Lesson Four



JOSHUA (PG. 207)


1400 BC




NOTE:   This book is very difficult for some people to accept, and often leads doubters to believe there is no God at all.  That is because of all the killing God commanded.  Therefore, most of "day one" will be spent understanding the killing.




GENESIS 15:13-16 (PG. 13) - God did not randomly select a country and tell the Jews they could have it.  When God first promised Canaan to Abraham's descendants, he would not let him have it yet.  "Your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own [Egypt], and they will be ____________________________ and mistreated ______ years. 


"But I will _________________ the nation they serve as slaves, and afterwards they will come out with great _______________________________."


"In the fourth generation [people lived to be about 100 years old then], your descendants will come back _________, for the _____________ of the ___________________________ has not yet reached its ______________ measure."


LEVITICUS 18:24-28 (PG. 115) - God explained to Moses, after giving the commandments on sexual sins, says, "Do not ___________________________ yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the _____________________ I am going to _____________________________ before you became defiled.  Even the land was defiled; so I _________________ it for its _______________, and the land _________________________ out its inhabitants....All these things were done by the people who lived in the land ____________ you, and the land became defiled.  And if you defile the land, it will vomit ___________________ out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.


DEUTERONOMY 9:5-6 (PG. 180) - God did not give the Jews the land of Canaan because they were so good, but because the people before them were so bad.  "It is not because of your [Jews'] __________________________________ or your __________________ that you are going in to take possession of ____________________ land; but on account of the ____________________________ of these _________________________, the Lord your God will drive them ___________ before you....for you are a ________________ people.


JOSHUA 24:11-14 (PG. 230) just before Joshua died, he recalled to the people how they got their Promised Land from the A_______________,

P______________________, C___________________________, H________________________, G______________________, H________________________, and J____________________________....You did not do it with your own sword and bow.  So I gave you a land on which you did ________________ toil and cities you did _____________ build; and you live in them and eat from vineyards and olive groves that you did __________ plant.  Now fear the Lord and serve him with ______ faithfulness.  Throw away the _____________...and serve the _________________.




ROMANS 11:22 (PG. 1100) - "Consider therefore the ____________________________ and _______________________ of ___________:  Sternness to those who _________________, but kindness to you, ___________________ that you continue in his ___________________.  Otherwise, you also will be ______________________________.


PROVERBS 3:11-12 (PG. 618) -  "Do not _________________ the Lord's _____________________ and do not _________________ his _________________________, because the Lord disciplines those he _________________, as a father the son he delights in.


2 PETER 3:9 (PG. 1182) says, "The Lord is not slow in keeping his __________________....He is patient with you, _________ wanting anyone to __________________, but everyone to come to _____________________.




Remember when God told Moses he had to die because he struck the rock for water instead of speaking to it?  But we know he went to heaven because he appeared centuries later to Jesus (Matthew 17:3, pg. 951).  Sometimes God needs to take evil influences out of the way of a new group of people, hoping they will do better.


Undoubtedly good people as well as bad died when Canaan was conquered.  But, if they went to heaven, they were much happier then anyway.  We must not think of the death of good people as punishment.  It is a door to excitement.


* * * * *


1:1       Who did God appoint as Moses' successor after he died?  _______________________


1:4       God said he would give all the land between the river ___________________________ (in today's Iraq) and the ___________________ sea [Mediterranean].


2:1       Joshua sent ______________ men to spy out what city?  __________________________


            They were to stay in the house of ______________________ who was either a prostitute or an innkeeper (the original Hebrew language is vague here).





2:4       When the king of Jericho searched for the Israelite spies, Rahab did what?  _________________________


2:9f      Why?  _______________________________________________________________________________________________


2:15     How did the spies escape Jericho?  _________________________________________________________________________


2:18     They told Rahab she and any family members in her home would be saved if she did what?  ________________________


            THOUGHT QUESTION:  Do you think she might have been tempted to hang out a blue rope?  _____________  Why?  _______________________  Do people today tend to hedge on God's terms of their salvation?  _______________________


3:3       What were the priests to carry at the head of the army to indicate they were to head toward Jericho?  __________________



3:15f    As soon as the priests' feet touched the flooded Jordan River, what happened?  _____________________



3:17     How long did the priests stay in the middle of the Jordan?  ________________________________________________


5:6f      God told this new generation of men to be what?  ____________________________________


5:14     A man appeared to Joshua with a sword in his hand.  He identified himself as the ___________________________ of the army of the ________________.


5:15     This man told Joshua the ground he was standing on was ________________.  Who do you think this man was (see Revelation 1:12-18 (pg. 1191)?  _________________________________


6:14     What did Joshua's army do every day for six days?  ________________________________________


6:15f    What did they do on the seventh day and after the seventh time circling the city?  __________________


            According to Numbers 26:51 (pg. 159), there were over half a million fighting men in Israel's army. 


6:20     What happened when they shouted?  _____________________________________________________






10:5     The army went up against five kings of the ________________________________.  (Remember they are the ones whose sin was not at its height in Abraham's time, so God waited to punish them until they were a lot worse.)


