II ~  His Attributes

(Many are the same as the Father and Son)





John 15:24-27              At first Jesus proved he was God the Son with miracles no one had ever done before or would do after him.  After he left, God's Spirit did what?  ___________________________________


Acts 28:17, 25-27        (pg. 1088)  Who speaks truth?  _____________________________________________________________  According to the footnote, what scripture was quoted as being the truth?  __________________________


                                    What do many people do with the truth after hearing it?  _______________________________________

                                    What do many people do with the truth after reading/seeing it?  __________________________________

                                    When we associate with calloused people, what could happen to us?  _____________________________


                                    If people would just accept God's Spirit, the truth, what would His Spirit do for them?  ______________  Do you think this is a physical healing or spiritual healing?  _____________________________________


Romans 9:1                  (pg. 1097)  Our consciences, as Christians with access to the truth, is ruled by who?  ________________  If our consciences have been educated by the Word, how do we feel when we go against our consciences? __________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


1 Corinthians 2:12-13   (pg. 1106)  God's Spirit wants us to do what with the truth given to us?  _______________________________________________ ____________________________________  Are spiritual words expressed in gibberish?  _____________


Galatians 5:5-10           (pg. 1131)  What does the writer say people are doing who try to persuade us the Bible doesn't mean what it says?  ________________________________________________________________________________  What does the writer say these people are throwing others into?  ______________________________________________________  What will happen to them?  ________________________________________________________________


                                    Paul was angry at those who insisted these new Christians worship like they did.  Should we be angry today if it happens?  (Hint:  See Ephesians 4:26, KJV)  _________________


Ephesians 1:13-14        (pg. 1131)  What makes us be included in Christ?  What someone tells us or the truth?  ______________


                                    WHO is the seal we have within us that God  will keep his promise to save us?  _____________________ 

                                    When we make an offer to purchase a home, we make what as a guarantee?  _______________________  Who does God give us as our deposit that we'll really be taken to heaven?  ________________________


                                    Revelation 9:4 (pg. 1197) talks about having a seal on our foreheads so we can be saved.  That seal (a noun/name) is explained here as a verb/action.  WHO is the seal?  ________________________________


2 Thessalonians 2:8-10 (pg. 1149)  If someone claims to work miracles, does that mean God's Spirit is with them?  ________________


                                    Do such actions deceive those who are being saved or those who are perishing?  ____________________


                                    Why do people perish?  ___________________________________________________________________


2 Thessalonians 2:13     God's Spirit made it possible for us to be saved through the work done on Jesus' part, and through what on our part?  ______________________________________________________ 


1 Timothy 4:1-3            (pg. 1152)  The Spirit of Truth warns us that there will be other spirits convincing us to abandon what?  _______________________________________  What kind of people have these spirits in them? ___________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    What are some things these liars try to convince people to do to be good?  ____________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    If these people refuse to change their teachings after being shown scripture, despite their "holy" smiles, what would this say about their consciences?  _____________________________________________________


Hebrews 10:26-29       (pg. 1168)  When we keep sinning after hearing the truth, how does God's Spirit feel?  _______________


1 John 4:6                    (pg. 1185)  We must learn to recognize the difference in the Spirit of ____________________________ as well as the spirit of __________________________________.


                                    Where do we find the truth (John 17:17, pg. 1048)?  ________________________


1 John 5:6                    What is God's Spirit?  ____________________________________





2 Samuel 23:1-2           (pg. 319)  God's Spirit spoke to man through who's written words?  ___________  Therefore, did the Holy Spirit come to people before Christianity?  ____________________


Psalm 106:33               (pg. 591)  Moses and Aaron rebelled against God's Spirit by speaking what?  _______________________


Isaiah 40:7-8                (pg. 700)  Keeping in mind that the term "breath of God" in Hebrew is also "Spirit of God;" and keeping in mind that God's Spirit is truth (John 1417), who and what will last forever?  ______________________




Isaiah 59:21                  Verse 20 indicates God is talking to the Jews.  He says here that His Spirit at that time was on who?  ___________________________


Micah 2:7                     (Pg. 900)  People in Old Testament times as well as people today tend to believe that God's Spirit never gets what?  __________________________________


