Book of Matthew


Session Five

Chapter 13 - Page 13-14 (continued)

A Chapter of Parables




VERSE 33       How has the kingdom of heaven developed on earth like yeast?  __________________________________________


VERSE 41       The weeds of mankind are those who cause ________ and do ____________.


VERSE 42       What do you think Jesus is describing as the destination of those who do evil?  ____________________________

                        Since all have sinned (see Romans 3:23, pg. 144), are we all condemned (see Acts 2:38, pg. 112)?  ________________________________________________


VERSE 43       Only when the evil ones are separated from those trying to follow the Father will they be able to __________________________________ like the ________________________.


VERSE 47-50  What would happen to the good fish if the bad fish were not thrown away?  ________________________________  What do you think heaven would be like if those who refused to obey God were there?  _____________________


VERSE 55       Did the people say Jesus WAS the son of the carpenter or IS the son of the carpenter?_______________  Look at John 6:42, pg. 92.  Did they say they KNEW Joseph or KNOW Joseph?  ___________________. 


                        NOTE:  Joseph was still alive the first year of Jesus' ministry, but apparently dead by the time of his crucifixion when he asked John to take his mother, Mary, into his home.  We have no evidence Jesus performed a miracle to save Joseph's life.  Considering the glorious life in heaven, do you think he would have been doing Joseph a favor to keep him from heaven?  ___________________


                        Who were Jesus' brothers?  _______________________________________________________________________


VERSE 56       They also referred to __________ his sisters, indicating he had more than one or two.



Chapter 14 - Page 14-15

John the Baptist Executed




VERSE 1         Who was the tetrarch (governor) at the time of Jesus?  ________________________


                        NOTE:  Herod was the family name.  His father, Herod the Great, is the one who killed the babies in Bethlehem and who died while Jesus was being hidden in Egypt.


VERSE 3-4      Whose wife had Herod married?  _____________________________________________________


VERSE 6-8      The daughter of _________________________ danced at Herod's __________________ party.  Her mother told her to ask for the _______________________ of _______________________________________ as a payment for her dancing.


VERSE 9         Even though he did not want to, Herod agreed because he had given his _________________.  Do people today tend to honor their own word?  ______________


VERSE 13       Why did Jesus withdraw to a solitary place?  ________________________________________________________


VERSE 14-15  The crowd desperately followed Jesus as soon as they spotted him, without going home first to get some ______________ to take along.


VERSE 17       In the entire crowd, the apostles were able to find only ___________________________________ and _________






VERSE 20       How much of the bread and fish was left over?  ______________________________________________________


VERSE 21       How many families did Jesus feed?  ______________________


VERSE 22       Why do you think Jesus had to make his disciples get into the boat?  (Hint:  Look at verse 24.) ________________



VERSE 23       Why did Jesus go into the mountain alone?  (Remember verse 13 above.)  ________________________________



VERSE 25       If the first watch of the night started at 6:00 PM and each watch lasted four hours, what time was it now?  __________________________________


VERSE 24       After all this time, how far out into the Sea of Galilee were they (see John 6:19, pg. 92)?  _____________________________________


VERSE 25       Jesus came to them _____________________ on the ____________________.  (NOTE:  Since he walked so far and no one could see him, do you think he was having fun riding the waves?  Do you think the human side of Jesus liked to have fun?)


VERSE 30       When Peter took his eyes off Jesus and began noticing the wind, he was ___________________ and began to _______________________.


VERSE 31-32  Even though Jesus told Peter, "You of little __________________," how did his faith compare with the other men who stayed on the boat?  _________________________________________________________________________



Chapter 15 - Page 15-16

Jesus Escapes to a Foreign Country




VERSE 1         Even though Jesus was in the northern province of Galilee by the Sea of Galilee, religious leaders came to question him all the way from the southern province of Judea and the capitol city of ___________________________.


VERSE 2         These religious leaders acted as though it was a sin to break the ____________________________ of the religious elders.  Do today's religious leaders sometimes call things sin that are not in the Bible?  _____________________


VERSE 3         Jesus answered their question with a question.  "Why do you break the _______________ of ______________ for the sake of the ____________________________?"  Which is more important?  The traditions of the church of the commands of God?  __________________________________________________________


VERSE 4-6      In Jesus' day, the religious leaders were telling people not to help support their __________________ and _________________, but devote the money to God.  By putting such traditions first, they were ___________________________________________ the word of God.


VERSE 8         Such people honor God with their ________________, but not their ____________________.





VERSE 9         "They ________________________________ me in _________________ because they follow

                        ____________________ taught by ____________________.


VERSE 14       Jesus said that these religious leaders were ______________________ leaders of _________________________.


VERSE 19       Notice theft, lying, and slander are in the same sin category with murder, adultery, and other sexual sins.  Do we have a tendency to talk about little sins and big sins?  ___________


VERSE 21       A couple days after hearing John the Baptist was executed, Jesus ________________ that place and withdrew to _______________________________________, cities in Lebanon where Herod did not have jurisdiction.


VERSE 25       In desperation, the woman knelt and begged, "__________________________________________________."


VERSE 28       Jesus had just been condemning the religious leaders of his own country, and here is a foreign woman to whom he says, "You have _______________________________________________."


VERSE 29-31  Back by the Sea of Galilee, Jesus did what?  ____________________________________________





VERSE 32       So desperate were people to be with Jesus, they stayed with him how long without eating?  ____________________

                        Do we demonstrate that much desire to be with Jesus today?  ___________


VERSE 34       This time, Jesus' disciples collected _____________ loaves and a few ______________ to feed everyone.


VERSE 35-37  How much was left after everyone ate?  _____________________________________________________________


VERSE 38       How many families did Jesus feed this time?  __________________________________________



Chapter 16 - Page 16-17

Jesus Escapes to Another Foreign Country


VERSE 1         Even though Jesus had just fed perhaps 15,000 people miraculously, the stubborn religious leaders refused to acknowledge it and still demanded to see a ______________ from the sky.


VERSE 4         Jesus repeated what he'd told them the last time they demanded a sign, the sign of Jonah.  What was the sign to be (see chapter 12, verse 40, pg. 12)? _________________________________________________________________


VERSE 5-6      Then Jesus' own disciples seemed to tempt him by "forgetting" to take along ___________________ on their next trip across the lake.  Jesus warned them not to be unduly influenced by the __________________________________

                        who demanded a sign.


VERSE 12       Jesus used yeast as a sign of false teachings of the ____________________________________________________.


                        NOTE:  1 Corinthians 5:5 (pg. 157) says our _________________ nature is represented by yeast.  Verse 8, it says yeast represents __________________________ and _____________________________.  This explains the significance of using unleavened bread in the holy communion/Lord's Supper.