10:13   What miracle occurred that day to help them win the battle?  _____________________________________________________


10:42   In ___________________ campaign, Joshua's army conquered all the southern part of Canaan.


11:2     The kings in what parts of Canaan did he fight next?  __________________________________


14:4     What tribe did not receive any land?  _______________________________


15:8     What was an early name for the city of Jerusalem?  ________________________________


24:15   Near Joshua's death, he told the people to _____________________ this day whom ye will _________________; whether the ______________ which your ________________ served that were on the other side of the flood [of Noah], or the _________ of the  Amorites in whose land ye dwell:  but as for me and my _____________, we will _________________________________________________________.


24:31   How long did the Israelites serve God?  _____________________________________________________________________



JUDGES (PG. 232)


1300 BC


1:21     The Tribe of Benjamin did not drive out the _____________________________.


1:28     The Tribe of Manasseh did not drive out the _______________________________.


1:30     The Tribe of Zebulun did not drive out the _____________________________.


1:31     The Tribe of Asher did not drive out the ____________________________.


1:33     The Tribe of Naphtali did not drive out the _______________________________.


2:3       As a result, God said he would make them as thorns in their ____________________ and their gods shall be a _______________ to them.





2:10f    After Joshua died, a generation arose which ___________________ not the ___________________, and served ___________________________ (see verse 13).


3:8       Therefore, God allowed the king of Mesopotamia to enslave the Israelites how long?  _________________


3:9f      When the Israelites finally ________ unto the Lord, God raised up a ___________________, even __________________.  He was called a ______________________.


3:14     But when the Israelites did evil, God allowed them to be enslaved by the Moabites for how long?  ___________________


3:15     So God raised up a deliverer named ____________________.


4:1f      When the Israelites returned to evil, God allowed the Israelites to be enslaved by the king of ______________________ for how long?  __________________________


4:4       Who did God raise up as the next judge to turn them back to the Lord?  _______________________


5:31     During her rule, the Israelites had peace how long?  ____________________


6:1       But they returned to doing evil, so God allowed them to be controlled by the __________________ nation how long?  _________________


6:5       When the Israelites tried to break free, the Midianites sent such a large army, it was _________________ to count them.


6:12     Then God sent his angel to _______________________________.


6:15     Did Gideon think he could save Israel?  ________  Why?  _________________________





7:7       After God had Gideon reduce the size of the Israelite army to ______________________________, he said they were ready.


7:19     Gideon's men terrified the Midianites at midnight by blowing ________________________ and breaking ________________.


7:22     What happened to the Midianite army?  _________________________________________


13:1     Over and over the Israelites did evil, God allowed an evil nation to enslave them, they'd cry to God for help, then he'd send them another judge.  Finally, they were controlled by the Philistines _______________ years.


13:7     God told a woman that they must not drink any _________________ or eat anything __________________ because she would bear a son who would be a ___________________________________.


14:5     Years later a young ________________ came roaring at her son, Samson, and he __________ him apart with his _______________________.


15:20   Though he usually acted like a spoiled brat, God used Samson to judge the Israelites how long?  _______________________________  Who was their greatest enemy at this time?  ________________________________


16:3     One time, Samson carried what on his shoulders to the top of a hill?  ___________________________________________


16:4 - 20   In a nutshell, tell what happened between Samson and Delilah.






16:21f  When the Philistines captured Samson, they did what to his eyes?  _______________________________________________


            Then they shackled him and made him ___________________ grain like an oxen.  But gradually his hair began to what?  ______________________________


16:29f  When they brought Samson out to entertain about 3000 "worshippers" what did Samson do?  ___________________________





19:14   A man and his mistress were on their way from Bethlehem and spent the night in Gibeah in the territory of ____________.


19:22   While spending the night with someone, some Benjamites pounded on their door demanding that the visitor be handed over to them so they could do what?  ________________________________________________


20:12   When the people of the other 11 tribes heard about it, they demanded the Benjamites ______________ those wicked men so they could put them to __________________________, according to the Law of Moses.  But the Benjamites did what?  _____________________________________


20:35   In one day, the Israelites killed how many Benjamites?  ________________________


20:47   How many Benjamites were left alive?  _________________________________


21:6     Afterwards, how did the Israelites feel about their need to punish them?  ___________________________________________



1 SAMUEL (PG. 261)


1150 BC


1:11     A woman who was barren prayed for a son.  What was her name?  __________________________  What did she promise if her prayer was granted?  __________________________________________________________________________


1:20     About a year later, she gave birth to a son and named him ___________________________.


2:11     After she weaned him, she and her husband took Samuel to Ramah where the tabernacle was, and the boy stayed there to ________________________ before the Lord under _______________ the priest.


3:9f      When Samuel was still a boy, who spoke to him?  ___________________________________


4:10f    What did the Philistines capture from the Israelites?  ___________________________________


7:2       A disease inflicted the Philistines as long as they had the ark, so they sent it back to the Israelites, where it stayed in a man's house for how long?  __________________________________  By this time, Samuel had grown into a young man.


7:3f      Samuel told the Israelites to get rid of their idols to what fertility god and goddess?  __________________________________


7:15     How long was Samuel judge over the Israelites?  _____________________________________________