Zechariah 4:6                (Pg. 920)  What is stronger than man's might and power?  ______________________________________


Zechariah 7:12              What two things did God's Spirit send by the prophets?  ________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Matthew 8:16               (pg. 940)  Did Jesus speak many words or go into frenzies or anything else to heal people or drive out demons?  _____________________  Compared with all the books in the world twisting God's Word, is God's Word filled with few or many words?  ___________________________


John 3:34-35                (pg. 1030   Jesus spoke what?  ______________________________  These words God gave the world through Jesus are also what?  _________________________________________________________  If we believe these words, we have what?  __________________________________________________________________________  If we do not, we have what?   ______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    If someone acts very holy and says how much they love God but does not speak the words of God, even after being shown, are they trying to impress people or God?  _____________________  Has God really sent them?  _________________________  Would you consider them harmless?  _______________________


                                    NOTE:  The KJV after "Spirit without limit," added "unto the Son" (italicized) because the verse before and the verse after both refer to Jesus, the Son.


John 6:63                     God's word is given what?  ___________________________________


John 14:17                   What is God's Spirit?  ________________________________________.  Worldly people do not do what with Truth/God's Spirit?  ______________________________.


                                    Give an example of people not accepting the truth, even though they have been shown the truth? _________________________  _________________________________________________________________________________________________


                                    How can God's Truth/Spirit live in us?  ______________________________________________________


John 20:20-22              After Jesus' resurrection and all his work was done, he was ready to leave, so gave them Who? ________________________ ________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "breathed" is from the Greek word "emphusao" and used in Acts 9:1 to say that Saul breathed out threatenings and slaughter to the early church.  In the Old Testament a similar expression is used in Psalm 27:12 (pg. 541) referring to false witnesses who breathe out violence against someone.  In these two verses, Saul was causing something to happen (breathed out) and the false witnesses were trying to cause something to happen.  Therefore, Jesus breathing onto his apostles indicates that he was causing something to happen.


                                    NOTE:  This was a special gift only the apostles received.  Jesus was repeating what he had said earlier in Matthew 16:19 and 18:18 (pg. 951).


Acts 1:1-2                    God's Spirit gave what through Jesus?  __________________________________________  Remember, Jesus is the audible and seeable word (John 1:1).  God's Spirit is the written word.


Acts 4:23-25                God's Spirit spoke through who?  _________________________________________


Acts 4:31                     In these early months of the church, people needed continual reassurance that they were indeed doing God's will by defying the religious leaders.  Today, when we defy our religious leaders, where can we get our reassurance? ____________________________________  _________________________________________


                                    With the help of the Holy Spirit they were able to go out and speak God's word how?  _______________

                                    Do you think it would help you in talking to others to not tell ourselves we must be courageous, but rather be bold?  Would it help take the anticipation of emotional pain and rejection out of it?  Would it help us determine we're going to tell it, no matter what?  What is your opinion?  Which would help you most?  Courage or boldness?  ___________________________________________


Acts 10:44-47              When was the last time this phenomenon of people speaking in languages had occurred (Acts 2:1)?

                                    Who was it given to at that time?  ___________________________________


                                    What nationality were the apostles?  ______________________

                                    What nationality were these people Peter preached to?  _________________________

                                    Do you see the significance of an external showing of the H.S. on these two groups?  __________  What? ________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 13:49-52              What spread everywhere?  ____________________________________________  As a result, how were the message bringers treated?  _________________________________________________________________  How did they respond to such treatment?  ____________________________________________________  How could God's Spirit fill them with joy?  Their persecutors were afraid of them; hence, they had the power of God's Spirit. 


                                    When we are facing persecution, God's Spirit, the Word of Ruth, can do what for us?



