Lesson Eight





590 BC




29:1     Jeremiah sent a letter to the first Jews exiled from Jerusalem to ______________________.


30:9     God promised the exiles he would bring them back and some day they would serve God and ____________________ who God will raise up for them.  Who do you think this David was God was referring to?  ___________________________


31:33   At that time God will put his law in their __________________________ and write it on their _________________________.


37:16   What did the people do to Jeremiah because they thought he was talking treason?  _________________________________



38:6     Although the king had Jeremiah taken out of there, some others had him put into an empty __________________ where he sand down into the ______________________.  At the point of death he was released and returned to confinement in a courtyard.


39:6f    What was the last thing Zedekiah saw before his eyes were put out by King Nebuchadnezar?  ________________________


40:4     Knowing that Jeremiah had tried to get the Jews to surrender, the Babylonian commander freed him from the chains on his ___________ and told him he could do what?  ________________________________________________________________


40:6     What did Jeremiah choose to do?  ________________________________________________





24:20f  King _________________, the next puppet king, rebelled against Babylon, so Nebuchadnezzar returned to Jerusalem and kept it under siege how many years?  ___________________________


25:8f    Eleven years after first attacking Jerusalem, King Nebuchadnezzar set fire to the magnificent _______________________ in Jerusalem, the royal ___________________, and every important ______________________.  Then the ______________________________ were _______________ down.


25:11f  At that time, they took into exile the rest of the _____________________, leaving behind only the _____________________ of the people.




588 BC





1:1       How ____________________________ lies the city, once so full of ____________________.


1:4       The roads to ________________ mourn, for no one comes to her appointed __________________.







2:14     The visions of the prophets were _________________...did not expose their ________________ to ward off their _________________________.


3:33     God does not _______________________ bring affliction on people.


4:13     It happened because of the sins of the _____________________ and _________________.



DANIEL (PG. 857)

570 BC


3:11     Over in Babylon, Jewish Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to ________________________ Babylon's gods, even when threatened with a blazing _______________________________.


3:24f    When they were punished by being thrown into the furnace, King Nebuchadnezzar saw how many men walking around in it?  _________________________  What did the fourth look like?  ____________________________


5:1       Who was made king of Babylon next?  _________________________, the ______ of Nebuchadnessar.


5:3       During a banquet, he and his friends drank out of the gold _________________ that had been taken out of the ______________________ in Jerusalem.


5:5       Suddenly the _____________________ of a human hand appeared and wrote something on the wall.


5:28f    Daniel interpreted the writing.  The last word meant his kingdom was being given to the ____________________ and _______________________.  That very night the king was ____________________________ and __________________________________, a Mede, took over Babylon.


6:1f      Darius divided the kingdom into ____________ provinces with ____________ administrators over them, one of whom was __________________________.  Later Darius decided to make Daniel prime minister of the country.


6:10     What did Daniel do three times a day?  ____________________________ facing ________________________.  Remember when Solomon built and dedicated the temple (1 Kings 8:46-48, pg. 334)?  What did Solomon say would help them if they were ever taken captive to a foreign land?  ______________________________________________


6:8       Not knowing this, Darius sealed a decree that no one could ask anything of anyone else but him for thirty days.  If they did, they would be thrown to the_________________________.


6:18f    Honoring his word, Darius had Daniel thrown into the lions den, but he spent the night without __________________ and he could not ________________________.  At dawn, he rushed to the den and called out, "Has your __________________, whom you _____________________ continually, been able to ___________________ you from the lions?"  Had he?  ______


6:26     Thereafter, King Darius issued a decree throughout Media and Persia (which had now absorbed Babylon also) that everyone must fear and _____________________________ the ___________________ of Daniel.





8:20f    Daniel predicted that the Media-Persian Empire would be taken over by the king of ________________.


9:24f    Here is an astounding prophecy.  Daniel prophesied the exact year the Messiah, the descendant of David who will become the eternal King of the Jews will come.


