I ~  His Attributes

(Many are the same as the Father and Son)







Isaiah 11:1-2                (pg. 673)  What five attributes are given in this passage?  _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    What did Jesus later call God's Spirit (John 14:16f, pg. 1046)?  __________________________________


Isaiah 63:11-14            (pg. 726)  He is God's _______________ of power reaching down from heaven to cause the miraculous to happen.


Zechariah 4:6-10          (pg. 920)  The first small group of Jews has returned to Jerusalem, now burned and leveled.  They want to rebuild the grand temple, but the work is too hard and they have no spirit in them to do it.  God tells them, now that they're broken, they will have a God-Provided power:  God's Spirit.  Will his Spirit help them accomplish spiritual things or material things? _________________________________ ____________________________________________


Ephesians 6:11-12        (pg. 1127)  Even though our daily struggle seems to be with material things and mortals, God's Spirit is helping us fight what four even more powerful forces?  ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  In the Greek, "heavenly places" is actually a term meaning "on high" indicating the entire spirit realm.  See Ephesians 2:2.





Genesis 1:1-2               (pg. 1)  From the explanation below of what God's Spirit was doing just prior to creation, how would you desribe His feelings and attitudes?  __________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "hovering" in the NIV and "moved" in the KJV is from the Hebrew word "rachaph" and means to shake.  In Deuteronomy 32:11, pg. 203, it is translated "flutter" (KJV) and "hover" (NIV) describing an eagle protecting her nest.  In Jeremiah 23:9, pg. 757, it is translated "shake" (KJV) and "tremble" (NIV) where he was excited over hearing that a Messiah would be born some day.


Job 26:13                     (pg. 512)  God's breath is also translated God's Spirit.  What does he regularly do to the sky?  ______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Psalm 51:10-11            (pg. 556)  David lists three things God's Spirit can give his spirit.  What are they?  _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Psalm 104:30               (pg. 588)  In your own words, God's Spirit does what to vegetable life and animal life on earth?






Job 27:3; 33:4              (pg. 512)  God's Spirit provides us with what?  ______________________________


Ecclesiastes 12:7          (pg. 655)  When we die, Who receives our spirit?  _____________________________


Ezekiel 37:11-14          (pg. 841)  Ezekiel has just seen a vision of the bones of the slain coming back to life.  This represents God's Spirit doing what to the Jews now exiled in a foreign land?  _____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Luke 9:54-55               (pg. 1005)  Two apostles wanted to call fire down from heaven on an uncooperative village.  They thought destruction was power.  Jesus said the Spirit that they were derived from was not a destroyer, but rather a what?  (see footnote in your Bible for rest of verse)  ________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  See footnote c in your Bible for the rest of this verse.


John 6:58, 63               (pg. 1135)  The Spirit not only gives mortal life, but what other kind of life does he give? ____________


John 7:38f                    (pg. 1036)  What does Jesus use as a symbol for the Spirit?  _________________________________  Why do you think this symbol is used?  __________________________________________________________ 

                                    NOTE:  Since God the Son could be seen and God the Spirit could not, God the Son had to return to heaven before they could receive that Spirit.  It is much like, "You cannot call me on the telephone while I'm standing here."  As we will see in other scriptures, this is the Spirit of both the Father and the Son.


Acts 2:32f                    (pg. 1057)  Since God the Spirit gives life, which part of the Trinity gave Jesus' life back to him after his death?  ____________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "received" is sometimes translated "accepted" or "caught" and is translated 122 times as "took."  He now had once again the Holy Spirit without his fleshly body and temptations interfering.





Romans 8:1-2               (pg. 1096)  Just as there is a law of gravity on earth that we mortals have no choice but to abide by, what law is in heaven that the Spirit abides by?  ____________________________________________  What law is that opposite of?  _________________________________________________________________


Romans 6:4 & 6; 8:3-4 Although still sinful, if we are Christians, God's Spirit does not acknowledge our sins and therefore makes it possible for us in a spiritual sense not to live according to our what? ____________________________


Romans 8:5                  If God's Spirit is Life, what does his Spirit want for us?  ________________________________________


Romans 8:6f                 What attribute is associated here with life?  ___________________________  Who are we then, at peace with?  ______________________________________


                                    Which of God's commands do you become hostile toward when you read them?  _____________________

                                    How about our friends?  __________________________________________________________________

                                    Do you find it difficult to submit to God?  _______________  Why?  _____________________________



Romans 8:9                  If we are not slaves to our sinful nature, who is living in us?  ___________________________________


                                    We must belong to Christ in order to have the Spirit in us.  When do we become Christ's (1 Corinthians 6:15 & 12:13, pg. 1108ff)?  ____________________________________________________


Romans 8:11                (pg. 1096)  The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will do what for us?  ___________________  Why?  Because God's Spirit cannot be destroyed and will continue to live in us.


