Lesson Five



1 SAMUEL (PG. 267)

1100 BC




8:5       What three reasons did the people have for asking Samuel to abdicate as judge and appoint a king instead (also v. 20)?





8:7       Who did God tell Samuel they were not rejecting?  _____________________  Who were they actually rejecting?  _______


9:1f      What tribe did Saul belong to?  _______________________________  How tall was he?  ___________________________


9:16     God said the new king would free the people of the control of what nation?  ____________________________________


10:22   When Samuel summoned the leaders of all the tribes to announce their new king, they could not find him because he had ______________________ himself among the _______________________________.


13:1     How old was Saul when he began to reign?  _______________  How long did he reign?  ___________________________


13:11f  King Saul offered up a burnt offering.  As a result, Samuel told him he would not set up a long dynasty to rule Israel.  Why (see 1 Samuel 10:8)? ________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


            God was still using Samuel as his prophet.  Saul did not do exactly what Samuel told him to.  Do you think God was being too strict on Saul?  _________________________ ____________________________________________________________


14:43f  King Saul decided to have his own son killed.  Why (see 14:24)?  ______________________________________________

            Who rescued Jonathan?  _________________________________________________________________________________


15:11   God became ____________________________ that he had made Saul king because he had turned ______________ from him and not carried out God's ______________.  What instructions did he not carry out (see 15:3, 8-9)?  ____________________________________ _____________________ _____________________________


15:15f  Who did Saul blame for keeping the sheep?  ______________________________  What did he say they kept them for?  ________________________________________________.  Do we, today, change God's commands and then claim it is just to glorify God more? _____________________________________________________


15:22f  Saul said the Lord delights in what more than religious rituals?  ________________________________________________

            _____________________ is like the sin of divination (witchcraft), and ________________________ is like idolatry.


15:35   Did Saul ever see Samuel again after that?  _______________


16:1     God told Samuel to go to what town to anoint the next king?  _____________________________


16:12f  Who did Samuel anoint in private as the next king?  __________________________________.





16:14   King Saul became ________________________ by an evil spirit from God.  It was from God in the sense that Saul had rejected God and his thoughts of God were tormenting him.


16:21f  Saul's servants sent for David who became Saul's ___________________________________________.  Whenever Saul was tormented, David would ______________________ on his ______________________.


17:4f    A champion of the Philistines said he would fight any single Israelite to decide the battle instead of all soldiers of both armies fighting.  Who was he, and how tall was he?  _______________________________________________________________


17:35   Even though King Saul called David a mere boy, how strong was he?  __________________________________________



17:38f  David decided not to wear Saul's armor, not because it was too big, but because ___________________________________


17:49   How did David kill Goliath?  ______________________________________________________________________________

            Why (see 17:26b)?  _____________________________________________________________________________________


18:5     How did Saul reward David? _____________________________________________________________________________


18:6f    What song made Saul jealous of David?  ____________________________________________________________________


18:10   While David was playing his harp to soothe the king, what did Saul do to him? ___________________________________


            PSALM 59 (PG. 560):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  ________________________


21:8f    David escaped to the city of Nob where the priest there gave him what?  _________________________________________


21:13   Then he escaped to the city of Gath where he pretended to be ___________________________ by letting ______________ run down his ___________________________ in order to save his life there.  What a low point in David's life.


            PSALM 34 (PG. 544):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  _________________________

            PSALM 56 (PG. 558):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  _________________________


22:1f    Then David escaped to live in a _______________________, and there his _________________________ and ______________________________ joined him.  Also, all the common people who were in ______________________ or __________________________________ gathered around him.  He ended up with an army of about ________________


            PSALM 142 (PG. 611):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  _______________________


22:3f    Then David took his parents to __________________________________ to live in safety.  David had ties with Moab.



