Lesson Six




NOTE: 1st and 2nd Kings tries to give parallel accounts of both the kings of the north and kings of the south. However, they did not live and die at the same time, so sometimes one king overlaps with the lives of two or three kings at the other end of the country.

Because there were some kings who only ruled a couple of years and were assassinated, only the more prominent (for good or evil) kings will be mentioned.

Although the prophets are recorded in the last half of the Old Testament, they actually wrote mostly during the events of 1st and 2nd Kings. Therefore, their prophecies will be inserted at the time of whatever kings were reigning.


1 KINGS (PG. 339)

975 BC




12:12f The younger advisors of Rehoboam, the next king and Solomon's son, told him to tell the people, "My father laid on you a __________ yoke; I will make it even ______________________. My father scourged you with __________; I will scourge you with _____________________.'"


12:19f As a result all the tribes but Judah (David's tribe) and Benjamin (Saul's Tribe) and the Levites (the priestly tribe with no land allotted) rebelled and a civil war ensued. The nation was never the same again.


12:25 A man named ______________________________ became king of the northern ten tribes and set up the capital in _______________________ (where Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well centuries later).


12:28f To keep them from returning to Jerusalem to worship and perhaps be reunited with the south, he made two _______________________________, and appointed priests that were not ______________________.


13:3 An unnamed prophet announced that a southern king named ____________ would be born in future generations that would kill the ungodly priests of the calf gods.


13:22f But the southern tribe of Judah did evil also under King Rehoboam, for they set up Asherah _____________ (representing the goddess of fertility and the male sex organ) and male shrine ___________________________.


13:31 King Rehoboam's mother, one of Solomon's wives, was what nationality? ______________________


15:12f Two generations later King Asa in Judah expelled the male shrine ____________, deposed his grandmother as ___________ mother, and cut down the Asherah _________________________.


NOTE: It was apparently Rehoboam's wife who had begun the worship of Asherah. Normally, the women worshipped Asherah because she had male prostitute priests, and the men worshipped Baal because he had female prostitute priestesses. Even today it seems it is the women who introduce worship that is way out of the norm (aka, today's witches, Shirley MacLain's followers, etc.)


920 BC


16:32b King Ahab of the northern tribes married _________________________. They worshipped both the male god _____________ and the female goddess _____________________.


16:34 A man from Bethel in Judah rebuilt the city of ______________________. In the cornerstone of the city was his __________________ son, and in the cornerstone of the gates was his __________________ son. What had Joshua predicted about this centuries earlier (see Joshua 6:26f, pg. 211)? " the man who...rebuild[s]...Jericho. At the cost of his firstborn son will he lay its ________________________________________; at the cost of his youngest will he set up its ______________________."


17:1 For God to get King Ahab's attention, his prophet _________________ told him there would be no __________ for several _________________.

17:12f Elijah met a widow lady picking up _________________ so she could bake the last of her flour so she and her _____ could eat it and _________________. But he asked that she make it for him instead.


17:15f She agreed. As a result, her flour and oil did not ________________ _______________.


NOTE: The last prophet to use miracles was Moses (plus a few by his successor Joshua) about 1500 BC. It is now about 900 BC. Although still under the Law of Moses, Elijah ushers in a new era, the era of the prophets, verified with miracles. Jesus and others in the New Testament often referred to the Law and the Prophets (i.e., Matthew 22:40, pg. 958).





17:20f When the widow's son died, Elijah laid himself over the boy ____________ times, praying for his ____________ to return. Did it? _________________


18:21f Elijah declared to the people in front of the ____________ prophets of Baal, "How long will you ______________ between two ______________________? If the Lord is God, ________________ him; but if Baal is God, __________________ him."


18:25f Elijah challenged the Baal prophets to bring down ______________ to light their sacrifice. How long did the prophets appeal to Baal to answer their prayer? ______________________________


18:27f Elijah made fun of them and said, "Shout _________! Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or __________, or ______________. Maybe he is _____________________." In response Baal's prophets __________________ themselves trying to prove their sincerity.


18:33f At the time of the evening sacrifice, Elijah built an altar, dug a trench around it, then ordered ____________________ poured over the offering and wood ___________________ times.


18:36 All Elijah did to get God's attention was to _________ forward and ______________.


18:38 God immediately sent fire onto the altar and it burned up the _________________, the ________________, the ________________, the ___________________, and even the ___________________.


18:40 Remember that in Old Testament times, God often punished people immediately.


19:11 Just as God passed by Moses on the mountain centuries earlier (see Exodus 33:18 and 34:6, pg. 88), now God would do the same thing for Elijah. Was God in the wind? ___________ Was God in the earthquake? _________ Was God in the fire? _________ Was God in the whisper? ____________


19:19 Elijah chose ________________ to be his apprentice and eventually his successor.


