Luke 2:36-38 (pg. 993)  What other "daughter" of the Israelites prophesied about Jesus?  ____________


                                    When was the last time before Jesus anyone prophesied?  Malachi 1:1, about 400 BC.  Who was he? 



Acts 2:17c                    "....your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.  Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy."


                                    Luke 1:20-23 (pg. 933)  What young man dreamed a dream?  _______________________

                                    [NOTE:  Don't be fooled into believing the old tradition that he was an old man.  He was still alive when Jesus preached that he was the Bread of Life in John 6:42, pg. 1034.]


                                    Luke 2:12 (pg. 934)  What old men dreamed a dream?  _________________________________

                                    Luke 1:11f, 22 (pg. 990)  What old man saw a vision?  ________________________________


                                    When was the last time before Jesus that there had been visions?  Daniel 10:1, about 525 BC (pg. 865)  Who had the vision?  _____________________


                                    When was the last time before Jesus that there been dreams?  Daniel 7:1, about 550 BC (pg. 863)  Who had the dream?  ____________________________


Acts 2:18                     "Even on my servants, both men and women, I will POUR OUT my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy."


                                    NOTE:  These women noted above never prophesied in a public assembly.


Acts 11:27-28              This is the first occasion of prophesy by anyone in the Christian era besides the apostles.  Where were the apostles living at that time (8:14)?  ___________________________________________  Where did these prophets come from?  _____________________________


Acts 19:1-7                  Since these men did not even know there was such a person as the Holy Spirit, who gave Him to them separately from their baptism?  _____________________________________________  What title in the church did he have (14:14)?  ______________________________________  As a proof that they had indeed received God's Spirit, what outward manifestation suddenly poured forth from them?  ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________  What was the title of the man who gave them God's power to prophesy?  __________________________


Acts 21:8, 10               Where was Paul at this time?  _____________________________________________________  (This city is in today's Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea).  A prophet named Agabus came from what province in Palestine? ___________________________________  Since the Temple was in Jerusalem (Ezra 5:8, p. 462), and the apostles were in Jerusalem, Judea, these prophets would have been close enough to who to give Agabus this gift of prophecy?  _____________________________________ 


Acts 21:9                     Philip had four daughters who prophesied.  Did he have ties with Jerusalem (6:2 & 5)?  ______________


                                    NOTE:  Does it say his daughters prophesied in public worship?  ________________


Romans 1:2-4               (pg. 1090)  The great prophets of the Holy Scriptures (Old Testament all that was written at this time) all had one thing in common:  They prophesied about who?  _______________________________


1 Corinthians 1:1, 6-7   (pg. 1105)  Who confirmed his message about Christ by giving the new Christians at Corinth spiritual gifts? _________________ _____________________________________________  What was his title?  ________________________


1 Corinthians 12:7, 10  Why was the gift of prophecy given?  _______________________________________________________





1 Corinthians 13:8        But what will some day happen to prophecies?  _______________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  Paul is saying that love will never stop.  But prophesying God's will, speaking in foreign languages, automatically knowing the mind of God will all stop.  Why?  Because it will finally be written down.


                                    Considering the list of what will stop (instant knowledge of languages, divine knowledge, and prophesies), what would be a way to prove whether prophesies have ceased (2 Timothy 3:16)?  _____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


1 Corinthians 14:1        What was the most desirable spiritual gift?  __________________________________________________


1 Cor. 14:29-31, 37-38           Who were the early Christians to compare a prophet's teaching with in order to know the teaching was valid?  (See especially v. 37)  _________________________________________________________


1 Peter 1:10-11            (pg. 1177)  Whose Spirit told the Old Testament prophets that Jesus would come some day?  __________  But they searched _____________________, trying to find out the circumstances of his coming.


2 Peter 1:19-21            (pg. 1180)  Considering verse 16, the word of the Apostles was more certain because they were

                                    _________________________________ witnesses.


                                    Did the prophets always know how to interpret what they said?  _______________  (Hence the need for those who prophesy in languages to have an interpreter - 1 Corinthians 14:6, pg. 1115.)


