EVENTS IN HEAVEN


                           EVENTS ON EARTH

Ch. 2-3

v. 5


About to remove lampstand from place in heaven



many - Churches sinning

Ch. 4

v.  1-6

v.  7-9


v. 10-11


Door into heaven - throne room

Living beings


24 elders are worshipping


v.2f - FATHER, v.5 - H.S., v.6-9 - SON

Ez. 1:4-28:  Lion (of Judah) - King; ox - Priest; Man - human; Eagle - prophet (8:12)

12 Tribes of Israel + 12 Apostles


Ch. 5

v. 1-5

v. 6-7

v. 8-12



v. 13


JESUS to open seals, w/7 horns, 7 eyes, 7 spirits

Trinity is on the throne

Living beings and 24 elders worshipping and holding prayers of saints and singing.  Untold thousands of angels worshipping and singing




Saints are praying




Christians on earth sing when heaven does

Ch. 6

v. 1-2


v. 3-4


v. 5-6


v. 7-8


v. 9-11

v. 12-14

v. 15-17


Seal 1:   White horse rider conquers

                1st Being says "Come!"

Seal 2:   Red horse rider creates wars

                2nd Being says "Come!"

Seal 3:   Black horse rider creates famine

                3rd Being says "Come!"

Seal 4:   Pale horse rider kill violently

                4th Being says "Come!"

                All Beings announce famine (of word?)

Seal 5:   Martyrs await revenge

Seal 6:   End of sun, moon, stars, sky like scroll

                Lost are punished

Zech. 6:1-8 - 4 spirits/winds of heaven go to

West with crown (also 19:11f - The Word)

East with sword

North with scale

South w/Death and Hades


See also 14:12; 17:2; 19:1-3 (Prophets)





Isaiah 34:4

Satan Judged


Jesus is Founder

Jesus is punisher

Jesus is judge

Jesus is sentencer

Jesus is saviour

Some day man will endure the end of the world

Some day the lost will be punished by

Ch. 7

v. 1-3

v. 3-8


v. 9-10

v. 11-12

v. 13-14


Four ANGELS with power to hurt earth

Seals (the 7?)

are placed on God's O.T. servants 144,000

Multitudes of Gentiles praise too

ANGELS praise

Gentiles washed in blood & martyred


See 5:6-9

144,000 14:1-5

Romans 1 or wisemen?

At Jesus' birth?

Now everyone!



Jews receive seal from H.S.

Gentile congregations sing and praise; they can be saved too!


Gentiles can become Christians & are executed for it

Ch. 8

v. 1

v. 2-5

v. 7


v. 8-9

v. 10-11

v. 12-13


Seal 7:   Silence in heaven (dumbfounded)

                Incense prayers of saints on altar

                Trumpet 1, Angel 1


                Trumpet 2, Angel 2

                Trumpet 3, Angel 3

                Trumpet 4, Angel 4

Rev. 4:1 - Trumpet = Voice

Eph. 3:9ff



Ez. 38:1,22 - Gog - judgment


Is. 51:24f - Babylon - Judgment

12:1f; Is. 14:12 - Babylon Fallen

Woe! Woe! Woe! cried by Eagle



Saints on earth pray

Thunder, lightning and earthquakes - NOAH?

Hail and fire, blood, crop failures - Egypt?

(plagues 7, 7, 1 & 10, 2 & 8)

Mtn afire (Sinai) thrown into Sea - Israel?

Pt of sun, moon, and stars darkened - Assyria?

Prophet cries warning "Woe to earth" - Babylon?

Ch. 9

v. 1-2

v. 3-6



v. 7-12

v. 13-19



v. 20-21


                Trumpet 5, Angel 5, Woe #1

                                Star fell, had key to abbys

                                Scorpians tortured ungodly; those sealed spared

                                Like battle horses, Satan their king

                Trumpet 6, Angel 6, Woe #2

                Angels at Euphrates released to kill 1/3 mankind


Is. 13:12 - Babylon fallen


Ez. 2:6













Mankind still did not repent

Ch. 10

v. 1-4


v. 5-11


                                                Thunder 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

                                                Mystery to be revealed;  sweet/sour





Now Told

Ch. 11

v. 1-2

v. 3-6

v. 7-10

v. 11-13

v. 14-19


                Gentiles trample church 3-1/2 years

                Two lampstands



                Trumpet 7, Angel 7, Woe #3

                New Testament/Covenant/Ark


See Bowls, ch. 16


Gentiles trample Jesus 3-1/2 years

Jesus' Two Witnesses:  Miracles and scriptures

Jesus killed after 3-1/2 years

Jesus returned to life

Church about to be born

Ch. 12

v. 1-2


v. 3-4

v. 5-6

v. 7-9

v. 10-12

v. 13-17


                Woman clothed with sun, feet on moon, crown of 12 stars

                -Riding Red dragon w/ten horns

                -Son snatched to heaven

                -Woman fled

                -War in heaven.  Dragon hurled down.

                -Woman escapes dragon


7:3-8 - Saved of N.T.







