Book of Matthew


Session Eight

Chapter 22 - Page 23-24 (continued)

Jesus' Showdown With Religious Hierarchy




VERSE 20-21  Jesus asked for a coin when challenged whether they should pay taxes to the foreign occupation government.  (If he said yes, he'd make the Jews mad; if he said no, he'd make Rome mad.)  He then asked whose portrait and name were on it.  They replied ______________________.  So he said, "Give to ___________________ what is ______________, and to ___________ what is ____________.


VERSE 23       The Sadducee religious sect believed there is no _____________________, so tried their own entrapment question.


VERSE 24-28  They asked him that if a woman married _______________ times, who would she be married to in heaven.


VERSE 29       Jesus answered that in heaven people will not __________________, but be as the _______________.


VERSE 31-32  Then he went on to correct their false believe that we are not resurrected after we die.  He cited in the Old Testament that God said, "I _______ the God of ____________________________________________________."

                        God is not the God of the ________________ but the ____________________.


VERSE 34-38  Now it is the Pharisees turn again.  So they asked him to show favouritism for one of the Laws of Moses.  He did not mention any of the Ten Commandments.  Instead, he said, "__________________ the Lord your God with all your _______________________, all your _________________, and all your ________________."


VERSE 39       He said the second greatest commandment is "________ your __________________ as _______________."


VERSE 40       Every one of the approximately 600 laws in the Old Testament are summed up in these ______ commandments.


VERSE 41-44  Jesus now matches the intelligence of the religious scholars by putting a theological question to them:  According to many prophecies, the Christ was to be the son of ______________________.


                        Yet, David in one of his psalms said, ________ Lord said to _______ Lord, sit at my _______________________."


VERSE 45       Then he asks them how he can be David's son and his Lord at the same time?  They knew he was a descendant of David.  But they did not want to admit he was also the son of _______________.



Chapter 23 - Page 24-25

Jesus Condemns Hypocrite Religious Leaders




VERSE 1-3      Jesus then told the crowd they had to obey what the religious leaders say, but warned them not to _____ what they _____, because they do not ____________________________ what they ____________________.


VERSE 4         The religious hierarchy was putting heavy loads of minute rules and regulations which they themselves were not willing to __________________ a __________________ to help with.


VERSE 5         Everything the religious hierarchy was doing was for men to _______.  That including tying little boxes (phylacteries) on their foreheads containing scriptures.


VERSE 6         They loved the places of _____________ and the most important _________________.


VERSE 7         They insisted on being called by the title ____________________.


VERSE 8         Jesus told the people not to give religious titles to religious leaders because ultimately they all have one Savior and are all ________________________________.


VERSE 9         He also told them not to call anyone on earth ___________________ in a religious sense, for we have only ________ Father and he is in ____________________________.


VERSE 10       Nor were they to call anyone by the title _____________________ in a religious sense, because their only true Teacher is ___________________________.





VERSE 12       If we _________________ ourselves, we will ultimately be ____________________.  If we

                        ___________________________ ourselves, we will ultimately be ______________________.


VERSE 13-14  Jesus accused the religious hierarchy of shutting the __________________________ of _________________

                        in people's _________________.  They did not want to do what was necessary to enter the church, and they did not want anyone else to either.


VERSE 15       Even though they were religious teachers, he said they were _______________ of hell.  Pretty strong language.  It was his last effort to get them to acknowledge it and ask for forgiveness and change their ways.  Some did, but not very many.  Name one who did (see John 3:1 & 5 [pg. 87]):  ____________________________


VERSE 23       They insisted people tithe even the smallest seeds.  Yet they neglected ___________________, _______________

                        and __________________________________.


VERSE 25       Jesus said they insisted on clean dishes, but inside they were full of ___________________ and






VERSE 27-28  Jesus said the religious hierarchy was like ___________________________________________________________.

                        They were beautiful on the outside, but inside were ____________________________________________________.


                        In other words, they appeared to be ___________________________, but inside were just _________________.