                                    Prophets spoke from God as they were ____________________________ along by the Holy Spirit.


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "carried" here is translated "moved" in the KJV.  It comes from the Greek word "phero."  It was usually translated "brought along."  Interestingly, it was translated "rushing" (KJV) and "blowing violently" (NIV) in Acts 2:2 when the house where the apostles were was engulfed with God's Spirit.


1 John 4:1-3                 People denying Christ's divinity abounded in the first century.  It abounds today too.  North America is the last stronghold for Christianity in the entire world.  Even in Europe only about 10% of the people attend church.  Others accept Christ, but put him along side equally with Buddha, Mohammed, the sun goddess, etc.  Have you met anyone who thinks all world religions are equal?  _____________________  You will.


Revelation 19:10           Here is a great definition of New Testament prophecy.  The ___________________________________________________ of ____________________________ is the spirit of prophecy.





NOTE:  God's Word was Jesus and revealed by Jesus.  God's Word then was Spirit and was revealed by Prophets and Apostles.



Matthew 10:1a, 19-20  (pg. 942)  What did Jesus tell his twelve God's Spirit would do for them whenever they were taken before courts to defend their beliefs in Jesus?  ______________________________________________________ ___________________________________Was it gibberish?  ____________________  How do we know?  ___________________________________________________________


Matthew 22:43-44       David was ____________________________________ by the Spirit.  This is a quote from Psalm 110:1.  Is Psalms considered scripture (see Acts 1:16)?  __________________


Mark 16:17-18            (pg. 989)  Does this scripture say the believers would perform these signs, or the signs would accompany them? _________________  _________________________________________________________________________________


                                    People in nations worldwide who believed would do so partially because their teachers would speak what in the hearers' own ____________________________________.


Luke 2:25-27               (pg. 993)  Simeon knew the long-awaited Messiah had arrived because it had been __________________ to him by the Holy Spirit.


John 3:34-35                (pg. 1030)  Jesus spoke the ____________________________ of God.


                                    If someone acts very holy and says how much s/he loves God but does not speak the words of God, even after being shown, are they trying to impress people or God?  _____________________  Has God really sent them?  _____________ Would you consider them harmless?  ____________


Acts 1:16                     (pg. 1055)  ______________________________ had been spoken through David.


Acts 2:1-4                    God's Spirit enabled the twelve Apostles to speak in other _______________________________________.


Acts 2:6-7, 14              Were their words gibberish and/or unknown?  ________________________________


Acts 10:19-20              When God's Spirit talked to Peter, could he understand what He was saying?  ______________________


Acts 10:44-46              God's Spirit enabled what nationality of people to speak instantly in a foreign language in order to prophecy (pour fourth God's word)?  _______________________________________________


                                    When was the last time this phenomenon of people speaking in languages had occurred (Acts 2:1)?  _________________________ ____________________________________________  Who was it given to at that time (Acts 2:14)? ________________________


Acts 10:7, 8; 11:12       God's Spirit gave Peter an instruction.  Briefly, what was it?  ____________________________________  Did he know He said that because the Spirit spoke in gibberish or a language Peter understood?  _______ _______________________________________________________


Acts 11:15                   What beginning (Acts 2:1-4)?  _____________________________________________________________  What started that day (2:41)?  ________________________________

                                    Who was "us" (Acts 2:14)?  ____________________________________________________


Acts 14:3                     Who did Paul speak for?  ___________________________________________________  How did he prove his message was really from God and not just made up?  _______________________________________


                                    Were Paul and Barnabas apostles (14:14)?  __________________


Acts 23:6,9                  Paul was being tried because of his hope in the _______________________________  Those who believed him said perhaps who had spoken to him to reveal this?  ________________________________________ ________________________________________


Romans 9:1                  (pg. 1097)  Everything Paul spoke about Christ was ______________________ in Christ.  How did he learn this truth (Galatians 1:11-12, 18, pg. 1128)?  _________________________________________________


Romans 15:18-19         Did Paul ever preach hearsay or what others had witnessed?  ____________________  What was it that Paul said and did that convinced Gentiles to obey God?  ________________________________________  Where did he get that power? ______________________ _____________________________________ 


                                    What was Paul's title in the church (Romans 1:1)?  __________________________





1 Corinthians 2:12-13   (pg. 1106)  The writer of this portion of the Bible said he spoke words ____________________________ by the Spirit.