Romans 8:13                What does Life kill?  _____________________________________________________________________


1 Corinthians 3:17        (pg. 1120)  On earth, where does God's Spirit live?  ___________________________________________  When Jesus was on earth, where did God's Spirit live (Luke 3:22; 4:1)?  ___________________


1 Corinthians 3:18        With God's Spirit in us, we reflect God's glory.  What is God's glory (see Exodus 33:18-22, pg. 88)?  _______________________________________________________  What else besides that (Exodus 34:6-7)?  ____________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


2 Corinthians 3:3          Since Christ is usually represented as the audible and seeable Word of God (John 1:1), and our hearts the tablets, what could you say the Spirit is?  ______________________________  With God's Spirit in inspired men of the first century, God's Word was able to be put in permanent written form.


2 Corinthians 3:6          Legalism kills.  Although Jesus said we must keep his commands (John 14:15f, pg. 1046) what spiritual ingredient must we show to keep us from being legalistic?  _____________________________________


2 Corinthians 5:5, 10    The Spirit created our mortal bodies to help determine our eternal destiny.  Just as the Spirit is God in action, if God's Spirit is in us, our bodies should also be God in action.


Galatians 5:16               (pg. 1132)  If we are alive in the Spirit, we will not do what?  ___________________________________


Galatians 5:22-23         What attributes does the Spirit have that he helps us have also?  _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________  Is there any mention of unintelligible speaking or movements as an attribute?  ________





Galatians 6:7-8             (pg. 1132)  If our lives are lived to please the Spirit, what will the Spirit give us?  __________________


Ephesians 2:19-22        (pg. 1134)  We Christians are all part of a building built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ as the chief cornerstone.  What are we being built into?  ___________________________  Who lives there?  _______________________________________


Philippians 1:19-23       (pg. 1138)  Paul knows that, even though he is in prison, the Spirit of who will help him?  ________

                                    He knows even if he dies, he will gain what/who?  ____________________________________________


2 Timothy 1:14             (pg. 1155)  The Holy Spirit will help us do what for the promise of salvation within us?  _____________


                                    Are you guarding your salvation from those who would steer you wrong?  _______________  How? ________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________


Hebrews 9:14               (pg. 1166)  Even though Jesus was here in the form of a man and not a lamb, he became our unblemished Passover Lamb offered on the altar of the cross (1 Corinthians 5:7, pg. 1108).  Since God's Spirit creates our flesh any way he wants, could He have in a spiritual sense made him a lamb through God's eyes?  ____


                                    How are our consciences cleansed (1 Peter 3:21, pg. 1178)?  __________________________________ 


1 Peter 2:5                   (pg. 1177)  With the help of God's Spirit, we become a spiritual house and offer spiritual sacrifices.  What are some sacrifices in your own life (see Romans 12:1, pg. 1100)?  ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


1 Peter 3:18                 (pg. 1178)  Although Jesus' body was killed by man, who brought it back to life?  __________________

                                    Therefore, who will make us alive after we die?  ___________________________


1 John 3:24                  (pg. 1185)  If we obey Jesus' commands, he lives in us.  How does Jesus get into us (Galatians 3:27, pg. 1130)?  ___________________________________________________  What is the gift given by God's Spirit (Acts 2:38, pg. 1057)?  ______________________________________________________________


Revelation 5:6               (pg. 1195)  The seven Spirits of God are represented by seven horns (representing power) and seven eyes.  Since seven is 3 + 4 and represents heaven (the Trinity) and earth (four corners of, four winds of), God's Spirit sees where?  __________________ ______________________________________________________________________


Revelation 22:17           (pg. 1207)  The Spirit and the bride (church - see Ephesians 5:29 & 32, pg. 1136) are both on earth and are calling out to people everywhere to take what free gift?  _____________________________________


Revelation 22:20           Although we and God's Spirit on earth are calling out to people, we are also calling out to God the Son to come.  How does he reply?  _______________________________________________________________


                                    Yes, Lord Jesus!  Come!  As soon as we can find as many people as possible to come to you.  Then come get us all, Lord Jesus!  Come get us all!  We can hardly wait!





