Lesson Two





NOTE:  Exodus comes from the word "exit" and refers to the Israelites exiting Egypt.




1:8       A couple hundred years later, a new king, who did not ___________ about ______________________________ came to power in ____________________________.


1:9f      By now the _________________________________ were much too _____________________________


1:11     So the Egyptians made them _______________________________ to keep them under control.


1:22     They continued to grow, so Pharaoh ordered every _____________________ ____________________ be thrown into the ________________________ River to drown.  What does this remind you of (Matthew 2:16, pg. 934)?



2:1f      A man and woman of the tribe of _________________ had a son and hid him for ________________ months.


2:3       So the mother put him in a _____________________________ and floated it in the _________________ River, while his ______________________ watched to see what would happen to him.


2:7f      He was discovered by __________________________ daughter who decided to keep him.  Who did this baby's sister get for the princess to nurse the baby?  _______________________________________


2:10     What did she name this baby?  ______________________________


            See Acts 7:23, pg. 1062.  How old was Moses when he decided to visit his fellow Israelites, now slaves?  __________


2:11f    When Moses saw an Egyptian beating an Israelite, he killed him.  When Pharaoh found out he tried to kill _________________________________.  So Moses fled to _____________________________.


            See Acts 7:30-32, pg. 1062.  ______________ years later, Moses saw a burning ______________.  God spoke out of the bush saying, "I am...the God of ______________ ______________, _____________________________, and _________________________.


3:9f      God had heard the cry of the ___________________ in __________________, and told Moses, "I am sending you to _________________________ to bring my people, the ____________________ out of _______________________."


4:27     While Moses was on his way back to Egypt, God told Moses' brother ______________ to leave Egypt and go into the _________________________ to meet Moses.




5:1       Then Moses and Aaron went to Egypt together, appeared to Pharaoh, and said that God says, "Let _______

            ____________________ ______."


5:10f    But Pharaoh made the slaves work even harder by not providing them with any more ________________, while also not reducing their work load.


            What 10 plagues did Moses call down on Egypt each time Pharaoh refused to let God's people go?

            7:17  ____________________________________________________________________

            8:2   ____________________________________________________________________

            8:16  ____________________________________________________________________

            8:21  ____________________________________________________________________

            9:3   ____________________________________________________________________

            9:9   ____________________________________________________________________

            9:19  ____________________________________________________________________

            10:4  ____________________________________________________________________

            10:21 ____________________________________________________________________

            11:5  ____________________________________________________________________


            NOTE:  Each one of these plagues made a mockery of one of the gods of Egypt.


12:5,7  All the people had to do to be saved from death of their first born was to kill a lamb and put it ______________________________ on the __________________________ of their houses.


12:13   On the appointed night, God said whenever he saw the ____________________, he will ____________________________

            _______________________________ the house and not destroy anyone. 


12:27   Hence forward, every year on that day (see 12:2f), the Israelites were to remember this night by killing the lamb, etc., and it was called the ________________________________________.


12:17   The Passover was also called the Feast of ______________________________ bread.


12:8ff   This is because they did not have time to let the bread rise, but were to eat with their ________________ stuck in their belts, their __________________ on their feet, and their _______________________ in their hands.  They were to eat it in _____________________________.  They were also to eat bitter herbs (parsley, etc.)  to remind them of their bitter _____________________________ (see 1:14) as slaves.


            Centuries later, Jesus took this same supper and turned in to what Christians call the "Lord's Supper" (see Matthew 26:17, pg. 962)).  He took this same unleavened bread and gave it a new meaning; he said it now represented his ________________ (Matthew 26:26).  He also took the wine drink that had no special significance to the Jews and gave it one; he said from now on it was his _____________________________ (26:27-28).


            He also gave new significance to the lamb that was eaten at the Passover.  1 Corinthians 5:7 (pg. 1108) said Jesus is our

            __________________________________ _____________________________. 


            He also gave new significance to yeast (see also 5:8).  For now yeast represented _________________________ and

            _____________________________.  Therefore, do you think it matters to God whether we use leavened or unleavened bread in the Lord's Supper that he instituted?  ________________________


12:31   Sure enough, during the night Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron and ordered them, "_______________________, my people! You and the ______________ _________________!"


12:34   So the people took their dough before the _________________________ was added, and carried it to the wilderness with them.