Acts 16:6-10                The Holy Spirit influenced Paul where to preach.  Was he an ordinary Christian or an apostle (Romans 1:1, pg. 1090)? _______________  _____________________________





Acts 20:17, 28             How were elders selected through the Holy Spirit (1 Timothy 3:1-7)?  ____________________________


Romans 8:26                (pg. 1096)  God's Spirit not only comes to us in words, but He can communicate with our spirit and then express it to God the Father in what way?  ___________________________________________________  Do you think we have to consciously make groanings for God's Spirit to do so for us?  ______________


1 Corinthians 2:4          (pg. 1106)  The message of truth and preaching of truth are demonstrations of the Spirit's what?  ______


1 Corinthians 2:13        God's Spirit reveals the mind of God in what not taught by human wisdom?  _______________________  Today, where do we find those same words?  _________________________________________________ Does God's Word come to us outside the Bible?  _______________________________


Ephesians 1:13             (pg. 1131)  What causes us to be included in Christ?  ___________________________________________


Ephesians 6:17             If we want a weapon to fight falsehood, what must we use?  ____________________________________


1 Thessalonians 1:5       (pg. 1146)  God's Spirit is associated with deep what?  _________________________________________


Hebrews 4:12f              (pg. 1163)  Since God's Spirit is Truth and God's Word is truth (John 14 and 17), what is God's Spirit capable of penetrating?  ___________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________  What does God's Spirit/Truth/Word judge?  __________________________________________________


Hebrews 6:4-6             (pg. 1164)  When we taste the heavenly gift, we also taste the goodness of what? ___________________


Hebrews 9:1, 8-10       In what way did God's Spirit show the arrangements with the Tabernacle/Temple?  (Hint:  Exodus 25:1, 8-9, and think about what you've learned from this section of study.)  _____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________





Numbers 11:16-17       (Pg. 141)  During this time in Jewish history, God only spoke at what location?  ____________________  This was their tabernacle or what we'd call church building.


Ezekiel 2:2-3                (Pg. 804)  After God's Spirit put Ezekiel on his feet, Ezekiel heard what?  _________________________ The Spirit then told him, "I am _____________________________________ you."


                                    NOTE:  God's Spirit did not knock him off his feet (slain in spirit?) but brought him up to his feet.


Ezekiel 3:24-27            God's Spirit controlled when Ezekiel would and would not do what?  _____________________________  Once he could speak, he was to say what the Spirit told him to say.


Matthew 10:1a, 18-20  (pg. 942)  Jesus promised his Twelve that when they were before governors and kings, God's Spirit would do what?  ______________________________________________________________________________


Matthew 12:30-32       What was Jesus while on earth (John 1:1, 14, pg. 1027)?  _______________________________________ What was God's Spirit (see 2 Timothy 3:16)?  ________________________________________________

                                    What does the Spirit do (John 16:8a, pg. 1047)?  ______________________________________________ 

                                    NOTE:  Remember that the word translated "breathed" is from the Greek word "pneuma" meaning breath wind, and is always translated "spirit."


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "blasphemy" is from the Greek word "blasphemia" and means to speak injuriously of or speak evil toward.


                                    Therefore, when we blaspheme the Holy Spirit we speak evil of what?  ___________________________  If we do not believe God's Word, how can we be saved?  _______________________________________  As long as we refuse to believe, we cannot be forgiven.




Matthew 22:43             Who's words in the Old Testament were actually the words of God's Spirit?  _______________________


Luke 2:25-27               (pg. 993)  God's Spirit revealed what to Simeon?  _____________________________________________ Did he act on what the Spirit told him?  ___________________


John 3:34                     (pg. 1030)  Jesus spoke what?  _____________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The KJV after "Spirit without limit," added "unto the Son" (italicized) because the verse before and the verse after both refer to Jesus, the Son.  If the translators are correct, then this would indicate Jesus had God's Spirit without limit, be we have God's Spirit in a limited way.  It seems to make sense.


Acts 1:16                     (pg. 1054)  What did God's Spirit speak through in the Old Testament?  ___________________________

                                    So, when the Holy Spirit talks to us, it is through what medium?  ________________________________


Acts 2:1-4                    What did God's Spirit enable the Apostles to do after He came to rest on them?  _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 2:6f, 14                At first they did their speaking in private.  But immediately they went out and spoke to who? _____________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 2:42                     How was the early church able to follow the message of God's Spirit?  ____________________________  How has the church followed the message of God's Spirit since then (2 Timothy 3:16)?  ______________


Acts 11:9, 12, 17         God's Spirit told the Apostle Peter to do two things.  What were they?  __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________  Later all this was written down and became Scripture, thus continuing to be God's Word.


