Lesson Seven






2 KINGS (PG. 373)

740 BC




16:2f    When Ahaz became king of Judah, he sacrificed his ___________________ to the god Molech.


17:5f    Assyria laid siege to _________________, the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel for ______ years.  Then they _______________________ the Israelites to _______________________.


17:13   Had God warned them to turn from their sins?  _______________  How?  _______________________________________


17:16f  Their sins were that they worshipped caves and the goddess ____, also all the ______________ hosts, also the god _____________.  They sacrificed their _______________ and ______________________, practiced _____________________ and ________________________.



720 BC


17:23   They are _____________________ there.  That means they were never heard from again.  They became known as the lost tribes of Israel.


17:24   Samaria was settled with people from how many foreign cities?  ___________


17:33   Although they worshiped the _________________________, they also worshiped their own _______________.  As a result, they actually did not worship the ________ nor adhere to his decrees.  (During the time of Jesus, the Samaritans, descendants of these people, were despised, and good Jews would not even walk through their province, although it was in the middle of Palestine and separated Judah in the south from Galilee in the north where Jesus lived.)



NAHUM (PG. 906)

720 BC


1:1f      God warned ____________________________, the capital of Assyria, that he will avenge their destruction of Israel.


3:4       Assyria had enslaved peoples of other nations by her _______________________.



ISAIAH (PG. 663)


                                        With the northern kingdom now in permanent exile, never to return,

                          God turns his attention to trying to save the southern kingdom of Judah through Isaiah.


1:16f    ________________ and make yourselves ____________________....Though your sins are like __________________, they shall be as _____________ as snow.


5:13     The people will go into captivity some day because they have no ___________________ of God's Word.


5:20     Today, many people call ______________________ good, and good _________________________.


7:14     A prophecy of Jesus:  The ___________________________ will be with child and will give birth to a ______________ and will call him ________________________ (meaning, God with us).  This was fulfilled in Matthew 1:22-25, pg. 934.





9:6       Another prophecy of Jesus:  "Unto us a _________ is born, to us a ______ is given....called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty ______________, Everlasting ______________, ____________________ of end.  He will reign on _______________ throne ______________________.


10:22   Even though the people of Judah will be taken captive by a foreigner, a ____________________ shall return to Jerusalem.


14:12f  The morning star fell from heaven.  (Morning Star in Hebrew is Lucifer.)  Why?  Because he said he would raise his _____________________ above God, and make himself like the Most _______________.  (This is why Satan was cast out of heaven.  He is still trying to become our God.  More on this in other scriptures.)


28:13   To learn of the word of God is to do and do, and study rule on _____________, a ________________ here, a __________ there.  Just keep plugging along.


29:13   The sin of Judah was that the people honored God with the ___________, but their __________ were far from him.  Their worship was made up only of _________________ taught by ____________________.  If this can bring down a nation, could it bring down ours?  ________________



The following is duplicated in 2 Kings.  We will follow it in Isaiah.



36:1f    In the ___________________ year of the reign of King ___________________, the king of Assyria, who had already taken the northern kingdom captive, attacked all the fortified cities of _________ and captured them.  Then he went to capture ______________________________.


37:5f    When King Hezekiah sent word to Isaiah, Isaiah told them they should not be ______________....The King of Assyria will return to his ____________________ country where he will be ______________________.


38:1     Some time later, Hezekiah became _____________ and was at the point of _________.


38:5     Isaiah told him God heard his ________________ and would add ________ years to his life.


39:7     Isaiah also told Hezekiah that some of his own ________ will be taken away to serve the king of _____________________.


40:22   Here is a remarkable scientific fact that was not known for centuries after this.  Isaiah declared that God is above the __________________________ of the earth during a time when people thought the earth was flat.  Another proof the Bible is from God and not man!


43:16   Another scientific fact not known then:  There is a way through the ______, a path.  Modern mariners follow these paths; they are charted on their maps of the ocean.


44:28   Even though Isaiah says Judah will be taken captive by the Babylonians, he prophesies a future foreign king yet unborn who will allow Jerusalem and the temple to be rebuilt.  What is this future king's name?  ____________________





53:5f    In Isaiah's touching prediction of the death of Jesus, the ultimate King, he says, "He was ___________________ for our his _____________________ we are _________________....yet he did not open his _________________....He was assigned a grave [execution] with the __________________, and with the rich in his death [burial]."


59:2     What separates us from God?  ______________________________


62:2     Who besides the Jews will be considered righteous before God?  ____________________




700 BC


21:3     After King Hezekiah died, his son Manasseh erected altars to _________________ and made ________________ poles.  He also bowed down to _____________________.  Even in the temple he erected altars to the __________________________.  He also sacrificed his own ____________________________, and practiced ___________________ and _________________, and consulted ______________________ and _____________________.  He even put an Asherah pole where?  ____________

            How much of this do you see going on in our country today?  __________________________________________________



MICAH (PG. 899)

700 BC


5:2       A prophecy about Jesus.  Out of what town will a ruler of Israel come some day?  ________________________  He will be from __________________________ times (the footnote says days of eternity).  Where was Jesus born (Matthew 2:1, pg. 934)?  _________________


6:11     What were three sins that caused God to destroy Israel?  ________________________________, _______________________,






1:4       Zephaniah warns _____________________ of punishment for her sins.


