I ~  Relationship With God's People After New Testament Written











Isaiah 4:2, 4                  (Pg. 666)  When the "Branch" of David pours out His Spirit, he will cleanse us by the spirit of ______________________________ and __________________________________.


                                    Jesus judged us sinful when he lived the perfect life.  Then he went through a baptism of fire when he was crucified for us.  At that time, what did he do with the filth of our sins?  __________________________ ______________________________________.


1 Corinthians 6:9-11     (pg. 1108)  What sins does washing our sins away get rid of as though we'd never done them? ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    How do we wash them away (Acts 22:16, pg. 1081)?  __________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "justified" comes from a Greek word meaning to pronounce innocent, to acquit.


Titus 3:5-7                    (pg. 1159)  What seven sins are listed here?  ___________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    We go through the washing of _______________________ when we do what (Acts 22:16, pg. 1081)? 


                                    Who is poured out on us to give us the new life?  __________________________

                                    Are we just before God because we were good enough?  __________

                                    This then gives us hope of __________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "grace" is from the Greek word "charis" meaning graciousness or pleasure.  Think of it!  It is a pleasure for God to see us as good in his eyes.  We have to do so little to obtain it.





Genesis 1:1-2               (Pg. 1)  Just after creating an empty heavens and earth, God's Spirit began _________________________ over the waters that covered the earth, ready to give birth.


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "hovering" in the NIV and "moved" in the KJV is from the Hebrew word "rachaph" and means to shake. 


                                    Deuteronomy 32:11 (pg. 203) translates it "flutter " (KJV) and "hover" (NIV) describing an eagle protecting her nest. 


                                    Jeremiah 23:9 (pg. 757) translates it "shake" (KJV) and "tremble" (NIV) where the prophet was excited over hearing that a Messiah would be born some day.


                                    How do you think God's Spirit felt about what was about to happen?  _________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    This is similar to how God's Spirit feels when we are born with water, and reborn with water.


Isaiah 44:2-3                (pg. 706)  God gives us life the first time where?  ____________________________________  Spiritually, God pours out his Spirit then on his _______________________________.


Matthew 3:11-12         (pg. 935)  How many baptisms are there (Ephesians 4:5, pg. 1135)?  ______________  What kind of baptism saves us (1 Peter 3:21)?  __________________________________


                                    Since fire represents persecution, will everyone be "baptized" by fire?  ____________ 

                                    Only twice were people baptized by the Holy Spirit.  They were the first of the ___________________ nationality (Acts 1:2, 5, pg. 1056) and the first of the _________________________ nationality (Acts 16:1; 11:15-18, pg. 1067).



Matthew 3:16               At Jesus' baptism, Who descended onto him?  _________________________________________________  This was an outward sign of what happens to us at our baptism also.


                                    NOTE:  Does this verse tell us the Spirit looked like a dove or descended like a dove? __________


John 1:32-34                (pg. 1028)  Did God's Spirit come down to Jesus a little while and then leave?  ______________________  What did He do?  _____________________________ on him.


John 3:5-6                    Can we enter God's kingdom just by God's Spirit alone?  ________________________  What else does it take?  ______________________________  If water is symbolic, we need something tangible to develop the symbol on.  Should we argue with God and say it only takes spirit and not water?  ___________________ 





John 7:37-39f               Standing in the middle of the Temple Jesus made an announcement with a ________________ voice and referred to the never-failing stream of righteousness (Amos 5:24, pg. 890) they could have for the asking. 


                                    Not only are we BURIED IN WATER and BORN OUT OF WATER, but LIVING WATER will ___________________________

                                    _________________________ anyone who believes in Jesus.  Who did the water now represent?  ___________________________ ____________________________.


Acts 8:36-28                How literally did Philip and the Ethiopian take the necessity of water?  ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 10:47                   God showed these Gentiles that they, too, could receive God's Spirit when they began prophesying in a different language.  But they still needed to be _________________________________ with water.


1 Corinthians 10:3-5     (pg. 1111)  In Moses' day, the rock from which water flowed was in a spiritual sense Who?  __________


1 John 5:6                    (pg. 1186)  Jesus emphasized water and spirit in John 3:5 (pg. 1029), and hinted at blood all being part of the scheme of redemption in John 3:14. 