                                    Notice the footnote.  What is another translation of the phrase, "expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words"?  _______________________________________________________________________________


1 Corinthians 12:3        People who truly believe and then tell others that Jesus is Lord, are doing so through Who?  ____________  How (Romans 10:14-17, p. 1099)?  _________________________________________________________


                                    However, when people say it, do they/we always mean it?  Is Jesus Lord of our life?  Jesus stipulated over and over that what is the proof of our making him Lord (John 14:15)?  ___________________________


1 Corinthians 12:8-10   Some first-century Christians were given the __________________________________________________ of wisdom and the ___________________________ of knowledge; others were given the ability to prophecy, and still others the ability to speak in _____________________________________________________________________, and others to interpret the tongues.  Does this say they spoke unknown tongues, or different kinds? ________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "prophecy" is from a Greek word meaning to speak the mind and counsel of God.


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "interpretation" means an explanation, not just transposing a word from one language to another.  It is the same word translated "explained" in Luke 24:27 (pg. 1025) when Jesus met the men on the way to Emmaus after his resurrection.


                                    How can we interpret the scriptures today in order to help others?  (Hint:  The scriptures always interpret themselves.)  ______________________________________________________________________________


Ephesians 5:18-19        (pg. 1136)  In their worship services, they were to speak to one another at least sometimes how?  ___________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


1 Peter 1:10-12            (pg. 1176)  The prophets spoke ______________________________ this __________________________.  What they spoke, they also wrote down.  And what they wrote down was later preached and called the __________________________________.


                                    NOTE:  Indeed, how blessed we are!  Not only did the prophets not understand, the angels don't either.


                                    The prophets spoke in generalities of things to come, but in the days of the Apostles they were spoken of in specifics as guided by the Holy Spirit sent _____________________________ from _______________.


Revelation 2:7,11,17,29            (pg. 1192)  The book of Revelation was what God's Spirit said to who?  ___________________________





Acts 10:44-46              (PG. 1067)  God's Spirit was poured out even on the _____________________________.  This occurred to those who heard ______________________________ message.


Acts 14:3                     Who was the topic of Paul's and Barnabus' message?  __________________________________________


Acts 15:3, 7,8              Once Paul and Barnabus returned to Palestine, they told the Jewish believers how the ________________ had been ________________________________.  The Gentiles had heard from Paul's _______________ the message of the _____________________________________.


1 Corinthians 2:4          (pg. 1106)  From previous verses and the definition below, in what way was Paul's message demonstrated by the Spirit's power?  ____________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "power" is from the Greek word "dunamis" which is also translated "mighty works" and "miracles."  Apparently it was at this time that Jesus obtained the ability to work miracles.


1 Corinthians 12:8        What two kinds of messages did God's Spirit give the early Christians before the New Testament was written down? _________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Chapters 1 and 2 say "wisdom" 16 times.  According to 2:13, what is spiritual wisdom? ____________________________________ ______________________________  Who taught them?  _______________________________________


                                    According to 2:12, spiritual knowledge is the understanding of what?  _____________________________  What is that gift (Romans 6:23, pg. 1095)?  __________________________________________________


                                    Would these spiritual gifts be needed at a time when the scriptures were not written yet?  ____________ 

1 Thessalonians 1:6       (pg. 1146)  Even though the hearers knew they would be persecuted by their friends, what did they do about the message anyway?  ___________________________________  How?  _____________________  Was the message or the joy given by God's Spirit, or both?  _________________________________________



                                                 "We have renounced secret and shameful ways;

                                                                    we do not use deception,

                                                            nor do we distort the word of God.