Acts 14:3                     Paul and Barnabas spoke boldly, with their miracles doing what for their message?  _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 23:1, 9                 Some of Paul's hearers, the Sanhedrin (Jewish religious council), were aware that his words about life after death were of a spiritual nature and acknowledged that he may be passing on the words of who?  ___________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Romans 9:1                  (pg. 1097)  Paul was in the process of writing part of the New Testament when he wrote the church in Rome.  He said he was speaking the truth as confirmed by Whom?  ______________________________  When and how could that have happened (Galatians 1:11-12, 18, pg. 1128)?  ______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Romans 15:18-19         Paul said he would only speak what he had told the Gentiles and confirmed how?  _________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


1 Corinthians 2:4          (pg. 1106)  Considering the above verse, Paul convinced people he was speaking the truth because of the power of miracles, because his words were not what by human standards?  _________________________


1 Corinthians 2:12        God's Spirit helps us do what with that which God freely gave us?  _______________________________





1 Corinthians 2:13        Considering the previous verse, were the spiritual words Paul spoke gibberish?  _____________________


1 Corinthians 12:3        In what way does God's Spirit convince us that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:17)?  _____________________


1 Corinthians 12:8        What are two types of messages God's Spirit helped Christians in the early church to give?  ___________  _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Chapters 1 and 2 say "wisdom" 16 times.  According to 2:13, what is spiritual wisdom? _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    According to 2:12, spiritual knowledge is knowing what?  _______________________________________


                                    Would these gifts be needed at a time when the scriptures were not written yet?  __________ 


1 Corinthians 12:10      How can we interpret the scriptures today in order to help others?  (Hint:  The scriptures always interpret themselves.)  ______________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "prophecy" is from a Greek word meaning to speak the mind and counsel of God.


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "interpretation" means an explanation, not just transposing a word from one language to another.  It is the same word translated "explained" in Luke 24:27 (pg. 1025) when Jesus met the men on the way to Emmaus after his resurrection.


Ephesians 5:18-19        (pg. 1136)  We not only encourage people by speaking God's Spirit/Word, but also by doing what? ___________________________  _______________________________________________


1 Thessalonians 1:6       What did the Christians in Thessalonica do with the Spirit's message given through Paul, Silas and Timothy (1:1)?  _________________________________________________________________________________


1 Peter 1:10-12            (pg. 1176)  Who spoke of that which was to come, Jesus?  ______________________________________  Do we have a record of what they spoke?  _________________  Where?  _________________________  In Peter's time, this same message that they preached was called what?  ___________________________


                                    Although we can understand the gospel message, who still does not?  ______________________  That is another study.


Revelation 2:7,11,17,29            (pg. 1192, first half of each verse only)  If we have an ear for the Spirit's message, what will we do about it?  ____________________ _____________________________







Genesis 6:3                   (pg. 5)  What was God's Spirit doing with mankind that it eventually quit doing?  ___________________


Genesis 6:5-6               Evil does what to God's Good Spirit?  _____________________________________  This causes God's heart/Spirit to be filled with what?  ________________________________


Genesis 6:7                   Do you think God looked forward to destroying his creation?  _________


Judges 14:19                (pg. 248)  God's Spirit caused Samson to feel how?  ____________________________________________  This caused him to do what to thirty of the enemy?  ___________________________________________


1 Samuel 11:2, 6, 11    (pg. 270)  God's Spirit caused King Saul to feel how?  _________________________________________  This caused him to do what with the evil Ammonites?  _________________________________________


Isaiah 63:1, 10              (pg. 726)  Esau was raised to believe in God.  But he and his descendants did what?  ________________  Therefore, they made God's Spirit their what?  ________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The Edomites were descendants of Abraham through his son's (Isaac's) son Esau.  Esau's twin brother was Jacob whose name was later changed to Israel. 


