Book of Matthew


Session Six

Chapter 16 - Page 16-17 (continued)

Jesus Escapes to Another Foreign Country




VERSE 13-15  Once again, having made the religious leaders angry, Jesus escapes to another region, Caesar-ea Philippi, where Philip Herod was governor.  In this city, Philip had erected a Temple in honor of Caesar who was considered a god.  It is here that Jesus asks his twelve disciples, "Who do you say _______________________?"


VERSE 16       Simon Peter answered, "You are the __________________, the _______________________ of the _____________



VERSE 17       Jesus had nicknamed Simon at the beginning of his ministry (see John 1:42, pg. 86).  Peter in Greek in which the N.T. was written is "Petros" meaning stone.  Jesus aid he would build his church on a _________________ (In Greek, this word is "Petra.")


                        1 Corinthians 10:4 (p. 161) says the rock is who?  _________________________.  Therefore, Jesus was saying he would build the church on the fact that he is the ____________ of God.


VERSE 19       To whom was Jesus talking when he said he would give them the keys so that whatever they bound on earth would be bound in heaven (see Matthew 18:1,18, pg. 18-19; and John 20:19,23, pg. 109)?  _________________________


VERSE 21       Jesus began preparing them for the inevitable:  that the next time he went to Jerusalem he would be _____________

                        and on the _________________ day be ____________________ back to __________________.


VERSE 22       Who objected?  __________________


VERSE 23       Jesus shouted back, "Get ____________________ me, __________________!"  You are a ___________________

                        _________________________ to me!"


                        Jesus was tempted in every way (Hebrews 4:15, pg. 204).  Further, according to Hebrews 5:7, pg. 205, Jesus begged God with __________________ cries and __________________ to not have to be put to ___________________.


VERSE 27       We will be rewarded by what each of us has __________________ during our life, not prayers after we die.


VERSE 28       Jesus said some ___________________ there with him would not ______________________ before the kingdom/church came.



Chapter 17 - Page 17-18

Jesus Transfigured





VERSE 2         Jesus' figure was translated so that his face shone like the ____, and his clothes became as white as ___________.


VERSE 3         Who appeared and began talking with Jesus?  ____________________ and ____________________.


                        Moses had died 2500 years earlier and Elijah had died 900 years earlier.  But they maintained their identity even in eternity.  Luke 9:31, pg. 65, says they were talking about his ______________________ from this life.  Do you think Jesus' human nature needed their encouragement?  ______________________


VERSE 4         Peter suggested they honor all three.  Moses represented the Law of Moses in the Old Testament.  Elijah represented all the prophets in the Old Testament trying to get people to obey the Law of Moses.


VERSE 5         a voice from heaven announced "This is ________________________________, whom I ____________________.

                        Listen to ________________!"  From now on, the Law of Moses and prophets of the Old Testament would be done away with and people were to obey only Jesus.  See Colossians 2:12-14, pg. 188.


VERSE 11-13  The three were quoting from the last book of the Old Testament predicting Elijah would announce the Savior's coming.  Who did Jesus say was their modern-day Elijah?  ____________________________________________





VERSE 14-16  When they rejoined the other nine disciples, it was learned they could not heal a demon-possessed boy.  Why couldn't they (see Mark 9:29, pg. 42)?  _____________________________________________________________


VERSE 19-20  To whom did Jesus say nothing would be impossible?  _________________________________


VERSE 22-23  Once more Jesus tried to prepare his twelve disciples by telling them he would be _________________________ into the hands of men who would ___________________________, but on the third day he would be ____________

                        ____________________________________________.  Do you think these men believed the last part of Jesus' prediction yet?________________


VERSE 24       Rather than free-will offerings, a Temple tax was levied to support the headquarters of the Jewish religion.  Their tax collectors traveled throughout the country collecting it.


VERSE 25-26  Taking another opportunity to teach a spiritual lesson, Jesus inferred that his followers would also be sons of God.  Galatians 4:26-27 (pg. 177) says we are all ____________________ of God if we were ____________________ into Christ.



Chapter 18 - Page 18-19

How We Should Try to Get Along




VERSE 1         Jesus' disciples asked Jesus "Who is the _________________ in the kingdom/church?".


VERSE 2-4      From this passage, do you think Jesus believed little children were sinners?  _________


VERSE 6         If an adult causes a child to "sin," who is responsible for that sin?  ________________________


VERSE 7-9      Galatians 5:19-21 (pg. 179) lists some sins.  Are there any activities in our lives today we should get out of (relationships, clubs, organizations, etc.) so we can get rid of our sinful acts or attitudes while associated with them?  Write down one.  __________________________________________________________________


VERSE 10       Do children have guardian angels?  _____________________  Do Christians (see Hebrews 1:14, pg. 202-203)?  ___________________________


VERSE 12-14  When a child of God falls away, what does God do?  _________________________________________________

                        In what ways do you think God gets our attention today?  ______________________________________________


VERSE 15       If someone offends us, should we gossip about them?  ______  If not, what should we do?  __________________



VERSE 16       If we cannot settle it, we should return with two or three ______________________.


VERSE 17       If that does not work, we are to tell the whole ________________________________.  If that does not work, we are to quit trying to restore them.




VERSE 20       How many worshipping or doing a good work together in Jesus' name does it take for Jesus to be there among them?  ______________________________________________________


VERSE 21-22  How many times are we to forgive someone who sins against us?  _______________________________________


VERSE 23-24  A man in Jesus' parable owed someone ________________________ talents of gold (millions of dollars) that he could not repay.


VERSE 27       But the holder of the IOU decided to completely ______________ the debt.


VERSE 28-30  Yet, the debtor turned right around the had arrested a man owing him _________________ denarii (under $100) and sent him to ________________________.


VERSE 31-34  So the holder of the first IOU for millions took this man and had him tortured.


VERSE 35       In God's eyes, have we sinned more against him during our lifetime or against individuals we have known?  _______



Chapter 19 - Pg. 19-20

Jesus Talks About Family




VERSE 1         Jesus now left ___________________ for the very last time and headed toward the province of ___________________ at the other end of the country where Jerusalem was located.


VERSE 2-3      Among the large crowds that followed him were the hypocritic religious leaders.  They gave him another entrapment question, one that is not popular even today.  What was it?  _____________________________________________



VERSE 4-6      Jesus quoted the first book of the Bible where God created Adam and Eve, and said the two would become ______________ flesh.  Then he said what is often repeated at weddings:  "What ______________ has _________

                        together, let _______________ not ____________________________."


VERSE 7         Trying to show that the Bible contradicts itself, they reminded Jesus that Moses allowed a man to give his wife a __________________________________ of _________________________.


VERSE 8         Jesus replied that God conceded to let them because of the __________________ of their hearts. 


                        NOTE:  God had conceded on other things because of the hardness of their heart.  He told them not to have a king because he was their king, but later relented, though warning them their kings would be their downfall.


VERSE 9         Jesus then said they should return to the way marriage was set up in the beginning and only divorce for marital



VERSE 13-15  Here's Jesus around children again!  His apostles thought Jesus was too dignified for children.  But Jesus set, "Let the ____________________________________ come to me...for the _____________________________________

                        kingdom of heaven belongs to such as ______________________.