Book of Matthew


Session Three

Chapter 8 - Page 7-8 (continued)

Jesus' First Healings





VERSE 14       Was Peter ever married?  ___________________


VERSE 15       What did his mother-in-law do after Jesus healed her?  ________________________________________________


VERSE 17       Seven centuries earlier, Isaiah predicted that the savior would take our ___________________________________

                        and carry our ______________________________.


VERSE 18-19  Jesus tried to escape a crowd by crossing to the other side of the _________________.  Some people, including a teacher, told him he would _____________________ him to the other side.


                        This teacher bragged that he'd ____________________ Jesus _________________ he went.


VERSE 20       But Jesus said, even though animals have homes, he did not have a _____________________ to lay his ____________________________, probably meaning he did not own a place of his own.


                        NOTE:  Son of Man is used here to mean Son of Mankind, reminding people he was human.  Sometimes he is called the Son of God, reminding people he was also God come to us in flesh.


VERSE 21-22  Jesus took advantage of every situation to teach a lesson.  When someone said they'd follow Jesus as soon as they buried their _________________________, Jesus said let the ____________________ bury their own _____________. 


                        In what sense to you think he meant they were dead (see Colossians 2:13, pg. 188)?  ________________________



VERSE 23-24  What was Jesus doing in the boat during the storm while it was being swamped with water?  __________________





VERSE 25       His disciples shouted they were about to do what?  ___________________________


VERSE 26-27  Jesus said they had little _____________________.  He had just promised them in chapter 4, verse 19 they were going to be __________________________________________________________.   They'd forgotten his promise.


                        Then Jesus rebuked the ____________________________________ and the _______________________________, and the water became __________________________________________________________.  Little by little he was revealing to his followers just who and what he was.


VERSE 28       Once Jesus and his friends arrived on the other side of the Sea of Galilee, who came to meet him?



                        An explanation of demon possession is provided.                     


VERSE 29       The demons knew right away that Jesus was the _______________ of ________________.


                        They knew Jesus had the power to send them to torture, which was also called the Abyss (see Luke 8:31, pg. 63).  Who is the "god" of the Abyss?  Look at Revelation 9:1, 2, 11 (pg. 232) and Luke 10:18 (pg. 66)?



                        Who else is there Jude 6 (pg. 226)?  ________________________________________________________________


VERSE 30-32  Apparently, as long as demons can possess some living being on earth, they do not have to go to the Abyss.

                        But, in the same way that humans resist having demons in them, the pigs did too, even if it meant destroying themselves.



Chapter 9 - Page 8-9

Jesus Recruits Matthew




VERSE 2         Not always, but Jesus recognized the fact that sometimes our own sins cause our illnesses.  What are some sins that cause illnesses today?  ___________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 5-6      Jesus said that he performed miracles in order to prove he had power to ______________________________.


VERSE 2 & 6  Notice, Jesus first took care of the man's spiritual/emotional needs by doing what?  __________________________

                        Secondly, he took care of the man's _______________________ needs.


VERSE 7         Thus far in our study, did Jesus ever fail to heal someone and then blame it on their lack of faith?  ____________


                        Do you recall one healing where the sick person had no faith at all because he did not know anything about his boss asking Jesus to heal him?  Who was his boss?  _________________________________


                        Thus far in our study, did Jesus ever partially heal someone and claim it was a healing?  __________


VERSE 9         What was Matthew's occupation?  ________________________________.  Do you think he was very popular?

                        _____________  Did Jesus seem to care whether or not he was popular?  ________________


                        Who is the author of the book we are reading?  ____________________________


VERSE 10       In Jesus' day, the religious people lumped what two groups of people together?  ____________________________

                        and _____________________________________.


VERSE 12       Jesus was not beyond using sarcasm to get his point across to hard hearted people.  What did he tell the self-righteous Pharisee religious leaders?  ________________________________________________________________



VERSE 15       Jesus said that fasting was a sign of _____________________________.


                        He said those associating with him need not fast until he, their _____________________________, was taken from them.  If he is the bridegroom, who is the bride (see Ephesians 5:25-33, pg. 182)? ____________________________


VERSE 16-17  Jesus was bringing a new way of life.  Instead of the Old Testament Law of Moses which was impossible to keep, he was introducing a New Testament centered around the law of love.  Do you think Jesus wants us to try to keep both the Old Testament and New Testament?  ___________________





VERSE 18       When Mark told this same story, he said the ruler who came to Jesus ruled the local _________________________ (see Mark 5:22, pg. 37).


                        His daughter had just ______________________.  Although Jesus had never done this before, he believed Jesus would bring her back to __________________.


VERSE 20       A woman interrupted Jesus because she had had a period for __________ years.


VERSE 21       She believed Jesus would __________________ her without even knowing it.


VERSE 25       To bring the girl back to life, did Jesus go into a long ceremony?  _________


VERSE 27-31  Sometimes Jesus healed people without them having faith (the dead girl had none) and sometimes he said _____________________ to their faith they would be healed.