RUTH (PG. 257)


1:1       During the days when the ___________________________ were still ruling, there was a ______________________ in the land, and a small family left the town of _____________________________ and moved to the country of _______________


1:6f      While there, the ________________ of Naomi and her two newly married sons _________________, so she decided to return __________________________.  Where was that (see v. 19)?  _________________________________


1:11     Ruth, one of her daughters-in-law, told Naomi what we sometimes hear repeated in wedding ceremonies today: "Don't urge me to ______________ you or to ________________ back from you.  Where you ________ I will _______, where you ________________ I will stay________________, your _____________________ will be my ____________________, and your __________ my __________.  Where you ___________ I will ____________ and there I will be buried.  May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death _________________________ you and me."


2:7       In Bethlehem, Ruth took advantage of the Jewish welfare program which was to ________________ and _____________ behind the harvesters.  This welfare program was set up in the Law of Moses in Leviticus 19:9-10 (pg. 116), that says, " not reap to the very _______________________ of your field or gather the gleanings (that which is dropped by reapers) of your harvest.  Do not go over your vineyard a _____________________ time or pick up the grapes that have _______________________.  Leave them for the __________ and the ______________.


2:14f    When Boaz, the owner of the field, spotted her, at noon he shared his lunch with her, then told his men to __________ out some of the ____________________ from the _______________________ on purpose.  (Love at first sight!)


3:3       Toward the end of harvest, Naomi became a match maker and told Ruth to wash and _____________________ and put on  her ________________ clothes, then pay a visit to Boaz to propose to him.  (We women are forever the matchmakers!)


3:10     She had to do the proposing, probably, because Boaz was apparently ____________ than her and didn't think she'd have him.


3:17     They were married, had a son who they named _________________, then a grandson named ___________________, and a great grandson named _____________________.  (I think David must have inherited his poetic flair from his great grandmother!)




1 SAMUEL (PG. 284)

1055 BC


23:13f  With an army of 600 men, David now stayed in various strongholds in the __________________ of Ziph.  While there, he heard _______________ had come out there to take his __________________.


            PSALM 52 (PG. 556):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  ________________________

            PSALM 63 (PG. 562):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  ________________________

            PSALM 54 (PG. 557):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  ________________________


24:1     Next Saul went after David with ___________________ men to the __________________ of En Gedi.


24:3f    Saul went into a _____________ to go to the bathroom, not knowing David was hiding there.  What did David do to Saul?  _____________________________________.  But then he regretted it because Saul was still the Lord's _______________________________.


            PSALM 57 (PG. 559):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  _________________________


26:7f    David slipped into the camp, and rather than kill Saul in self-defense, he only took Saul's ___________________ and __________________________ near his head, then left.  Why (see v. 9)?  Because he was still the Lord's ___________________________.


28:7     God no longer sent advice to Saul because he knew Saul did what he wanted anyway; so Saul went to a woman who was a ______________________ (holds seances). 


31:3f    Saul ended his life by committing ________________________________.


31:9     What did the Philistines do to Saul's body?  _________________________________________________________________



2 SAMUEL (PG. 294)


2:4       Which tribe officially made David their king?  ___________________________


5:3       During a civil war between David and Saul's family, David reigned over this one tribe in Hebron how long?  _______________________  Then all Israel recognized David as their king and he reigned over the united kingdom how long?  _______________________


5:6-7    For a new capital city, David conquered what people?  _______________________________  Their fortress they had called ______________________, but it was renamed the City of _________________________.


7:16     God sent word to David through Nathan the prophet saying that his dynasty would endure ______________________________.  Because we know it does not exist today, in what sense did God mean (see Revelation 22:16, pg. 1207)?  _________________________________________________


11:1f    David should have been with his army, but he stayed home and got into trouble.  Walking around on his room one night he saw a woman __________________________.  Her name was ____________________________________.


11:5f    When she found out she was pregnant by David, David sent for her husband, but he refused to ________________ with his wife.  This would have covered up David's sin.


11:14f  When that didn't work, he committed murder by having Uriah put in the ____________________ line where the _________

            was fiercest so he would ________________________________.