                                                                          On the contrary,

                                                             by setting forth the truth plainly

                                                we commend ourselves to every man's conscience

                                                                       in the sight of God."


                                                               2 Corinthians 4:3-4 (pg. 1121)







By William A. Nolen, MD


P. 9 - I believe that if we doctors didn't know how to cure someone, we could at least be certain that no one else did...."I'm sorry...but there's nothing I can do."  Then I'd add, "And there's nothing anyone else can do either."  I believed it; now it appeared that there was at least a possibility I might sometimes have been wrong.  Maybe - sometimes, somewhere - I'd had a patient beyond my help, but not beyond the help of...someone else.


p. 39 - I do believe in God and I also believe that after physical death, we continue in existence in some other form.  If someone should ask me if I believe that "when we die we go to heaven," I guess all things considered and realizing heaven is a nebulous term, I'd answer yes....I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone cannot believe in God...almost irrational to be an atheist.




pg. 43 - [Dr. Nolen volunteered to be an usher at a healing meeting.]  "Those of you who are in the wheelchair section have a big job.  No one is supposed to go to the stage unless they have been healed....But if someone does leave a wheelchair to go to the stage, we want an usher to carry the wheelchair to the stage too.  That way Miss Kuhlman can show proof that someone has been healed."


pg. 45 - "There's a first-aid station just outside the entrance you'll be using to bring wheelchairs into the auditorium," Wally said.  "If anyone should faint, or complain of feeling ill, just bring them there.  Then we'll find either Ms. Waters or Dr. Nolen to help them."


pg. 48 - I have seen some sad sights in my life, but few that could match the one that greeted me when the doors opened and our first charges arrived.  The freight elevator they were on was jammed with about thirty wheelchair patients and their attendants.  Some of the afflicted were...drooling from a corner of their mouth, an arm lying loosely and uselessly on a paralyzed leg...."stroke victims" - and they were numerous.  Others were children, six, eight or ten years of age, crippled by birth defects....Some had the pale, wasted appearance that a doctor learns through experience is often associated with widespread cancer; others had paralysis or disfiguring defects - withered arms or legs....Every patient I saw, except of course those who were retarded, had the desperate look of those who have all but given up - who are nearly, but not quite resigned to their fate.


pg. 49 - In the next crowd that got off the elevator was one man...who didn't have a wheelchair....As he walked off the elevator, I could see him wincing with pain.  He was limping badly, so I offered to help him to the auditorium.  "I'd appreciate that," he said.  "My back and hips hurt like the devil.  I've got cancer of the kidney.  Had it operated on two years ago....Now the doctors tell me it's in my spine and in my hipbones.  They give me pain medicine to take, but it doesn't do me much good.  I'm hoping Kathryn Kuhlman will cure me."


pg. 57ff - Miss Kuhlman would pause between "cures," turn as if she had heard a voice and point out into the audience.  "Back there...way back on the right.  There's a man with cancer in his hip.  You're cured.  Your pain is gone.  Come down and claim your cure."  someone back in the hall struggled to his feet and slowly worked his way down the aisle as the crowds applauded.  Behind him came one of the ushers, carrying his wheelchair.  When the man got closer to the stage I could see that he was the fellow I had talked to earlier, the man with cancer of the kidney.  When he was up on the stage, his wheelchair behind him, Kathryn Kuhlman said, "Is that your wheel chair?"  "Yes, it is," said the man, bewildered.  "And now you're walking.  Isn't that wonderful?  Praise the Lord.  What do you think of that?" Kathryn asked, turning to the audience.  Enthusiastic applause...."Bend over so everyone can see."  He bent over.  "Walk around."  He walked around.... 


