Book of Matthew


Session Ten

Chapter 27 - Page 30-32 (continued)

The Crucifixion




VS 11-13         When Governor Pilate questioned Jesus personally, Jesus answered.  But when the priests and elders arrived to accuse him, Jesus refused to answer.  Do you have any idea why?  (Verse 18 & 23f might help.)



VERSE 17       Who was Bar-Abbas?  ___________________________________________________________________________


VERSE 19       How did Pilate's wife feel about Jesus?  _____________________________________________________________


VS 20-23         When given a chance to have one political prisoner sentenced to death to be freed, the crowd chose who?  _________________________________________________  What did they insist Pilate do to Jesus? 



VERSE 24       What did Pilate do and say the crowd?  ______________________________________________________________



VERSE 26       Then Pilate had Jesus _____________________________.


                        NOTE:  What they did was strip him to his waist and beat him with a whip that had rough chunks of steel tied on it every foot or so.  Many men died of it.


VERSE 27-29  In Jesus' weakened condition, what did the soldiers do to him next?  ______________________________________

                        __________________________________________.  What did they say to him?  __________________________



VERSE 30       What did they do to him after that?  ________________________________________________________________


                        NOTE:  By the time they took the scarlet robe off him, his blood would have clotted and then the wounds re-opened.





VERSE 31       According to Mark 15:22, pg. 50, they brought him to Golgotha ("skull hill").  The word "brought" in the original Greek manuscripts means they carried him.  Jesus was so weak by this time, the soldiers had to literally carry him up the hill.


VERSE 32       On their way they forced a man named ___________________ to ________________ Jesus' _________________.


VERSE 34       Why do you think Jesus refused the pain killers?  _____________________________________________________


VERSE 37       What did the sign designating his crime say?  ________________________________________________________


VERSE 38       What other criminals were crucified at the same time?  ________________________________________________


VERSE 40       What did the taunts of the crowds have in common with Satan's taunts three years earlier when he tempted Jesus in the wilderness (see Matthew 4:3 and 6)?  What is the phrase they all repeated?  _________________________



VERSE 42       Do you think the chief priests, theology teachers, and elders really would have believed Jesus had he come down from the cross?  _____________  Why?  ____________________________________________________________


VERSE 44       Who else insulted Jesus?  _________________________________________________________________________





VERSE 45       Jesus was crucified the third hour of the day (see Mark 15:25, pg.51), which would be 9:00.  Beginning at ______

                        o'clock and ______ o'clock, there was ____________________________.


VERSE 46       At 3:00 he cried out loudly "__________________________________ why have you _______________________.


                        NOTE:  God only forsakes those who have sinned against him.  In the Old Testament 700 years before Jesus, Isaiah 53:4 says, "Yet it was OUR grief he bore, OUR sorrows that weighed him down.  And we thought his problems were a punishment from God for his OWN sins.


                        Acts 2:27b and Ephesians 4:8b in the Living Bible Translation says, "You [God] will not leave my soul in hell.... When Christ returned triumphantly to heaven after his resurrection and victory over Satan, he gave generous gifts to men.


                        This seems to indicate that during those three hours when Jesus said nothing, his soul descended to hell where he took our punishment for our sins.  That is why God had to forsake him.  God cannot dwell in hell.  It was as though Jesus willfully plunged his soul to hell shouting to Satan, "Punish me, not them!  Punish me!"


                        Revelation 1:18 quotes Jesus as saying, "I hold the ___________ of death and _________________.   Jesus performed the impossible.  He broke out of hell, something we could never do.  How amazing that he would love us that much!


VERSE 48       Jesus finally accepted a small drink of ____________________________ from a sponge. 


                        NOTE:  The MERCK MANUAL OF DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY says anyone in severe shock (obviously this was one of the things Jesus was suffering with) should never be given liquids by mouth "as it often results in sudden death."  Apparently Jesus was now ready to die and knew what to do to hurry it up.


                        John 19:30 (pg. 108) says that after his drink he said, "It is _________________."  He had done all the work he had come to earth to do.


VERSE 50       When Jesus had _______________ out again in a _________________ voice, he _____________________ his



VERSE 51       Immediately the _______________ shook and the _________________ split (earthquake), and at that moment the ____________________________ of the ______________________ was ________________ in two from _______

                        to ___________________________.


                        NOTE:  This curtain was a room divided hiding the Most Holy Place in the Temple.  Only one person was ever allowed to enter it - the high priest - and even then only once a year on the Day of Atonement (see Hebrews 9:1-7, pg. 207).  Jesus became our high priest and entered the spiritual Most Holy Place (Hebrews 9:8-12).  With the curtain torn, Jesus began the new testament (Hebrews 9:15-16).