VERSE 32-34  By what powers did the religious leaders from Jerusalem, the Jewish headquarters, claim Jesus cast out demons?  ________________________  Were they right?  _________  Why do you think they told people this?  _________




Chapter 10 - Page 9-10

Jesus Selects & Assigns 12 Apostles




VERSE 1-2      Jesus had twelve special disciples (meaning followers) which he now began to call his twelve ________________.


                        He personally gave them power to perform ____________________________.


VERSE 2-4      List the twelve apostles:  __________________________________________________________________________



VERSE 5-7      Rather than have them go to all nationalities to start with, Jesus told them to go to the ____________ sheep of _________________________ (the Jews).


VERSE 8-11    Jesus told to allow people who had received healings and heard their sermons provide them a place to stay and food to eat because the _________________________ is worthy of his keep.


VERSE 15       Why were Sodom and Gomorrah so bad (2 Peter 2:6-7 [pg. 220] and Jude 7 [pg. 226])?  _________________


                        What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?  __________________________________________________________

                        But on the Day of Judgment, who will be dealt with more harshly?  _____________________________________


VERSE 16       Jesus told his apostles to be as _________________ as snakes and __________________ as doves.


VERSE 17-18  Jesus also warned them that all would not go well.  Religious leaders would have them beaten right there in their _____________________________________, and political leaders would take them before ___________________



VERSE 21       What will happen to families where some believe in Jesus and others do not?  _____________________________





VERSE 24-25  Jesus was called ____________________________, a name referring to the devil, by people who claimed he was casting out devils through the Devil (remember 9:34?).


VERSE 28       Who are we to be the most afraid of?  ______________________________________________________________

                        What kind of people do you think can kill our souls?  _________________________________________________


VERSE 32-33  If we acknowledge Jesus before men, Jesus will __________________________ us before _____________________.


VERSE 34-35  Would families have been better off not split up against each other by Jesus never coming in the first place?  _______________________________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 37       Do you think ultimately that a marriage is worse off if they love God more than each other?  (Consider 1 John 4:16, pg. 223)?  Why?  _______________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 38-39  If we die because of our belief in Jesus, what kind of life will we gain?  __________________________________


VERSE 42       If we give a ___________ of _____________________ to anyone because we are Christians, Jesus will reward us.






Matthew 8 and 9 tell of Jesus' first miracles of healing.  Matthew 10 tells of his giving this power to his apostles.  Let us look at two things related to these miracles




The term miracle is usually accompanied with what other word?  (See John 2:11a)  ___________________   What were the signs supposed to reveal?  _______________________  That, then, led to people putting their ______________ in Jesus.


Another reason for miracles is explained in John 20:30-31 (pg. 109).  Jesus did many other _________________________________ ___________________ in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book.  But these are __________________ that you may ___________________ that Jesus is the __________, the Son of _____________, and that by believing you may have _____________________ in his name.




Jesus gave the miraculous powers to his twelve apostles.  What three things could they do?  (See Matthew 10:1, pg. 9)


Later it became the ____________________ of an _________________________ to be able to perform what three things?  (See 2 Corinthians 12:12 [pg. 174] and Acts 12:1 [pg. 123]).



By this time, their powers had increased, for in Acts 9:40 (pg. 120) Peter did what?



The first non-apostle to perform a miracle was who?  (See Acts 8:5, pg. 118)

How did he get the power?  (See Acts 6:5-6, pg. 116) 



Shortly thereafter, Simon the Sorcerer tried to buy the power to perform miracles, because he realized that it was given at the laying on of the ________________________________________________ (see Acts 8:18).



The Apostle Paul wanted to visit the church in Rome so he could impart some ______________________________________________ (see Romans 1:11, pg. 142).



In the church history book written by Eusebius about 325 AD, he referred to a book written by Ireneus, written about 175 AD which was in his possession and which said on page 186f: 


So far are they from raising the dead, as the Lord raised, and as the apostles by means of prayer, for even among the brethren frequently in a case of necessity when a whole church united in much fasting and prayer, the spirit has returned to the ex-animated body, and the man was granted to the prayers of the saints....Others have the knowledge of things to come, as also visions and prophetic communications; others heal the sick by the imposition of hands, and restore them to health.  And, moreover, as we said above, even the dead have been raised and continued with us many years.


Eusebius commented that "even down to his [Ireneus'] times, instances of divine and miraculous power were remaining in some churches....These gifts of different kinds also continued with those that were worthy UNTIL the times mentioned."


The Apostle John was the last apostle to die.  In 1 John 2:18 (pg. 222) John mentions the "antichrist."  Ireneus is quoted by Eusebius on pg. 102 as saying regarding the Antichrist, "it would have been declared by him who saw the Revelation [last book of Bible], for it is not long since it was seen, but almost in our own generation, at the close of [Caesar] Domitian's reign [15th year]. 


This would put John's death about 95 AD.  Therefore, Ireneus would have been able to see miraculous powers granted by the Apostle John to others early in his lifetime (Ireneus was born about 130 AD).  By the time Ireneus died, there were no more miracles seen.


COMMENT:  SINCE RAISING THE DEAD WAS PART OF THEIR POWERS, people claiming those powers today would have to be able to raise the dead. Has anyone ever reported doing so to your knowledge?