21:4 When King Ahab's neighbor, Naboth, would not sell him his vineyard, Ahab went home, went to bed, and _________________.


21:7 His wife, __________________, solved the problem by having two ____________________ falsely testify that Naboth had cursed _____________ and the ___________. By the Law of Moses, such must be stoned to death (see Leviticus 24:15 & 16. This was the same law used against Jesus to have him executed centuries later.


21:25f King Ahab _______________ himself to do ____________ in the eyes of the ___________ (but not in the eyes of the people) urged on by his ____________________. He acted like those God previously ____________________ out of the land.



2 KINGS (PG. 335)




2:8 On Elijah's last day on earth, as he walked along with Elisha, he struck the ________________ river with his _____________ and it ________________________ so they could walk across on __________________ land. Does this sound familiar? Who else did something similar (see Exodus 14:21, pg. 68)? ___________________________


2:9f Then Elijah gave Elisha any wish he wanted. Elisha asked for a ________________ portion of Elijah's _______________." Elijah said it would come true if Elisha __________ him when he was taken from the earth.


2:12 As they walked along, a __________________ of fire, and _________________ of fire came between the two of them, and Elijah went up to ____________________________ in a _______________________.


2:19f When men of Jericho told Elisha their water was __________________, Elisha threw ______________ into a spring, and never again did it cause ______________________.


4:1 The widow of a prophet asked Elisha for help because he died in debt and his creditors were coming to sell her _________ sons as _________________________.


4:2f All she had was a little _____________. At Elisha's command, she gathered up empty ____________, and filled them all with oil from her one ________________. Selling the oil, she was able to pay her husband's debts and live on the rest.


4:9f Elisha stayed with a woman and her husband so much whenever he traveled through that they made him a small ______________ of his own.


4:14f To reward her, Elisha told this barren woman that this time next year she would hold a ___________.


4:32f Several years later, the boy died. So Elisha laid over him, touching only _________________ to ________________, _________________ to ___________________, and ___________________ to ____________________. He paced, then did it again, then the boy __________________.


5:1 Naaman was a ___________________________ of the army in Aram (Syria), but had ________________.


5:11 When Elisha told him to dip seven times in the Jordan River, Naaman got _____________________. He wanted to "obey" God his own way. His servant said if the prophet had told him to do some ______________ thing, he would have done that. Do we do that when we read how to be healed of our sins and become Christians? Would we rather walk ten miles and make the headlines than submit ourselves to the humiliating things God tells us to do to become saved? What is your opinion? __________________________________________________


8:20f About this time, the nation of Edom (named after Esau, Jacob's/Israel's twin brother) rebelled against the Israelites. Thereupon, Obadiah wrote his warning and prophecy to Edom. God cared just as much about other nations as the one he chose.



885 BC


1:3 Edom was famous for its people living in the __________________ of the rocks. They did not believe that even God could bring them ________________ (see also verse 8).


1:12f Their sin was that they _____________ over the people of Judah and their _____________________. They were warned not to _____________ through the gates of God's people.



2 KINGS (PG. 369)

880 BC



8:26f King Ahaziah down in Judah was an ___________________ king because his mother, Athaliah, was the daughter of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.


10:27 King Jehu of Israel gutted the temple of ____________________ and all its prophets, and turned the temple into a ______________________.


10:29 But King Jehu did continue to worship the golden ________________________.





11:1f When queen mother Athaliah's son was killed, she killed the rest of her royal _______________ herself. The only one to escape was her one-year-old grandson, Joash, who was hidden in the _______________ for _________________ years.


11:11f When he was seven years old, he was placed near the altar in the ____________________ with ___________________ stationed around him, and a ___________________ put on him.


11:14f When the queen mother heard the shouting and trumpets, she shouted "____________________!" She was then taken to the horse stalls and executed.



850 BC


12:6 When King Joash was ___________ years old, he had the ________________ repaired.


13:4f At that time, the northern kingdom of Israel was also saved. They great army headed to both Nineveh and Israel were led by the king of ___________________ (Syria).


13:6 Despite being saved, the king of Israel did not tear down what in Samaria? ________________________



JOEL (PG. 881)

830 BC


There was a devastating attack of locusts which destroyed all crops (see Joel 1:4). At this time, Joel prophecied about Judah's near future and the eventual future of mankind.


1:6 Joel warns that, not only have locusts invaded and eaten up the land, but a ______________________ will do the same.


2:1 The day of the ___________ is coming too.