                                    John 3:5 - We must be born of WATER and ___________________________.

                                    Hebrews 9:22, pg. 1167 - Without the shedding of BLOOD, there is no ____________________________

                                    John 14:17; 17:17, pg. 1046 - The SPIRIT is _____________________________ and God's __________ is truth.


Revelation 22:17           John is the Apostle who emphasized the symbolism of water the most.  And as he wrote the last few words of the Bible, he brought it up again.  Whoever we are - born in the first century or born in the 21st century - if we want to, we can take the ______________ gift of God's Spirit which is the water of __________





                                    NOTE:  The word translated "justified" comes from a Greek word meaning to pronounce innocent, to acquit.  Wow!


Luke 9:54-55               (pg. 1005)  God gave us His Spirit (Word) in order to do what to men's lives (see footnote for rest of verse)?  _______________________________________________


Romans 15:16              (pg. 1103)  Can a person be sanctified without hearing the gospel of God (1 Corinthians 15:2)?  _______  What is the gospel (1 Corinthians 15:3-4)?  Jesus _______________________ for our sins, he was _____, and three days later was ____________________________________.


                                    NOTE:  The Holy Spirit also sanctifies/saves us by his "power," miraculously erasing our sins as though we never committed them.


1 Corinthians 6:9-11     (pg. 1108)  In this list of sinners, can you identify anyone you know personally who is not a Christian?  What three things did God do in the name of the Son through the Spirit?  W_____________________, S_______________________, and J___________________________.


                                    The church in Corinth had several people who used to be like this.  Would you be willing to approach one of them about salvation?  What could you ask them to get them started thinking and to clue you in on whether they've been thinking about God lately? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________





Galatians 3:3                 (pg. 1129)  Do we have a tendency to fool ourselves into believing we're saved just because we perform certain duties at the church building and show up for all the programs?  _________________  How about Christian works that we do that look so "holy"? ____________  Can we ever be holy enough to deserve being saved?  ____________________


Galatians 3:5                 God gave us his Spirit because we ________________________________ what we heard.


                                    Romans 10:1f   (pg. 1098)  Paul wanted the Israelites/Jews to be saved.  They were very religious, but their zeal was not based on _______________________________________.


                                    Romans 10:17  Faith comes from hearing/reading what?  ______________________________________


Ephesians 1:13             (pg. 1131)  We were __________________________________ in Christ when we heard the ___________ of salvation.  Now God has _________________________________ us with the _____________________ Holy Spirit.  Is this something that is still in the future, or already done?  __________________________  Wow!  We don't have to guess if we're saved and sealed!


2 Thessalonians 2:13     (pg. 1150)  God chose them to be saved as his (see the footnote) _____________________________.  God's Spirit saved them through ___________________________ in the ______________________________.  What is the truth (John 17:17, pg. 1048)?  _____________________________________


Titus 3:5-6                    (pg. 1159)  Will we ever have enough faith, or go to church often enough, or read the Bible enough times or pray enough or do anything else enough to deserve being saved from hell?  _________________  We were saved when we were what (see also 1 Peter 3:21, pg. 1178)?  ___________________________ 


                                    Have you ever heard anyone say they gave their heart to the Lord, then cried and cried, and knew they'd been saved?  _____________________________  Have you ever heard anyone say they had done that and thought they were saved, but then had a greater emotional experience years later and perhaps cried and cried even harder, so it was that time they were really saved?  ________________________ 


                                    What is the external gesture we can do to seal our salvation (1 Peter 3:21, pg. 1178)?  _______________  How blessed we are that God gave us this opportunity.


                                    God's Spirit is also the _____________________ of __________________ (John 6:58, 63, pg. 1035).


Hebrews 10:29             (pg. 1168)  We treat as unholy the __________________________ of the covenant if we keep purposely _____________________________. 


1 Peter 1:2                   (pg. 1176)  We are saved through the _________________________ of God the Father

                                    through God the Spirit's sanctifying __________________

                                    for __________________________________ to God the Son.


                                    NOTE:  Once more we see the trinity.