            PSALM 51 (PG. 556):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  ________________________


12:15f  Although David married Bathsheba to legitimize their baby, what happened to it?  __________________________________

            Do you think God was punishing David or the child (Hint:  See Matthew 18:3 and 10 [pg. 952])?  ____________________


12:23   Do you think David believed his baby went to heaven?  ________________________





13:11f  Soon after committing adultery, David's son Amnon committed ___________________ with David's daughter Tamar, his half-sister.


13:20f  As a result, Tamar lived in her brother Abasalom's house the rest of her life a _________________________ woman.  Their father was ______________________________ with Amnon, he never did any more about it.  And Tamar's brother Absalom _____________________ Amnon for disgracing his sister.


13:23   _______________ years passed.  According to the Law of Moses in Deuteronomy 22:28 (pg. 193), a man who rapes a virgin is required to marry her.  According to Deuteronomy 22:23-24, if an engaged woman is raped, he shall be stoned - she too if she did not cry out.  Apparently there was no punishment other than David's anger.  Perhaps David couldn't punish his son for doing nearly the same thing he did.


13:28   Finally Absalom punished Amnon himself by having him _________________________.  


13:38   Absalom fled from his father to a nearby country where he stayed ____________ years.


14:23f  Finally David relented and allowed Absalom to return to ______________________________, but he refused to see him.  This lasted another _________ years (see v. 28).


15:7f    __________________ years later, many people declared Absalom to be the _________________.  He had been twice betrayed by his father.  It had been eleven years since the rape, and two more years since David's own adultery, and it did irreparable damage to this family.


            PSALM 3 (PG. 527):  Look at the note at the top of this psalm.  When did David write it?  _________________________


18:5     After David fled Jerusalem from Absalom's army, he sent his own army out.  But he told the generals, "Be _________________ with the ___________________ man __________________________ for ________ sake."


18:33   Absalom was killed anyway.  When David got the news, too late he wandered around weeping and murmuring, "O my son, ___________________________.  My son, my _________ Absalom.  If only I had ________________ instead of you - O Absalom, my _________, my ____________."



1 KINGS (PG. 322)

1015 BC


1:5       When David was old, another son named Adonijah made himself ________________ without his father's knowledge.


1:16f    So Bathsheba went to David and reminded him that he had declared _________________ would be the next king.


3:1       Soon after Solomon's ascension as king, he married who?  _______________________________  It is believed that the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) was written to her (S of S 1:9, pg. 657).





This wedding song is considered an allegory of the love Jesus has for the church.  Ephesians 5:25 & 29 (pg. 1136) says

husbands should love their wives as Jesus loved the ____________________, and now feeds and __________________ for us.


2:1f      Sometimes Jesus is called a _______________ of Sharon, a ______________ of the valleys, among the ________________.


8:6       Love is strong as ____________________________.  Ephesians 5:25 says Jesus loved the church so much he gave ________________________ for her.


8:7       "Many waters cannot quench ________________, rivers cannot wash it __________________.  If one were to give all the _____________________ of his house for ________________, it would be utterly scorned."




1 KINGS (PG. 326)


3:5       God appeared to Solomon in a dream and said, "Ask for __________________________ you ______________ me to give you."


3:9       Solomon asked for a ____________________________ heart to govern God's people and to distinguish between _____________________ and ______________________.


3:11f    Because Solomon did not ask for ____________________ life, ___________________, or death of ___________________,

            God decided to not only give him wisdom, but also both _____________________ and ___________________.


4:32     In his lifetime, Solomon spoke _________________________ proverbs and wrote ___________________ songs (the greatest of which was Song of Songs above). 





6:6f      Go to the __________, you __________________________; consider its ways and be wise!  It has no commander, nor overseer or ruler, yet it _______________________  its provisions in __________________ and _________________ its food at harvest.


6:16f    These six things the Lord hates, seven that are __________________ to him:  ________________________ eyes, a ____________________ tongue, hands that shed _________________ blood, a heart that devises wicked _________________, feet that are ________________ to rush into ___________________, a ______________________ witness who pours out lies, and a man who stirs up ___________________________ among brothers.


6:27f    Can a man scoop ________________ into his lap, without his clothes being ______________________?  Can a man walk on hot _________________ without his feet being  ________________?  So is he who sleeps with ____________________ man's wife.