VERSE 29-32  Jesus said they decorated the tombs of the ____________________, and said they wouldn't have killed them had they lived then, but they are just like them.  (He knew they were about to kill him too.)


VERSE 33       Then Jesus told them outright that they were all going to _____________.


VERSE 37-39  As Jesus left the Temple (which is the highest part of Jerusalem) he said of the city that he'd longed to ________

                        ______________________ as a _________________________________________________, but they refused.



Chapter 24 - Page 25-26

Jesus Predicts Destruction of Temple and of World




VERSE 1-2      As he was leaving, Jesus' twelve disciples commented on the huge Temple, the size of Temple and its grounds, some 1000 feet square, or approximately 1/5 of a mile square.  Jesus predicted that not one _________ would be left on another. 


                        NOTE:  This prediction came true 37 years later in AD 70 under the Roman Titus Caesar.


VERSE 3         Jesus' apostles asked them the following questions:


                        (1)  When will this (destruction of Temple) _______________.

                        (2)  What will be the sign of your __________________ and the end of the age?


                        NOTE:  Jesus will answer question one in verses 4-29.

                                    He will answer question two in verses 30-51.


VERSE 4-5      First, there will be many men in Palestine claiming, "______________________." 


                        NOTE:  The Christ was a Jewish expectation, so people of other nations would not be interested in claiming to be the Christ.  Josephus, the famous Jewish historian, wrote about 100 AD about all the men around Palestine claiming to be the Christ.


VERSE 6-8      Second, there will be rumors of ________________, and there will be _______________ and _________________

                        in various places.


                        NOTE:  When Jesus died, there was an earthquake.  There was another one the morning he rose from the dead.  (See Matthew 27:51 (pg. 31) and 28:2 (pg. 32).


VERSE 9         Third, his disciples will be _________________________ and put to _____________.


                        NOTE:  The first of his twelve disciples was put to death eleven years later in AD 44 (see Acts 12:2, pg. 123).


VERSE 11       Fourth, many _______________________________________________ will appear.


                        NOTE:  This was acknowledged several times after this.  One example is 1 John 4:1, p. 223.


VERSE 14       Fifth, the gospel will be preached to the whole world.


                        NOTE:  This was accomplished in about twenty years.  See Colossians 1:23 (pg. 187).


VERSE 15       Sixth, an abomination will stand in the most _________________ __________________ of the Temple.


                        NOTE:  Josephus said that the Roman General Titus, soon to become the next Caesar, went into the Holy of Holies of the Temple, a place forbidden to everyone but the High Priest, and then only once a year.





VERSE 20       Jesus said they should pray this does not occur in the __________________________ or on the holy ___________



VERSE 23       Still the false Christs will appear.


VERSE 29       After the Temple is burned, all of Jerusalem will be burned, thus causing the sun to be ______________________

                        and the moon to not give its ___________________.  (An eye-witness description of what happened is available, written by Josephus, the famous Jewish historian.


                        As a lead-in to the sign of the end of time, Jesus talks about the ______________ falling.


                        NOTE:  Josephus said that after the Temple was burned, "Thus there was a star resembling a sword, which stood over the city, and a comet, that continued a whole year.


VERSE 30       Now Jesus discusses their second question regarding the sign when Jesus will return.

                        First, everyone throughout the world will _______________ Jesus coming on the __________________.


VERSE 31       Second, Jesus will send his _____________________ with a loud _______________ call, and they will gather his ___________________.  Who are God's elect (see 2 Timothy 2:8-11)?  ________________________


VERSE 32-35  For some reason, Jesus reverts to the destruction of the Temple, for he says this generation will __________ pass away until all these things have happened.


VERSE 36       Now he is back to talking about the end of the world.  Even though people today are predicting it will be in the year 2000, Jesus said, "________________ knows about that _____ or _______________, not even the _______________ in heaven, nor the ____________, but only the _______________ knows.


VERSE 44       Jesus will return at an hour when we ___________________________________________________.


VERSE 47-51  But the servant that beats his fellow servants will be assigned a place with the ____________________

                        where there is ________________________ and _________________________ of teeth.