2:4       Zephaniah warns _____________________, capital of the Philistines, of punishment for her sins.


2:12     Zephaniah warns _______________ in the upper Nile region of punishment for her sins.


2:13     Zephaniah warns _____________________ of punishment for her sins.


3:15     Although Judah will be punished, God will eventually take away her ____________________.




640 BC


22:5     When King Josiah was 26, possibly as a result of Jeremiah's preaching, he ordered the ________________________ be repaired.


22:8     What had been lost that the workers found?  ____________________________


23:10   In the Valley of Ben __________________ people used to sacrifice their children in the _________________ to the god Molech.  NOTE:  Hell is from the Greek word, Hinnom.


23:36   How old was Jehoiakim when he became king?  _____________________________




DANIEL (PG. 855)

610 BC


1:3f      When King Jehoiakim was 28 years old (see 1:1), King Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon ordered handsome and intelligent young _______________, captives from Judah, to be taught the Babylonian ________________________ and ___________________.



1:6       Among the best were D____________________, S_________________________, M________________________, and A__________________________.


2:36f    King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed about a great statue and only Daniel could interpret his dream.  The gold head represented Nebuchadnezzar.  The silver chest represents a succeeding kings after him who will be weaker.  The king represented by the bronze will _____________ over the ___________________ earth.  Then a fourth king will be as strong as _________________.  A fifth kingdom will be of mixed peoples.


2:44     During the time of the fifth kingdom, God will set up a kingdom that will __________________ be destroyed.


2:48     Daniel was made governor over the entire province of ______________________________, and placed in charge of all the _________________ men.





24:1     During the reign of King Jehoiakim, Nebuchaddnezzar king of _____________________ invaded Judah for ___________ years, then retreated.



600 BC


1:5       Does an unborn baby have a soul that is recognized by God?  ____________________


11:13   How bad had Judah gotten?  They had as many gods as ____________________ and as many altars as _________________________.


19:9     Because they had forsaken God, some day the people of Jerusalem will actually eat the flesh of their ___________________________ during the siege by foreign enemies.


20:2     As a result of these prophecies of doom, Jeremiah was put in _______________ at the gate of Benjamin near the temple.


22:26   Jeremiah prophecied King's Jehoiakim's _________________________ and _________________.


36:9f    When King Jehoiakim was 30, years old Jeremiah's assistant read Jeremiah's warnings from a scroll in the _________________________.


36:23   Then it was read to the king.  But whenever _____________ or ___________ columns were read, the king would ___________________ them off and throw them into the ___________________.  Do we tend to do such as this when we read something in the Bible we don't want it to say?  ________________






1:6       God decided to raise up the _____________________ to power, even though they were wicked.


1:13     "But, God, why do you ________________________ evil people?" Habakkuk asks.


2:8       It's like a boomerang.  Those they plunder will turn around and ___________________ them.





24:10   During the reign of Jehoiachin, Nebuchadnezzar returned and laid siege to ___________________________.


24:13f  He took all the treasures and gold from the _____________________ and royal _________________, and he carried into exile all ____________________________ except the ___________________ people.


24:18   Who became the next puppet king?  _____________________________________________




590 BC


This book is almost all symbolic.  The symbolism represents the downfall of Jerusalem, which Ezekiel explains to the early exiles in Babylon.  Even there they continued to worship idols and commit sins forbidden by the Law of Moses. 


1:2       When did Ezekiel begin to prophecy?  ___________________________________


1:3       The Jews still had not repented.  So God sent Ezekiel to them, calling them ________________________.


11:19f  Some day God will return the Jews to their land and remove their ________________ of stone and replace it with a _______________________ of flesh.  then they will follow God's ________________________ and carefully keep God's _______________________________.  How can we know what God's laws are?  ___________________________________


24:18   So that Ezekiel would understand the pain God had watching his wife, the Israelites, destroyed, he caused Ezekiel's ______________________________ to die.


28:13f  Who is God talking about that was in the garden of Eden (v. 13), was a guardian angel (v.14), was blameless but became wicked (v. 15), was expelled by God (v. 16), and some day he will come to a horrible end and be no more?  [Hint:  Look at Isaiah 14:12-15, pg. 676, and Luke 10:18, pg. 1006) ________________________________________________________


33:11   God has no pleasure in the death of the ______________; instead he wants them to __________________ and _______________.  "Why will you die?" God asks; he always gives us a way out.


37:24f  _________________ will some day be their king and one shepherd, and shall be their prince _________________________.


                                       This book ends with instructions on rebuilding the temple some day.





25:11f  Jeremiah told the people of Jerusalem that, although they will be taken captive to Babylon, after ____________________ years they will be freed.


26:7f    Who seized Jeremiah in the temple shouting that he must die?  ___________________ and ____________________.


26:17   Who saved Jeremiah from death?  ___________________ of the land (political leaders).


27:12f  Jeremiah sent word to King Zedekiah to give in and submit to the ________________ of Babylon.  "Why will you...die?...Do not listen to the prophets who say 'You will ______________ serve Babylon,' for they are prophesying _______________."