II ~ Relationship With the Whole World Equally Then and Now





Romans 8:6-7               If we obey God only in the things we want, our mind is ___________________________ to God because we refuse to ________________________ to God.  In that state, we cannot ________________________ God.  So why pretend we are?


1 Corinthians 14:37      (pg. 1116)  Do people sometimes think they have a spiritual gift?  ________________  Does it necessarily mean that's what God thinks?  ______________________  With what should we compare what they are saying and doing (hint:  "what I am writing")?  _______________________________________________


1 John 3:24                  (p. 1185)  How does God the Father determine whether we are living in God the Son?  ______________  _______________________________  And how does God's Spirit let us know (Roman 10:17, pg. 1099; John 14:17; 17:17, pg. 1047)?  _____________________________________________________________


                                    If someone says they are going to let the Holy Spirit move them to make a decision, in light of the above verses, does God approve (Galatians 1:6-10)?  ___________________





Acts 5:8-9                    (pg. 1059)  Every time we lie, then, we are sinning against Who?  _________________________________  Also we are testing Who to see if he really means what he says?  _________________________________


Hebrews 3:7-8             (pg. 1162)  Once our hearts are hardened, we are likely to commit the unforgivable sin (Matthew 12:31, pg. 945) which is refusing to ask God's ____________________________ for our sins because we won't acknowledge that what we are doing is sin (John 16:8, pg. 1047).  Where do we find out what things are sin, the Bible or our logic?  ___________________


1 John 4:1-2                 (pg. 1185)  With every person who comes along supposedly teaching God's Word, what is our attitude to be at first?  _____________________________________________________________________________ 

                                    NOTE:  People denying Christ's divinity abounded in the first century, and so this is why John brought it up.  It abounds today too.  North America is the last stronghold for Christianity in the entire world.  Even in Europe only about 10% of the people attend church.  When people talk about the Messiah today, we must ask who the Messiah is.  To some he is Mohammed, to some he is Buddha, to some he is the Sun god, etc., to some he is all of them merged together.  WE TEST BY (1) ASKING THEM QUESTIONS, THEN (2) COMPARING THEM WITH GOD'S WORD.


                                    2 Peter 3:16 (pg. 1182) says that ________________________ and _____________________ people ________________________ the Scriptures. 


                                    How can we make sure we're not distorting the Scriptures?  _____________________________________





John 7:38-39                (pg. 1036)  What will flow from us if we believe in Jesus?  _____________________________________  How do we get this faith (Romans 10:17, pg. 1099)?  __________________________________________ 

                                    Is faith blind, or is it based on evidence (Hebrews 11:1, KJV)?  __________________________________


Acts 6:3-5                    (pg. 1061)  If we are full of faith, we are full of who?  _________________________________________  Can it be faith in our imagination (see Romans 10:17 again)?  _________________


Acts 10:44-46              What nationality were the circumcised believers (Galatians 2:12-14, pg. 1129)?  ____________________ Up until that time, the Jews thought they were the only ones what (Romans 2:17-18, pg. 1091)?  _______ 

                                    What types of people do you tend to think couldn't possibly have enough faith to bother with (sharing God's love with them)?  ________________________________________________________________________





Acts 11:22-24              Barnabas was good because he was glad and ______________________________ them to remain _______ _________________ to the Lord.


Acts 13:8ff                   It is one thing to pervert God's word in our own lives.  But to take others with us is even more serious.  God's calls such a person a child of the ____________________________ (not God) and an __________ of everything that is __________________________.


Acts 15:7-9                  The Gentiles believed the gospel because Paul and Barnabus ________________________ the good ____.  Who are some types of people we normally think aren't pure of heart enough to even want to hear the gospel? _______________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________ Is it up to us to make sure their hearts are pure enough?  _________________  Who takes care of that?  ___________________ 


                                    What is the seed (Matthew 13:23, pg. 946)?  ______________________ 

                                    We are to do what with the seed (1 Corinthians 3:6, pg. 1106)?  _________________________________ In what way do we water it?  ______________________________________________________________

                                    Then, who gives the increase?  ____________________________


1 Corinthians 12:9a       (pg. 1113)  One of the gifts of the Spirit in the first century church was f__________________________ by the Spirit.


