Book of Matthew


Session Two

Chapter 5 - Page 4-5

Sermon on the Mount




VERSE 3         We must admit that we are impoverished in ______________ before we can have the kingdom of heaven.


VERSE 4         Once we recognize our spiritual poverty, we _____________________ for our sins.  Only then can God comfort us.


VERSE 5         It has been said that meekness is not being self-serving.  In what way would a meek person feel as though all the true riches of the earth belonged to them?  __________________________________________________________


VERSE 6         Once we realize how spiritually poor we are and mourn over it and become meek, we will realize how _________________________ and __________________________ we are for righteousness.


VERSE 7         Once we admit our sins to God, we can be _________________________ to other people who sin.


VERSE 8         To be pure means to be all one thing - pure gold, pure cotton, etc.  If our hearts are pure in the above things, we will be able to _________________ ___________________ for what he truly is.


VERSE 9         Then we will want to become __________________________ between man and man, and between God and man.  When we do that, we are acting like Jesus, and are called __________________ of God.





VERSE 10       What is one way to know we are succeeding in being like Jesus?  ___________________________________ by people who do not want to be like him.


VERSE 13       Salt is used in preserving things.  In this sense, how can Christians be salt to people around them?  ________________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 16       What in our lives makes us light to others?  ________________ _______________________.


VERSE 17-20  Jesus is the only one to ever live the Law of Moses (the Old Testament) perfectly, and never sin (see Hebrews 4:15, pg. 204).  On the cross, the last thing Jesus said was __________ _________ ____________________ (John 19:30, pg. 108). 


                        NOTE:  Hebrews 9:15 (pg. 207) says Jesus did away with the Old Will and Testament of God and put into effect an New Will and Testament when he died on the cross.  That is why Christians obey the New Testament, the last half of the Bible.  We are not bound by the Old Testament, the first part of the Bible.


VERSE 21-22  Jesus said we can be guilty of _________________ in the eyes of God just by being ________________ with his brother.


VERSE 23-24  Before God blesses our offerings at church, we need to try to be ____________________ with people who are offended by us.


VERSE 27       Jesus said we can be guilty of ___________________ in the eyes of God just by __________________ at a woman lustfully.





VERSE 31       Jesus said we should divorce only for marital _________________________.


VERSE 33-37  People should trust our word so much that they believe it when we say _______________ or ______________.


VERSE 38-42  Jesus said we were not to follow the old adage "Eye for eye, and ________________ for ________________, but rather not even resist those who harm us.  Is this easy to do?  _____________


VERSE 43-44  Jesus said we were to love who? _____________________  Is this easy to do?  ___________


VERSE 46-47  By being good to those who are bad to us, we reveal God to them.  What is God?  (Hint, see 1 John 4:16 (pg. 223).  ________________________________________.



Chapter 6 - Page 5-6

Sermon on the Mount




VERSE 1         If we do good works and make sure others know about it, we will have no _____________________ from God.


VERSE 7         Our prayers should not be _____________________________, (AKA vain repetitions) which is the way pagans pray.


VERSE 9-13    This is the "Lord's Prayer."  It consists of the following categories which we can use in our own prayers:


                        Praise to God

                        Willingness for God's will to be done

                        Request for basic essentials of life                     

                        Request for forgiveness

                        Request for strength to resist Satan


VERSE 16-18  Jesus assumed we would fast, for he said _________________ you fast, not if you fast.


VERSE 19-21  How can we store up treasures in heaven?  (Hint:  See Paul's first letter to Timothy, chapter 6, verses 18 and 19 (pg. 197.)  _________________________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 22-23  To have eyes that do not see (see Matthew 13:14, pg. 13) can mean that people in Jesus' day saw him as a man, but never saw him as the Son of _________________.


VERSE 24-34  Jesus tells us not to _______________________, especially about what is going to happen _____________________.



Chapter 7 - Page 6-7

Sermon on the Mount




VERSE 1-5      Jesus said here not to judge, but in John 7:24 (pg. 94) he said we were not to judge by ___________________________ appearance, indicating that what Jesus is talking about in Matthew is not to be judgmental.


VERSE 6         Jesus said to judge when we are wasting our time trying to explain God to people, which is like throwing _________________________ to swine.


VERSE 7         "________________ and it will be __________________ to you.  Just a few minutes earlier, Jesus had said not to worry about such things as ____________________________, but to seek what first? _______________________ ___________________________________________________  James 4:3 (pg. 214) says we ask with the wrong ____________________________ so we can have more to spend on our own _________________.  Prayer is not a blank check for anything we want.


VERSE 8         What is behind the door he wants us to knock on (see Revelation 3:20 (pg. 229)?  __________________________



VERSE 12       Jesus summarized the entire Old Testament and its 600 laws with this single sentence:  Do to ________________


                        This is also called the "golden rule."


VERSE 13       Jesus is considered by many to be "narrow minded" because he said the only way to eternal life is through him.  This is stated in John 3:16, pg. 88, which says:  ______________________________________________________



VERSE 14       Does God want anyone to be lost?  See the second letter that Peter wrote, chapter 3, verse 9 (pg. 220).  ________


VERSE 15       Jesus predicted there would be ____________________________ _________________________.  In the Greek language in which the New Testament was written, "prophet" merely meant teacher, not someone who foretold the future (although sometimes they did).