"Someone with a brace on your leg....Take it off, come to the stage, and claim your cure....Finally, after what was probably a minute but seemed an hour, a very pretty young girl limped up to the stage.  She waved her leg brace in the air and stood, with her pelvis tilted badly, on one good leg and one short, withered leg.  Kathryn Kuhlman questioned her...."How long have you worn the brace?"  "Thirteen years.  Since I had polio at seven."  "And now you've taken it off"....This scene was, to my mind, utterly revolting.  This young girl had a withered leg, the result of polio.  It was just as withered now as it had been ten minutes earlier, before Kathryn Kuhlman called for someone to remove her brace.  Now she stood in front of ten thousand people giving praise to the Lord - and indirectly to Kathryn Kuhlman - for a cure that hadn't occurred and wasn't going to occur....


This case shook severely what little hope I had left that K.K. was, truly, a "miracle worker."  I had accepted as a misunderstanding the deception that went with "Not yours surely?" - referring to the wheelchair - even though I knew the man hadn't been in a wheelchair until that afternoon; I had chalked it up to innocent error when the ability to take a deep breath was passed off as evidence of a lung-cancer cure (even though I knew most patients with lung cancer can breathe deeply); ...assumed that it was simple overenthusiasm that enabled K.K. to call a multiple-sclerosis patient "cured," even though she obviously still walked with the multiple-sclerosis gait; but this episode involving the girl with the brace was pure, unadulterated, flagrant nonsense....


Not once, in the hour and a half that Kathryn Kuhlman spent healing, did I see a patient with an obvious organic disease healed (...a structural alteration).  At one point the young man with liver cancer staggered down the aisle in a vain attempt to claim a "cure."  He was turned away, gently, by Maggie.  When he collapsed into a chair I could see his bulging abdomen - as tumor-laden as it had been earlier.


One desperate mother managed to work her child's wheelchair down to the front of the auditorium.  The little girl in the chair...glassy-eyed, hydrocephalic, could barely sit upright.  The mother, weeping, lifted her daughter out of the chair and attempted to get her to walk to the stage.  The child, with the mother holding her, made two pitiful attempts to walk, both times nearly collapsing on the floor before the mother could catch her.  Finally, weeping, the mother put her...back in the wheelchair and pushed her away down the aisle....


All the desperately ill patients who had been in wheelchairs were still in wheelchairs.  In fact, the man with the kidney cancer in his spine and hip, the man whom I had helped to the auditorium and who had his borrowed wheelchair brought to the stage and shown to the audience when he had claimed a cure, was now back in the wheelchair....As I stood in the corridor watching the hopeless cases leave, seeing the tears of the parents as they pushed their crippled children to the elevators, I wished Miss Kuhlman had been with me.


pg. 67ff - The following...typical of the patients...were willing to reaffirm their cure [and which he visited later.]


Case #1.  Marilyn Rogers....K.K. turned to Marilyn and asked, "Whose wheelchair is that?  Not yours surely."  Marilyn didn't want to go into a complex explanation about how she had borrowed it, so she simply said yes.  "And now you're walking?" K.K. asked her.  "Yes, I am," Marilyn answered...had Marilyn walk back and forth across the stage, demonstrating her "new" ability to walk....Her doctors at the university hospital had been unable to find...change in her muscle strength....She walked with the wide-based waddle to which victims of multiple sclerosis often resort.  To my eye, there was no discernible improvement in Marilyn's gait....


Case #2.  Arthur Holmber....About a week after the miracle service Arthur had a migraine.  He has had migraines off and on since that time, but he doesn't think that they are as frequent or as severe as they were before the miracle service...That will be very nice, but it will hardly be a miracle.