12:37   How many Israelite men left Egypt?  ________________________________.  If each averaged a wife and four children, that would make how many people Jacob's/Israel's family had grown to while in Egypt?  _______________________________





12:46   They were not to break any of the _____________________ of the lamb they ate.  Centuries later, although it was the custom at crucifixions to break

            someone's bones to hasten death, what happened to Jesus (John 19:33-36, pg. 1051)? ____________________________________________


13:21   What guided the Israelites through the wilderness by day?  _____________________________________________________

            By night?  ___________________________________________________________.


14:21   Pharaoh changed his mind so sent the Egyptian army after them.  When the Israelites got to the Red Sea, God sent a strong east _______________________ that divided the water and turn the river bed into ___________________________________.  Then the Israelites went ____________________________ the sea with a wall of water on their ____________________ and on their ________________________.


            Centuries later, God said that, with the water on both sides, and the cloud above them, they were all __________________ into ___________________________________ (1 Corinthians 10:2, pg. 1111).


16        According to verses 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, despite all God had done for them, the Israelites did a lot of _________________________.


16:13f  So the people would not starve, God sent them __________________ every evening, and __________________ every morning.


16:15   When the people saw the flakes on the ground, they called it "What Is It?" which in their language was "manna" (see 16:31).


16:35   How long did the Israelites eat this manna?  ______________________  What happened at the end of this time?



17:6     Then the Israelites got thirsty, and once more grumbled against Moses and God.  So God told Moses to strike the _____________________________; then __________________________ came out of it.


            Centuries later, God explained that this rock was who (see 1 Corinthians 10:4, pg. 1111)?  _____________________  How had Jesus associated himself with the rock (John 4:14, pg. 1031)? _______________________________________________





19:1     On the ___________ month, they arrived in the Desert of _____________________. 


19:20   There God called for Moses to come up to the ________________ of the mountain.


20        In a few words, list the basis point of each of the Ten Commandments:

            20:3 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:4 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:7 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:8 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:12 ________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:13 ________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:14 ________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:15 ________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:16 ________________________________________________________________________________________________

            20:17 ________________________________________________________________________________________________


            Numbers 15:32 (pg. 146) says that, even though one of the Ten Commandments said to remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy and do no work on that day, a man was found ______________________________ wood.  We humans think this is no big deal.  We tend to think God will overlook the little things we do.  But in Numbers 15:35 God told them they must ____________________ him. 


            [Note:  In Old Testament days, God sometimes punished people immediately as a warning to others.  This does not mean they went to hell, however, as we recall from Moses being punished with death for striking the rock to get water instead of speaking to it.]


* * * * *


            When Jesus came, he repeated the last six in Mark 10:19 (pg. 980).  He referred to Commandment One in Luke 4:8 (pg. 995); Commandment Two in Revelation 2:20 (pg. 1192), and Commandment Three in Matthew 5:33f (pg. 937).  The one commandment he never repeated was Number Four to keep the Sabbath (Saturday). 


            Instead, Jesus created a new holy day, Sunday.  Why did Sunday become holy (Matthew 28:1-6, pg. 966)?  ____________



            Although early Christians sang, prayed, and searched the scriptures daily, what two things were they to do exclusively on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7 [pg. 1079] and 1 Corinthians 16:2 [pg. 1117])?  (1) ________________________________

            (2) ______________________________________________


20:8     When God said "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy," which Sabbath day did he intend to be kept holy?  Annually?  Semi-annually?  Quarterly?  Weekly?  __________________________


            Therefore, Christians were to meet on which first day of the week to break bread (Lord's Supper) and contribute?



24:1,9  After giving many other laws, God sent Moses back down the mountain to bring up his brother, Aaron, Aaron's two sons, and _____________________ of the elders of the people.


            NOTE:  This group of 70 later became known as the Sanhedrin or the Council.  Centuries later, this same group of men gathered in the middle of the night looking for (see Matthew 26:59, pg. 964) __________________ evidence against _______________ so they could put him to _____________________________.


31:18   After giving Moses many other commandments (there weren't just ten), God gave Moses the _______________ tablets of the Testimony (10 Commandments) made of _____________________ and inscribed by the _____________________ of God.


32:1     Moses was gone this last time for 40 days (24:18; 34:28), so the people asked his brother, Aaron, to make them ________________, which Aaron did.


32:24   When Moses came down the mountain and discovered them, Aaron excused himself by saying he threw gold into the ___________________________, and ______________________ _____________________ this _____________________ (all by itself!).





32:32   Moses went back into the mountain and prayed for God to ______________________ their sin.  If he couldn't, then he asked that God ____________________________ him out of the ________________________ of life.