                                    The word translated "faith" is from a Greek word "pistis" meaning faithfulness, steadfastness, commitment.  How could such faith help others?  __________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Galatians 3:1-2             (pg. 1129)  The letter to the Galatians was written because people were saying they should keep both Jewish and Christian practices in worship and daily life. 


                                    Think about some of the things we do in our worship services.  Are we tending to adopt Jewish religious practices too?  __________________  Like what?  _____________________________________________ Those trying to believe in and obey both the Old and New Testaments have been b___________________. 

Galatians 3:5, 14           Do we have God's Spirit of eternal life in us because we believed and obeyed the Old Testament or the New Testament (Hebrews 8:13, pg. 1166)?  _______________________________________________________


                                    What was promised to Abraham (Hebrews 11:8, 10, pg. 1169)?  _________________________________


Galatians 5:5-8             Is there a correct faith and incorrect faith?  __________________________


                                    Paul was angry at those who insisted these new Christians worship like they did instead of the way God says.  Should we be angry today if it happens?  (Hint:  See Ephesians 4:26, KJV ___________________


Ephesians 1:13             (pg. 1131)  Today we "hear" the truth through reading the Bible and heeding it.  Once we believe and obey, God _________________ _________________________________ us with a ___________________________, the _________________________________ Holy Spirit.


                                    Revelation 9:4 (pg. 1197) talks about having a seal on our foreheads so we can be saved.  That seal (a noun/name) is explained here as a verb/action.  According to this verse, Who is the seal?   _____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Ephesians 4:4-6            If there is only one faith, what is it (Galatians 1:8, pg. 1128)?  Was it a faith in something already preached?  ___________________  Who is the "we" who preached it (1:1)?  _______________________ _____________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The entire Trinity is represented here.


                                    If there is only one baptism, describe it (Romans 6:4, pg. 1094)  _________________________________  Therefore, what baptisms have been eliminated?  John's baptism and baptism of Holy Spirit.





2 Thessalonians 2:13     (pg. 1150)  According to the footnote, some manusacripts read that God chose them in what way?  ________________________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  We can have a separate study of being chosen and our "time" for being chosen.


1 Timothy 3:16             (pg. 1152)  If an atheist were to question us, would our faith take a beating?  ______________________  Is our faith beyond all question?  ___________________  If not, what are the questions about Jesus' existence that hound you? __________________________


1 Timothy 4:1-2            Is that happening today?  _______________  If so, in what way? _________________________________  If they refused to change their teachings after shown this scripture, despite their "holy" smiles, God says they were what?  _______________________________________________________________________



1 John 4:1f                   (pg. 1185)  Are we to believe everything religious people tell us?  _______________


1 John 4:13-14             Faith in Jesus was first-hand knowledge to the Apostle John.  Why?  _____________________________  In what way can John, the eye witness, share his witness with us today so we, too, may believe?  _______________________________________________________________________________________


Jude 19-20                   (pg. 1190)  Are there religious people who want to follow instincts instead of the Bible?  _____________  What are some of their pet phrases?  ________________________________________________________









Genesis 6:3-6               (Pg. 5)  If our hearts are on things we imagine God said, do we have room in our hearts for reading God's Word to find out what He actually said?  _____________________


                                    NOTE:  This introduction to Noah is not talking about the number of years before God destroyed the world with the flood.  That was 100 years later, for Noah was 500 years old at this time (5:32, and entered the ark when he was 600 years old (7:6).  This was talking about the reduced average age from nearly 1000 years old to just over 100 years old.  (This is a separate and fascinating study.)