            70 weeks = 70 years they will be captives

            69 weeks x 7 days in a week = 483 more years from the time Jerusalem is rebuilt until the Messiah comes.


            In the middle of the 7s (3-1/2) week/years, the Messiah will be cut off (crucified)


            All this came about as predicted.


11:2     Daniel predicted that there would be ________________ more kings in Persia, and the last one will go to war against ________________________.



EZRA (PG. 458)

540 BC


1:2       The next king of Persia was ______________________.  He decided to rebuild the _________________________ in Jerusalem.  This man had been predicted by name a hundred years earlier (see Isaiah 44:28, pg. 707).


1:5       Men from which tribes returned to their homeland?  __________________________________________________________

            Where were the other northern tribes?  _____________________________________________________________________


1:11     All the Jews who wanted to returned to Jerusalem under the leadership of ______________________.


2:64     How many Jews chose to return to their homeland?  ______________________


3:8       They did not begin rebuilding the temple until they had been back how long?  ________________


3:12     When they laid the foundation, the people shouted and praised God, but the older people who had seen the __________________________ temple, ______________________ aloud because it was so much smaller than that of Solomon's.


4:4       Who kept discouraging the people from rebuilding the temple?  ______________________________


4:5       They continually sent complaints to the King ____________________ and ____________________ both.


4:6       When Xerxes began to reign, their enemies lodged _____________________ against the people of Judah.


4:7       When his son,_______________________, came to power, they tried once more to stop the Jews from rebuilding the temple.


6:13f    Finally the temple was _________________________.




HAGGAI (PG. 916)

520 BC


                                     During the Time the People were Struggling to Get the Temple Rebuilt.


1:2f      The people were saying, "The _______________ has not yet come for the Lord's house to be __________________."  But God questioned, "Is it _____________ for you to be living in __________________________ houses while the ____________________ of God remains a ______________________?"


2:3       Once it was built, he asked the older people, "Who of you is left who saw this house in its _____________________ glory?  Does it not seem to you like ____________________________?  But now be _________________."





1:1       During whose reign did Zechariah prophecy?  ______________________________


3:8       The high priest's name was _________________________.  This is the Hebrew version of the Aramaic name Jesus.  He was symbolic of things to ____________________, specifically bringing the Branch (sometimes translated Root) to earth.  Who was the Branch (Revelation 22:16, pg. 1207)?  ____________________________________________


6:11     What was placed on the high priest's head in 3:5?  The priestly _________________________________  What was placed on his head later?  The kingly _________________________________.  This Branch is to rule on his ____________________ as king and also be a _______________________, with ____________________ between the two.  Who today is our king (John 18:37, pg. 1050)?  ______________________  Who is our priest (Hebrews 9:11, pg. 1166)?  ____________________________  This is why the high priest in Jesus day was so afraid of him.


9:9       Rejoice!  Shout!  See, your ________________ comes to you righteous and having _________________, gentle and riding on the ______________________ of a donkey (see Matthew 21:2-5, pg. 955).


12:10   They will look on me, the one they have ______________________________ ....and mourn for an _________________ child....a firstborn son.  Does this sound familiar?


13:1     On that day a _____________________________ fountain will be ________________________ them from ___________________.  What does fountain refer to (Mark 5:25 - KJV)?  ___________________________  What did Jesus do for us (Revelation 7:14, pg. 1196)?  __________________________________


14:6     What happened for three hours the day Jesus was crucified (Matthew 27:45, pg. 966)?  _____________________________


14:5     What happened as soon as Jesus died on the cross (Matthew 27:50-51, pg. 966)?  __________________________________




ESTHER (PG. 485)


1:1       Who was emperor over the Persian Empire at this time?  ____________________________________


2:17     Who did King Xerxes make his queen?  ______________________________  What was so unusual about this (see 2:6 & 7)?  ______________________________________________________________  Had she revealed her nationality (see 2:10)?  ___________


3:13     What decree did King Xerxes sign at the urging of an official named Haman?  _________________



4:12f    Her uncle, Mordecai, sent this message to her.  "Do not think that because you are in the king's house you alone of all the Jews will ___________________.  For if you remain ___________________ at this time, relief and ______________________ for the Jews will arise from ______________________ place....Who knows but that you have come...for ______________________ a __________________________ as this?"  WOW!  Should that be our motto through life?