                                    Deuteronomy 32:35 (pg. 204) says who is to take vengeance?  ____________________________  But in Old Testament days, He usually took vengeance through people.  Romans 12:19-20 (pg. 1101) says, however, to leave everything to God, and we Christians are to do what instead?  ____________________ 

                                    NOTE:  God never runs ahead of mankind.  If mankind is barbarous, God deals with them where they are.  When mankind was like this, God used them as his tools to take vengeance.  But not so in the Christian era.  What a relief. 


Ezekiel 3:14f                 (pg. 804)  Here is God's Spirit contending with someone again, Ezekiel.  And although Ezekiel is angry, God's Spirit does not give up because he knows deep down Ezekiel's heart is right.  Does God's Spirit sometimes contend with you and make you angry?  (Remember, God's Spirit is the written Word of God.)  If so, in what way? ___________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________




Micah 2:6-8                 (pg. 900)  The people were telling God's prophets to do what?  __________________________________  Then they shrug their shoulders and ask, "_________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Do people today tend to think God never gets angry, not matter how bad they get?  _________________ 

                                    When we keep doing wrong, denying that God's Spirit ever gets angry, we become what to God?  ______


Zechariah 7:12              (pg. 921)  God's spirit sent what two things through the prophets?  _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ When the people would not listen or obey, God's Spirit became what?  ____________________________


Zechariah 12:10                        God's Spirit gives His followers His spirit of what?  ___________________________________________  Through those who loved Jesus, God's Spirit did what when he was pierced?  ______________________


John 11:32-33              (pg. 1042)  When Jesus talked with dead Lazarus' sisters, he felt what two ways in His Spirit?  ____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    NOTE:  The word translated "moved" in the NIV is translated "groaned" in the KJV.  This word is from the Greek word "embri-mao-mai" which is an intensive anger like the snorting of horses.  Jesus was angry at Death!  Someday he would personally overcome Death.


Acts 5:1-5                    (pg. 1059)  Every time we twist around or lie about the Scriptures, we are lying against who?  ________________________) _______________________________________________________


Ephesians 4:30-31        (pg. 1136)  What six things grieve God's Spirit?  ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 

1 Thessalonians 5:19-20           (pg. 1148)  How do we put out the fire of God's Spirit (substitute Scripture for "prophecies")? ___________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Hebrews 10:26-29       (pg. 1168)  Where does the knowledge come from that we're not to defy (Romans 10:1-2, 17)?  _______ If we disagree with the Word, can we instead rely on visions or emotions we think are from God's Spirit?  ________________________  Once we turn down God's Word and acting on it, we have trampled who?  _____________________________  And who have we insulted?  _________________________________





Acts 20:22                   (pg. 1079)  Before the written word, God's Spirit sometimes did what to the Apostles?  ______________ 

Acts 20:23                   Ironically, even though God's Spirit is compelling him to go into a death trap at Jerusalem, He also does what?  _________________________________________________________________________________  Does this indicate to you that, even though God's Spirit compels us, we still have a choice?  __________


Acts 21:4                     After Paul told them he would never see them again (20:25), his friends said what to Paul about going to Jerusalem?  _____________________________________________________________________________


Acts 21:10-11              God's Spirit told Agabus specifically that what would happen to Paul in Jerusalem?  ________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


Acts 21:12-14              Their begging was doing what to Paul?  _____________________________________________________  Why did he insist on going anyway (20:22)?  _________________________________________________  Therefore, his friends finally gave up and said what?  __________________________________________


Romans 15:30              Paul urged his Christian friends to pray, thereby joining his what?  _______________________________ 

Romans 15:31-32         What was Paul's struggle?  _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


                                    Is Christianity still a struggle?  _______________________  In what way is it for you?  _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________  Is God's Spirit helping you in your struggle?  ______________________  What is God's Spirit (John 14:17 and 17:17, pg. 1046)?  _____________________





When you count the number of scriptures covering each attribute....


THE BIBLE such as TRUTH, WORD, and MESSAGE have 71

INTELLECT such as MIND, WISDOM, and THOUGHT have another 28





Since the INTELLECT is closely related to the BIBLE, that would increase this attribute to 100 scriptures.


We usually think of the Holy Spirit as the emotions of God.  But these attributes are represented in the fewest number of scriptures.