Reassurance:  God's Plan and Promises







(God Means What He Promises!)



The Seventh Seal Includes

Seven Trumpets

And the Seventh Trumpet Includes

Seven Thunders and….

Seven Plagues from Seven Bowls of Wrath






8:1       Hour refers to a time or season (John 2:4 "My hour has not yet come") or all the time (1 Corinthians 15:30 "we endanger ourselves every hour").  Half refers to part or in the middle of something (see numbers chart above). 


            The word "silence" in Greek is "sige" and means to command silence by making a loud sound (the trumpets?), a kind of being dumbfounded.  A related Greek word is "sigao" which means to be kept in silence, and sometimes concealed (Romans 16:25 "revelation of the mystery hidden for long ages past"). 


            Indeed, the plan of salvation was something which the prophets wrote about but which even the _________________________ longed to look into (I Peter 1:12).  The mystery of salvation [I have a separate chart demonstrating the mystery] was hidden for half the time to both man and angels until Jesus came.  The mystery is about to be revealed.


8:4       Instead of offering real incense, the ______________________________ of the saints (Christians) are our incense.


            Look at Luke 1:8-10.  Is it noisy or quiet when incense is offered to God?  ______________________________________


8:7       SEAL 7, TRUMPET 1 (A reminder when hail, fire, blood, vegetation burned):


            EGYPT PUNISHED FOR ENSLAVING JEWS:  The 7th plague brought on Egypt to force them to let the Israelites go from their slavery was ______________________________, ______________________________, and ______________________ (Exodus 9:23).  The first and last plagues were turning the Nile into (Exodus 7:17) ___________________________


            BUT, blood saved the Jews when they did what (Exodus 11:22-23) _______________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


8:8-9    SEAL 7, TRUMPET 2 (A reminder when a mountain ablaze was thrown into bloody sea, sea beings destroyed)


            BABYLON PUNISHED FOR DESTROYING JERUSALEM:  God called Babylon the destroying _______________________ (Jeremiah 51:25).


            ASSYRIA PUNISHED FOR ENSLAVING ISRAEL:  The great city of Ninevah was in an overwhelming __________________ (Nahum 1:8), the ___________ gates were thrown open (2:6) and the city became like a ____________________________ (2:8).


            BUT, a fiery mountain brought the Jews a new kingdom (Exodus 19:18) for there he gave the Ten _____________________________________ (Exodus 20:3-17).


8:10-11 SEAL 7, TRUMPET 3 (A reminder when a star fell from sky and turned waters bitter):


            BABYLON PUNISHED FOR DESTROYING JERUSALEM:  The kingdom of Babylon was compared with Satan (Isaiah 13:1,12) when he said the morning _________________________ had fallen from _________________________________.


            TYRE PUNISHED FOR LOOTING JERUSALEM WHEN IT WAS DESTROYED.  The king of Tyre in Lebanon was compared with Satan (Ezekiel 28:14-17) who God threw down to the ________________________________.  (Jesus considered Tyre and Sidon very evil cities - Luke 10:13-14.)


            BUT, Jesus became our bright and morning ______________________________ (Revelation 22:16) which came down from heaven, and then rose back to heaven.


8:12     SEAL 7, TRUMPET 4 (A reminder when sun, moon, stars darkened). 


            EGYPT PUNISHED FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ISRAEL IN WAR:  God darkened their ____________________, and covered the _______________________________ and the moon did not give its ______________________ (Ezekiel 29:7; 32:7).


            BABYLON PUNISHED FOR DESTROYING JERUSALEM:  The stars did not show their ______________________, the sun was __________________________ and the moon did not give its light (Isaiah 13:10).


            TYRE AND SIDON PUNISHED FOR SELLING JEWS TO GREEKS:  The sun and moon were ______________________ and the stars no longer _____________________________ (Joel 3:4-6, 15).


            BUT, when all was dark on the hill of Calvary (Matthew 27:45), mankind was saved from our sins.


9:1       SEAL 7, TRUMPET 5 (A reminder of when locusts were given power to torture five months)


            What two are both identified as a star falling to earth?  (See Isaiah 14:4,12; Luke 10:18)? _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


            Who had the key to the Abyss (see 9:11)?  __________________________________________________________  Who dwells in the Abyss (Luke 8:27, 31)?  ______________________________________  Who now has the key (Revelation 3:7)?  _______________________


9:3-4    ISRAEL PUNISHED FOR WORSHIPING IDOLS:  Locusts destroyed hypocritical Israel during the days of Joel (Joel 1 - 2:5) because of worshiping idols, and they were called on to do what (Joel 2:12) ____________________________________.


9:5       Months, when used figuratively in the Bible, refers to a lifetime (Job 14:5; 21:21).  This verse refers, then, to punishing the Israelites temporarily; half (5) way through destroying them for all (10) time, their punishment would stop.


9:7-9    Attacking locusts was referred to by the Prophet Joel when he predicted the Babylonian captivity.  He said, "Locusts..." (1:4) have the appearance of horses like a mighty _______________________ (2:4-5) and teeth of a ____________________ (1:6).

            BUT, Jesus leads an army dressed in white to rescue the godly (Revelation 19:11-16).


9:13     SEAL 7, TRUMPET 6 - RELEASE FROM BABYLON:  A reminder that during the time of the Law of Moses, the horns were on the golden altar were sprinkled with redeeming blood of the Lamb (Exodus 30:3,10).  The God of redemption now speaks.


9:14     The angels had been held back at the River _______________________________.  But now it is time to release the Jews. 

            BABYLON EMPIRE FELL TO PERSIA:  What was predicted would happen to Babylon by that river (Jeremiah 51:63-64)?  _________________________________


            PERSIAN EMPIRE FELL TO GREECE & GREECIAN EMPIRE FELL TO ROME:  Daniel had predicted the fall of these nations nearly 700 years before in Daniel 8:20-21.  During the reign of the last empire, Rome would fight the Prince of  _______________________________, but instead will be destroyed.


            BUT, the Tree of Life was in the Garden of Eden by the _______________________ River (Genesis 2:14), and now is waiting for us where (Revelation

22:2)?  ____________________________________