VERSE 52-53  Also at that moment the ____________ broke ____________ and the ___________________ of many holy people who had __________ were ___________________________________________.  They stayed near their graves until after Jesus' _________________________ at which time they entered Jerusalem.


VERSE 54       What did the centurion exclaim upon seeing all this?  _________________________________________________






VERSE  57-60 Rich Joseph took Jesus' mangled and bloody body off the cross, getting Jesus' blood all over his clothes, and placed it in his own _______________________________________________.  then he rolled a _____________________

                        in front of the entrance.


VERSE 66       The chief priests wanted to make sure no one stole Jesus' body to fool people into believing he came back to life, so Pilate gave them permission to _____________________ it by putting a (concrete) ___________________ on the stone, and posting _____________________________.



Chapter 28 - Page 32

Jesus' Resurrection and Great Commission


VERSE 1         Why did the Christians begin worshipping on the first day of the week (Sunday) instead of the seventh day of the week (Sabbath)?  HINT:  Look at verse 6. ___________________________________________________________


VERSE 2         Who rolled away the stone?  _________________________________________________


VERSE 4         The guards saw it, but became so ___________________________ they _____________________ and became like _____________________________ men.


VERSE 5-9      Who were the first to see Jesus after he returned to life?  ______________________________________________


VERSE 11-13  When the guards reported what had happened, the religious hierarchy bribed the soldiers to say Jesus' ______________ came during the ___________________________ and __________________ him away.


VERSE 19       What was the first half of Jesus' great commission to them?  ___________ and make ________________________ of all nations, _____________________________ them in the name of the __________________________, the

                        _____________________, and the __________________________________________.


Verse 20          What is the second half of Jesus' great commission to them?  ______________________ them to _____________ everything I have _____________________________________ you.


                        NOTE:  This shows that baptism alone cannot save us.  It also shows that obeying Jesus' other commands alone will not save us either.  What does it show?  _____________________________________________________________


                        If we do these things, Jesus promised to be with us _______________________.







And told by Eye Witness Flavius Josephus



Now the soldiers had already put fire to the gates...whence it spread itself all on the sudden and caught hold of the cloisters....The fire prevailed during that day and the next also....Those that guarded the holy house fought with those that quenched the fire that was burning the inner court....As the flames went upward the Jews made a great clamour....Now round about the altar lay dead bodies heaped one upon another...threw the fire upon the hinges of the gate in the dark; whereby the flame burst out from within the holy house itself immediately...and thus was the holy house burnt down.


Ten thousand that were caught were slain...children, and old men, and profane persons, and priests, were all slain in the same manner....The flame was also carried a long way, and made an echo together with the groans of those that were slain; and because this hill was high and the works at the temple were very great, one would have thought that the whole city had been on fire.  Nor can one imagine anything either greater or more terrible than this noise.


....One would have thought that the hill itself, on which the Temple stood, was seething-hot, as full of fire on every part of it, that the blood was larger in quantity than the fire, and those that were slain more in number than those that slew them; for the ground did nowhere appear visible, for the dead bodies that lay on it....As the fire burst out upon them, they retired to the the outer court of the Temple, whither the women and children and a great mixed multitude of the people fled, in number about six thousand...were destroyed by throwing themselves down headlong, and some were burnt in the cloisters themselves.  Nor did any one of these escape with his life.


A false prophet was the occasion of these people's destruction, who had made a public proclamation in the city that very day, that God commanded them to get up upon the Temple, and that there they should receive miraculous signs of their deliverance.  Now, there was then a great number of false prophets.


....the Romans set all on fire as far as Siloam.  These soldiers were indeed glad to see the city destroyed....Accordingly, as the people were now slain, and the holy house was burnt down, and the city was on fire, there was nothing further left for the enemy to do....But when they went in numbers into the lanes of the city with their swords drawn, they slew those whom they overtook without mercy, and set fire to the houses whither the Jews were fled, and burnt every soul in them, and laid waste a great many of the rest; and when they were come to the houses to plunder them, they found in them entire families of dead men, and the upper rooms full of dead corpses, that is of such as died by the famine; they then stood in a horror at this sight, and went out without touching anything....but they ran everyone through whom they met with, and obstructed the very lanes with their dead bodies, and made the whole city run down with blood, to such a degree indeed that the fire of many of the houses was quenched with these men's blood....yet did the fire greatly prevail in the night; and as all was burning


....As for the rest of the multitude that were above seventeen years old, he put them into bonds and sent them to the Egyptian mines.  Titus also sent a great number into the provinces, as a present to them, that they might be destroyed upon their theatres, by the sword and by the wild beasts; but those that were under seventeen years of age were sold for slaves.  Now, during the there perished for want of food eleven thousand.