Book of Matthew


Session Nine

Chapter 25 - Page 26-27

A Chapter of Parables




VERSE 1         In this parable explaining the end of the world, Jesus said there were ___________ virgins (bridesmaid friends of the bride and groom) waiting for the __________________ to arrive so they could escort him into the bride's home.


VERSE 6-8      When it was announced at ______________ that the bridegroom was on his way, the foolish ones tried to get the wise virgins to give them some of their __________________.


VERSE 9-10    So while they were gone, the _______________________ arrived and they escorted him to the ______________

                        ______________________________.  (They couldn't make the bridegroom wait for his own wedding!)


VERSE 11-13  Once the door was closed, they could not let anyone else in (it was the middle of the night and too dangerous to.)  So when the foolish virgins called out for them to open the door, the door guard said, "I don't _________________

                        ______________.  It will be the same way when Jesus comes.  Then it will be too late.


                        What does the lamp represent in Jesus' parable?  Remember Matthew 5:14-16 9, pg. 4.  ______________________


VERSE 19-23  When the master returned and saw the results of the first man's work, he put him in charge of

                        ____________________________________________.  When he saw the result of the second man's work, he put him in charge of _______________________________________.


VERSE 24-27  The one who buried his came to the conclusion that the master was a ___________ man so wouldn't take any chances of working with what he got.  The master replied that if that was the way he felt, he should have at least put it on _______________ with the bankers for ___________________.


VERSE 28-30  Then the one who refused to work, using as his excuse that he had a hard master, was thrown ___________ into the _______________________________ where there is _______________________ and gnashing _______________.





VERSE 34-39  He will reward people who used their talents in the following ways:  "I was ______________ and you gave me something to ___.  I was __________ and you gave me something to ____________.  I was a ________________

                        and you _____________________________ me in.


VERSE 40       He explained, "Whatever you did for one of the __________________ of these _____________________ of ____________, you did it for ____________________.


VERSE 41-46  But those who did not help anyone he will send to ___________________________ __________________.



Chapter 26 - Page 27-30

Jesus Introduces the Communion, then Agonizes over His Death


VERSE 3-4      The ________________________________ and ______________________ assembled in the palace of the ______

                        ____________________ and ___________________ to arrest Jesus and ________________ him.


VERSE 6         While Jesus was eating at a home in Bethany near Jerusalem, a woman poured very ____________________ perfume on his head.


                        NOTE:  In these days, Jews anointed a man to be king or high priest.  Perhaps, since Jesus did not take over as high priest and king during his Triumphal Entry, she decided to anoint him herself to show she was her high priest and her king.  (Toward the end of the Old Testament, God told the people through a prophet that they should combine the office of high priest and king and it should be one man.)


VERSE 12       Jesus gave a different significance to this anointing, however.  He announced she had done it to ________________ him for his __________________________ (they embalmed with spices).


VERSE 14       ____________________________ went to the ____________________________ and agreed to hand Jesus over to them for how much money?  ___________________________________________. 


                        NOTE:  In Bible times, one piece of silver was worth about 11-1/2 days wages; 30 pieces would be worth about 1-1/2 year's pay.  Also in Bible times, it cost 30 pieces of silver to purchase a slave.





VERSE 17       Verse one says they were about to keep the Passover.  In this verse it is called what?  _______________________



VERSE 21       As soon as they began eating, Jesus announced "________________ of you will ________________ me."  In so doing, he gave Judas a chance to back out.  (If he hadn't betrayed him, someone else would have.)


                        NOTE:  The other three biographies of Jesus say that Judas left the table at this point and went out to make arrangements to betray Jesus later that night.  So he was not part of the new religious ceremony Jesus established.


VERSE 26       NOTE:  The Passover began about 2500 BC when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and slavery.  On their last night before being released, God passed over Egypt.  Any family who had the blood of a lamb on their doorpost was safe - God PASSED OVER them.  But any family who refused to put the blood of a lamb on their doorpost suffered the loss of their first-born son.  So every year on this date, they kept the Passover Feast which included a lamb that was eaten, unleavened bread (they were in a hurry to leave), wine, and bitter herbs (reminding them of the bitterness of their slavery.