2:12f Therefore God declares, "________________________ to me." Rend your ________________ instead of your ___________________. Perhaps then God will ______________________ from sending that _____________________.


2:20 If they repent, the army from the ______________ will be driven out. (NOTE: That army was the Assyrians that will take the northern kingdom of Israel into captivity some day, but not be able to capture Judah.)


2:28 After delivery, God will pour out his _________________________ on all people. When was this fulfilled (see Acts 2:1 and 14-17, pg. 1056)? _____________________________________________



2 KINGS (PG. 371)

825 BC


14:25 During the reign of King Jeroboam II of Israel there was a prophet from Gath Hepher, a servant of God named ______________. During this time, the As-Syrians were rising in power and it was just a matter of time before they took over the northern kingdom. The capital of Assyria was Nineveh.





JONAH (PG. 897)

825 BC


1:1f When God told Jonah to preach in Nineveh, Jonah __________ _____________ from God and boarded a ship headed for Tarshish (Spain).


1:11f When the ship nearly sank during a storm, Jonah told them the storm would stop if they would do what? ______________



1:17 Did God provide a whale to swallow Jonah? (Be careful of your answer. Read the Bible carefully!) ___________


2:1 It is the opinion of some that Jonah actually died inside the fish because he said he cried from the depths of the _________________________. Also, centuries later, Jesus said the sign he was the son of God would be the sign of Jonah (see Matthew 12:39-41, pg. 945). Just as Jonah was in the bowels of the fish three days, Jesus was in the bowels of the earth three days, dead. See also Jonah 2:6.


3:4 Jonah then went to Nineveh to warn that in _________ days they would be ______________ (by the King of Aram/Syria).


3:7 The king decreed everyone fast and pray to _______________, so they were saved.


4:1 How did Jonah feel about them being saved? __________________________________________ Why do you think he reacted that way? ___________________________________________________________________________________________




2 KINGS (PG. 372)

810 BC


15:1f Azariah (Uzziah) became king of southern Judah when he was how old? _______________ His mother was a Jewess from _________________________________. During this time, Amos prophesied against other nations besides the Jews.



HOSEA (PG. 871)

750 BC


Also during this time, Hosea began to prophecy, writing down the events of his married life as they progressed over forty years during the reign of several kings of Israel in the north and Judah in the south.


1:2 God told Hosea to take an ______________________ wife because the Jews were guilty of ____________________ against God.


1:9 Hosea's third child by her he named __________________________ which means, "Not Mine." Not only was this son not Hosea's, but the Jews were no longer God's.


2:13 The Jews were committing adultery with what god? ______________________


2:19 But God promised that if she ever repented and returned to him, "I will ________________________________________ you to me _____________________________."


3:1f Years later when his wife was offered on the auction block as a slave, Hosea went to town and bought her for _______________ shekels of ________________ and some barley. But when he brought her home, he said she would have to live awhile as though she had no husband. This was a prophecy that the Jews would some day repent and then be without a king for a long time (which happened between BC 600 until the time Jesus came).





4:6 God said, "My people are destroyed from lack of ______________________________" of God's Word. Do you think that is true today? ____________ Why? _________________________________________________________________________


4:7 The more priests (preachers) they had, the more they sinned. Could that be so also today? ________________________________________ In what way? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


8:7 They sow the ________________ and reap the ____________________.


8:14 Israel has forgotten his ___________________________.


11:1 "When Israel was a ___________________, I loved him, and out of _________________ I called my ______________." This was not only a fact of history, but a prophecy of Jesus (see Matthew 2:15, pg. 934) as a child.


11:8 God cried out to sinners, "How can I _________________ you __________?"


12:7 Even dishonest _________________________ were part of the fall of the Jews.


12:10 Another prophecy about Jesus: After bringing his son [Jesus] out of Egypt, he spoke in ______________________.


13:14 Another prophecy about Jesus: "I will ransom them from the power of the ________________________________; I will redeem them from ____________________________."


AMOS (PG. 886)


5:8 [Use King James Version for this] Amos prophesied that the shadow of death will turn into the ___________________. This occurred when who arrived (see Matthew 4:16f, pg. 936)? _________________________


5:21f In the mean time, God declared to the worshippers, "I __________, I _______________ your religious feasts." God considers our worship songs as just _________________ when we are disobedient.


8:9 Another prophecy. The sun will go down at _____________ in mourning of an only _______________. This was fulfilled in Matthew 27:45, pg. 966. What was happening? ___________________________________________________________


8:11 When a nation is bent on sinning, God sends a famine, not of food, but of hearing God's ______________. Do you think that is happening today in other parts of the world? ____________

What about in our own nation as compared with a few generations ago? _____________