Case #3.  Sister Marian, a Roman Catholic nun...(She had heard of Kathryn Kuhlman from a friend, Ralph Hutchins....Ralph had been to an earlier K.K. service where he claimed a cure for cancer.  Unfortunately, Ralph was wrong; he died of cancer six months after the healing service.)....K.K. said to the audience, "All those having trouble with an arm, stand up."  Sister Marian really didn't want to stand - she felt conspicuous in her nun's habit - but when K.K. said "Stand up!" for a third time, Sister Marian felt obliged...."Have you been cured?" she felt as if she had to nod "yes."  And when he said, "Go up and claim your cure," she really couldn't hang back....Even though she was doubtful, could she say "No" or even "Maybe" when Kathryn Kuhlman asked her if she was cured....didn't want to lie; instead she equivocated by waving her arm in front of the audience....


....typical of many in the audience:  no one wanted to let Kathryn Kuhlman down, no one wanted to embarrass her....Ten thousand people are watching you.  When Kathryn Kuhlman says "Bend," are you going to stand there, rigid, like some sort of ninny?....Sister Marian still has trouble with her shoulder.


Case #4.  Rita Swanson....Rita had blemishes all over her face, the sort of pocked, scarred skin....Three days later, her face was very much improved....Kathryn Kuhlman did not say, "Someone with a skin disease has just been cured."  At her services there are instant cures of cancer, bursitis, hearing loss - all ailments that no one can see....Many of the techniques that Kathryn Kuhlman uses are hypnotic.


Case #5.  Lois Robinson....because she was wearing a pants suit when she claimed her healing of her varicose veins....When I talked to her doctor later, he said, "Yes, she developed a couple of varicose veins during her pregnancy.  They went away, as they usually do, after delivery"....Lois became furious with me when I started probing...to learn whether she had been cured or not....This wasn't the only time I was to encounter resentment.  I learned, over and over again, that people who believe...don't want anyone asking questions to find out how things really are....become so irate that they're belligerent; you can't practically taste the hostility.


pg. 82 - Although well over a hundred patients had claimed cures at the miracle service, there were, of course, thousands who had not.  How did they react to the service....Many of those who weren't cured were reluctant to talk about the experience at all....they frequently rationalized....One woman, for example, took her seven-year-old son, sick with inoperable bone cancer, to the service.  The boy wasn't helped.  The mother, a very intelligent woman, was embarrassed...."I didn't really take him down there because I thought he'd be cured...It's just that I was curious...and I couldn't find anybody to stay with Mike so I brought him along."


pg. 84ff - I wrote everyone on my list who at the time of the meeting had claimed a cure of malignant disease.


Case A - Richard Whalen....Richard had died of his cancer twelve days after Kathryn Kuhlman's visit.


Case B - Leona Flores...lung cancer..."proved" her cure by taking deep breaths without any pain....did not have lung cancer at all.  "I have Hodgkin's disease....But since no one else got up when Miss Kuhlman said...I figured it had to be me.  I've been back to my doctor and he says he can't see any change in my X-ray."


Case C - Peter Warren....He is the man I helped to walk into the auditorium and for whom I found a wheelchair...was carried to the stage by an usher and put beside him as evidence of his cure....On the stage Mr. Warren had performed, at Kathryn Kuhlman's suggestion, a number of deep knee bends to demonstrate his cure....The doctor took some more X-rays and told us that the tumor had grown some more.


Case D - Joseph Virgil....had been a most impressive witness....He too had his wheelchair brought to the stage.  When Miss Kuhlman asked him to tell everyone what had happened, he said clearly and fervently, "I came here with incurable cancer and now it's gone.  I feel perfectly well"...."I went back to my doctor a few days later just to make sure....He tells me the cancer is still in my prostate.


Case E - Helen Sullivan....had, at K.K.'s suggestion, taken off her back brace and run back and forth across the stage several times...waving her brace as she went....Two months after...she was confined to her bed...."At four o'clock the next morning I woke up with a horrible pain in my back.  It was so bad that I broke out in a cold sweat.  I didn't dare move....X-rays that showed one of my vertebrae had partially collapsed.  He said it was probably from the bending and running....Mrs. Sullivan died of cancer four months after she had been "cured."