7:9       When King Xerxes found out about Haman's plot, what did he do to Haman?  __________________


9:18f    Even today Jews celebrate this event every December with a _______________, giving and receiving _______________, and which they call Hanukkah.




EZRA (PG. 463)

460 BC


7:1       The temple was begun under Cyrus (1:1f), continued under Darius (6:1), and completed under Xerxes and Artaxerxes (4:6), the husband and son of Jewish Queen Esther.  During whose reign did Ezra go to Jerusalem?  ___________________________


7:6       Ezra was a priest, a ____________________________, and well versed in the ____________________ of ________________.


9:2       Ezra found out that the _____________________ and ___________________ had led the way in marrying unbelieving wives.


9:6       Ezra prayed, "I am too ______________________ and _____________________ to lift up my face to you."


8:1f      How many Jewish men returned to their homeland with Ezra (add them up!)?  _____________




445 BC


2:1       Nehemiah was the cup bearer of King _____________________________, Esther's son.  He was depressed because of what?  ___________________________________________________________________________________________


3:1f      The king sent him back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls.  Look through this chapter and tell which gates were rebuilt by various private citizens.  _______________________



4:6       Despite insults from enemies who did not want Jerusalem rebuilt, they got the wall how high?  _______________________________________  Why?  ____________________________________________________________________________


4:16     After that, half the workers worked on the wall and half _______________________________________________________


4:23     Even while working and walking around the town, the men carried ____________________________.


5:14     Finally King Artaxerxes made Nehemiah their ___________________________________.  Even though previous governors placed heavy taxes on the people for food, etc. and _____________________ it over the people, Nehemiah never ________________________ allotted to the governor.


6:15f    When the wall was finally completed, their enemies were __________________________.


7:66     Once the walls were rebuilt, how many more Jews returned from exile?  ___________________





8:3       Ezra read the Book of the Law of Moses from ______________________ to ________________ in the presence of the _____________________ and ______________________.


8:12     How did the people respond?  ___________________________________________________________


9:3       On another day, the Book of the Law of God was read for how long?  _____________________________________________  How long did they confess their sins?  ____________________________________


10:28   Then which people signed an oath of allegiance?  _____________________________________________________________


10:30   What were the first three parts of the oath?  __________________________________________________________________



13:25f  What did Nehemiah do to the men who had married unbelieving wives?  ____________________________________________

            Why?  _______________________________________________________________________________________________





430 BC


                                     Written about twenty years after the Jews were saved from annihilation.


1:7       The remnant of Jews who returned to Jerusalem were offering what on the altar in their new temple?  ______________________________________  In what way was it defiled (see 1:13)?  ______________________________


1:10     God said they may as well shut the temple ________________________.


2:8       What were the priests busy doing?  ________________________________________________________


2:16     What does God hate?  _____________________________  What were they doing (see verse 14)?  ____________________



3:5       What other sins had they returned to that caused the nation's original downfall?  _______________



3:8       How were they robbing God?  ___________________________________________________________


4:1f      The ____________________ is coming when God will punish the _____________________ evildoer, and heal the ___________________________.


4:5       How will the people know the day has arrived?  ___________________________________________ 


            How did Elijah dress (2 Kings 1:8, pg. 355)?  _______________________________________________________________

            How did John the Baptist dress (Matthew 3:4-6, pg. 935)?  ____________________________________________________


            When and through whom was this fulfilled (Matthew 17:10-13, pg. 951)?  _____________________

            _________________________________________________  He was the forerunner of Jesus who introduced him to the world.