Church born


Satan tries to devour it

Jesus returned to heaven

Apostles fled

Church escapes

Ch. 13

v. 1-8

v. 9-10

v. 11-13

v. 14-15

v. 16-17

v. 18


                -Sea beast also had 10 horns


                -Earth lamb-like dragon

                -Made idol

                -Forced his mark on them

                -Number is 666  



Blasphemers worship

Those who don't imprisoned or killed.

Made Idol

Imitation Christ

Forced worship of idols

Number is Sin-Sin-Sin

Ch. 14

v. 1-5


v. 6-7     

v. 8

v. 9-11

v. 12-13

v. 14-20


                -144,000 followers of true Lamb with mark, purchased by Lamb, follow him

                                Angel 1: Gospel

                                Angel 2: Kingdom of Sin fall

                                Angel 3: Punishment

                -Son of God and angel of temple...

                with sickle punish evil       







See 6:9


All the saved of O.T. plus all the saved of N.T.

Purchased by blood of Lamb of God

Jesus proclaimed gospel

Destroyed Sin's stronghold


Future martyrs:  Be patient.  Rest some day.

Ch. 15

v. 1-4

v. 5-8     


                -Victors over beast and image celebrate

                -7 angels get bowls out of Ark of Cov.





Ch. 16

v. 1-2

v. 3

v. 4-7

v. 8-9

v. 10-11

v. 12-16

v. 17-21


                                Bowl 1

                                Bowl 2

                                Bowl 3

                                Bowl 4

                                Bowl 5

                                Bowl 6

                                Bowl 7

Repeat of Trumpet 6, 11:1-13







See 21:6-8


Piercing by nails

Flow of blood

Mingled w/water

Burned 1st 3 hours

Cold 2nd 3 hours

Overcame Satan's power

"It is finished."

Ch. 17

v. 1

v. 2-5

v. 6-7

v. 8-14

v. 15

v. 16-17

v. 18



Beast with ten horns

Drinks blood of saints

Seven heads, ten horns, eighth head

Waters where prostitute sits

Beast brings prostitute to ruin

Prostitute is Babylon



See 6:9, 14:12, 19:1-3





Earthly kingdoms

Persecutes Christians

Satan's earthly kingdoms

Multitudes of the world

World's kingdoms bring paganism to ruin


Ch. 18

v. 1-3

v. 4-8

v. 9-10

v. 11-17

v. 18-19

v. 20

v. 21-24


"Babylon is Fallen!"


Kings will mourn her death

Merchants will mourn her death

Sea captains will mourn her death


It was Babylon who drank the blood of saints



Paganism is falling

God will judge and consume paganism

Nations will mourn the death of paganism

Those getting rich off paganism will mourn

Those getting rich off paganism will mourn

Heaven and saints will rejoice

It was paganism that martyred the saints

Ch. 19

v. 1-3

v. 4-5

v. 6-9

v. 11-16


v. 17-18


v. 19-21


Praise God who avenged the blood of his saints

24 Elders and 4 living creaturs praise God

Multitude in white linen ready for wedding FEAST

Rider on White Horse is Faithful and True, the Word of God

A second great feast where unrighteous are eaten at FEAST

Beast, kings, false prophet, followers thrown into fiery lake


See 6:9, 14:12, 17:2

See 5:8-12





See 18:21f


Praise God who avenged his martyrs

Saved of O.T., saved of N.T. and all living ones

Multitude of saved ready to go home with the Lamb to heaven

The rider on the white horse is Jesus


Ungodly kingdoms, paganism, and all who follow them are cast with Satan into hell

Ch. 20

v. 1-3

v. 4-6


v. 7-10


v. 11-15


Once in hell, they were bound 1000 years

Those who suffered martyrdom rather than worship Satan returned to life and reigned

Satan will lose battle with God and be thrown into fiery lake

Judgment day with books for dead people



Once in hell, they were bound limitless years

Those martyred returned to life and reigned limitless years

Satan lost battle with God and was thrown into hell


Ch. 21

v. 1-5

v. 6-8

v. 9-14


v. 15-21


v. 22-27


New heaven, new earth, new Jerusalem

"It is done" says Alpha and Omega.

The New Jerusalem is like jasper with 12 walls and gates and 12 foundations

The city is 12,000 stadia square with walls 144 cubits thick

No Temple, no sun, gates never closed



Jn. 19:30 - Jesus on cross.  Also 16:17f


The bride, the church

"It is done" says Jesus on cross

The church has 12 gates from O.T. law, and 12 foundations from N.T. law.

The city will hold all the saved, and the walls are thick enough to hold all the saved of the O.T. and N.T.

Heaven is the temple, God its light, glory of each nation is Christians who enter it daily

Ch. 22

v. 1-6

v. 7-16

v. 17-21


River of life and tree of life in New Jerusalem

Lamb says, "I'm coming soon!"

The Spirit and bride says, "Even so, come!"



Christians drink of eternal water and healing fruit

Jesus says, "I'm coming soon!"

Christians say, "Even so, come!"