Romans 5:5                  (pg. 1094)  God does what with his love through His Spirit?  ____________________________________


Romans 15:30              We touch the love of God's Spirit through what?  _______________________________


                                    NOTE:  Another verse reflecting the Trinity:  Lord Jesus Christ, Spirit, God the Father


2 Corinthians 6:4, 6      (pg. 1122)  Paul commended himself to the salvation of others how?  _____________________________




2 Corinthians 13:14      What two attributes of the Trinity (yes, another Trinity verse) are associated with God's love?  _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Galatians 5:22-23         (pg. 1132)  A list of the fruit of the Spirit is headed by love.  What are the associated attributes? ______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Philippians 2:1              (pg. 1139)  What other five attributes of God's feelings toward us are associated with His love?



Colossians 1:8              (pg. 1142)  Every time we love others, Who is at work in us?  ___________________________________


2 Timothy 1:7               (pg. 1155)  When we are timid about sharing our faith, is that God's Spirit in us?  ___________________ What does God's spirit give us?  ____________________________________________________________





Proverbs 1:20, 23         (pg. 616)  God's Spirit (here called Wisdom - see below) calls out to us, longing to do what with his heart?  ______________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Ezekiel 11:19-20          (pg. 811)  God's Spirit longs to take away our hearts of stone and give us hearts of what?  ____________  With such hearts, we will, in turn, long to do what?  _____________________________


Ezekiel 36:26f               (Same as above)


2 Corinthians 1:22        (pg. 1118)  The seal/deposit of ownership God gives us guaranteeing our being raised back to life after we die is putting His heart and Spirit where?  ____________________________________________________


2 Corinthians 3:3          God writes love letters in our heart, using what as the ink?  _____________________________________


                                    NOTE:  We are soooooo blessed.  We do not have to guess how God thinks toward us or what he wants us to do to be given his heart.  It's all in his written word.  (See more below.)


Galatians 4:6                 (pg. 1130)  God sent whose spirit into our hearts?  ________________  What relation is he to God the Father?  ___________________________  Therefore, God's Spirit in our hearts makes us what?  ___________________________ _______________________________________________________





1 Chronicles 28:11-12  (pg. 419)  God's Spirit put into David's mind what?  ___________________________________________


Isaiah 40:13f                 (pg. 701)  No matter how much we study God's Spirit, will we ever be able to understand him completely?  ______ In actuality, will we ever be able to completely understand the mind of anyone else?  ________


Ezekiel 11:5                  (pg. 810)  On the other hand, who is able to completely understand the mind of everyone?  ___________ 

John 14:26                   (pg. 1046)  This promise of complete recall of Jesus' words was made only to the Twelve; the early church had to rely on the Apostles' knowledge of God's will for the church.  However, this does not change the fact that to all of us, God's Spirit is also the what?  _____________________________________  We will find out later how He counsels us today.


                                    NOTE:  The KJV translates this as "Comforter."  This is from the Greek word "parakletos" which literally means to call to one's side.  Both translations are applicable.  We will find out later how He comforts us.


                                    Does it help you to know that God's Spirit is walking side by side with every Christian?  _____________




Romans 8:5                  (pg. 1096)  Our minds should be on what God's Spirit __________________________________________


Romans 8:6f                 The mind of God's Spirit seeks to do what to the Christian's mind?  ______________________________  Is this something that will hurt us?  _____________________  Does God's Spirit want to control us by taking control forcefully or peacefully?  ____________________________


Romans 8:27                (pg. 1097)  God the Father is mentioned in verse 21.  Therefore, it is He who searches our hearts.  It is also he who knows the mind of who?  _______________________  Who else's mind does God search?  ___________________  What does God's Spirit do between us and God the Father? _________________


1 Corinthians 2:14        (pg. 1106)  God's Spirit is understood only by who?  ___________________________________________  When do we get God's Spirit (see Acts 2:38, pg. 1057)?  _______________________________________


1 Corinthians 12:7        If each one of the gifts of the Spirit are one of His attributes, then what are His attributes?  ________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "faith" is from the Greek word "pistis" and means faithfulness, steadfastness, reliability.