7:2       Keep my ________________________________ and you will live; _______________________ my teachings as the ______________________ of your eye.


8:22f    Read through verses 22 through 31.  Do you see a relation between this a John 1:1-4, 14 & 18 (pg. 1027) _____________


10:12   Hatred ________________ up dissension, but love _____________________ over all _______________________.


11:13   A _____________________ __________________________ a confidence, but a _______________________________ man keeps a _________________________.


14:30   ____________________ rots the _________________.


15:1     A gentle answer ____________ ______________ wrath, but a harsh word _____________ ____ anger.


17:17   A friend loves at ____________ times, and a brother is born for __________________________.


17:22   A _________________________ heart is good _________________________.


19:17   He who is kind to the ________________________, ____________________ to the Lord.


23:13f  Do not ___________________________ discipline from a child; if you ___________________ him with a ________, he will not _________________.  Punish him with the rod and _______________ his soul from ___________________.


25:20   Like one who takes ____________ a garment on a _________ one who ___________________ songs to a ___________________ heart.


28:13f  He who _________________________ his ___________ does not prosper, but whoever _________________ and renounces them finds _________________________.  Blessed is the man who _______________________ _____________ the Lord, but he who _____________________ his heart __________________ into trouble.


30:5f    _____________________ word of God is flawless; he is a __________________ to those who take refuge in him.  Do _____________ ______________ to his words, or he will ___________________ you and prove you a liar.


31:10   A _________________ of noble ______________ who can find?  She is worth far __________ than ___________________.  (NOTE:  Proverbs chapter 31 is considered the ideal woman.  Read it.  She's someone we'd all like to be like.)




1 KINGS (PG. 329)


6:2       Solomon built a huge temple to replace the tabernacle tent Moses had set up nearly 500 years earlier.  According to the footnote, the building was __________ feet long and ___________ wide and ___________ feet high (about 5 stories).


6:21     Solomon overlaid the entire interior of the temple with pure ___________________.


6:23f    In the inner sanctuary (holy of holies) Solomon made two angels which were ___________ high.  Each wing was ___________ feet long.


7:15f    At the front of the Temple were two pillars, ______________ feet high, each with a capital another ____________ high.


7:25     The Sea wherein the priests washed themselves was ___________ feet wide and ________________ feet high (deep).  It stood on ______________ bulls, _____________ each facing north, west, south and east.  It held ________________ gallons of water.


8:27     Really and truly, though, did God dwell in that temple or does he dwell in our church buildings today?  ____________


8:35f    In verses 35, 38, 42, 44, 48, if a person prays facing the direction of the _________________ during a variety of disasters, God will hear them. 


9:28     Each year, Solomon's ships brought him _______________ tons of ______________.


10:23f  King Solomon had greater riches and wisdom than all the other ____________ of _____________.  The whole _____________ sought ________________________ with him.


11:1f    But even his wisdom did not keep him from acting like a fool.  He married ________________ wives and ____________ mistresses and they turned his heart after ___________________ ________________, so that he did ____________ in the eyes of the Lord; he did not follow the Lord _______________________.


1:11     As a result, God told him he would do what to his kingdom?  __________________________________________________




1:2       In Solomon's old age, he cried out, "______________________!  ________________________!  Everything is _____________________________."


1:18     After pursuing wisdom, he decided with much of that comes much _____________________.  Why do you think that is? _____________________ ______________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


2:11     After building mansions, parks, lakes, amassing treasures, acquiring singers and a harem, he declared, "Everything was a _____________________ after the _______________________."


2:18f    Solomon got so he hated life because after he died, he had to leave everything he'd acquired to ________________, and who knows whether he will be a ________________ man or a fool.


3:11     God has set __________________ in the hearts of man.


5:11     Whoever loves __________________ never has money ______________________.


8:15     For the happiest life, a person should _____________ and drink and find _________________ in his _____________ from the hand of God.  (See also 2:24 and 5:18)


12:13   After trying everything, what conclusion did Solomon come to?  ________________________________________________