                        So now, when Jesus passed around the unleavened bread to be eaten, he gave it a new meaning.  He said that now this unleavened bread represented what?  _______________________________________


                        NOTE:  It was not literally his body, for he was still in his body and talking to them.


                        1 Peter 1:19 (pg. 216) ways we were redeemed with the precious __________________ of ________________

                        a _________________________ without blemish.


VERSE 27-28  Whereas the fruit of the vine (wine/grape juice) never had any significance in the Passover before, he now gives it a meaning.  He said, "This is __________________________________________________ of the new covenant."


                        NOTE:  Covenant is also translated testament.  He was setting up a new system of worship.  No longer would people worship with the ceremonies given in the Law of Moses in the Old Testament.


VERSE 29       Jesus said he would partake of this again when the kingdom came.  When did he partake of it next (Acts 10:41, pg. 121)?  ______________________________________________________________


VERSE 30       What kind of music did they have as part of this ceremony?  Vocal, instrumental, or both?  ___________________


VERSE 32-35  Peter and the other disciples announced they would never fall away.  But Jesus said that very ____________ Peter would _______________________________ him ____________________ times.





VERSE 38       Jesus became very troubled.  He said his soul was _______________________________________.


                        NOTE:  Since crucifixion was a common form of execution by the Romans in that day, do you think there was anything else bothering him (see 2 Corinthians 5:19 and 21, pg. 170)?  ___________________________________



VERSE 39       Even at the last minute, Jesus was begging God, "May this ___________________ (of suffering) be



VERSE 40       Then he returned to his disciples, probably for some encouragement, and found them ________________.  He told them, "The spirit is __________________but the ___________________________________________________."


VERSE 47       Judas arrived with a large ___________________ armed with _____________________ and __________________

                        sent from the _________________________________________ and __________________.


VERSE 48-49  Since there were no newspapers or TV then, even well-known people often were not recognized.  So what kind of signal did Judas give to indicate which one was Jesus?  ________________________________________________


VERSE 51       One of Jesus' disciples (John 18:10, pg. 106, says it was Peter) did what?  _________________________________

                        _________________________________________________________________________.  Luke 22:51, pg. 82, says Jesus replaced the man's ear.


VERSE 53       Jesus, knowing his time had come, said he could call more than _________________________________________

                        of _________________________ to defend him.


VERSE 56       So what did his disciples do?  ________________________________________





VERSE 58       Although we condemn Peter for betraying Jesus, at least he followed him right up to the _____________________

                        of the ______________________________________________.


VERSE 59       The religious hierarchy looked for ____________________________________________ against Jesus.


VERSE 61       They finally got him on a charge of destruction of religious property because he said he would destroy the ____________________________________.  But it was not enough for a death sentence.


VERSE 65-66  Thus far they had bungled his execution, so, with Jesus' help (he said he was God), they finally got enough evidence and said he was worthy of _________________________________.


VERSE 67       How did the church hierarchy then treat him?  _______________________________________________________


VERSE 75       When the rooster crowed as predicted by Jesus, what did Peter do?  ______________________________________



Chapter 27 - Page 30-32

The Crucifixion




VERSE 1-2      The chief priests and elders handed Jesus over to ______________, the ____________________ because only the Romans were allowed to put someone to death at this time.


VERSE 3         What surprised Judas?  ________________________________________  What do you think he thought Jesus would do that he did not do?  ______________________________________


VERSE 4-5      Judas confessed, "I have ____________________."  He even threw the ________________ at the priests and elders in remorse.  At this point he had the same remorse Peter had when he betrayed Jesus.  But what did Judas do that Peter did not?  ___________________________________________________________________________________.   


                        NOTE:  Later Peter would write this (see 1 Peter 2:1-2, pg. 216):  "Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.  Like NEWBORN BABIES crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation."  PETER KNEW HOW TO LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKES AND START ALL OVER.


VERSE 7         What did the priests and elders do with the money?  __________________________________________________


VERSE 9-10    Without realizing it, they fulfilled yet another prophecy involving Jesus which was spoken by ________________

                        seven centuries earlier.