                                    The word "interpretation" is also found in 2 Peter 1:20 (pg. 1120) which says the prophets who wrote the prophecies did not give the interpretation to their own writings.  This is not referring to translating, but explaining a meaning.





Genesis 41:38-39         (pg. 42)  Since God's Spirit gave Joseph the ability to interpret Pharaoh's dream, what two attributes of the Spirit did he give Joseph?  _______________________________________________________________


Deuteronomy 34:9        (Pg. 206)  What gift did God's Spirit give Joshua, Moses' successor?  _____________________________  Did Joshua have the Holy Spirit before or after Moses laid his hands on him (Numbers 27:18, pg. 160)?  _____________________


Job 32:7-8                   (Pg. 517)  What attribute of God's Spirit can He give men of any age?  ___________________________


Proverbs 1:20, 23         (pg. 616)  Chapters 1:20-33 and 3:13-18 personify Wisdom as a woman.  In this first passage, those who respond to God's Spirit as she calls out to mockers throughout the world, will have what two things poured out on them? ___________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________  How beautiful!


Proverbs 3:19-20         What three attributes of God's Spirit caused him to create the world?  ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Isaiah 11:1-2                (pg. 673)  This is a prediction of Jesus, a descendant of David son of Jessee.  He will have what attributes of God's Spirit? __________ _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 6:3-6, 10              (pg. 1061)  Did these seven men (whom we call deacons because the word "ministry" is "diakanos" in Greek) have the Holy Spirit before or after the Apostles laid their hands on them?  __________________


1 Corinthians 2:4          (pg. 1106)  Is the kind of wisdom God's Spirit gives us what people normally consider wisdom?  _________


                                    NOTE:  Chapters 1 and 2 say "wisdom" 16 times.  According to 2:13, what is spiritual wisdom? ________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    According to 2:11, spiritual knowledge is knowing what?  _______________________________________


                                    Would these special gifts be needed at a time when the scriptures were not written yet?  __________ 


1 Corinthians 12:8        Wisdom and knowledge as spiritual gifts were to be shown through what?  M_______________________


Ephesians 1:17             (pg. 1131)  While the New Testament was still being written, Paul prayed that Christians in Ephesus would receive the wisdom and revelation of God's Spirit.  Why?  ________________________________________





Colossians 1:9              (pg. 1142)  God's Spirit fills us with the knowledge of what?  ___________________________________  (We will see how later.)


Colossians 3:16            Our spiritual songs are not just to praise God, but are to do what to each other?  ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________






Genesis 6:3-6               (Pg. 5)  What does God's Spirit do with men, at least for awhile?  ________________________________


                                    From verse 4, we see that there was a moral battle or contention between good and evil.  The thoughts of God were contending with the thoughts of who?  _____________________


                                    God's Spirit was g___________________________ and filled with __________________________.


Proverbs 1:20, 23         (pg. 617)  God's Spirit calls out to people everywhere wanting to pour out his heart and make his _______________ known to us.


Mark 2:8                      (pg. 969)  God's Spirit in Jesus caused him to know what?  ______________________________________


Acts 1:1-2                    (pg. 1055)  God's Spirit gave what through Jesus, the Word?  ____________________________________


1 Corinthians 2:9-10     (pg. 1106)  God's Spirit conceives what God the Father has _____________________________ for us.  God's Spirit does what to us?  ______________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________


1 Corinthians 2:13        Are the spiritual words taught us by the Spirit unintelligible words?  _________  What is truth (John 17:17, pg. 1048)? _______________ _________________________________________________


Hebrews 4:12f              (pg. 1163)  Since the Spirit is also called Truth (John 14:17, pg. 1046), what can God's Spirit judge? _________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________





John 3:5                       (pg. 1029)  What was the truth that Jesus explained here?  ______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


John 4:23-24                What kind of worshippers does God want?  ______________________________________________  Proper worship must be both ____________________________________ and ____________________________________.  Do you think some worshippers today pursue the spirit part but not the truth part?  __________________  Why?  _________________________________________


John 13:21                   Sometimes God's truth has what effect on us?  ________________________________________________


John 14:17                   What name does Jesus give God's Spirit here?  _________________________________  What is God's truth (17:17)?  ___________________________________  Therefore, how do we have God's Spirit in us?  _______________________________

                                    Give an example of people commonly not accepting the truth (Spirit), even though they have been shown the truth?  __________________________________________________________________________