VERSE 16-20  If a false prophet told people they could become Christians by walking ten miles backward, would they be producing Christians in God's sight?  _____________


VERSE 21       Jesus said it is not enough just to call him ________________.  That alone does not guarantee someone is a Christian.


VERSE 22-23  Jesus said some would even perform __________________ in his name, but he will deny even knowing them.


VERSE 24-27  Jesus wants people to hear his ________ and put them into _________________.  He will consider these people

                        _______________________.  People who hear him but refuse to do what he said he calls ____________________.



Chapter 8 - Page 7-8

Jesus' First Healings




VERSE 1-4      In light of what Jesus was just preaching about, why do you think Jesus told the leper he had healed not to tell anyone?  _______________________________________________________________________________________


                        NOTE:  In the Old Testament, the Law of Moses said that, when someone recovered from a disease, they were to go to a priest who acted as a health officer.  If the priest pronounced him fully recovered, he then offered a sacrifice to God.  That's why Jesus told the healed man to show himself to a priest.  Jesus obeyed the Old Testament Law of Moses to the letter.


VERSE 5         A century means 100 years; therefore, a Roman centurion is a commander in charge of how many soldiers?  _____________


VERSE 6         The centurion's __________________________ was __________________________ and in

                         __________________________ suffering.


VERSE 10       Why was Jesus astonished that this foreigner so readily believed in him?  _________________________________



VERSE 11       Jesus then condemned the lack of faith of the Jews by saying foreigners will come from the _______________ (Orient?) and the west (the Americas?) to join the founders of the Jewish faith in the _______________________



VERSE 12       Then, not only will there be foreigners in the kingdom of heaven, but those who most expected to be there, the _____________________________________________________, will be thrown out.  Why will they be thrown out (look again at the end of verse 10)?  _______________________________________________________________


                        NOTE:  For 2500 years the Old Testament had predicted everything about Jesus life, even when he would be born, where he would be born, where he would grow up and so on.  No other nationality had access to these O.T. scriptures.  But, with all this advantage, the Jews still would not believe Jesus was the Savior that had been predicted.


VERSE 13       When was the centurion's servant healed?  ___________________________________________________________






In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus talks about our guilt, in chapter 6 about the kingdom of heaven, and chapter 7 about judgment and being saved in heaven or condemned to hell.  What is hell like?  It is the opposite of heaven. 


Prophecies in the Bible usually have at least two meanings, a current meaning and a future meaning.  Sometimes they also have a literal meaning and a figurative meaning. 


Heaven and hell are opposites to each other.  In other words, hell is the absence of heaven.  Keeping this in mind, look up some of the attributes of heaven and hell:


Revelation 21:14 (pg. 241)       Heaven has f____________________.

Revelation 9:2 (pg. 232)                       Therefore, hell is an a______________ which means it is bottomless.


Revelation 21:16 (pg. 241)       Heaven is a c_____________

Matthew 8:12 (pg. 7)                Therefore, hell is o_________________, away from everything.


Revelation 21:4 (pg. 241)         Heaven has no t________________.

Matthew 8:12 (pg. 7)                Therefore, hell has w______________.


Revelation 22:2 (pg. 242)         Heaven has h_______________ for all diseases.

Matthew 8:12 (pg. 7)                Therefore, hell has gn____________ of ____________ in pain.


Revelation 21:17 (pg. 241)       Heaven is surrounded by the w_____________ of salvation (Isaiah 26:1).       

Luke 19:10 (pg. 77)                 Therefore, hell is for those who are l______________.


Revelation 14:13 (pg. 236)       Heaven is a place of r_________________.

Hebrews 3:18 (pg. 204)                       Therefore, hell is a non-place of wandering and no r___________.


Revelation 21:21 (pg. 241)       Heaven has s____________________

Revelation 9:2 (pg. 232)                       Therefore, hell has no place to walk.  It is b_______________.


Revelation 21:23 (pg. 241)       Heaven is lit by the g_____________________ of God.

Matthew 8:12 (pg. 7)                Therefore, hell is d_________________________.


Revelation 22:1 (pg. 241)         Heaven has a river of w____________________.

Matthew 12:43 (pg. 12)                        Therefore, hell is completely d___________.


Revelation 5:9 (pg. 230)                       Heaven smells like sweet i_____________________.

Revelation 20:10 (pg. 240)       Therefore, hell smells like s____________________.


Revelation 5:8 (pg. 230)                       Heaven is full of s____________________

Luke 17:16 (pg. 75)                 Therefore, hell has only crying in a________________________.


Revelation 7:9,14 (pg. 231)      Heaven is full of the happy forgiven, those washed in the __________ of Jesus.

James 1:21 (pg. 212)                Therefore, hell is full of those still with the f______________ of sin.


According to Revelation 21:8 (pg. 241) in hell, there will be no one who loves us.  Hell will be full of the c___________________________, un____________________________, v___________, m_________________, sexually i_______________________, those who practice m__________________ arts, i_______________________, and l____________. 


That means all of us, unless we repent and wash away our sins (Acts 22:16, pg. 134), are lost by our own choice.  Jesus has done for us all that he can.  The next step belongs to us.