Psalm 51:10-17                        (Pg. 556)  When we say something is pure, we mean it is all one thing - pure gold, pure silk, etc. - and usually use the term to explain something very good or very bad.  If we ask God to create a pure heart in us, what is it we want our heart to do?  (Hint:  See one of the beatitudes, Matthew 5:8, pg. 936)  ______ ________________________________________________________________


                                    v. 10    Did David want a wishy-washy spirit?  _________  What kind did he want?  _______________


                                    v. 11   Look at the introduction to this psalm.  What had David just done?  _______________________  What did he fear, as a result, God's Spirit would now do?  ______________________________________ 

                                    v. 12   What else did he want his spirit to be?  _____________________  He did not want a heart that obeyed God but resented doing so.  Do you have that kind of heart sometimes?  _________  If so, what is it toward?  _________________________________________________________________________


                                    v. 13   When we feel joy and excitement in doing God's will, what will we then do?  ________________  __________________________  Why?  _____________________________________________________


                                    v. 16f  God had commanded in the Law of Moses that people offer sin sacrifices and do other rituals to be forgiven of sins.  Yet, this says it did not do any good unless they had what kind of heart?



Psalm 143:4, 7, 10       When our hearts are dismayed, we must take our minds off ourselves and meditate on God's ___________.  When we look for God's will in the Bible instead of relying on our emotions, will our path be rocky and hilly?  ___________________  What will it be?  ______________________________________________


Proverbs 1:20-23         (pg. 616)  When God's wisdom (Spirit) cries out to us, sometimes we don't hear because of ___________________________ streets.  What are some noising things in our everyday lives that keep us from meditating on God? ____________________  _________________________________________________________________  Even if we don't like what God has to say, it helps to know that God has done what with his heart?  ________________________________________


Isaiah 61:1                    (pg. 724)  After we have heard all the religious people around us, what really binds up broken hearts?



Ezekiel 11:18-19          (pg. 811)  A divided heart tries to squeeze God in between what that is detestable?  ___________________  What is one idol that often comes between God and us (Colossians 2:23, KJV)?  Our own ____________.


                                    This verse says "I WILL," not "you will."  What kind of heart honors God when he says, "I will"?  ______________________________


Ezekiel 18:31                God wants us to get both a new_____________________________ and a new ______________________.  God cries out, "Why will you _________________________?"  Why would anyone willingly die spiritually when they could have so easily prevented it by giving up their own will.


Ezekiel 36:26-27          God does heart transplants!  What kind?  ____________________________________________________


Zechariah 7:11-12        When our hearts are hard, we (1) _______________________ to pay ______________________________, (2) _________________ turn our __________________________________, and (3) _______________________________________ up our _______________________________.


Mark 2:8                      (pg. 969)  Jesus through the God Spirit knows what?  __________________________________________


Acts 5:1-5                    (pg. 1059)  Who fills our hearts when we lie to God's Spirit by disbelieving Him?  __________________


Acts 7:51, 53               When we strongly and angrily resist something, our jaws jut out and we become ____________________ 

                                    We resist God's Spirit by learning God's commands and still not __________________________ it.

                                    People who persecute those who are simply repeating what God said are resisting who?  _____________ _______________________





Acts 15:8-9                  God purifies our hearts when we have ________________________________.


Acts 28:17, 25-26        If we have truly heard/read the Word of God, and claim we believe it, but never obey it, our hearts have become ___________________


                                    What methods are people with calloused hearts using to try to influence you?  ______________________ What are they trying to influence you to do?  _________________________________________________


Romans 2:25, 29          (pg. 1092)  If we obey all God's commands, but resent doing it, we may get praise from our friends, but who will not be impressed?  ________________________________  Do we prefer to be praised by our friends or God?  _________________________  Is it always easy?  ____________  Why?  ___________ _______________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  We must cut off/circumcise our stubborn will, our arrogance, from our hearts and follow God no matter how unpopular his command is among our friends. 