33:18f  Then Moses asked God to show him his _________________________.  What did God say his glory was?  _____________



33:22f  God said he would put Moses in a _____________________ in the ________________________ and cover him with his ____________________________ as he passed by.  Then God will remove his ____________________ so Moses will be able to see his ___________________________.


34:29   After Moses had spoken with God for so long, Moses' face was so _____________________ that he had to put a

34:33   __________________________ over his face.


            Centuries later, the apostle Paul referred to this event, saying the veil represented hard hearts of people who did not want to see God up close (2 Corinthians 3:12-18, pg. 1120)).  Christians with unveiled faces _______________________ the Lord's glory.  According to Exodus 33:18; what is God's glory?  _____________________ _________________________________





NOTE: The name of this book comes from "deu" meaning duo or second, and "teronomy" meaning "testimony."  This is Moses giving a second account of their wanderings up to the point of his death (see Deuteronomy 1:3).


1:22f    When they arrived at the edge of the Promised Land, Moses sent to spy out the land, one man from each  ___________________.


1:28     When the spies returned they were afraid, saying that the people of Canaan were ___________________ and ___________

            and the cities had walls up to the ______________________________.


1:35f    Therefore, God said not a ________________ of this _________________________ shall see the good land except _________________________ because he was not afraid (see Numbers 13:30).


1:38     Also Moses assistant, _______________________ would be allowed to enter the land.







11:12f  Moses often got discouraged.  At one point he prayed, "Did I _________________________ all these people?  Did I give them birth?  Why do you tell me to ____________________ them in my __________________ (treat them like babies)....Where can I get _________________ for all these people?....I cannot carry all these people by ________________; the burden is too ___________________ for me.  If this is how you are going to treat me, put me to __________________ right now.


14:11f  God became so angry at the rebellious nature of the Israelites, he told Moses he was going to _________________________ them and make of Moses a nation ____________________ and ____________________.


14:16   Moses objected that people of the earth will say the Lord was not ________________ to bring them into the promised land.  Then, in verse 19, Moses asked God to _______________ the sin of these people.  How great Moses was!


14:33f  Nevertheless, God told the Israelites to turn around and return to the wilderness to wander for _____________ years, one year for each _____________ the spies explored the land.  During that time, everyone of that generation but Joshua and Caleb would die.


20:5ff   About 38 years later, the people once more complained of nothing to _______________.  So God told Moses and Aaron to ___________________ to the rock before their eyes, and it will _____________ out its ___________________.  But Moses, instead shouted out, "Listen you _________________, must _________________ (Moses and Aaron) bring you water out of this rock?"  (He did not give God credit.)


20:11   Then, did Moses speak to the rock as God told him to?  __________________


            Does this seem like any big deal?  _____________________


20:12   But God told Moses and Aaron, "Because you did not trust in me enough to ___________________ me as holy (honored themselves) will not bring this community into the _____________________ I give them."


21:4ff   God gave the Jews what they wanted (freedom from Egyptian slavery), but still they complained.  So God sent venomous ________________________.  The people asked forgiveness.  So Mosis put a bronze ______________ on a _____________

            so that anyone who looked at it _____________________________________.  Centuries later in John 3:14 (pg. 1029), Jesus said he would die on such a ___________________ so people looking to him might live eternally.





1:38     At the end of the forty years (Deuteronomy 2:7) who was appointed to be Moses' successor?  _____________________


3:25     Then Moses begged God, "Let me _______________ over and _____________ the good land."


3:26     But God replied to him, "That is ________________.  Do not _____________ to me ___________________ of this matter."


18:18   Amidst Moses retelling all the laws God gave them to obey, he gave this prophecy about Jesus:  "I [God] will raise up for them a ____________________ like you [Moses] from among their brothers; I will put my ___________________ in his ____________________________.


            Jesus recalled this in John 17:8 (pg. 1048) where he prayed to God the Father, "I gave them the _________________ you gave me."


34:1     Then, after repeating the Law of Moses and its many commandments (not just ten), Moses climbed Mount ________________.  There God showed him the whole _____________________________.


34:4     God said, "This is the land I promised on oath to __________________________, _____________________, and

            _________________________....I have let you see it with your ________________, but you will ______________ cross into it."


34:6     When Moses died, God buried him.  To this day, __________________ knows where his _______________ is.


34:10   Despite Moses' own sins and God's punishing him, this last book explaining the beginnings of the Jewish nation says this about Moses:  "Since then, no _____________________________ has risen in Israel like ________________________ whom the Lord knew _________________ to _________________________, who did all those ________________________ signs and __________________________.