                                    Is foreknowledge and predestination the same thing?  ___________________


1 Peter 1:10-11            How lucky can we be!  The great prophets of the Old Testament searched the Old Testament scriptures how? _____________________  ________________________________________  They tried to find out the ___________________ and ______________________________________ when Jesus would come and suffer for us.

                                    Even who else longed to understand these things?  _____________________________________________  But to whom was it revealed?  _____________________________________________________________  We are so blessed!


                                    Therefore, how can we be so brash as to declare exactly what each prediction means in Revelation, when God's own prophets could not interpret their own writings?







Luke 1:31, 35               (pg. 991)  By the miraculous power of God's Spirit, Mary was told she would do what to Jesus?  ______________________________ ___________________________________________


                                    If there were no such thing as a physical birth, would spiritual birth have any meaning to us?  _________


John 3:5-8                    (pg. 1029)  Jesus uses the symbol of birth because it is familiar in order to help us understand Spirit which is something/one we cannot (V. 8)  _________________________________ .  But we can ______________ the Spirit.  Where do we hear Him (Romans 10:17, pg. 1099; John 14:17 and 17:17, pg. 1046)?  ______


Galatians 4:4-7             (pg. 1130)  In order to become a child of someone we have to be ________________ of them.  God the Son is the only one who was begotten (born) of God the Father (John 3:16, pg. 1030).  


                                    We become children of God through what (Ephesians 1:5, pg. 1133)?  A___________________________

                                    God adopts us by sending His Spirit to us, and it is His Spirit in our hearts who calls out,



                                    Wow!  Every time we call God our Father, that is God's Spirit in us!


Galatians 4:29               NOTE:  Paul had recalled how Abraham had one son by his wife's slave while he was young enough (Ishmael), and another son, Isaac, by his wife when he was 100 years old and not able to (Isaac).  Abraham always considered his second son by his wife, Isaac, to be his legal heir.  Ishamael's descendants became Arabs.  Isaac's descendants became Jews.  They never have and never will get along.  Even in Paul's day the Jews (descendants of Isaac by the flesh) were persecuting the Christians (descendants of Isaac spiritually because they followed Abraham's examples of faith with the aid of the Holy Spirit).


                                    When we try to say at church what God says in the Bible instead of what people imagine God says, we are often treated how?  ___________________________________________.  In Paul's comparison with the two children, he is saying that our persecutors are children of which woman?  ___________________________


                                    Is this a difficult concept to accept, considering our persecutors used to be our friends?  ______________  However, unless we know they have a problem, will we reach out to them to help and teach them?  ____  Do you know things in the Bible necessary to be saved that they need to hear until they obey it?  ______  Do you love them enough to keep trying to persuade them?  _________________


Titus 3:5                       (pg. 1159)  There are two parts to our rebirth.  We must do what?  _______________________________  God's Spirit then does what?  ________________________________________________


                                    How are we reborn (John 3:5-8, pg. 1029, and Acts 22:16)?  ____________________________________


Revelation 1:4               (pg. 1091)  Jesus was the firstborn from what?  __________________________________  Being called first, that indicates there will be others following.  Who will bring us back to life after we die (Romans 8:11, pg. 1096)?  _____________________________________






NOTE:  "Prophecy" literally means POURING OUT.  Prophets poured out the Scriptures (2 Peter 1:20, pg. 1180).  Therefore, when God pours his Spirit out onto us ordinary Christians, he is doing so through what (John 14:17; 17:17, pg. 1046)?  ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Jehovah is the only one among thousands of preported gods who ever told mankind what he was thinking and what exactly he expected of us so we could live with him.  How could anyone go blindly after any so-called god?




Proverbs 1:20, 23         (pg. 616)  When God (here called Wisdom) POURS OUT his heart and Spirit on us, we know God's what? ____________________  ___________________________ 


Isaiah 32:1, 15              (PG. 692)  Isaiah predicted that when the king came who will reign in righteousness, God's Spirit will be POURED UPON us from _______________________________. 


Isaiah 44:3                    POURING OUT God's Spirit is compared with POURING OUT what?  ______________________________  Who fulfilled this (John 4:14, pg. 1031)?  ____________________________________________________


Ezekiel 39:29                (pg. 843)  When God POURS OUT His Spirit, He will no longer ________________________________.