Romans 5:5                  How do we know God's Holy Spirit has poured out his love to us (Romans 15:4?  _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Romans 8:27                Who searches our hearts?  __________________________________________________  Does God's Spirit sometimes know us better than we know ourselves?  _________________  List a couple ways we can know our own hearts better: ____________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to start doing it now?  ___________________


2 Corinthians 1:22        (pg. 1119)  God's seal of ownership is who and where?  ________________________________________ 

                                    NOTE:  The comments in Revelation 9:4 (pg. 1197) about having the seal on our forehead is just changing a noun (name of something) into a verb (an action).


                                    When we purchase a house but need to go to the bank to borrow the money, what do we give to get a guarantee that we can have the house once we get our loan?  ____________________________________


2 Corinthians 3:3          If we know God's will by reading the Bible every day and searching it for answers, it does us no good unless we put his word where?  ____________________________________________________________


Galatians 4:4-7             (pg. 1130)  Do people sometimes insist we do certain things not in the Bible that look holy in order to prove we're daughters of God?  _____________________  Are they - and are they trying to get us to be -slaves to this "holy" behavior?  _______________


Ephesians 5:18-19        (pg. 1136)  Even if we sing the most beautiful song with the most magnificent choir and the most well-trained orchestra, it does us no good unless we make music (play on the strings of) in our what?  ______





Colossians 3:16            (pg. 1144)  We can teach someone through song.  But if we sing only because we love the tune or love to perform does it do any good?  __________________  What do you think, as we sing, we should we be grateful for?  _____________________________________


Hebrews 3:7                 (pg. 1162)  Sometimes when God tests us, we do what to our hearts?  ____________________________  That means our hearts are in a state of r______________________________________


                                    What is some way God has been testing your beliefs lately?  __________________________________________________________


Hebrews 4:12-13         What is the sword that the Holy Spirit uses to fight Satan and evil and wrong teachings?  _____________ ________________   God's Word is l__________________________ and a_________________________.  Our thoughts and attitudes come from our h__________________________.  God will judge both the _______________________________ and _______________________________ of our hearts.





2 Chronicles 24:20-21  (pg. 443)  Zechariah said that since they had forsaken God, God would do what to them?  ____________ __________________________  In what way had they forsaken God?  _____________________________  Determined to continue disobeying, what did they do to God's messenger?  ________________________  Where?  _________________________________


Matthew 28:18-20       (pg. 967)  Do we have any authority as far as our relationship with God?  __________  Who has that authority?  ____________________________________  How much of it?  __________________________  What did he say he wanted done with his commandments?  _____________________________________  Did he say we should obey if it is the popular thing to do?  ____________  In eternity, who do we want to be with us - our misguided and misguiding friends or Jesus?  _________________________________


John 14:15-17              (pg. 1046)  Do we prove how much we love Jesus by the tears we shed or the number of prayers we pray?  ______________  How do we prove it?  _______________________________________________


                                    If God's Spirit is truth, in what was does God's Spirit counsel us?  ________________________________


John 14:21                   Do people tend to think Jesus had no commands, but just wanted us to love one another?  ____________  Why do you think they believe that way?  ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________  Where did God the Son get his words?  _____________________________________  After Jesus left, The Father's Words then appeared where (17:17)?  _____________________________________________


Acts 5:32                     (pg. 1060)  God gives His Spirit to those who _______________________ him.  How do we know what to obey (John 14:17 and 7:17, pg. 1046)? ____________________________________________________


Romans 15:18-19         (pg. 1103)  God's Spirit led the Gentiles to _________________________ by what Paul ________________ and _______________________.  Today, how does God's Spirit lead us to obey (John 14:17; 17:17, pg. 1046)?  ___________________


Galatians 5:5, 7-10       (pg. 1131)  People who are telling us not to obey God are not from who?  ___________________  Once they convince us to disobey in one little thing (because it's no big deal?), what could it grow into?  ___________________________________  What are such people throwing us into?  _________________ What will happen to them?  ___________________________________________________


1 John 3:24                  (pg. 1185)  How can we know for sure by God's Spirit that we are obeying Jesus' commands (John 14:17, 17:17, pg. 1046)?  _______________________________________________________________________