Joel 2:28-29                 (Pg. 883)  Did all people prophesy when Jesus started the church (1 Corinthians 12:10, pg. 1113)?  _____________  God would some day POUR OUT His Spirit on all __________________________, not just Jews.


Zechariah 12:10                        (pg. 925)  Who is the "I" who will POUR OUT the Spirit of grace once he is pierced (John 19:33-37)?  ________________.  Jesus' grace was POURED OUT along with his blood and water.


Acts 2:5,38; 10:45        (pg. 1057)  On the day of Pentecost what nationality of people received the gift of God's Spirit?  ______________________ _____________________________________  Some time later, what nationality of people received the gift of God's Spirit?  ____________________________________________  Thus was fulfilled which prophecy of which prophet(s) above?  Proverbs 1:20, 23; and Joel 2:28-29.





Ephesians 3:16             (pg. 1135)  The power of God's Spirit strengths us in our ______________________ being.


Ephesians 6:12             (pg. 1137)  God's Spirit it helping us fight what other powers?  __________________________________


1 Thessalonians 1:5       (pg. 1146)  God's word came to them with ____________________________, the Holy Spirit, and deep _______________________.


2 Timothy 1:7               (pg. 1155)  God gave us the Spirit of _____________________ and of _________________________.  What else (2 Timothy 3:16)?  ______________________________________________________________


Hebrews 6:4-5             (pg. 1164)  When we share with others God's Spirit, we are sharing what (John 14:17; 17:17, pg. 1406)?  ________________________


                                    NOTE:  The phrase translated "coming age" in the NIV and "world to come" in KJV, is from the Greek word "aion" meaning age, indefinite time, dispensation, and is usually translated "world." 







Romans 5:5                  (pg. 1094)  God has poured out his ______________________ into our _______________________ by the Holy Spirit whom he has __________________________ us.


                                    How do we know for sure God's Holy Spirit has poured out his love to us (Romans 15:4, pg. 1102)?  Does it depend on an emotional experience?  _____________  If not, what then?  ________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Romans 12:6-8             List the seven gifts in this passage:  ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Are these miraculous gifts or the kind that any Christian today could have?  ________________________  Are there any in this list that you have?  Which?  _____________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  Since these gifts seem to be non-miraculous, prophecy would be pouring out God's Word through the Bible.


1 Corinthians 2:12-13   (pg. 1106)  God gave us His Spirit so we could understand what God gave us - salvation.  Through what does God's Spirit do this for us (John 14:17 and 17:17, pg. 1046)?  _______________________________


1 Corinthians 12:13      After we are baptized, God gives us what to drink?  ___________________________________________  What is another name for God's Spirit (John 7:38-39, pg. 1036)?  ________________________________

                                    What is still another name for God's Spirit (John 6:63)?  ________________________________________


2 Corinthians 3:3-6       (pg. 1120)  Since God's Spirit gives life, but the letter kills, what is the letter?  The Law.


                                    According to Galatians 3:10f (pg. 1129), and James 2:10 (pg. 1173) unless we keep all 600 of the laws of  Moses perfectly, we are cursed/condemned.  It only takes how many sins to make us sinners?  ________  What is the wages of sin (Romans 6:23, pg. 1095)?  __________________________


2 Corinthians 3:16-18   Although light is a symbol of the glory of God, what is God's actual glory (Exodus 33:19, pg. 88)?  ___________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    When we act like this, we are transformed into God's ________________________ with ever increasing _______________________ which comes from the Lord, who ___________________________________.


2 Corinthians 5:2-5       We were created to have a ______________________________ dwelling.


Galatians 3:5                 (pg. 1129)  In Romans 10:1f (pg. 1098) Paul wanted the Israelites/Jews to be saved.  They were very religious, but their zeal was not based on _______________________________________.


                                    Romans 10:17  Faith comes from hearing/reading the what? ___________________________________  Does faith come from a feeling

                                    or vision?  ______________


Philippians 1:17-21       (pg. 1138)  The word translated "deliverance" is also translated "salvation."  If Paul had been left in jail until death, how could it lead to his salvation?  ________________________________________________